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Leonardo DiCaprio Visits Famous Love Locks in Paris!

Leonardo DiCaprio Visits Famous Love Locks in Paris!

Leonardo DiCaprio pays a visit to the famous love locks at Pont des Arts while enjoying a beautiful afternoon on Monday (June 3) in Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor was joined by some of his buddies, including Lukas Haas, as well as his mom Irmelin while taking photos on the bridge.

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The day before, Leo and his buddies attended a tennis match during the eighth day of the French Open.

FYI: Leonardo is wearing a Brunello Cucinelli polo and Lukas is wearing a Brunello Cucinelli coat.

25+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio visiting the love locks…

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leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 01
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 02
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 03
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 04
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 05
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 06
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 07
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 08
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 09
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 10
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 11
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 12
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 13
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 14
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 15
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 16
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 17
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 18
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 19
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 20
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 21
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 22
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 23
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 24
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 25
leonardo dicaprio visits famous love locks in paris 26

Photos: AKM-GSI
Posted to: Leonardo DiCaprio, Lukas Haas

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  • MEL

    lol With Lucas mmh always with lucas..

  • belgium woman

    Lukas and his mum are the real love of his life

  • milex

    I am still praying every night for Leo to be Gay. And to be main.

  • Truth

    I’ve always thought his mother is the reason he can’t get married…there’s just something so evil in her eyes, like Leo is hers and no one else can have him…

  • also

    @4: So he is either gay or it’s his mother who won’t share him with anyone. There’s always something negative to bring up. Irmelin loved Gisele so I doubt that’s the reason but ppl have to focus on something all the time.
    He looks good and I like that color on him.

  • He’s cute

    but i really don’t like his beard…

  • Tae

    Leo one of those guys that want a women like his mother. Nothing wrong with his friendship with Lukas y’all act like y’all don’t have close friends that are the same sex. The business filled with fake ppl; it’s great to have a true friend.

  • C/G

    The man loves his mum. There’s nothing wrong with that. I still think it’s amazing that he travels with friends and family. What I wouldn’t do to be able to have the time and resources to treat everyone to an extended holiday. I definitely went into the wrong profession!
    This is a cute picture:
    @Truth – My eyes would looks evil too if paps stalked my son (and me by extension) all over Western Europe. That would be so tedious and frustrating. I wonder if they shout things at him during shots like this to get his attention? Embarrassing, if so.
    @also – that is a nice colour. He should wear more blue.

  • Leo’s Fan Girl

    Love that color on you, your looking so fine Leo baby. Leo, would you please go back to the love locks bridge, get us a lock, write our names on it (Leo and Maria) , lock it on the bridge and throw the key in the river.

    Your Fan Forever
    Love you Lots Leo
    Just remember the best and forget the rest.

  • vagabond

    I’d love to be able to go on extended vacations with family and friends.Right now any kind of vacation would be!
    I like that color too,i think he looks pretty good in green.

  • broken heart

    The Leo is gay rumors might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a long time.

  • Leo Fan

    Love these pics, Jared! Paris is such a romantic and beautiful city. And Leo fits so well in it.

  • Z

    First he looks great, love the shirt and his arms. I think it’s awesome that he takes his mother with him, he’s even taking pics of Irmelin with her boyfriend, what a lovely son. And for someone that follows Leo is not any news that he’s always with his friends, in fact a bunch of them, so I don’t get why some people think this is bad. I guess some people just love to hate Leo, whatever he does, and here he’s just enjoying his time with his friends and mom, what’s wrong with this?

    He’s single and free, I remember some people here saying Leo jumps to relationship so fast and now he’s single for a good time, but people still complain, if he had a girlfriend and was taking her for a European vacay people would hate him as well, but when he’s just strolling with friends some people also hate, I don’t get it. I mean, let him live his life!

  • Mama

    He needs to find love himself!!

  • C/G

    @vagabond: I need to move away from the screen. It IS green not blue. My poor eyes have been very sore and overworked. :(
    @also (last thread) – “It`s kinda surprising that he stayed single for such a long time. I always thought it would be good for him not to jump from one relationship to another but I didn`t expect to see him without an official gf for such a long time.”
    I think it’s good for him too. He’s looked miserable and unhappy for quite awhile – a few years. In the eyes you can see that he needs to re-evaluate – work, life, etc. It’s smart that he’s giving himself the time and distance to take stock.
    Friends, family, travel, good food and wine, and NO PAPS is what the Dr. orders. He should go off the beaten trail and go somewhere no-one would expect – Germany and the Scandinavian countries. God, I would love to go to Norway. It is incredibly beautiful.

  • loyal friend

    he’s a good friend and a good son. He doesn’t have to bring his friends along like that. People like this are hard to find. I hope that his friends would do the same in return for him if they were the famous ones. Even when you’re not famous you can never know who’s true and who’s not. Even more so when you’re famous and have money. There are so many phonies and users in this world and people who will always let you down. God bless you Leo! I don’t think he’s ever let his friends down. He’s always there for them. He is a good man in my book no matter what he is good people… nobody is perfect, but we do the best we can. Actions speak louder than words and the way he treats his friends and family is really amazing to me..

  • the mystery brunette

    in Venice and in the van is Kristina Romanova, a russian model. i think she’s 18

  • raven

    I find it interesting that he went to visit an area devoted to peoples’ love and commitment to each other, when we talk about his love life a lot. Also, because he hasn’t found love in his life yet and is still looking. Hopefully he finds it someday. I think he will when he is meant to. just my thoughts.

  • also

    @17: It does look like the girl is Kristina Romanova and she was born in 1995! BARELY LEGAL 20 years his junior!

