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Brad Pitt Surprises Fans at 'World War Z' Screening in London!

Brad Pitt Surprises Fans at 'World War Z' Screening in London!

Brad Pitt makes a surprise appearance at a screening of his film World War Z on Saturday (June 1) at the Empire Leicester Square in London, England.

The 49-year-old actor is in town with his partner Angelina Jolie for the film’s world premiere, happening on Sunday (June 2)!

“This has been a long-time coming – this film. I think we’ve got something original,” Brad told the crowd. “I think we’ve got something genre-bending. I think we’ve got something terribly realistic for summer fair. I’ll let you guys decide.”

Brad surprised fans at a screening of the movie in New Jersey last month!

WILL YOU SEE Brad Pitt in his movie World War Z?

Brad Pitt Surprises Fans at ‘World War Z’ Screening in London!
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  • Toni

    He seems like a really nice guy :D

  • Angie&Brad4Ever

    Can’t wait to see Brad and Angie tomorrow!!!

  • jmho

    Beautiful, beautiful Brad.

  • naturegirl

    Yes. I can’t wait to see WWZ have been waiting for so long.. I want it..
    I love Brad…

  • FAN

    Hyuhuu! Hot papĀ“s surprise in London! Enjoy,city!I jelous…

  • FAN

    Love,really love this hot guy!!! I love the couple! Enjoy,England,Jolie-Pitts stay here!

  • Josephina

    We will soon see Brad and Angie on the red carpet together.

    Dang, it’s been a while.


    God he is getting desperate the film will flop

  • bye

    Lets see how many “new” names tasmin/creotrice/the ring/ joe/ will come up with to spam this thread with. Ridiculous

  • Guest


  • abcd

    Looking forward to see Brad’s WWZ.

    Miss Angie and the kids.

  • were the morons

    Can’t wait for tomorrow

  • Bohoo appropriate to make all kinds of announcements in the movie promoting season..never paid for a movie with this guy in it and not starting out of sympathy. Learn to act, grow a backbone and be a man

  • LooseLipz

    Hope he takes a shower soon…he’s looking awfully greasy..

  • Passing Through

    I found the time for the London premiere. It’s 11:45am my time (CDT). So I’m screwed. Wait…maybe my sister won’t get upset at being put on hold for Brad and Angie…hmmmm…

  • allison

    @Bohoo: Imagine that. You never purchased a ticket for his movie yet he is a multi millionaire and a working actor for 20+ years. Don’t think you matter.

  • allison

    BTW can’t wait to see WWZ. I’ve read that it is intense.

  • allison

    “The great thing about Brad is he’s nice to everyone,” she said. “He’s a gentleman. ~Jessica Chastain

  • JK

    Can’t wait to see the couple together at red carpet

  • the ring in proxy

    Remember, June 21 party at the House of ticky to celebrate the flop of wwz

    ticky is going to have the last laugh, my love passiong poo

  • who

    I can’t wait to see this movie!

    I’m looking forward to the red carpet later today.

  • laab

    my sis and i have tickets to the screening at NYC Film Festival…I hope he shows up to that!

  • reeven


  • notagain

    Lovely smile. I’ve heard he rinses regularly with uric acid to keep his teeth white.

  • Stutgelina & benetton army

    He is an old, dirty alcoholic.

  • yib

    Brady baby cute
    Now the permire is after 6 hrs good job passing w. Useful finally and atbtimes. Tnx….lol
    I can’t be in another 8hr so gonna miss the live tv? :(
    but stilll not by much for photos.
    Good day

  • http://iPad Susan

    Good morning J-P fans.
    @ bye, five names in twenty-four posts, today is going to be a tough day for the nutter.
    The Dailyfail said they were in France for a week, and went on to say some insider claims Brad passes off the kids to the nannies and Basically Angie does all the work with the kids. They really tired to do a hatchet job on him.
    Funny thing real people that are around them, say the opposite, kids are independent, once start walking and can open the refrigerator door and reach the snacks in the pantry.

