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Miranda Kerr: NYC Photo Shoot with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr: NYC Photo Shoot with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr holds hands with her two-year-old son Flynn while heading to a studio for a photo shoot on Friday (May 31) in New York City.

“Great shoot yesterday @harryjoshhair,” the 30-year-old model tweeted the next day. Check out a cute pic on her Instagram account!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Earlier in the week, Miranda‘s husband Orlando Bloom poses with British Airways cabin crew members while attending an event to launch the airline’s new products on the Sydney to London route down under in Sydney, Australia.

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Credit: Brendon Thorne; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Getty
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  • realist

    Aw, just look at that little fella. He just loves the paparazzi.

  • d.

    Flynn is a cutie!

  • fanofall

    funny she and Jessica Alba wore pretty much the same outfit.

  • kami

    flynn is such a cutie. he looks like a little orlando.

  • Cami

    Thank you! We need Miranda again on the site.

  • Anon

    Flynn is such a cutie. Miranda looks beautiful. Am excited to see Orlando on Broadway.

  • @1

    I’m sure that he does. LOL
    But of course, all happy babies love cameras. And what do paps have? Why, they have cameras! That equals smiling babies. :)
    Flynn looks like Orlando’s mini-me when he smiles!

  • Aww

    Such a beautiful family!

  • lovely boy

    Flynn looks adorable and his attention-seeking mama always makes sure to greet her favorite paparazzi with the biggest smile.

  • tisch

    All three of them look beautiful.
    One of the photo shoots this week were for another Vogue cover, so you go Miranda!
    Orlando looked gorgeous in Cannes, and I can’t wait to see Zulu. He’s now back in NZ filming for The Hobbit.
    And Flynn is just too cute for words!

  • Annie

    Orlando looked handsome at Cannes. I want to see Zulu and hope it has a wide release in theatres. Flynn is a cutie. He definitely is a mini Orlando and when he smiles he looks like him. Miranda looks beautiful in the pics.

  • 654

    Lols… she’s been working a lot. Guess she’s trying to make up for the lost VS money. Sad

  • Jane

    She looks like a premature taod. Still a B-List model

  • Magda

    Mini Orlando? He looks justlike Miranda. Flynn has her face.

  • Mari

    Cutie Flynn looks like Orlando “mini-me” – exactly! Even in his lil body shape! Good job, Orlando! :) Best wishes to Mr. Bloom (who is my favorite actor, btw!) and his family!

  • life-long commitment

    I honestly believe Miranda and Orlando are done and if they weren’t married and didn’t have Flynn they would have gone their seperate ways a long time ago.
    People in general and celebs especially should be together for like at least 5 years before getting married and having kids IMO.

  • @14

    Nah, he has Orlando’s eyes, brows and smile.
    He does have Miranda’s cleft chin, though. And we’ll have to wait and see if those cheeks are Miranda’s or just baby cheeks.
    Not sure about the nose, yet either. But that baby really does look like his daddy. Especially when smiling.

  • @16

    Funny how people think that they can understand someone else’s relationship from afar. When fans try to do this you guys jump all over them but if the ‘feelings’ are negative it’s OK? No. Both are ridiculous. No one but them know the state of their relationship. Everyone outside of their relationship is just projecting. Happy people seem to want everyone else to be happy. While sad people want everyone else to be sad. Projecting. It’s a common occurance, but that doesn’t make it right.

  • @16

    So since they were ONLY together for four an a half years before having a baby, instead of your prerequisite five, you think that they are DOOMED???
    Too funny!

  • @12

    Even when she was with VS she had periods wher she was working non-stop. Nothing new there.
    But I do think that it is hilarious that a hater is trying to turn around the fact that she is in demand into being a bad thing. LOL
    You failed. Big time.

  • Aaaww…

    Flynn is a cutie pie, always smiling & so happy.

    Looks wise he’s a combination of both.

