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Reese Witherspoon: Paris Trip with Ava!

Reese Witherspoon: Paris Trip with Ava!

Reese Witherspoon is cute and chic while arriving at LAX Airport for a departing flight to Paris on Friday (May 31) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress was joined by her 13-year-old daughter Ava.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Reese Witherspoon

The day before, Reese was spotted doing some shopping at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills.

It was recently reported that Reese is in the running to play Hilary Clinton in the biopic Rodham.

Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Chastain, and Scarlett Johansson are also being considered for the role.

FYI: Reese is wearing the Paige Denim Verdugo Ultra Skinny jeans.Ava is wearing Quay Eyeware Australia sunglasses.

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reese witherspoon considered for role of hilary clinton in rodham 02
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reese witherspoon considered for role of hilary clinton in rodham 04
reese witherspoon considered for role of hilary clinton in rodham 05
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  • Burbie

    Sorry Ms. Ava that your self entitled drunk mother is such a famewh@re that you couldn’t leave without photogs being up in your face!

  • Cassiel


    Bitter? Usually paparazzi always hangs out at LAX. It’s their go-to-place. So it’s not like Ava or Reese could avoid getting their pictures taken.

  • Lily

    Ava is gorgeous! wow

  • Janna

    She left her baby somewhere.

  • NP

    Witherspoon could have avoided paps IF she wanted to. Many do even at LAX. Don’t know how BITTER plays into a fact! Stupid people say stupid things!

  • Agent007

    Very true @Burbie and very, very, VERY true @NP!

  • Agent007

    I see stupid people just can’t leave other people’s comments alone!

  • Pattycake

    @Lily: Yes, Ava is exquisite. More and more so every year.

  • see

    More proof she doesn’t give a sh*t about her baby.
    You could understand Reese not being seen with her two older kids all the time because she is divorced from their dad, and shares the kids.
    BUT being a fairly newlywed and newly gave birth to a little boy, who she never has with her anywhere, is a lot more suspicious.
    She is really also creating a split between all her kids, they can compete over mom-time, they can’t all have her. She plays favourited, although her all time favourite is herself, and her kids are props in the play of HER life.
    Reese is a no good mother.
    Who is taking care of your baby b*tch?

  • Diane

    @see: #9

    I forget Reese has a baby, he’s never with her.

  • @see

    Amen! AaaaaaMen!

  • Hahahahaha

    These comments are tame compared to other boards. Very entertaining and allot of truth!

  • Question?

    Passing through and just would like to know how this sites knows they are flying to Paris? Staged? Phone call from PR firm? I know the photographers are only allowed outside of doors and about maybe 25 feet inside terminals! Soooooo…

  • LAPD


    Perv much?

  • mellow

    Ava looks like Ryan, she’s got her dad’s face, the only thing which reminds me of Reese is the blonde hair.
    She is beautiful!

  • Amy

    I read the comments on these threads just to see the weird obsessive hate. Reese has one truly insane stalker/hater.

  • MnL

    What happened to the days were you could say WHATEVER you wanted as long as it wasnt threatening or harassing to anyone? Now, you have comments like @LAPD calling another comment a PERV when there is nothing of the sort in the comment and then they use LAPD! Really? Then the word HATE! Just because you don’t agree with others comments doesnt mean its hate. It an observation, an opinion, maybe the truth. Difference of opinion doesnt mean you have to attack someone elses comments because you dont like what they said. Say whats on you mind, then move along. Its really that simple! Really!

  • sorella

    Ava is pretty, looks like Ryan and lucky for her, she didn’t get Reese’s extra-pointy chin. bonus! Where is her baby (she’ll likely have a photo opp with him after reading that people are wondering). But that poor little guy is being raised by a nanny as looks like she spends little time with him and like she’s forgotten she has a 3rd child. I see her so differently since her “Do you know who I am?!’ DUI. Self-entitled and selfish, not the best mother material.

  • The Bird

    You sound more insane and obsessive if you are trolling sites looking for “weird obsessive hate” Gettin’ paid by The Withercuntdrunks!

  • The Bird

    Watch it @sorella
    You might get called a PERV for commenting on how beautiful Ava is and get arrested by @LAPD! LOL
    But agree. Thank goodness she didnt get that chin!

  • Patricia Aguilar

    Another day, another opportunity to post on a Reese Witherspoon story. Loving Ryan Phillippe has never been more rewarding.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Fine to see Reese and Ava this time!
    I think there is a good mother-daughter-connection between Reese and Ava. Otherwise Ava would have pleased Reese to stay home.
    I think it´s Avas´ wish to make this flight to Paris with Reese. And Ava has
    a rational reason for it.
    And I think, that Ava is not afraid of the papparrazzi, coz´ she has been informed, that they will take some photos.
    So everything is OK!
    I love Reeses´ chin! It gives her more individuality!
    And her scarf is cool, yep!
    BTW: Papparrazzi are human beings, too!
    Why not planning these photos?
    An organized photo-operation is always better than an uncontrolled
    surprise of paps (= If they appear, when you don´t expect them!)
    Reese is clever, coz´ she is planning in order to avoid these negative surprises!

  • ace11

    Her kid looks miserable

    Reese must have needed her for the photo op…

    This way it shows she cares about her kids

  • Sarah

    Love her, she is such a good role model. She loves to bring out the Romance with Couple’s Toys for Women and Men from AthenaToysDotcom

  • Diane

    Ava looks like her daddy.

  • A Guest

    Hope Reese and Ava have a good trip. Great to see them doing things together.

  • A Guest

    Hope Reese and Ava have a great trip. Love seeing them together. Great combination.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    I do believe, that they fly to Paris, coz´ several years ago
    Reese made a short trip to Paris with Jake Gyllenhaal.
    Obvioulsy Reese loves this city! And loves this city, too.
    Paris is a romantic city – similar to the moon and the stars, that can be reflected on the surface of a very calm little river.
    Maybe they watch some tennis, coz´ the French Open Championchips are
    there, coz´ Reese played some tennis in the past, too.
    Who will win?
    Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic, the Joker?
    John Isner lost in a dramatic match against Tommy Haas, although Haas is
    the oldest one with 35. Or Thomas Haas, I think he´s german.
    But Haas had deserved it, coz´ he had 12 match-points and the
    13 one made it finally. And John had only 1 match-point.
    Really, we need a new kind of Pete Sampras or André Agassi, yep!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Sorry, I wanted to write: Ava loves this city, too!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    These were the good old times between Reese and Jake:
    Maybe they are still friends.
    That would be OK.