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Kate Winslet: Pregnant with Ned Rocknroll's Baby!

Kate Winslet: Pregnant with Ned Rocknroll's Baby!

Kate Winslet is expecting her third child, first with husband Ned Rocknroll, People reports!

Kate and Ned are delighted,” a rep for the 37-year-old actress shared about the wonderful news.

This is Kate‘s third child – she has two other kids, Mia, 12, and son Joe, 8, from previous marriages.

Kate and Ned wed in late 2012 after dating since the Fall of 2011.

Ned is a businessman, born Abel Smith, who he is the nephew of Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.

Congratulations to Kate and Ned on the wonderful news!

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  • yussie

    1. something’s in the water.
    2. his name is ridiculous. for realsies.

  • Susan

    Good grief! Did someone stick something in the water in Hollywood?!

  • Apple

    Who will be actress No.3?

  • Called it

    lol. Celeb*itchy called this one last Friday: “Kate Winslet ‘desperate’ to give her third husband lots of Rocknroll babies”

  • stacy

    love Kate but 3 babies with 3 baby daddies wow

  • Called it

    @Susan: It’s sticking something somewhere else that’s the root of the problem. ;)

  • Lily

    1 baby with each parent… At least she is not doing it for the money, but it is not very classy.

  • Red

    Paris Hilton is next!

  • Jerry Springer

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!!!

  • Josephine

    I hope she will have enough common sense to not let the baby take his name. He is officially named Rocknroll, which means that the baby will be named either Rocknroll, if she follows the tradition or Winslet after her. It should be no-brainer if she doesn’t want her child to be bullied.

  • Crafty

    What’s with all these OLD ladies getting pregnant?

  • Aviana

    That means all of her children will have different fathers?!

  • yeah

    Every actress is getting knocked up it seems…why, don’t they sell condoms in hollywood anymore?

  • Elisa

    Congrats Kate !!!
    You deserve the best!
    Very happy for you..


  • ha ha

    this woman is nuts….

  • C’mon

    Three marriages, three children with different fathers….
    welcome to the wonderful world of Hollywood families.

  • Patricia

    … imagine how she’ll have to manage for the Holiday seasons, birthdays and other family celebrations. And all the several pairs of grandparents?
    Don’t they think of those things?

  • Darla

    She could name the baby Hoochie Koo.

    “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo”

  • willanka

    Haha, sorry I’m laughing but I’ve just read few days ago that it seems the time for new Kate Winslet baby and here’s the news! Well, congrats to them!

  • Verity

    Look at that, a white woman with 3 baby daddies.

  • Kirsten

    People call Angelina trashy but she has 6 children with one father, 2 set of grandparents. Kate has 3 kids with three different daddies and we’re supposed to believe she is the beacon of class. I love both of them but the double standard is amazing.

  • namers


    True dat.

  • Ginger

    It starts to sound weird a woman with three children from three different daddies and “porn” movies

  • Amy


    First of all, 37 isn’t old.

    Secondly women can get pregnant up to and including their 40s.

    One of my great aunts had an accidental pregnancy in her 40s.

    So if you don’t want to get pregnant, use birth control.

  • lmao..

    Halle Berry is 46 and pregnant.

  • Love The Shoes

    She plenty young enough and I wish her a happy and healthy new baby.

  • Grace

    I think Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart have her beat as far as having kids with multiple people

  • bethany

    I agree with most the comments here – I do genuinely like her as a person but three children with different fathers – it is hard not to judge isn’t it?

    As for the age issue – people need to move with the times. why shouldn’t a woman be able to have a long(ish), successful career & then have children? We shouldn’t have to compromise. Look at all the men in hollywood that have children in their fifties/sixties – alec baldwin, harvey weinstein, bruce willis, michael douglas…

  • wow

    3 kids with 3 different fathers! Classy.

  • Fan

    Yeah… I remember very well when people used to say Leo DiCaprio was the one unstable between the two because he wasn’t married and had no kids. Hope the same people think otherwise, now.

  • Christopher

    Oh Kate Winslet used to be a classy and lovely British woman!!!! Love her charms and beauty, but now seriously 3 children with 3 husbands??!!! Oh my gosh, so pathetic, 3 siblings with distinctively 3 different fathers!!! Oh my gosh, how she can do that?? WOW!!! She can beat up Elizabeth Taylor for 7 husbands, 4 to go Kate!!!

  • see

    women can get pregnant up until theyre over 50! naturally!
    my great grandma had her last kid at age 52! and that was a million years ago, no treatments available and no she did not cover for her daughter as in pretend the kid was hers, she reall gave natural conception and birth at age 52!
    um and WHY is winslet wearing MY glasses? same pair i’ve got

  • Cate

    Agreed with the people who are side eyeing her. I an only imagine the kind of comments she would get about her third kid with her third husband would get if she wasn’t white.