  • Rose

    @Susan: Good morning Jolie Pitt fans wherever you are. I’m wishing everyone a great day. Susan, I have to take care of business early so I’ll have time later to take in all the excitement today.

    @Susan, how are you today lady. I can feel trolls are in pain already. omg, what are the trolls going to do today! they are starting early with their ringing of Hands because they know this will be a GREAT DAY for the Jolie Pitt fans.

    Susan, that little gnat YIB is such a lier, didn’t she promised us on New Years Eve she would. NEVER come back to Brad and Angies thread. It’s 6 months in the NEW year and that lier, YIB, bet carry, lol, aka Sybil is still here trying to tell us not to talk Ticky. Jesus, when will this Jen hen learn we will always talk Ticky as long as she’s around. As long as carry, bet, YIB, lol, and her other 50 moniker are here trying to annoy us, we will talk Ticky just to annoy her and get on her last nerve. Btw, I just checked Ticky’s thread on JJ. Yesterday, Ticky’s thread she did not get one fan to leave her a comment there, :/( No one cares about Ticky except her two delusional fans changing monikers giving themselves a
    whiplash, sucks to be a troll.

  • Some Bunny

    To Lylian from other thread thanks for answering, I know people tire from That woman and coat tailing, especially JP fans.

    She will have to put something out today no doubt. : eyes rolling:

    I get it. Hen wants people to feel sorry for her, desperate to stay in her movie star status attached to Brad. Instead of being the box office fail she is.
    This is so different than Angelina Jolie! she would never scheme for pity sake. Angelina has never taken herself too serious after she reached her A list status of well deserved acting credits and before working with Brad. But when she became aware of others taking her serious she put a spot light on a far greater cause then celebrity worship. That’s why I love her.

    Brad Pitt is going to rock the house with his premier. I know I am so excited, especially with Angelina on his arm. I know she and her family still mourn her Aunt Deb, but she is still going to look so Beautiful! So excited, we need this happy occasion today!

    Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and Fans

  • Rose

    @Jaye, good morning my adopted sister :-). You know you were messing with something sacrilegious shared between my sista Phool and I. Girl, you cannot laugh at something as precious as our Brad and Angelina Magazines covers, Especially, the new Esquire magazine, lol. Jaye, you’re stepping on sacredness, :-). Jaye, don’t laugh at us again or I’ll ask FYI 12 to put up that video of Ticky saying, “thanks for holding me together man”, … I know you will not like that one to see the light of day ever again. Jaye, you have a great day. Can’t wait for Phool to give you a piece of her mind :-) for what you did to us, lol.

    Btw, you’re post was so funny, I did laughed out loud reading it, :-). Jaye, you know you’re going to catch he’ll from Phool, some Monday. So enjoy today. Take care lady.

  • http://iPad Susan

    @Rose: carry is a nasty piece of crap, you would think her mouth was a cesspool, when she is posting as boney angie, that is why I ignore her trying to play nice in Angie threads.
    I’m going to start my work projects now, no more procrastination.

  • zxcfv

    I’m laughing! hilario see Brad is speaking for the chairs.

  • Rose

    @FYI 12, how are you today lady? FYI, I am gearing up to have a great day today seeing Brad and hopefully Angie on the red carpet in London.

    FYI, THANK you for that video link yesterday. I watched it twice also the side bars, Angie is such an inspiration to real people. FYI, I’m going to watch the video again later today. the videos was that good. FYI, remember, anytime you find an interesting videos, please share. I, know today we have to be careful opening links because the trolls always try to spoil our joy because there is no joy in trolls life because they
    chose to be hateful. Oh well, if trolls want to live in denial, that’s their
    choice. I like to live in the real world, I know it’s not perfect, but it real.
    Trolls live in the reel world and pretend it’s real, oh well, let’s hope Ticky pays well, lol.

