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Rodrigo Santoro: 'The Last Stand' Out on DVD & Blu-Ray!

Rodrigo Santoro: 'The Last Stand' Out on DVD & Blu-Ray!

Rodrigo Santoro and his girlfriend Melanie Fronckowiak leave Bristol Farms with several bags of groceries on Thursday (May 30) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

While packing up the car, the 37-year-old actor stopped to take pics with some photographers!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rodrigo Santoro

Rodrigo‘s film The Last Stand was recently released on DVD and Blu-ray! The flick also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville, and Forest Whitaker.

Currently, Rodrigo is filming Jane Got A Gun alongside Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, and more.

20+ pictures inside of Rodrigo Santoro and Melanie Fronckowiak leaving Bristol Farms…

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  • Weber from Brazil

    What a HOT couple
    She’s kinda famous over here in Brazil due to her character on a telenovela “Rebeldes (Rebels)”
    but she’s actually became famous because of her title of ” The Most Perfect Butt of The World”
    she doesn’t have ANY cellulite in her body !

  • Isa

    ” The Most Perfect Butt of The World”? Ew. What a “type” he’s dating…

  • Julia

    WTF is The Most Perfect Butt of The World? The girl is “famous” because of her butt? Hahahahaha… Wow, he certainly has bad taste in woman.

  • Daniella

    @Isa: You don’t even know her. Stfu.

  • Laura

    Melanie is a wonderful actress! She is very well known here in Brazil, the novel Rebel .

  • Daniella

    @Julia: No, she’s famous because she’s a pretty and talented girl.

  • Suellen Barbosa

    Melanie is so mine, she is perfect

  • Bruna

    Melanie is an actress, singer and writer from Brazil … She also already modeled.

  • Allyson
  • Nathalia

    Look, Melanie isn’t only famous for the title of butt, dont start this bullshit. She’s recognized for talent, performance, by voice. If you don’t know, she’s an actress, singer, model, and she’ll write a book. No one can say she’s stupid or ignorant, cause she isn’t, she’s one of the smartest people I know. She’s wonderful in every way and not just physically. So stop talking shit, because she does not deserve and you know nothing of her life to keep talking. And that there is no such of “it’s too good for her” because I know he no chooses girlfriend over the number of programs on television that she did. If you’re so good, why aren’t there dating him?

  • Nathalia

    @Allyson: yeah

  • Emily Lobo

    Melanie is an amazing person. It’s my inspiration, my pride, my air, my ground, my life!

  • Emily Lobo

    Congratulations matter, the pictures are beautiful! Loved it!

  • Gabriela

    She is not only famous for this ”The Most Perfect Butt of The World “, she made a telenovela called Rebelde, she being one of the protagonists, and this telenovela was very successful here in Brazil and Melanie has many fans, like me!

  • Julia

    @Daniella Really? Someone like her, that is SO “famous” in Brazil, wouldn’t be part of this “The Most Perfect Butt of The World”, don’t you think? A REAL famous person don’t participate of this kind of trash, don’t you agree?

  • Isa

    And you know the most perfect butt of the world? What a trash… Look at this… “The Most Perfect Butt of The World” – The girl is pure trash.

  • Amanda

    The truth is: The girl is a wannabe. With some pathetic fans. And that’s all.

  • Daniella

    @Julia: She became famous some years after she won the prize of “The Most Perfect Butt of The World”. It was not because of the prize. It was because of the novel “Rebelde” and the band “Rebeldes”. And it’s not trash. It’s simply a competition. If you don’t like stuff like that, just ignore it.

  • Daniella

    @Isa: You’re pure trash. You swear to famous people that don’t even know you exist at Just Jared website. Don’t you have a mirror at home?

  • Isa

    No, Daniella. She IS trash, just like her fans. Got it? And dear Daniella, don’t be sad, but, she doesn’t even know that you, that her biggest fan exists too. But don’t worry, someday she’ll see how pathetic is her biggest fan: Daniella.

  • Nathy

    Some people keep saying how famous this girl is here in Brazil,but the truth is she is famous only for her teen fans. I never even heard of her. The so called soap she was in is not all of that. Most viewers were kids between 12 and 16 years old.

  • http://@ciumesdalua Jefferson

    a inveja é grande, mas a mel consegue ser melhor.

  • Lauren

    @Julia: actually, that thing that she was in wasnt to choose the girl who has the best butt the the world, but to choose a girl to do a photoshoot! come on, she was a model! and people keep on sayin shes wannabe, and i mean, she pays her own bills, she has her own car, her own money, do you really think she needs rodrigo to pay a thing for her????? absolutely not!!!!!!shes, pretty, rich, and kinda famous for the teenagers in her contry, and what i really do mean: YOURE JEALOUS!

