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Miranda Kerr & Adriana Lima - CFDA Fashion Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Miranda Kerr & Adriana Lima - CFDA Fashion Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Miranda Kerr is a stunning blue beauty while attending the 2013 CFDA Fashion Awards held at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall on Monday (June 3) in New York City.

The 30-year-old Australian supermodel was joined by Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, who posted a pic of herself in her outfit and tweeted, “Tune in June 6th for the @nba finals! #NBAfinals.” Check out the pic below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Last week, Miranda was seen holding hands with her adorable baby boy Flynn while heading to a photo shoot in the Big Apple.

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Proenza Schouler dress, shoes and clutch by Stuart Weitzman, and Elodie K and Jennifer Meyer jewels.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima attending the CFDA Fashion Awards…

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miranda kerr adriana lima cfda fashion awards 2013 red carpet 01
miranda kerr adriana lima cfda fashion awards 2013 red carpet 02
miranda kerr adriana lima cfda fashion awards 2013 red carpet 03
miranda kerr adriana lima cfda fashion awards 2013 red carpet 04
miranda kerr adriana lima cfda fashion awards 2013 red carpet 05
miranda kerr adriana lima cfda fashion awards 2013 red carpet 06
miranda kerr adriana lima cfda fashion awards 2013 red carpet 07
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miranda kerr adriana lima cfda fashion awards 2013 red carpet 09
miranda kerr adriana lima cfda fashion awards 2013 red carpet 10
miranda kerr adriana lima cfda fashion awards 2013 red carpet 11

Credit: Bryan Bedder; Photos: Getty, INFPhoto/Twitter
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  • lola-c

    They are so unbelievably GORGEOUS

  • jane

    they both look gorgeous! i like miranda’s makeup and outfit.

  • WooHoo

    Wow! both of them

  • AdriLimaFans

    Adriana Lima was the best dressed of the event to me!

  • Shelly

    Wow some stunning gorgeous ladies

  • Steph

    Both are beautiful women, but where Miranda looks perfect, fresh and chic, Adriana looks ridiculous. What is that dress? She can do better than that! She needs to fire her stylist and hire Miranda’s.

  • wow

    Not sure about Adriana’s dress, but she is definitely far more gorgeous and less self-centered than Kerr.

  • Tassie

    Love Miranda’s entire look. But Adriana’s dress (?) makes her look boxy. Such a shame.

  • @7

    What? Adriana calls the paps and posts her own and her family’s pics on twitter. How is that less centered than anyone? Adriana with her ‘look at meeee’ antics on the VS runway.
    See, two can play that game.
    Are you sure that you want to open this can of worms? Or would you rather have it remain a civil discussion about fashion?

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    Miranda looks exquisite, Adriana’s dress or whatever that horrible looking thing is, is not classy or attractive. Good grief, is that actually considered fashionable? it looks horrible, really it does.

  • no

    Adriana looks like she is trying way too hard.

  • @1801

    Miranda look stunning. Love her dress.

  • Anon

    Love Miranda’s dress. She looks beautiful. Wonder who is the designer of her dress?

  • cool

    I love that Adriana decided to wear something different here. It’s an edgy look and she makes it work. Her gorgeousness is undeniable. Miranda too looks beautiful but she has to stop all these teenage poses and act like the 30 year old that she is. She’s not getting younger anymore someone needs to remind her that. And that dress looks like sometihng a brave girl would wear to prom, not a 30 year old to such at important event

  • @14

    Sorry, but that sheer overlay has been around way too long to be considered “edgy” by anyone.
    And “teenaged poses”? Huh? Those are classic, red carpet poses designed to give the photographers different looks and to show off the dress, and the woman wearing it. Adriana could have used some of those poses. Her face is gorgeous, but standing there with her legs apart makes her look like a lug.
    Of the two, Miranda is the clear winner, IMO. And she’s already appearing on the best dressed list on some of the fashion blogs.
    Adriana may be stunning. But as someone already has said, she desperately needs a new stylist.

  • Wow

    miranda is skin and bones.

  • Diliana von Bork

    They don’t look good, but all the others look bad too.

