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Sophia Grace: 'Girls Just Gotta Have Fun' Music Video - Watch Now!

Sophia Grace: 'Girls Just Gotta Have Fun' Music Video - Watch Now!

Check out Sophia Grace Brownlee showing off her rapping skills in this new music video for her first single “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun.”

The 10-year-old singer was joined by Roshon Fegan and her cousin Rosie McLelland, who makes normal appearances with her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Sophia was directed in the music video by Matt Alonzo, who has worked on music videos for Soulja Boy, Ice Cube, Pitbull, and the Far East Movement.

Girls Just Gotta Have Fun is now available on iTunes. Buy it now!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sophia Grace Brownlee’s new single “Girls Gotta Have Fun”?

Sophia Grace – ‘Girls Just Gotta Have Fun’ Music Video

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  • Maggie

    Impressive! I wonder what she will look like as a grown woman

  • megan

    i know they are kids and i shouldn’t say this, but they are getting annoying. please stop

  • fattie

    @megan: I agree. I have more than enough watching my children playing.

  • doroty199

    next linsday Loahn. Her parents should be shame.

  • jennifer

    i wonder when she grows up, is she going to be the next Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes….
    Just saying…. Ya never know

  • Liesin

    They aren’t pretty or talented. Exposed and famous for nothing. Shame on their parents and shame on Ellen. She has had these brats on her show more then respected talented, working people. I don’t even watch her show anymore.

  • Liesin

    @jennifer: @doroty199:
    More like Kim K or Paris Hilton types.
    Atleast Bynes and Lohan had a career before they ended up the way they did. These girls have no work ethic or even job. They are not child stars or celebs. Yet famous, sounds extacly like Kim K. Paris Hilton.
    Ellen one time sent them shopping and taped it for her audience. Pathetic.

  • Andy

    Seriously? they are kids! They’re not going to parties with color lights!!!

  • jane

    Leave it to a pop music video producer to suck all the originality out of a unique personality. With the auto-tuning, pink car and supporting cast, they could have used anybody for this video.

  • an opinion

    They are cute and enjoyable on Ellen. This is just another autotune over produced song

  • Shawna

    That was truly horrifying. Completely autotuned. I also find it weird that she is 10 and acts like a 5 year old, walking around wearing little girl dresses and a tiara. My daughter is 10 and while I have her dress modestly (no dressing in inappropriate clothing) she wouldn’t be caught dead walking around like that.

  • Gucci

    Nice message putting that cream on the kid’s face. They are fun on Ellen but this is horrible

  • Leens

    What?? She’s 10 !!! I seriously thought she was 6 :/

  • MaxNasc

    Funny how some people are already comparing them to Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. Just stupid. You can see they’re just having fun, they are adorable and Sophia can rap very well, she’s 10 for crying out loud! And are u seriously criticising a 10-year-old girl outfit? Ridiculous.

  • Sara

    They are absolute naturals in front of the camera, adorable! Two talented sweeties. Love their joy and exuberance at everything they do, refreshing in this cynical world. Thank you Ellen for introducing Sophia Grace and Rosie to us.

  • SJP

    Brilliant move parents! Pull your 10 year old out of school to become ‘famous’ and earn the family plenty of money! This won’t have negative repercussions in 10 years AT ALL.

  • Brittany

    @jennifer: Or she could be the next hilary duff or Tia and Tamera….Just saying…every child star does not have to grow up to be a train wreck. recognize the ones that are doing it right….Just Saying…

  • Brittany

    @doroty199: and you know she’s going to be one of the train wrecks….How? Are you a psychic…

  • megan

    Actually she’s 8 and I what’s so bad about her clothes?? She’s 8, she can wear dresses and tiaras if she wants.

  • ManningF

    They should let her be a kid and not let her get this famous, too much attention now won’t do her good later in life. I don’t want to listen to kids singing, I want to listen to people who actually know what they’re doing. Seriously it not cute, it’s sad that this is someone who is good enough for the music business.

  • anastacia

    thats just wrong! on sooo many levels!
    her parents must be really selfish to let her 10 year old into this “fame-world” just to get money…
    I mean this videoclip is not appropriate for her and the target group! she’s at a party, flirting with boys.. and the lyrics aren’t appropriate either!!

  • Yo

    she barely knows how to wipe her ass or tie her shoelaces and now she’s a star… damn in 2014 we’ll see a fetus singing rap

  • Shawna

    @megan: Actually, she’s 10. Learn how to read.

  • Emily

    This is so many levels of wrong. I sincerely hope this is some sort of dumb joke or social experiment, just to see who accepts that humanity is really this pathetic.

  • Roberta

    That was one of the worse things I’ve ever seen. There are so many talented singers out there who can’t catch a break and they, and by they I mean Ellen, give space to a girl who an’t even sing. That was horrible…