  • Megan

    hahahahahah ohhh people, stop talking shit, you’re all jealous! and im not even a fan, but the girl worked hard to be where shes now. and no, she is not a slut for winning that competition, she only did a photoshoot and it doesnt even came out.

  • Alana

    “oh the girl is trash” youre trash, you just wanna have everything she has, dont be sad if you cant be like her, i mean pretty and rich

  • Anne

    @Julia: Here in Brasil many women are famous because of their butts, if they have big butts actually, here this is a normal thing. It’s a shame! women here are just sexual objects and the worst thing is that they think this is a good thing.
    And this girl is not really famous here, she did an terrible teen soap opera that ended about a year ago and never did anything else and she is not a good actress either, you can see the kind of fans she has reading the comments here, probably 13 years old girls.

  • http://@ChaMeldoce isa

    Eu preferia o Chay com a Mel,mas amei o casal :)

  • Juliana

    My baby girl! Seriously she and Rodrigo make such a cute couple! I can’t even auasdhaidhsdaoi! I’m not gonna even comment on the haters here, because they are just people that don’t know anything about her life! Haters I wish you a lot of peace and love : )

  • http://@forlovememis Brenda

    E começou as recalcadas a falar. A Mel não ta nem ligando pra opinião de vocês.

  • Zee

    @Weber from Brazil:

    Why would a brasileiro spell the name of their country (BraSil) with an Z????

  • Julia

    I got it, Anne. If you just read her fans commenting here, you’ll realise how “famous” and “talent” she is. Her teen fans are so pathetic that I really feel sorry for their parents.

  • Julia

    “You just wanna have everything she has”… Yeah, a perfect butt and a famous boyfriend. Alana, I really feel sorry for your parents.

  • Amanda

    Wow, she has some crazy fans… hahahahahaha. Teens… tsc, tsc, tsc…

  • M

    @Allyson: yessssssss

  • Ste

    Cool how people talk without knowing the right huh? Mel does not need to have any boyfriend today that it has, so that now only assume it came, and it was a model, actress, singer, and now her book is almost released. Speak not what they do not know for sure, but she does great work, and do not use your body to get what she has today.

  • Sarah

    Wow, he is so Hot and Cute. He loves to bring out the Romance with Couple’s Toys for Women and Men from AthenaToysDotcom

  • Ana

    If you don’t know, don’t judge.
    She won the contest and she DOESN’T ashamed of it. She is recognized in Brazil for being an actress, model, singer and writer. She also studied Journalism. She is an amazing person, with values, and he knows this and this is what matters.

  • Gabriela

    She is not known for having the most beautiful bottom in the world … She is known for her talent as an actress, singer, dancer and model.

  • ..!

    I think she is the brazilian version of Luisana Lopilato. Sad..

  • Kim

    Bradley Cooper look alike dating a brazilian porn star!!!

  • gifan

    I don’t know Melaine, but I love Rodrigo.

  • http://@mattosam samattos

    I Love the couple,Why people are so gelous

  • http://@DaniOliveira6 Daniele Oliveira

    Make a good couple, and answering the friend up there, she is not FAMOUS for his butt, she is famous for being a great actress

  • http://@DaniOliveira6 Daniele Oliveira

    Imagine the children of this couple? will be beautiful.

  • http://@DaniOliveira6 Daniele Oliveira

    So many people envious here, shut up let them be happy together

  • Lara

    It’s a fake relationship! Anyone knows that…

  • ..!

    @Lara: Why do you say that??

  • http://@mattosam samattos

    Let them be Happy,people who wrote a bad opnion,they r not Happy on they Life,that’s Why they said that….they can’t see beautifull and amazing people following in Love….

  • Gustavo

    Melanie Fronckowiak is dating with Rodrigo more than one year, and no one know that.. just became know now. So, she is very famous in brazil, she is a singer, writer and actress. They aren´t a couple that post on internet (he dont use and she dont use so much) all time about pictures of them, for example. Theyre happy, and theyre a mature couple. She dont use the body to everybody know her…and she write beautiful poetrys! Really she has a complete life, and loves Rodrigo.. thats the better couple, of course!

  • http://@belamichele michelle brazilian

    Inveja é foda né… A MEL é a mulher mais bonita que eu já vi, aqui no Brasil, o bumbum dela é perfeito assim como seu cabelo e seu rosto, ela num faz o tipo MODELO, por isso virou atriz porque tem o corpo legitimo da brasileira… Se Ela é miss bumbum ou não ela é uma menina abençoada por ter um corpo dos sonhos e um namorado romantico, Rodrigo sofreu muito por causa da Luana, ele foi traido no mes do seu casamento, com um amigo dele…