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Cory Monteith Grabs Takeout in WeHo

Cory Monteith Grabs Takeout in WeHo

Cory Monteith carries a takeout bag back to his car after grabbing lunch at M Cafe on Sunday afternoon (June 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 31-year-old Glee star then made his way over to his girlfriend Lea Michele‘s home.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Cory Monteith

“Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’re having a beautiful day! #TGIF” Lea recently tweeted.

Earlier in the week, the couple was spotted out to dinner together at Cliff’s Edge restaurant in Los Angeles.

10+ pictures inside of Cory Monteith grabbing lunch in WeHo…

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cory monteith grabs takeout in weho 01
cory monteith grabs takeout in weho 02
cory monteith grabs takeout in weho 03
cory monteith grabs takeout in weho 04
cory monteith grabs takeout in weho 05
cory monteith grabs takeout in weho 06
cory monteith grabs takeout in weho 07
cory monteith grabs takeout in weho 08
cory monteith grabs takeout in weho 09
cory monteith grabs takeout in weho 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Dany

    Love me some Cory Monteith. Great to see him looking so well, and you know… hot!

  • Luck

    Cory looks great! He is such an amazing guy!

  • Moira

    awwww… CORY!!! He’s so cute and sweet! I love him! <3

  • addy

    my favorite tall candian! love him xx

  • addy

    my favorite tall canadian! love him xx

  • Hannibal

    This guy would never wear shorts pants, his legs are horrible, Chicken legs anybody?
    So this nobody have done anything worthing besides Glee and some Canadian indie straight to DVD movie ? Or yeah drugs.

  • mik

    you’re so damn hot and gorgeous guy cory! i want to marry you :D

  • Katy

    Looking good, Monteith! I’m glad he’s doing well :)

  • yeah well

    Look at that skinny cokehead!

  • Sara

    Mole face and lumpy body. Yuck, at least hit the gym once in a while.

  • Patty

    Cory looks handsome. Great to see him looking so good.

  • Lolly

    he’s really handsome

  • Mara

    Looking so adorable! I <3 u Cory!

  • ms fine

    big Question for people with braincells: HOW COULD THE PAPS KNOW WHERE HE IS GOING? Did he tell it , knowing how private he is NO WAY, did they follow him? well we didnt get pictures at her house and those would sell… so how? Maybe because all is made UP?

  • Bobo

    He looks strung out. Relapse already?

  • Seb

    Lol, he’s wearing a shirt way to big for him to make it looks like he’s gain weight. And like ‘ms fine’ said, who would the paps know where he was going.
    1) the paps followed him. But where are the pics?
    2) he told them. Why would he tell them paps who are ”””harassing him””” where he was going.
    Unless he told them, which mean he’s nothing but private in his personal life.

  • Nat

    He looks sooooooooooo hot!!! Lea is a lucky girl

  • Mon

    Cory private? LOL the guy calls the paps because he knows nobody would follow him. He gets paps (a D- mediocre tv actor) more than Brad Pitt who is doing promotion to a movie this summer. HOW this happens? because he have to call for it.

  • Sonny

    LOL at the haters. You really don’t get it, do you. The paps follow him because you guys click on his pics and give Just Jared hits on this site. His pics make money for them. LOL

  • Peggy

    CORRRYYYY! So handsome, so hot. It’s so nice to see him out and about.

  • Lila

    Lovely man is looking lovely.! Always wonderful to see photos of Mr. Monteith.

  • Ana

    Cory has always wore this size of shirt, a bit larger than his body like 90% of men. I don’t know why people are making a big deal about it now.

    It doesn’t really matter if Cory was on his way to Lea’s house or not. Their fans believe on it and their haters don’t. Nothing new here. And you’re just wasting your time trying to proof your point, since you won’t convince anyone.

    And Cory is far way from being the Glee actor who is more papped. Some irrelevant actors who isn’t even on Glee anymore get papped all the time because their PR team is trying so hard to make them relevant when actually they’re almost an year without a new job.

  • Bryn

    Such a good looking guy. Glad to see how healthy he looks. He and Lea make a great pair, I wish him and them the best!

  • Sonny

    @Ana: ikr? I think they’re undercover Cory fans, tbh. They care more about what he wears, where he goes, and what he does more than the people who are his fans. Hahaha. GO CORY!!!

  • Ana

    @Sonny: LOL. They don’t even realize that they’re helping to hit this page. Stupid people.

  • Sharon

    One thing I don’t understand,…ones with the negative comments about the ugly legs.body..shorts. Am I to take it that we are talking from the perfect body. I suggest you strip down and take a good long look in the mirror before placing judgment on him or anyone else. How demeaning you are? if you don’t like, don’t look. Get off the site with his pictures on them. No one made you click on this photo. Cory has always wore loose clothes or shirts over t shirts. He has always been conscious of his body.

