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Justin Theroux to Star in 'The Leftovers' HBO Apocalypse Pilot!

Justin Theroux to Star in 'The Leftovers' HBO Apocalypse Pilot!

Justin Theroux has just landed a highly anticipated new role in the upcoming Damon Lindelof HBO pilot The Leftovers!

The 41-year-old actor will star in the apocalypse pilot as chief of police Kevin Garvey, a father of two who is trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in a world that begins to reject that very notion.

Here’s a synopsis: “The Rapture happens. But not quite like it’s supposed to. This is the story of the people who didn’t make the cut… and a world that will never be the same.”

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Justin Theroux in The Leftovers???

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  • http://Justjarde Marilyn

    Good lack justin

  • Via45

    Wow,…..finally getting back to work after about 2 years!

    Probably will fail.

  • Mamie

    HBO always has great shows. Congrats Justin!

  • Ummm


  • Imogen

    He is a great actor!

  • Sasha

    Tv girl and tv boy are made for each othe.

  • soultosoul

    At last the sponger finally has some paid work. At least he can now start contributing to their household expenses.

    But by doing TV it shows just how useless Jennifer Aniston has been for his career and by extension just how Z-grade she has become herself.

  • sasha

    Why do Angie and Brad fans have to. Always come into Justin and Jen posts? Go support your cheaters in their postings.

    Congrats Justin!

  • soultosoul


    Go to the Angie and Brad threads and read all of the disgusting things that Jennifer Amiston fans say about Angelina and her children before you complain.

    And you want to talk about cheaters, go and speak to Heidi Bivens and ask her how she feels.

  • Ummm


    Also, not all are fans of the JP’s as you took the time to bring them into this pointless thread.

  • Kim

    @sasha: Justin cheated on Heidi his live in GF,Maniston is a homewrecker

  • alliana


    No one mentioned Brad and Angie until you did. I say you are the one with the problem. And as soultosoul said–go to the JP thread and the comments by the Aniston fans are vile like yours. And as soultosoul said–go ask Heidi Bivens, JT’s live in girlfriend of 14 years how she felt to find out JT was cheating on her with JA? Jennifer has moved on, its a shame you have not.

  • Sasha

    Hurts doesn’t it when you crazies alway criticize our couple.
    Just wanted to let you all know how hypocrite, foolish and dumb you all are.

  • me

    i love how everyone is saying that he doesnt work, and he’s sponging off of jen…you people do realize that he’s not just an actor right?? he actually has had more success as a movie writer & producer… most of his work is done behind the camera…he’s actually NOT sponging off jen becasue he came into the relationship with his own career and money…

  • soultosoul

    Just wanted to let you all know how hypocrite, foolish and dumb you all are

    So are you for criticizing Brad and Angie. God you Aniston fans are so stupid, but then again you like Jennifer Aniston, so it’s no surprise really.

  • sasha


    No they dont realize that or maybe they do and ignore the facts in their immature attempt to bash Jen and whoever is in her life.

    Sorry Angie and Brad fans bash Jen and Justin all you want, still doesnt take away the fact Angie and Brad are cheaters ;) Keep supporting your whores.

  • truth?? he actually has had mo

    @me: “he actually has had more success as a movie writer & producer… most of his work is done behind the camera”
    Really ? how many movies ?

  • Sheila

    Me..think you will have to show specific NAMES of works he has done. Because, seriously, he barely works. Yeah, he helped co-write Tropic Thunder, what 3-4 years ago?! As for a “producer” what has he produced, name?? In almost 2 years, All I’ve seen him produced is Jennifer with a ring, but what else? So yeah, he barely works from what I can tell and mooches.

  • soultosoul

    Honestly. There is no comparison between what the JP fans write about JA and what her fans say about the JPs.

    The JP fans take the p**s out of JA because she really is absurd. A 44 year old woman, who tries to dress like a 20 year old, whose been labelled a bore, sportsfvck and stuck in 1998 by her previous partners and who plays exactly the same part in every film that she has appeared in. I’m sorry but her life choices are just there for people to send up.

    The JA fans however have written how they want Angelina to die, celebrated and gloated over the fact that she had a double mastectomy, have made the most disgusting sexual references about her children oh and have also wished for them to die as well.

    So sorry but IMO JA has some of the most disgusting and vile fans of any celebrity.

  • truth?? he actually has had mo

    @sasha: AND YOUR WHORES

  • sandra

    Jennifer love Hewitt is pregnant ! YES

  • soultosoul


    still doesnt take away the fact Angie and Brad are cheaters
    Brad and Angie didn’t cheat you pinhead but Justin Theroux sure did and do you know what makes it worse, is that JA actually knew Heidi Bivens but still had no qualms about moving in on her man.

    Nice lady.

  • sandra

    @soultosoul: JA is probably disguted by their behaviour
    wish the death of somebody is awful and vile, these people are animals.

  • pia

    Awww so Squiggy finally got a job.. good because Jennifer has been paying for everything .

  • NE1

    I’ve been hoping he would get something decent because he is a good actor. everyone is gonna say Jen got him this but his career was already rising when he met her. sounds like a promising show.

  • TheDudeAbides

    The rapture is the final ten virgins cut.

  • ann

    Someone should tell to stop over-manscaping his eyebrows.

  • bbkar

    who is this?

  • Pressly

    What now? Is Jen going to ‘guest star’? it will be canceled in less than 6 months..

  • Sunshine


  • Fun Facts

    Not so recent (2010) but … Pitt voiced superhero “Metro Man” opposite Will Ferrell in Megamind. And … Theroux was a script consultant on the film and the voice behind Megamind’s father. And … Metro Man’s song performed by Brad in that movie was written by Justin. So … from Justin’s pen to Pitt’s mouth, so to speak. And … Megamind (a cartoon) was Pitt’s 3rd highest domestic grossing film of his career, behind Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Ocean’s Eleven, with total worldwide exactly the same as Inglourious Basterds.
    Just fun to know. Nothing to infer here. But go right ahead.