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Beyonce: 'Standing on the Sun' Live Performance in Belgium! (Video)

Beyonce: 'Standing on the Sun' Live Performance in Belgium! (Video)

Beyonce is all smiles while performing her new song “Standing on the Sun” live for the first time on Friday (May 31) at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, Belgium.

The 31-year-old entertainer was seen showing a little leg and dancing during the performance.

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The next day, Beyonce is scheduled to drop by Twickenham Stadium in London for her Mrs. Carter World Tour.

Beyonce recently posted pics of herself drinking some tasty wine while sitting on her husband Jay-Z‘s lap in Belgium. This further hints that she is not pregnant!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s new song “Standing on the Sun”?

Beyonce – ‘Standing on the Sun’ Performance

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    She is the QUEEN.

  • blah

    Really, white hair not enough. Now you blonde too???

  • Haley


    It’s called a weave, google it.

  • stacet

    they are just blonde highlights…leave her alone…love you bey!!

  • lola-c

    She looks BEAUTIFUL

  • lola


    white people are always changing their hair colour but when beyonce does blonde higlights on a BLOODY WEAVE, it’s a problem? How dare a black women try to have the same options as her white counterparts. You racist haters are getting repetitive; get more material.


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  • daniel

    i love it… beyonceeeeeee you make me feel sexy !!

  • fatusankoh

    I love the new song she sound so good looking beautiful god bless her for life

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Lookin dam old!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @ Natasha – Her breasts arent as Droppy as yours, go find a book to read you Fat Cow!!

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    Haters always 1st on the post!!!!

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    Why even come to a beyonce post?

  • janekay

    Bey is a awesome performer, none compares…i love Ri Ri but she is not in Bey’s class when it comes to performing, but i prefer her music!

  • saint

    Bey’s celullitic as* will never be the best one but at least she knows about dancing and singing at the same time. I dont know why she used to be so fake. Is she silly???

  • sorella

    Are any of her new songs making top 10 or even being played on radio? My radio station is not playing Beyonce’s new stuff at all. Anybody know how jer new music is charting?

    Just seems for someone who is constantly blowing her “I am Icon” horn everytime she has new stuff coming , doesn’t seem to produce many hits anymore (her last album tanked but she had the pregancy as a diversion from that flop). Rhianna’s songs, no matter what you think of her, seem to always get in the Top 5 (that probably bugs big-ego Beyonce!!).

  • Craigypants

    Hot Mess.

  • Lulu

    Song suck ass, know wonder she didn’t release her album , and if she isn’t pregnant then she sure is getting fat on this tour look at her face, looks so weird & bloated .

  • Ava

    She is so annoying, ” this song for you” , and the arm movement like she 3 years old presenting to her family….. And her dance moves are dumb, no wonder she needs the huge publicity game, she is so average in talent, even below average can’t make album for a tour has to rely on old songs , music.

  • Nick

    What’s with this Queen crap… Queen of what.. my ass, why do her fans but more like her publicity team , keep referring her to QUEEN, of what ??? weaves and wigs.

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  • Shonty Graham

    Beyonce is a good singer/entertainer but i swear this sounds like something she already did; i think people maybe a lil bored with this.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @ Natasha – How many burgers did u eat today? LOL

  • Tonny

    she lip synces too much, don’t like it!

  • Marge

    Song?? I can’t get past the transformation of her face – why? She was such a beautiful woman.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    @ Oh Yeah- I don’t eat burgers! Leave me in peace, jealous delusional b!tch!!!

  • Bohoo

    Anyone has the right to an opinion…As long s the celebrity chooses to put themselves out there and the intention is to attract fans to ther product…the consumer have the right to an opinion, BAD or GOOD…

    Stop some of you fans do not help her by being nasty to those who express a negative opinion of her., Infact I doubt she will want to claim such rude people as you as part of her fanbase

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  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @Natasha – I didn’t mean to tease you, why don’t you like Beyonce? Why are you on here insulting her?

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

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  • Oh Yeah!!!

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