    He has Orlando’s eyes, brow & mouth and Miranda’s cleft chin & cheeks.

    But he resembles Orlando the most, regardless he’s gorgeous.

    Miranda looks as beautiful as ever, love her style.

  • @12…

    Wrong, she’s doing exactly what she said she’d be doing since SHE decided she no longer wanted to commit to a full time VS contract.

    Taking advantage of opportunities that she’s passionate about.

    Like expanding & promoting her Kora Organics skincare line which she’s doing through Net-a-porter & doing photoshoots to advertise Kora.

    As well as shoots for Mango & magazines like Vogue.

    As well as spending more time with her family.

    Looks to me like she has the best of both worlds….Jealous much???

  • @tisch…#10

    Do you know which Vogue cover?….tks.

  • LOL!

    Get this!
    One of the IDIOTS at Delphi…one who also frequents this site……one who ALWAYS posts HATE and lies….got her poor widdle feelings hurt.
    She evidently likes Ryan Reynolds and/or Blake Lively, and feels that *sniff* people are being so *sniff unfair *sniff* to them *sniff*!
    Joely, (someone who does nothing but stalk Orlando and Miranda across the internet just to make posts full of hatred and lies), actually had the nerve to post this little gem on a hater site. She is referring to the MEANIES ‘attacking’ Ryan and Blake’s last pap session.
    And I QUOTE!:
    “..looked at the pics at JJ – some here wouldn’t open for me …… and then read some of the comments about them, and wish I hadn’t. Wish they would just leave them alone.”
    Got that?
    Does she not see the HYPOCRISY of that comment? She LIVES to attack O&M, yet wishes other people should just LEAVE POOR RYAN AND BLAKE ALONE!!!
    That has to be the best comment of the year, so far.
    Oh, btw, that hater site was the same one that thought that someone wishing harm on Flynn was just peachy keen.
    Two peas in a pod, right?

  • Maria

    How tall is Miranda? She looks 6ft or taller in the shoots for Kora Organics. I love her dress. Flynn is a cutie. Looks like both of his parents. Can’t wait to see Orlando as Romeo on Broadway. Am thinking of trying Kora Organics. Has anyone on here tried it?

  • @24

    Yeah I find the comments from Joely on the “hater” site to be very scary. It’s as though she thinks she has some sort of claim on Orlando so her opinions about Miranda are very twisted, full of hatred & delusional.

    CallieM3 is the worst though, she’s just vindictive, crass & beyond creepy.
    Setting up a hate site just because your pretend boyfriend loves Miranda speaks volumes, I think she truly believes Miranda is her rival….

    The way she stalks Miranda to find out the tiniest bit of information about her & then twists that info to suit her hate agenda is completely over the top.
    How many “fans” would go to the lengths of starting a hate campaign against that persons wife.
    Posting fake “blind” items on gossip sites to smear her character & start false rumours about her.
    Flooding comment pages saying Miranda is cheating on Orlando.
    Contacting magazines & telling them made up stories about Miranda.
    Obtaining Flynn’s birth certificate to try & prove Orlando’s not the father.
    Monitoring Real Estate records to see if they have purchased any properties.
    Even calling sweet little Flynn “Prostitot or Proppy” is just plain sick.
    The list goes on & on & is very disturbing.

    I really think it’s about time Orando & Miranda should be informed about what this “CallieM3″ is up to, it’s gone way beyond being a harmless fan of Orlando into something more sinister.

    What do you think?

  • Judy


    Yep, I understand not liking a celebrities significant other, I remember way back when I was a young teen & Brad was with Gwyneth and disliking her (and man was I right lol), and honestly, I was glad they split, but to be obsessed with it and spend any amount of my time “investigating” the relationship is quite something else. To continuously stalk Miranda and Orlando and set up a website to do nothing but trash them, say horrible thing about their precious child, well that is something else entirely. They are nuts & very sick IMO.