    Talking about crack and drugs, are we talking from experience, because I would look at him right now and not see what you are seeing. Looking stressed out. Who the heck wouldn’t be when millions of people are placing judgment on you for frowning or carrying yourself the wrong way. I know I would.

    Regarding the paps, they get what they can when they can catch it. Please, how many stars/actors do they follow and harass? they were part of Princess Di being killed. Do you think that she called them. I think not. Do you think all the stars call them up and tell them to follow them. Again, I think not. Doesn’t look like he was posing. Looks like he just wanted to get the hell out of there and back home. Let the man be….let him heal and move on.

  • Seb

    I don’t condone mean gratuitous comment so I’ll agree for the first point.
    The paps harrass people who are actually interesting. Cory is far from being an A lister. When C lister on a failing show like him get papped in the street, their team most likely called them. He called them when he got out of rehab and gave the exclusive to E!, what makes you think he didn’t call thm this time. His team is trying to make him look like he’s being heatly again, so tey call the paps to have pics of him in a shirt too big to make it like he gain weight.

  • fid

    He looks healthier, less gaunt in the face.

  • Miko

    Cory looks adorable. I wish we had more pics Cory!

  • Ana

    @Seb: You don’t need to call the paps in LAX. They’re there all the time. What Cory’s team did was control the information about him getting out of rehab. It was done on their terms. They were being professionals. Sometimes their teams call the paps, sometimes they don’t. They’re just playing the game. It’s good for their image, it’s good for paps agencies. Everybody in this business does it, including people on Glee cast. I don’t get why some people here are so bothered with such a common thing in showbusiness.

    Glee is still one of the most popular tv shows and it’s successful enough to be renewed for more 2 years. And Cory is one of the leads. The media is still interessed on the show. Look how they’re releasing Charice coming out “Glee actress come out as lesbian”, even though she’s not really an actress and she isn’t really part of Glee cast. Do you think that the media would associate her name with Glee if nobody cared about the show anymore? I think not.

  • Seb

    @Ana: I’m not bothered at all that he calls the paps. I know everybody does it. But don’t go tell me he’s a private person when he makes a media circus of his addiction.
    But Glee isn’t as relevant as it was two years ago. The hype has tuned down, the ratings are dropping (they’re still high considering the show used to be good, but they keep on dropping anyway) and the show is getting more and more bad reviews. I don’t think Cory is so famous that he gets chased by the paps every weeks.

  • Ana

    @Seb: Media circus of his addiction? What we actually know about his relapse? We know nothing. He’s letting being photographed but he isn’t letting the media know about his personal life. Two very different things. With exception of a picture of him letting an AA meeting, the other candids have nothing to do with his addiction problems.

    Even though Glee is not as popular as it used to be, it’s still popular. The media is still interessed on the show. Look what’s Charice coming out is being handled. That’s not mean that Cory is superfamous that paps follow him every week. Just that the media is still interessed on his show and he don’t need to call the paps everytime.

  • Sharon

    As I read some of the newest comments, I need to say a couple of things. I have been watching this show from the beginning. Yes, it may not be exactly where it was when it started but it isn’t washed up yet. As for the weight, look real close. Cory is putting on weight. Look at the last picture of him on the red carpet with Lea. Now that picture scared me but now when I look at him, he has some meat on him. His shirt could not be any tighter for him. Cory is conscious of his body not being perfect and has always covered it to a certain degree or is always pulling his shirt away from his body. Many times, I don’t think that he likes how he looks. He makes me smile because of his awkwardness. The poor thing can’t even move his hips when they dance. Don’t think that’s not on his mind. Check out live videos and you will see that to be true. In performances where the other men either take off their shirts or show more skin, He is not one of them. One picture of him walking down the hallway, and they only showed the upper part of his chest. As for a media circus of his addiction. When I turned on my computer and read the title “while you were asleep last night:”, I was quite shocked. There are stars that have severe addiction problems and they carry them on an on in the public. When the statement came out to let him have his privacy, I was impressed. He wanted to be left to take care of his business. Good on him I say. As for those freaking pops, If you, myself or anyone else went to visit him at home, they would be following us around trying to find what we went there for and what was said. Personally, I would probably be considered a N (nobody) on their list. They are in everybody’s business. No matter how small it is. Anybody who helps themselves is worth saving, I say. I will support him as well as I would a member of my family. Isn’t success what we all want. Lets give him a chance.