  • Funny

    #6, did you say she needs to hire a stylists? Haha, she got the best in the business in the tip of her fingers. Givenchy dressed her for this event. Ricardo Tisci posted a picture when he was dressing her,
    I’m sure Miranda just bought her dress and wore it like a commoner as she always does

  • cool

    @@14: I’m sorry but you don’t see women in their 30s posing like that. It’s for teenagers and girls in thier 20s… of which Miranda is neither. Karolina who’s still in her 20 was doing more mature poses. She’s not pretending like she’s a delicate butterfly who’s better than everyone else. Hell even Candice who’s 24 looked more mature than Miranda. Kerry Washington, Alessandra Ambrosio etc were all doing classy mature poses. Miranda was a far cry from mature, as always.
    And dresses like that haven’t been around “way too long” please. you need to catch up with fashion

  • good thing

    ^Thanks for clarifying for me why I hate her red carpet behavior. She acts like an eighteen year old princess in a Disney fair tale. lols she’s beautiful though. Adriana is stunning as always

  • Herns

    Adriana looks like such a strong woman, she always does. Looking like a greek goddess with the statuesque beauty and air of confidence. The dress only works on confident women like her.
    Miranda as well looks lovely but I do agree with people, she needs to relax her personality and act matured

  • frt

    Ugly dresses. Not even these pretty models could make them work.

  • *eyeroll*

    So standing properly is acting like a teenager? And standing like a country hick is mature??
    That has to be the most ridiculous and idiotic hater theme yet.
    You socks just love making yourselves look like morons, don’t you. LOL
    Miranda looks perfect, so that’s all you had left I guess. You must really be desperate, eh?

  • haddt

    Is Miranda’s head getting bigger or what? Gosh so unattractive. Her famewhoring self refuses to miss an event. I don’t know why jk paired her with Adriana lim. It’s clear that she can’t hold a candle to Adriana who is a class act and not a shameless attention seeker

  • Tisch

    Uhm, Miranda isn’t the one doing a cutesy wave at the photographers. Adriana acts like she is on the VS runway instead of a fashion event.
    You guys have it all backward. Miranda is the one who looks poised. Adriana acts like she’s never done this before.
    Also, I pay attention to fashion. And anyone who does knows that the sheer overlay has been around for a while. Nothing edgy about it.

  • @24

    So only Miranda is a famewh@re for going to this important fashion event? It’s ok that other models, who have less to do with high fashion, are there? And you don’t find anything hypocritical about that?
    No wonder so many people lath at you and call you names.
    You deserve every insult.

  • @24

    Class act?
    I’m sorry, but since when is putting your children’s faces online classy?
    Or inviting paps to watch you work out?
    Or acting like a self centered b!tch on the VS runway?
    You Lima fans live in constant denial, don’t you.

  • anonymous

    miranda ‘s fans are such haters it’s unbelieveable. adriana is gorgeous and so is her dress

  • @28

    No Miranda fan insulted Adriana until you guys gave them a reason to. You opened the door to insults by first insulting Miranda. Even after someone asked you not to go there, and to keep this about fashion. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

  • haddt

    Lol. Did you hit your head and mistook Adriana for Miranda? Ha. Everyone knows she’s the biggest famewhore modeling has ever seen. So to act like Adriana is a famewhore here shows how groundless your point is and how are to get the title off of miranda. You can come up with all the delusional stories about Adriana but no one will take you seriously. Even miranda’s sound fans admit her attention seeking ways.
    Even Taylor Switt has started carrying herself in a more mature way… Miranda’s dress looks like something a 2005 Paris Hilton would wear to the teens choice awards. It’s only a matter of time before she tweets a naked pic of herself for attention. Oh wait, she’s done that.

  • Bundchen

    #28 Ikr? They’re so mean to any model more successful than Miranda, especially Adriana. That’s why I don’t post here anymore

  • anonymous

    @29. i don’t even wanna start this childish war of words every one like to do in this website. im am not an adriana lima fan nor a miranda kerr fan . Just about what im use to read here i im just saying that miranda’s fans are haters because i believe in the fact they are haters since they always hate on gisele, alessandra and on adriana. because they think that miranda is better on everyone else . you have to be blind to deny the fact that adriana looks pretty here .
    and i believe in the fact that miranda is always seeking for attention, im not blaming her because i have no right to judge her but she is always smiling at the paparazzi
    miranda’s fans can hate on adriana but at the end adriana is still way more paid than miranda so

  • brigit

    Both overrated as hell! Goofy Adriana and stewie from family guy Miranda!

