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Katie Holmes & Luke Kirby: T-Shirt Co-Stars on 'Mania Days' Set!

Katie Holmes & Luke Kirby: T-Shirt Co-Stars on 'Mania Days' Set!

Katie Holmes rocks a bun and a bright tee while filming scenes for her latest flick Mania Days on Friday (May 31) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress was joined on set by her co-star Luke Kirby, who also donned a t-shirt.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

The day before, Katie was spotted returning work after a long Memorial Day weekend vacation with her daughter Suri in Florida.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby shooting scenes together for Mania Days

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katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 01
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 02
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 03
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 04
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 05
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 06
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 07
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 08
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 09
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 10
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 11
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 12
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 13
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 14
katie holmes luke kirby t shirt costars on mania days set 15

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  • Whoa!!
  • annie

    great pics at WireImage.

  • Mira winslet

    It’s so nice,,

  • Yassine

    Looking great Katie. Hope everything goes well.
    @Whoa!!: I have my idea of who you are ;). Try again!
    @annie: Just saw them. Like it.

  • Amy

    I hope these two are dating. She deserves to be happy.

  • About time

    They really would make a cute couple. He’s tall, enough said.

  • Sui

    Jeez, Luke Kirby is married. Get over it Katie fans.


    I read from a journalist he isn’t married he didn’t even know the woman he is supposed to be married with…but he has a girlfriend at least he had since he started filming this movie..prob still has..

  • Question of time

    She looks hot in some pictures I’ve seen somewhere.
    I would love to see them together, perfect chemistry, move on Katie.

  • Karen


  • Sarah

    Wow, she is so Pretty and Cute. I love her Smile. She is such a Romantic. They love to bring out the Romance with Couple’s Toys for Women and Men from AthenaToysDotcom

  • cw

    she can’t pull it off

  • Sincerely concerned

    Would u not think that Paps go with the territory? There is a shallow side of her I suspect that is very annoying.

  • Sincerely concerned

    She reminds me of Edith Beale. You know with the attitude and all?!?!?

  • Kelly

    She looks old.

  • annie

    Katie is very animated when she talks to people she’s comfortable with, and this week I think I’ve seen 1000 pics…no kidding.
    Most of them are nice, and they can’t all be nice everyone knows that.
    I’ve seen some pics, actually a lot of them, where she looks like she’s in her early 20′s, others are not so good, because paps are clicking away, catching different looks , scowls, laughter, playful, serious , angry, they have captured it all.
    Still wish to know… LukeKirby married to Allison Elliot or not, if she is ,that makes her 9yrs older than him.
    But a guy with his Moon sign in Capricorn, would’nt have a problem going for an older partner anyway.
    The thing tho between Luke and Katie is, her venus is next to his uranus, which you really take notice of each other in a big way, his sun in Gemini is opposite her Sagi sun and mars, and his venus is next to her jupiter (nice).

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: OK to break up a marriage???

  • Yassine

    The story of the movie should be interesting. I know some romantic movies, when the story is boring, it’s gonna be tough to change your mind because you are generally disappointed at the end.
    If you want to know if someone is old or young, see all her pics. Most of them look great, the pretty lady without any make-up who is constantly smiling and enjoying her work. Who can film a whole movie without any make-up?
    Luke seems to be a great guy. Great chemistry between them

  • Yassine

    @Sincerely concerned:
    I don’t think Holmes is this type of woman. It’s a question of time, Holmes will find a great man who deserves her and who can take care of her and makes her happy.

  • annie

    @sincerely concerned
    no it’s not, but you can still be attracted without acting on it.
    you can have amazing chemistry in a movie or tv series as co stars like Joshua Jackson and Katie did, who once had something, but continue to have a certain something together, even tho they are not together, but when together they would feel it, even if with other people.
    the attracting aspects that Luke and Katie seem to have, just might be how they play out on the screen, eg.. might look good together, amazing love scenes, a certain aspects can show chemistry between 2 people.
    It doesn’t always have to lead to the romantic…….or it may, depends how strong the pull is, married or otherwise.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    I doubt that Kirby boy will go anywhere beyond work and the set with KHo.
    How can anybody find a failed ex-beard attractive? Call me ignorant, I simply cannot manage that.