  • JT

    @Seb: Seb, these sites put up pics of Cory or any other star for obsessed people like you lol

  • Seb

    @Sharon: That shirt in particular is way too big. I know he usually prefer lose shirts, but he’s swimming in that one. But I guess you only see what you want to see, right?
    He made a statement asking for privacy, and yet when he gets out, he gives the exclusive to the paps, we knew exactly where he went and with who. That’s not being private. Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomie and nobody knew for 3 months. A celebritie can be private if they really want to. Then we had candids alsmot every two days, including one going out of a AA meeting. Like I said before, I struggle to believe Cory is talked everyday by paps. So I don’t believe paps just happened to be here when he got out. Because all that media circus is here to make him look like ‘the good guy’. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing personal against Cory, and I really do hope he stays clean this time, but addiction should be taken seriously. He relapsed after 10 years after he got in a very public relationship, get do to rehab, and when he gets out, he continues to do the same as before.
    I wil support him because everyone deserves saing, but I won’t call him a ‘hero’ for relapsing. This may sound harsh, but it’s my personal opinion.
    Besides, the article claims Cory went to Lea’s, where are the picture then? If paps stalk Cory, they sure would have followed him.

  • Curious

    @Seb: For somebody who professes to have very little regard for Cory Monteith (he is a nobody in Hollywood in your opinion), you seem to know every little detail about him and his life. If you don’t like him, why bother talking about him at all. Why would it matter to you what he does? Like anybody else in Hollywood, guy just wants to keep his job, so why begrudge him for doing things that may help his career? That’s assuming of course that your opinions about him calling paps, blah blah blah are true (I disagree, but that’s not the point.) Shouldn’t you focus your energies on people and things that you like? Just curious.

  • Marie

    @Seb: Seb, no one calls Cory a hero for relapsing. Some people call him a hero for bravely risking exposure and publicly acknowledging he had a problem and taking step to do something about it BEFORE it got out of control. When you think about it, so many stars in Hollywood do the opposite. So stars like Cory who come out and be honest about their problems, in itself, can be an inspiration for some people. Chris Colfer said it best I think. “Anyone who helps themselves is a hero in my book.” And why are you so concerned with how the media reports on Cory? LOL He has a large army of fans who are thirsty for pics and news about him and sites like these provide news about him for the fans. There was a celebration among the Cory fandom community on the day news broke on E!online about Cory getting out of rehab. Fans love seeing pics of Cory like this, as you can see the comments on here.

  • Ana

    @Seb: Oh, I see. You’re bothered by the fact that Cory’s fans like to look up for him as a role model and you don’t think he deserves it.
    First of all, nobody is forcing you to look at him as a hero. If you don’t want to call his a hero, don’t do it. It’s your right. People who are his fans love him for some reason. It’s their right to admire Cory if they think he deserve their admiration. You have to deal with it.
    Second of all, Cory’s personal life is as private as it always has been. Nobody outside of his closest people knew that he had a relapse, not even the Glee cast and crew. Today is the 40th day that he’s out of rehab and we still don’t know anything about the circunstances of his relapse. Eventually, he’ll talk about it, when he feels that is the right time to share his experience. But neither him nor the media are making a big deal about it. The media isn’t treating him as a “bad guy” simply because there isn’t a reason for it. His problem didn’t get out of control and he decided to get help on his own. You’re only getting this “media circus” impression because you’re too obssessed on how many time Cory’s being papped or spotted, how the media is reporting him and how he’s taking care of his life.
    Also, you’re jumping to conclusions based on assumptions and pretending that you know why Cory relapsed when in fact you know nothing. Does it ever cross your mind maybe his relapse had nothing to do with his relationship with Lea? You know nothing about it. Nobody does.

  • Sharon

    I’m with you Ana and Marie. You go girls!!! We are with Cory and will walk along side him. I look forward to any news that I hear regarding him. Hoping every day is better than the one before. I can’t wait to see him in some sort of acting role soon. I am proud of him for admitting that he needed help and went for it. How hard must that have been
    knowing what a picnic the public would have with it. Turn the other cheek Cory. Scorn will not help do nothing but make him feel like everything he has done and will do, is worthless. Show him strength and strength in numbers with the fans, is what he has. As for Angelina Jolie, she chose to have a double mastectomy. She was not forced, that is quite different than the headlines reading, Joline had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer. A statement was made by her PRs and what more was there to be said. Show them to us or maybe how did it feel….does it hurt. She made a decision and is moving on with it. Like you said and many others, we all have our opinions and this happens to be mine. No intent to hurt anyone. I a Cory fan, that I do know!!!

  • Monica

    And one month and at half later he is dead for OD (and with the worse drug of all) . Is sad reading all these posts of his fans saying he looked so healthy and good in those pics and attacking the ones who still believed he was still on drugs.
    What at waste…