  • anonymous

    In Paris paparazzi seem to keep their distance! That’s nice!
    Love Leo

  • i would like to

    see him elegant in real life as The Great Gatsby is.
    he looks like a hobo here

  • Sarah

    Thanks @17
    LOLOLOLLLL If the girl is actually 18, than Leo’s behavior and reputation have become disturbing. Maybe Irmelin said a word or two to her son after finding out the Young girl’s age and sent her back to her parents or school where she belongs.

  • also

    She is not 18. I saw a site that said she was born in 1995 but an official site says she was born in 1992 so she is turning 21 in October. Somewhat better.

  • God

    @5 It’s not negative to be gay, you fool. Isn’t “JustJared” a gay guy? So maybe literally get out of here, if that’s so bad. Oh, Leo is gay, deal with it.

  • also

    I wonder if her assignment is over or we will see more of KR around Leo?

  • more about

    Kristina Romanova :

  • also

    She posted a photo from Venice but she doesn’t talk about Leo at all. She commented on the Leo photos but that’s it. Can anyone understand the video?

  • Seba

    There is no van in this picture with models , thank God. But a van is even better than a yacht, because a yacht full of that looks even even more like a king of the hill in negative sense.

    I am starting to see every time he is with Lukas and his mother, he calms down, becomes more himself and doing the “deeper stuff”. Lukas is a nerd, dont bother think they are gay. Lukas loves art and design. Does anyone know if they are still in Paris and for how long ?

  • @Seba

    Lukas, his mother and father were all in Cannes with him but he didnt’t seem calm or more himself.

  • Seba

    So are they in Paris today as well ?

  • @Seba

    No clue! No party or young model sightings for the past couple of days. Maybe he needs to recover from Cannes!

  • ta


    They kept their distance because these are staged pics.

  • ta

    Lukas would have nothing without Leo. No trips, no models. He’s a mooch.

  • ta


    He needs to recover his image. That’s why he is posing for staged shots with his mum. It’s not the first time he’s played this game and won’t be the last.

  • ta


    His mum isn’t evil. She would love it if he settled down, but she can’t control him. She’s protective of him and looks the other way at his bad behaviour.

  • @34

    Do you really think he cares about his image? I don`t. Not to mention to have a 20 years old model along for some of the “staged” photos.

  • @36

    he surely cares that’s why he tries to be so secretive! his people care too thats why they deny asap the bad rumors like the one with Cara!


    AKM-GSI is a broker celebrity-friendly photo agencies use to distribute their pics without revealing the source. These are staged photos. There’s nothing wrong with it. Everyone does it these days. Every celebrity cares, even the ones who say they don’t. Some care more than others, but they all care. It comes with the job.

  • @32

    Of course these pics are timed and staged. We have been served clear cut of Leo almost everyday in his European jaunt. On yachts in Ibiza with girls, to watching Tennis with mom. Whats really funny is if there were a girlfriend/companion in these pics. There would be no doubt of them being staged only the girl would be called a papwh*re not Saint Leo.

  • MTV gen

    It’s hard for me to take him seriously as an actor because he just comes off as completely self absorbed and shallow. The guy lacks emotional maturity.

  • Shhh…

    the girls are wholesome and mom-approved. i can tell from the pics.



    He is legitimately followed by paps. Most celebs are. It’s a huge business that has only gotten bigger in the internet age. Tabloids and gossip blogs would be nothing without pics. It’s easier to for them stalk now more than ever thanks to social media. He might as well call their bluff and hire his own. He has control over the photos and it undercuts the value of the stalkerazzi photos.

  • oh shut up

    @@32: oh shut up, some people would be calling Leo a famewhore too. People have different opinions on here so if you see one person’s comment that doesn’t represent everybody’s. Leo gets called everything under the sun on JJ from saint to the devil to somewhere in between. I think he’s just a reg. guy. he’s not a saint but he’s not the devil either. some people here are such idiots.

  • Z

    Gosh, people are crazier than I though! Have fun your ridiculous theories, haters!!!

  • @39


  • also

    If he cared so much about his image he would have attended his premiere in Sydney instead of partying and chasing girls. Staged photos with mom won’t help his image at this point. Everyone knows him by now he is not changing at all. Also whoever mentioned the lack of girls. The Russian model was with them on the first photos in Venice. I don’t think they are staged since I don’t think he cares about what people think of him. He said in an interview recently that he doesn’t need to impress anyone anymore. I think he acts like that.

  • @43

    “regular guy”? really ? seriously ? I think a lot of guys would love to be as regular as he is. and thisis exactly because he is not a “regular guy” but a hollywood movie star, that people feel entilted to make a judgement about his life, like it or not, this is part of the game when you choose a life in the limelight.

  • @42

    “AKM-GSI have become a favorite of celebrities and publicists looking for an outlet to reach their audience in a collaborative way”

  • oh shut up

    @@43: you can be rich and Hollywood and still be a regular guy meaning you’re not a complete a**hole but you’re not a saint either. You can relate to another human being’s emotions because you are in fact human too no matter what the outside dressings look like. You have poor people that are just as much a**holes as rich people just look at some writing here! : ) You shut the fck up too. You’re an idiot too. Who cares about making judgments? Leo is still living his life. It aint affecting him. Some people here getting in twists and knots over LDs life lol

  • @42

    I agree. After those avalanche of pics in Miami, with the models at the pool, to swanning in the beach/balcony with Lukas, Jonah, Bradley and various blondes, in clear vicinity and lighting and smiling at the cameras no one can convince me Leo (who seems to have a 6th sense for these things) did not know the paps were there.
    I don’t begrudge him or any celeb at all. Its the name of the game.
    Its just some get called out or blamed while others are not. But they ALL play the game