    I’m just disappointed as I was looking forward to ‘The Dressmaker’ but I guess they will be looking for a new actress. Maybe they’ll get an Aussie!

  • m

    oh dear lord NO :( i seriously almost spilled my iced coffee all over the computer while reading this. i’m not necessarily that shocked by this news… just deeply disappointed.

    kate, honey… you could of taken some time off from your work and personal life and simply focused on YOU and your adorable little kids for a little while after your SECOND divorce… but you actually married a guy who legally changed his last name to ROCKNROLL… and now you’re pregnant with his baby… and i’ve given up on you.

    3rd kid from her 3rd marriage, i’m done. i’m so done with you. i… can’t.

  • swttwt

    I always hoped she would end up with Leo but alas….she’s passed around all over hollywood with different baby daddies. Yuk!

  • m

    @Kirsten: yes, angie gets called trashy. angie gets called trashy because she is trashy and totally fake – i don’t care how many babies she adopts, her past is and always will be a part of her image. and as if this is news lol those adorable little kids of hers don’t have a mother, they have baby sitters. there is no way in hell she and brad could possibly ever take good care of that many kids so close in age. they both use those kids for photo ops and nothing more. i cannot wait till they grow up and write some seriously damaging stories about cruella de villes – oops! i mean angelina. by the way, her breast removal surgery was nothing but a BOOB JOB WITH GOOD PUBLICITY. :)

  • Zena

    37 or even 45 isnt too old to have a baby as long as it isnt your first. Second and third pregnancies can happen naturally up until age 50 or older. But it very difficult for most to conceive naturally past age 34-35. At least Kate was married 3 times lol my husband’s coworker has 3 kids from 3 different ex boyfriends. Hows that for class? Lol

  • Junie

    Oink, oink…

  • Sarah

    Why do you blame her? Yes, she has 3 kids with different fathers. So what? Her husband WANTS to have a baby, so she gives it for him.
    A man wants his own child. This is something natural. She satisfied his need for affection.

  • Lea

    Kate received her CBE from The Queen at a ceremony in Buckingham Palace. She told the Queen, “I loved my job but I love being a mum even more.” She can make her lives any way we want to! :)

  • o

    more woman bashing and most probably from women themselves which is the worst and saddest part.
    when guys have multiple Holstein from many different ladies no one says a thing but for a woman then she is trashy.l
    please stop.

  • pia


    Nobody will say a thing about it. Classy Kate, classy. NOT
    sorry never liked her at all

  • LOL

    geez 3 babies with 3 different daddies. what is up with her? why does she always have failed marriages? i’m starting to think it’s her who is the problem. can’t wait for your next marriage kate when you’re 60!

  • Rachel

    3 kids with 3 different men. Wow isn’t she classy.

  • Rachel

    Women over 35 should not have children. They are too old to properly care for a child and having an older parent is unfair to the child. I know because my mother was 42 when I was born.

  • Sarah

    Very disgusting and machist comments here! only because she has three children with different fathers?!
    Are you paying her bills or taking care of her children? SO WHAT? Go take care of your own lives ond your own uteros!
    I doubt that you will say the same about a man who has several children with different mothers like Mike Jagger! That’s ok, right? Oh, please!
    Bunch of hypocrites!

    @Kirsten: WTF are you mentioning Angelina here? this woman buys poor kids (who are raised by nannies!) to help her career and change her image of wh*re and junkie, she is not some kind of saint like you idiots believe she is! she is fake as hell! WAKE UP!
    Anyway, congratulations to Kate and her family for the new baby!

  • Anne

    @Rachel: So, your mother hates you because she gave bith to you when she was 42? She probably would hate you if you were born on her 20′s anyway…
    I could hate you too if you were my daughter, I hate stupid people like you!
    If a woman wants to have a baby on her 30′s, 40′s or 50′s it is HER DECISION! HER PROBLEM! HER LIFE! AND HER UTERO!
    What YOU have to do with it? Take care of your own business!
    I feel pity of these stupid kids and Justin Bieber fans who come to this site!

  • Rose

    I’m so happy for them! Congratulations, Kate & Ned!!!!

  • AG

    Congrats Kate, take care of yourself and the baby!

  • Anna

    Stop being so damn judgmental. It’s pathetic that you’re sitting at home judging people by your computer screens. Last time I checked, none of you are a multi-millionare actress. So get over yourselves, and find yourselves a hobby.