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Katie Holmes: Back to Work After Memorial Day Vacation!

Katie Holmes: Back to Work After Memorial Day Vacation!

Katie Holmes wears a striped shirt and goes bare-faced while heading to the set of her new film Mania Days on Thursday (May 30) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress had a little pep in her step as she made her way to her trailer. She filmed scenes with her co-star Luke Kirby that day.

Katie was also seen wearing a long puffy jacket in between scenes that day in nearly 100 degree weather.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier in the week, Katie arrived at JFK Airport with her daughter Suri after they took a trip to Florida together to celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend.

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  • Peapo

    Oh my!

  • Julie

    OMFG, girlfriend is looking ROUGH!

  • lady

    Joey old

  • what!!!!

    jeeezus that is not katie holmes..what happened to her. she looks like her face has aged 30 years???!!!

  • Kelly

    Holy Crap. She looks like she is 50, no wonder why Tom dropped her, he looked at her in the morning and said, “No fukking way.”

  • bebe

    Yikes! She does look rough here. Hopefully, she’s wearing aging makeup for the movie. Her character is a manic-depressive and perhaps has a tough life.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Look at the lines on her face. Saggy face. Luckily she still doesn’t look any day over than 50.

  • heheh

    She looks battered.

  • wanda

    @Kelly: actually…she dropped him

  • Verity

    WOW! Divorce has not been kind to her.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    Ok, I’m not a Katie Holmes fan or anything, but are people here being serious? That is obviously an unflattering photo. She doesn’t look bad in the other close-up. Are you honestly trying to say you’ve never taken a bad picture? She does not look 50! Hollywood has really warped people’s perception on age.


    No wonder Tom dumped her

  • SunnyAutumn

    That cult did a job on her. I bet if she knew now what she didn’t know then, she wouldn’t signed that contract. Suri was the only good thing that happened and hopefully she recovers from what little exposure she had from those classes. I’m hoping that’s just stage make up.

  • kelli

    wow, she looks really bad. not aging well at all.

  • Melrose

    good god… face is MELTING

  • rachelISaTROLL

    it looks like all bad plastic surgery she had – isnt aging well, … running like wax under a hot light.

  • bullitt cc

    Another straight too dvd film

  • Yassine

    Hahahahaha. Some people make me really laugh. Lack of reflexion. First of all, we have 7 pictures, two of them (in fact the same picture) show us that she “looks” like she is 50, is that enough to conclude that? Why do you focus your attention just to those pictures, what about the others? Humm, I wonder why do you ignore them. Yes, all the other pictures show us that Holmes is still young for her age.

  • Yassine


  • Yassine

    Can anyone explain me why she doesn’t look like she is 50 in the picture where she is with Christine Lahti and where she wears a long jacket?
    Yes, they are serious but they don’t do it on purpose, it’s actually a lack of neurons, that’s all.

  • naturegirl

    My GOD how old is she again????


  • Yassine

    they are marionettes of tabloids in other words.
    Just Jared: add more pictures please :P, in that way, we can maybe conclude she looks like she is 50 if it represents more than 1% of all pictures ^^

  • Frozoid

    Damn, is she on crystal meth? Why has she aged so fast?

  • rotflmao

    I think that is just a bad picture.

    but I thought after the divorce Katie would be doing more.

  • mia

    She looks malnourishment not necessarily old

  • Wtf

    Wtf, people are easily dumped, it’s amazing, she looks fine to me in the 1th, 3th, 5th, 6th and 7th picture …

  • Mkiujingu

    Woah Jesus. Tom sucked the youth out of her. Tom looks immortal and looking really young while she’s grandma.

  • Fanny

    Lmao @ comment #5

  • Sarah.

    So mean to post that unflattering picture Jared!! You know there are idiots that think she looks like that now.. She looks fine in the other pictures but you had to use the one bad photo!

  • Hatersgonnahate

    So ignorant … she dropped him.

  • JJ watcher

    Idiocy has always existed.
    You are so mean JJ, you used the bad picture as the main picture for your article, a way to attract idiots? GG.

  • Just a comment

    I also agree with the poor judgment to use a bad picture of Katie Holmes as a main headline. I don’t think this website has ever done that to Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman or even a popular mom like Jennifer Gardner. I guess the campaign against Katie Holmes has begun. This picture where she appears exhausted and terrible is a low blow.

  • swttwt

    Close up of her face looks terrible! Far away, she looks fine angling her face downwards. But homegirl needs some damn makeup! NEVER ever leave home without putting a little cheek stain or concealer at the least!

  • K-FLOP – You’ve done it now


    Oh, oh JJ, you’ve done it now.

    The K-Flop pep squad is charging you with ‘beginning a campaign’ against their “not with out her daughter”, “Joey Potter forever”, “I’m so midwest”, ex-Mrs Cruise , Katie-Flop-Holmes darling.

    Hurry, post something about how long its been since Tom has last been photographed with Suri; that should pacify them.

    Anyway, I give K-Flop and Spike Lee a B+ for scrimping on production cost by using K-Flop as-is, ala PG-13 Charlize Theron ‘Monster’ look.

  • Kate

    is the gravity! she is running….

  • ANON
  • Jiselle

    JJ, shame on you for posting that unflattering picture, especially as the main picture!

  • Luke

    Damn, she looks destroyed!

  • annie

    nothing wrong with the other pics, only that pic. the one in the coat , she looks an older version of joey and the other pic in the striped tee, she looks like joey
    i think people know she doesn’t look like that.
    she’s still cute without makeup.

  • KimYu

    WHAT THE F HAPPENED TO HER FACE? I was seriously SHOCKED to see this! WOW. I was so sure I was going to read that its some movie makeup or something… HOLY CRAP GURL U DONT WANNA SEE YOUR FACE ON THE NET or the news… take care of yourself please !!_______!!

  • crazee

    Doesn’t take long for the buzzards to start picking on the carcass even before they are dead.

  • paola

    She looks sooo tired and stressed out. She needs some sleep and to never ever go out in public without wearing some eye makeup. She doesn’t have a lot of wrinkles but her skin is losing elasticity, especially the skin around her eyes. She needs more Vitamin A, C and lycopen in her diet

  • Karma

    Two different photos taken within moment of each other…one she looks her age and the the she looks 15 years older….perhaps the camera does lie sometimes. I think it was just an unfortunate angle.

  • Not your friend

    Please do any exercise even if u are skinny! Helps with aging….gosh she is my age and ppl say I look 25 and feel bad for not looking and getting guys my age but from now on, I shall be thankful

  • LOL

    I’m so glad she dumped Tom. So now her awful looking is not Tom’s fault anymore.

  • jean

    I had posted on this site the other day, how old Katie looks. She looks way older than she is. Like she is pushing 50.

  • jean

    wanda @ 05/30/2013 at 6:13 pm #9

    @Kelly: actually…she dropped him
    Do you seriously believe that SHE dropped him? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • real

    @Just a comment: #32

    Stop whining, she looks OLD. Deal with it.

  • real

    @Mkiujingu: #27

    Don’t go blaming Tom. 20 years from now are you guys going to still be blaming Tom?

  • fake and phony

    “she dropped Tom”

    No one dropped anyone – their bearding contract ended.