  • zxcfv

    is hilario see Brad talking to the chairs! I’ll never eager to see a mediocre movie and flop like this.

  • anustin

    .so i’ll glued my azzzzz in my monetor at

  • busted

    Good morning fans.
    Finally the Premier. Can’t believe we are going to get a RC. Everyone is so excited for this film. Read all the tweets on the other tread. Great comments and reactions.. WWZ is going to be big.. Brad looks great.

  • Rose

    @Susan: Hi Susan, I know carry is a piece of crap. It appears she is severely mentally I’ll. Anyone who says the same thing for over a year and get the same result, ( no one cares) must have a screw lose.

    Susan, today is a good day to catch up on your projects, the temp will be about in the high 70o. So, start early and then you’ll have time later to catch Brad and maybe Angie at the premier in London.

  • Rose

    @busted: Morning busted, we are going to have a great day today. Prepare for trolls meltdown. Busted, can you interpret #34 comment for me, lol. Where is Joette when we need him.
    @anustin: Good morning my dear Anustin, I’m going to take care of a few choirs and be back at 11 am. I be right here with with you my dear.

  • busted


    sorry Rose can’t help with the interpretation.. I don’t speak sh&t.. and that is all that is.. LOL

    I guess we should get ready for the hags to loose their collective minds today.. So I’m on the IGNORE and just enjoy the talk with the fans.

  • Dawne

    Guess Ticky is thankful her toyboy is away this weekend so she can plant her yogalosophied butt down and watch the red carpet and surf the net to get comments on Angie; how they looked, what she wore, the Pitt Porn etc. If you think we are planning our day somewhat around this event, she’s ordered the butler not to disturb her even for a call from Huvsy. New stalking material, girl has to do her homework.

  • anustin

    hello rose,good morning to u.thank you.i’ll see u,then.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Good working!
    Take a page from Tommy Gurl’s playbook! Keep the hard work, Pitt Boy! Many mouths to feed!

  • Rose

    @busted: You made me laugh out looood! Lady, you’re too funny. I knew that’s carry, fib, bet, ect. it’s like hiding in plain sight, when she changes monikers, lol.

  • Dc

    I am so excited to see Brad and Angelina. Counting down the days for WWZ.

  • Some Bunny

    Brad has more comments than stumpy did Jared (&staff), he deserves a spot in the home page header.

  • Joe

    @Rose: #38

    So Rosie, you are going to take care of a few “choirs” this morning? Well, I guess you will be just a tad busy taking care of all those choir members! Bawahaha!!! The word is CHORE you delusional loon.

    Another gem…

    “YIB is such a lier”, what? Too funny…. Trying desperately to make fun of someone, and you can’t even spell the word properly which, only continues to make you look even more like a fool! At least YIB has an excuse… English is not her first language. But you, there is NO excuse! The word is LIAR, idiot! I pity your children and grandchildren. God forbid you have a hand in teaching your grandchildren how to spell.

  • Alex

    Is he an alcoholic ? Is it true ?

  • Dawne


    shut the eff up you sanctimonious azz………we all make typos when we type quickly……..who cares you staggering p*ke…… are on here on a Sunday morning correcting a vowel in a four letter word….says much more about you than Rose. Now please stop boring the shite out of us.

  • Dawne


    Oh, yes didn’t you know? Every morning when the six kids head to breakfast they stop by the family room sofa and wrest the bottle out of their Dad’s clutch and then escort him to bed where he spends the rest of the day until it is time to rinse and repeat.

    This is all fine with Angie and after all Brad doesn’t have much to do so what the hay, drink the days away.

  • Bea

    Oh the fun that will be had today reading all of the insanity that is already spewing from the trolls. Funny how they are some of the first to find a new JP thread isn’t it? They are so owned by the JPs and the more they try to act like they hate them, the more the love shines through.