  • Ane

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    Hi, here was a long holiday. I went to visit my parents, and now find you badmouthing Holmes. You team Tom. Ex-beard? Hollywood has a lot of “marriages” arranged, so, why criticize only Holmes? Cruise would be the good guy of the story? both erred in bringing an innocent child in such arrangements.

  • annie

    @suri the meal ticket
    well she was with the ”biggest movie star in the world” …..was with him for seven years, had his daughter.

    as for Kirby boy, maybe you can’t manage that….but he can , make no mistake! it’s there waiting to happen, regardless of your feelings, or how did you put it……. ignorance, is the word you chose, I think.
    maybe we won’t even know about it, because it might be a behind the scenes hot fling, which is good for her at this time.
    regardless,whatever happens, Katie girl wil be remarried in about 2 yrs, so let’s see, not necessarily with him, but she will be in a serious relationship.
    katie rolls with the love at first sight syndrome venus/uranus…..Luke K
    has his uranus right next to her venus…. and .in astrology that aspect is termed as ”enthralling”, too bad it can’t be maintained, because it’s so exciting. (the feeling)
    also as i said before his venus next to her jupiter in leo is an indication of excess of everything fun, but it could very well be they turn out to be just great buddies, but regardless they do like each other.
    a parent can have this aspect with their child/ spoil it indulge it. , love it death, it’s all about fun excess and good feelings.
    Katie had similar things going on with TC venus/ uranus but in a square aspect , their relationship was really hot as lovers, not everyday marriage partners, two different people, probably got to the point where one irritated the other but for the first years it would have been crazy for the both of them, too bad they didn’t try harder. it’s difficult when a relationship becomes a push pull , up and down, hot cold affair.
    so there you go………love love my astrology!

  • Sincerely concerned

    #8: you really rely on what journalist says as the truth? WTF! Yes I am an older woman so maybe more cynical. She does cross the line with men. I sense some daddy issues….

  • Sincerely concerned

    Can’t wait to see it #18. Does anyone know where it is destined to play. I.e., big screen etc?? I absolutely loved Nicole Kidmen in Moulan Rouge which is the role she took after her divorce with Cruise!!! Hard to believe they can’t keep the Paps at a distance. That should be a big distraction!!

  • Yassine

    @Sincerely concerned:
    Yeah big screen ;)

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: Oh #20. I must let my husband know this!!! Working in the medical field, my opportunities r endless. Man…. When I think of all the fun I could of been having for the past 20 years!…!…!..

  • Sincerely concerned

    Scenario for picture 9,10 and the last 2. “Yes I am here because of Tom. You like Luke?? Yes I am putting off sensual vibes that I don’t intend to but I was raised a good catholic girl so all that guilt stuff I ignore. And the last 2 pics: WTF

  • Sincerely concerned

    #16, I too am a sagi but know further. I.e., moon etc. but also take in birth order. Woul love u to factor that in. What doe 2/2/57 tell u?

  • Sincerely concerned

    Spelling error know NO further

  • Ane


    Katie had similar things going on with TC venus/ uranus but in a square aspect , their relationship was really hot as lovers, not everyday marriage partners, two different people, Ohhhhhhhhhh

  • annie

    @sincerely concerned
    I looked up the day you were born…’re not a leo moon
    you’re a pisces moon…… your emotional responses are piscian
    mercury (how you think) is in capricorn….so you think like a capricorn
    venus( how you love) is in capricorn…so your loving style is capricorn
    mars( action, energy, ) is in taurus, ….. are you a little bit stubborn?
    go to the net and type that in , one at a time, eg pisces moon
    it will tell you , then do the same for the rest.
    Katie is a leo moon, so is Tom.
    this is all pretty basic stuff, good astrologers study for many years, but for me it’s a hobby, a lot of fun at dinner parties and stuff. things like ”oh my god you have a scorpio moon ”. type thing.
    tell me how you go.

