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Leonardo DiCaprio: Venice Night Out with Mom Irmelin!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Venice Night Out with Mom Irmelin!

Leonardo DiCaprio spends a night out on the town with some pals and his mom Irmelin on Friday (May 31) in Venice, Italy.

The 38-year-old actor has been traveling around Europe for the past couple weeks after attending the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, a yacht party in Monte Carlo, and now he is checking out the sites in Venice.

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In case you missed it, check out Leo on the cover of GQ Australia‘s June/July 2013 cover.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio spending time in Venice…

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leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 01
leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 02
leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 03
leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 04
leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 05
leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 06
leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 07
leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 08
leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 09
leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 10
leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 11
leonardo dicaprio venice night out with mom irmelin 12

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  • weird

    Where is Toni?

  • mommy’s wittle boy

    I honestly think he’s gay and we’ll only find out when is old or dead which is a shame.

  • Mama

    Aw he loves his mom so much. Clearly she’s the only true person to him unlike his dumb friends and gold digging girlfriends

  • Jackson

    He’s ashamed of being seen with his mom again

  • Leo Fan

    Thanks Jared for these new photos of Leo with his mom and friends.
    Looking at the large white bags the guys carry in their hands in a couple of pics, it looks like they did a little shopping:)
    I always find it lovely to see how he appr├ęciates his mother’s company.

  • Sarah

    Well I prefer watching him with his mom and male friends visiting beautiful European cities than watching him acting like a pimp surrounded by juvenile call girls on yachts or nightclubs. It’s more dignified.

  • also

    @1: Are you still stuck at the Toni rumor?
    Well, I`m happy to see that the mask is gone.

  • Elaine

    Barbara Palvin was also in Venice. Just saying-

  • C/G

    @ Philly: Hi there. I noticed that too. I don’t think that the girl in the vehicle was Toni, but I don’t know her enough to say yes or no. Toni herself has denied it already, but his camp – no. Maybe there’s some interest there?
    I was being facetious in my “cracking under pressure” comment. I don’t think that he is, but he’s not enjoying the attention. I’m glad that he’s with friends and family and doing things in a country that he loves, BUT he’s in Italy, the birthplace of the paparazzi.
    Once Gatsby has hit worldwide, he needs to go on the DL and go somewhere off the map. The man needs a break – a true break – not ditch and dodge paps so he can have some time to himself.
    Party Leo has given Gatsby more press than the actual press tour (intentional?), so suck it haters who thought that it’d bomb. It’s WW BO is over $209 mil., a little behind what R&J did, but Leo still has draw.
    I’m off. Have a good night.

  • C/G

    @Leo Fan: Me too. Iremelin looks amazing too. Check out the trim figure on this picture:
    Mama is aging well.

  • C/G

    @Elaine: That’s not Barbara. She’s a lot thicker than the girl that is thought to be Toni.
    Okay. I am TRULY off now. Night all.
    PS – still had the moderation. Apparently, you can’t respond to more than one person. Lame.

  • also

    So now the 19 years old Barbara Palvin is in the center of the JJ rumors? OK…
    @10: Irmelin does look amazing!

  • Sarah

    What does Barbara Palvin has to do with Leo????

  • Wil

    He dresses like an old man.

  • also

    @13: Good question!

  • ItSEtsYou

    @#2: he’s not gay. One of my girlfriends went to his house with her friends and told me that he was all about hooking up with girls. As well as his friend Haas, although I always thought Lucas wass gay. Anyway, that was a while ago. Unless things have changed drastically he is not gay.

  • http://@ambrecel Amanda

    @Jackson: why?

  • Italiangirl

    Well said.

  • Weber from Brazil

    own…I also like to see Leo enjoying his mom’s company :)
    It was kinda odd for me to learn Irmelin still is a close friend of Gisele Bundchen!
    my guess its because they have so much in common since both Gisele and Irmelin are of German descent.

  • Elle

    @ItSEtsYou: Juicy :) More details?? I always wonder why girls that hook up with him don’t speak…

  • Tom

    Why is a 40 year old man , Leo is born in 1974 , so he will be turing 40 less then a year hanging around his mother, doesn’t it get weird hanging around his mom, all his ” boys” while dragging around 3 to 4 different chicks and supposedly banging them… If this was the first trip fine, wants to take his mom on vacation but this is maybe the 20th trip with his mom to Europe….. Something so off with this guy, being gay would probably be the most normal thing Leo Dicaprio turns out to be.

  • Leo Fan

    He is not “just” with his mom in Europe. He has a couple of pals also with him.

  • Eliza

    @ItSEtsYou: Didn’t Lucas date Natalie Portman waaay back, as well as Bijou? I think if they were gay and trying to hide it, they wouldn’t be so comfortable being seen together in public. And besides, it’s not just Leo and Lucas, other members from the PP are there too.

  • Dot

    @Eliza: Yeah he and Natalie dated. Not sure abt Bijou tho.
    Wow it’s astonishing to see how many people are so shallow. Leo likes to travel and go to places with company. He enjoys taking his mom to trips and yeah generally his pals are with him too. He’s himself said that. So what if he’s almost 40? Who likes to travel all by themselves? Not much. Isn’t it nice to see he does his mom the favor to take her along? Why say he’s gay just because he likes to travel with people he cares about? Most of those pals are childhood friends. Geez people are so focused on finding something to use for their bashing and hating.

  • Daniel

    He is not dating Toni Garrn! She only talks with him at the “De Grisogono Party”! The girl on other pictures is only a more or less Toni Garrn “look a like”!

  • Me

    Lukas has also dated Linday Lullman for a certain period.
    They seemed very in love and he even wrote a song for her.
    “Geez people are so focused on finding something to use for their bashing and hating”.
    Because they become so annoyed and frustrated when they learn Leo is not with some skinny early 20 year old blowing kisses Victoria Secret flavor of the month…. and prefers the company of his pals and mother. That’s why they bash him. No other explanation.