  • uhhh

    Adriana is BREATHTAKING!!!!!

  • @32

    No one ever denied that Adriana is beautiful. They were insulting her dress (understandably so), not Adriana.
    Adriana’s fans started insulting Miranda, and now cry foul because the tables were turned? Hypocrites.
    And @30
    Delusional stories? Huh?
    We have pghotographic proof that she invited paps to watch her work out on more than one occasion. She has been papped on the streets and at the airport. When that happens with Miranda, you claim that she called them. So the same must go for Adriana, unless you want to continue your hypocrisy. And her staying on the stage when she was supposed to exit was guaranteed PROOF of her need for attention.
    Remember. Miranda’s fans didn’t start the insults. This is your fault, and yours alone.

  • ha

    That picture of Adriana with the NBA Championship trophy is as close as anyone in her family (especially her husband) will ever get to it.

  • Adriana FTW

    LOL Jared is a smart guy putting Adriana and Miranda in the same thread so all Miranda’s loonie fans can battle it out.

  • @37

    @Adriana FTW:
    Agreed I did not udsed ot believe it till I saw them attacking in Doutzen’s thread. LMAO

  • @37/38

    More likely that it’s Adriana’s lunatic fans.
    They are the ones living in the fantasy world where hypocrisy is the norm.
    Remamber, they are the ones who attacked first. It was a fashion discussion before they started flinging mud.

  • frenchgirlfromparis

    @37 : exactly. and @38 your comment is so childis it’s like a 5 years old kid arguying wit his siblings LOL. im not even gonna argue with you like i said i was just saying my opinion that miranda kerr fans like to hate on brazilian models especially on alessandra,gisele and adriana. Im not even talking about this thread but many others that i have read .and if your gonna argue with everyone saying something bad about miranda kerr then you should go on the dailymail and on us weekly everytime there is thread about her people dish at her saying that she is an attention seeker – she is the only who look directly at the paparazzi and smile to them.
    Anyway have a nice life dishing on adriana gisele and alessandra it won’t change anything about their life and there are still more paid than miranda kerr.

  • frenchgirlfromparis

    by the way i think that miranda kerr is a nice person even her attention seeking ways it’s just that her fans are no life HATERS lol . get over it

  • frenchgirlfromparis

    so have fun hating on people who doesn’t even know or care about your existence lol

  • Lucy

    I Love Adriana so much! She’s stunning!

  • @42

    But that’s all the haters have left. They live to hate on Miranda. She occupies their every waking moment. She owns them.
    So sad and pathetic.

  • Hypocrite

    @frenchgirlfromparis: Miranda is an attention seeker? And Alessandra is what? Hypocrite!

  • @40

    You say that you aren’t going to argue with someone, then you go on to argue with someone. LOL
    And again, it was ADRIANA’S fans who first attacked Miranda. You can’t play the injured party in this one. Hypocrite.

  • frenchgirlfromparis

    @42 MK does own anything about me, Because my life actually does not evolve around MK since i don’t care about her i don’t read or comment or HATE on any her thread , i came on this one to see adriana lima’s pictures. that’s the difference between you and i .MK can do whatever she wants with her life i don’t HATE on her whereas you MK fans are full of hate to every others models and that’s your problem. and im not arguing im just giving my opinion that miranda kerr fans are just haters and a bunch of bullies wheter you like it or not because it’s not the first time yoy guys hating on adriana or or alessandra and even doutzen and every other modelwho have a better career than miranda like gisele.

  • @47

    So if Miranda’s fans are the haters and the bullies….why then was it an Adriana fan who posted the first insult? Hmmm?
    Answer us that one.

  • frenchgirlfromparis

    @47 you can keep debating with your self as far as i am concern i made my point and now i have much mature struff to do. good luck continuing hating on other people if that makes you happy hater

  • bo

    Adriana has her hits and misses and this is definitely a miss.