    What is it that makes you think Katie crosses the line with guys, interesting comment.

    you can tell a lot about a someones personality.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: #32. It may have been a little of me connecting as a sag. Yes, it is a romance movie, but when they r not filming, she appears to be a bit of a tease.. Pic 9. I see her playing the damsel in distress.. “Those Paps just won’t leave me alone” but she should know that those Paps r there to stay and get over it. But I may be totally wrong and she is still in character. Only time will tell!. U know that ole morals, values and standards.

  • Sincerely concerned

    On a good note. She can take all that obsession she has with the Paps and can channel it into her character:(

  • Sincerely concerned

    Actually ventured outside of JJ to see other pics. JJ is harsh on Katie. (Vs. other websites). I wonder if there IS a diabolical cruise machine that has bought out JJ… I hope this movie does well at the box office!!!

  • Yassine

    @Sincerely concerned:

    [I hope this movie does well at the box office!!!]

    Hope too. She is very underestimated, can’t wait it.

    [Actually ventured outside of JJ to see other pics. JJ is harsh on Katie]

    Yes I think so too, at least, they removed the bad pic unlike Dailymail, harshest tabloid I’ve seen. An example is when Holmes wore a double denim outfit (2/3 weeks ago), they said it’s too old blah blah blah but said the exact opposite to Kloe Kardashian who wore too a double denim outfit, quite weird you would tell me …huh.

  • Just a comment

    So glad we are seeing less and less of Suri in celebrity sites. Let her get used to the big changes that have happened in her life (divorce, new apt, new school, seeing less of Cruise, Isabella, Connor, and her nannies, new bodyguards, new daily schedule, boundaries, etc) and grow up as normal as possible (under the circumstances).

  • Anne

    @Just a comment:

    Cruise, Connor and Isabella, were banned from the lives of Suri. That’s why Cruise did not fight for custody (as he did with Nicole) Katie threatened to tell “farce” of the biological father, Cruise had more to lose. Connor was happy with that, he is the heir of the star ..

  • Just a comment

    #38 – You are right about Connor, he is one of Cruise’s heirs but he right behind Cruise’s mom, sisters and their children, and who knows what other people (Scientology) and associates Cruise might keep in his will so the list must be long. Either way, I think it was better for Suri to be banned from their lives. Look at the result, Suri is going to school, dresses more normally, seems to have a schedule (no more flying all over the world based on someone’s movie schedule), more set boundaries, etc. Suri has a way to go but at least this change happened while she was still young. Good luck to Connor and Isabella, they were small children when they came to the lives of Nicole and Cruise. Suri still has a chance to become a normal, productive member of our society. I wonder if she is being taught Catholiclism or any religion for that matter. We’ve seen Suri at just about every place people go to: museum, stores, school, ballet, dance, art classes, but never walking into a church. Good luck to Suri.

  • K-FLOP – showbiz411

    Exclusive: Since Katie Holmes was cast in “Mania Days,” a very minor movie, the production has gotten a lot of press. Now the p.r. geniuses behind “Mania Days” promoting the idea of a romance between Katie and the movie’s little known male star, Luke Kirby, in real life — whatever that is.

    But I’ve told you the story about “Mania Days” quite a a while ago. It’s directed and written by Paul Dalio, the son of hedge fund king Ray Dalio. Ray Dalio owns Bridgewater Associates of Connecticut. He presides, presumably, over $80 billion or so of investments.

    Since Paul Dalio has no actual credits, but has managed to attract Spike Lee as an executive producer and actors like Christine Lahti, Griffin Dunne and Bruce Davidson in secondary roles, the talk is that Ray Dalio is underwriting this project for his son.

    Paul Dalio’s only other credits are making videos for the Maharishi University and the David Lynch Foundation. This isn’t a surprise since Ray Dalio is a big big financial backer of Lynch and of Transcendental Meditation, which is the whole purpose of Maharishi University in Fairfield, Iowa. Basically Katie has traded Scientology and auditing for TM and mantras.

    Ray Dalio obviously has his own interest in celebrity and Hollywood. He has also been the major financial backer of Jennifer Lopez’s charitable foundation, formerly called Maribel. He gave the foundation $450,000 in 2009 and $75,000 in 2010 according to Federal Tax Filings.