  • Dot

    @Me: Yeah and that’s kinda sad. Anyways I think it’s cool he takes his mom to beautiful locations or whereever it is he travels to. I can remember reading an interview where he said he’s incredibly grateful for how great his parents have always been with him and he wanted to do as much as possible for them to show his gratitude. It’s pathetic that people label that as smth negative abt him. It’s also a kind of rare thing that very famous people have a good relationship with their parents / family / relatives as most are money-grabbing disrespectful people. People should try to learn to appreciate.

  • Brooke

    Can you people seriously stop with the “he dresses terribly” and “he’s too old to be hanging around with mother” or “he must be gay” first, you can’t expect him to be dressing smart all the time, he’s on vacation, give him a break, second, so what if his mother is there? What’s the issue that he’s nearly 40? That’s his mother! Third, the statements that he is gay is pathetic. Have you judgemental people forgotten about that he’s one of the best actors on the planet and he’s a smart, kind and humble person in general?

  • C/G

    @Tom: Personally, I think it’s great that he takes his family on vacations. It’s a luxury that many people would like to have. Leo is lucky that he has the financial means to treat family and friends to a vacation.
    I don’t understand what his life is life is like in a larger global context, but I do understand it in a smaller scale. In his profession he lives in a fishbowl and it is very isolating – even though he is around people all the time. I get it. In my job, I am around people a lot, but I am alone. I am polite but distant with those that I work with and cautious about what I say. Even out and about I am careful about what I say and do because you never know whose eyes are on you and can report gossip. Sucks. Yes. But it’s better to be cautious.
    The man likes to travel. Who’s he supposed to travel with? Go alone? Traveling with a companion is far more fun than traveling alone. He can just afford (comped?) to bring his friends with him.

  • Me

    Leo has moved to Paris now. He was spotted attending the Roland Garros – French Open today, along with his pals and mother.


    @C/G : finally a comment that makes sense. Thanks C/G for making me believe in the human race again. Some people can really sound stupid. Here is the perfect place to understand the meaning of the word “jealousy”. And let Leo be with the ladies his dating/hanging out already! You guys sound like old ladies that have nothing else to do but minding their neighbors’ business. Would you like some tea with your cookies?

  • also

    Leo and his `team` are in Paris at the French Open. Lukas is wearing a blueis/greyish hooded sweater that Leo was wearing the other day in Venice. They are sharing clothes?

  • @also

    LOL…. I believe Leo and Lukas have shared more than clothes along the years….:)

  • Sui

    Several Blind Items have hinted that Leo and Lukas are more than just friends. Remember the Mutiple blind? I remember pictures of Lukas and Bradley Cooper at Roland Garros 2 years ago. These guys are not just friends but much more than that.

  • Dot

    Yeah I’m watching Federer’s match now and caught a glimpse of Leo also.

  • Dot

    @Sui: Since when are blind items credible sources?

  • also

    Had I known that pointing out the sweater thing would start another ‘Leo and Lukas are lovers’ conversation I wouldn’t have done it.
    @Sot: lots of blinds are made up created around a certain situation but some ppl believe them… I don’t think Leo is gay. MAYBE bi but that’s it.

  • @Dot

    I agree on your remark about blinds. What is also true is that posters, here and elsewhere, take them depending on how they feel about a certain celeb. So some here might dismiss blinds about Leo because it does not tally to how they love him as fans but go on to believe blinds about other celebs, male or female, even if they are equally BS, because they don’t like the celeb in question. Very hypocritical but its the way it is

  • Dot

    ^Makes very good sense. Good to mention maybe: I believe the whole blind item gossiping thing has BS written all over it. Thx for the reply.
    @also: Tkx for the reply. Guys rarely share clothes unless they’re brothers or smth. But check lukas haas’ Twitter account. He wears the same sweater on his avatar pic lol.

  • agree

    LOL at the jealous haters who are mad that Leo isn’t loved up with some average looking 35 year old unassuming soccer mom, who is an intelligent scientist with a heart of gold and volunteers to feed the homeless or something. Sorry, not gonna happen.
    I think it’s nice that he travels with his parents. Are you supposed to forget your parents exist after you hit 30 and don’t ‘need’ them anymore.
    psh. Americans.

  • ItSEtsYou

    @Elle #12: I don’t really have details, just that him and Lucas both would hook up with girls who were eager to be invited to Leo’s house (not at the same time) and definitely neither seemed gay. There were a lot of people mixing in the house.

    Also, my hairdresser grew up in the same neighborhood with Leo, waaay back when he was a nobody and said Leo was kind of spoiled in a sense that he was allowed to do whatever he wanted. So he was kind of bratty. My hairdresser said his (my hairdresser’s) mom used to sell pot to Irmelin :)) When I heard that I was like “what?” but then she was a hippy, whatever, why not? A lot of people smoke it anyway. Good times.

  • ItSEtsYou

    @Sui# 34: Oh, yeah, BlidGossip is a VERY credible source. Just like datalounge. Every male according to datalounge is either gay or just doesn’t know he is gay. When I read there that Edward Norton is gay it became obvious that those people just make shit up.

  • ItSEtsYou

    @Eliza#24: I’m thinking – who else is he supposed to travel with if it isn’t his friends, his parents, his buddies, members of his team? If he is gay well, whatever then, but I will believe the people who have personally met him and told me otherwise. Blindgossip and other gay inclined gossip sites can say what they like – they are in the business of attracting as many visitors as they can after all.

  • Elle

    @ItSEtsYou: Haha thanks for the goss :) I have read interviews where he said he was a brat when he was a kid.