    How did Spike Lee get involved? You’ll notice in the press about the so called Katie-Luke Kirby romance the movie has been reduced to “a Spike Lee production.” It takes money to run Spike’s 40 Acres and a Mule. And frankly, though he’s a great director, Spike hasn’t had a financial hit of his own in a long, long time. Getting him to executive produce a movie financed by the biggest hedge fund creator in the U.S. (if not the world) couldn’t have been hard– there’s a big fee involved.

    And what will “Mania Days” be like after all this money and press have been thrown around? No one knows for sure. But last week I spotted Paul Dalio (or his doppelganger) walking around in the West Village during the afternoon, far away from his film set. Maybe he was meditating.

    [re: Roger Friedman –

    I thought RF was team K-FLOP…. hmmm… I guess not.

  • annie

    I don’t understand the concept behind indie movies, they don’t seem to make a lot of money.
    ben afflleck whose movies make money, only went to 1/2 million with to the wonder, yet if those movies had a wider release, i’m sure they would make lots more. like i said don’t understand it all.

    Roger Friedman was the one who said KH would be going to Cannes, half the time he doesn’t know what he’s on about anyway, just needs to write something, because he has to write something, about somebody.
    I love getty images for pics. also Loving Katie Holmes, hundreds of pics.
    Sometimes , even tho I’m a fan of Katies I can be critical, paticularly when I think she needs it, but when you look at the hundreds of pics of her, and natural looking pics to boot , where her hair is soaking wet, and her not so flattering outfit for Mania Days and those desert boots, she really is very very nice looking girl and that can’t be denied, because those wet pics are not put together by people who want the girl to look good, she just comes out of the fountain looking good , wet hair in her face, with no makeup, freezing.
    I think most actresses wouldn’t look good, nor would they accept playing the role in such a natural way.
    maybe she’s too natural and down to earth for an actress.

    some time back K, S and grandma had a mani and pedi , the lead pic that JJ put up was awful, but the other pics were so nice.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Call me dumb #40, but what difference does it make if I know this or not when I go to see the movie?

  • Sincerely concerned

    #16 so that means she is comfortable with EVERY talk show host I have seen her with. I don’t dislike or like her, just not naive. She just seems to be able to play the game very well. Maybe it’s the Capricorn in me looking at the Leo in her… For me, the jury is out until I see what happens with this movie at the box office.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Yassine: #36: every time I read one of your posts, I think of an episode with Raj on The Big Bang Theory where he falls for a deaf girl that he is dating. May be wrong but u ought to look it up…

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: #32: always thought and described by my family as manipulative not stubborn. Maybe we had it all wrong..

  • The Skeptic

    I don’t understand why everybody thinks she is make-up free in the movie? Does anybody have any idea how much make-up every actor gets before the pictures are taken, how they check the light, the directions and angles of the camera? You must be really so naive to think that this is how she really looks. She has tones of makeup during the movie. This is part of the idea of making a movie, to give you some illusion of reality. In her last interview she admits that she needs an army of people to prepare her for the spotlight. This doesn’t sound like a natural beauty.

  • Yassine

    [I thought RF was team K-FLOP…. hmmm… I guess not]

    Thought you disappeared from circulation, fortunately not

    @Sincerely concerned:

    @The Skeptic:

    No. She is make-up free, it’s a fact, I wonder who should I believe: you (against many people) or more than 1000 pics when she is on the set. I can recognize made-up faces and obviously she is not one of them. I actually like your intervention because it shows us she is pretty and beautiful but in the sense that her beauty makes you believe she wears make-up, imagine even with make-up on, it potentiates what’s there…

  • annie

    I like video clips much better than photos, i think you see the person better, and on you tube there is a clip of Katie and luke in that love scene in the park, also in the clip there is the scene where she goes to feed the squirrel, and if I didn’t know she was 34, i would say she’s in her early 20′s.
    All her video clips are very nice, better than the pics.
    love the Bobbi Brown ones, all of them, paticularly the one where she’s wearing the party dress with her hair up, sitting on the sofa.
    I find it so stunning, that’s why sometimes i get a bit critical with her, she doesn’t always bring out the best in herself, and she should, because she looks so amazing.

  • Yassine

    Saw it. Lovely.

  • nice

    nice looking girl