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LeAnn Rimes & Adam Lambert: New F Word Anti-Bullying Campaign

LeAnn Rimes & Adam Lambert: New F Word Anti-Bullying Campaign

LeAnn Rimes and Adam Lambert give the finger to bullying in this brand new ad campaign for The New F Word.

Also participating in the movement are Rumer Willis, Tim Gunn, Real HousewivesLisa Vanderpump, model Ronnie Kroell, and more.

The new F word stands for “friend” in a campaign that will celebrate with a big concert, the Friend Movement Benefit Concert, to support the efforts against bullying on July 1.

The campaign is meant to “evoke a strong message of self-empowerment.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the brand new campaign???

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  • Cece

    Awful, and including Leanne is an example of what is wrong with the bullying discussion — the inability to distinguish between the bully and the bullied. Leanne is clearly the former.

    Giving someone the finger is also not self-empowering — it suggests just the opposite, that you need to resort to silly tactics to make yourself feel like a bigger person. I find this terribly sad.

  • kel

    Bad decision all around. I agree with Cece, Rimes is a bully and giving the finger is not a positive message.

  • qw

    this is so stupid…i have no words

  • Wow!

    What a stupid campaign.

  • smartss

    They are all trash. It’s free publicity for them not for the people who are actually bullied. Hollywood just doesnt like them. Aw poor…

  • Jensen

    Omg. I LOVE Rumer’s hair like that. When she wears her hair and makeup in styles that compliment her, she is really pretty.

  • Carly

    @Jensen: Every girl loves Rummer. That’s why she’s successful with guys.

  • pr63

    there are better ways……

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully

    “LeAnn Rimes Is Still Suing That Stranger She Berated for Being Mean to Her on the Internet”

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, LeAnn Rimes took issue with a teacher named Kim Smiley, who was Team Brandi Glanville on Twitter.

    Never one to let a stranger on the internet get away with saying mean things about her, Rimes actually called Smiley (yes, on the phone) and berated her, a call that Smiley recorded and is now being sued for on the grounds that Rimes’ privacy was breached.

    Since the suit was filed, both women have offered each other settlements (via lawyer) — but so far, that hasn’t worked out so well for either party.

    Rimes’ counsel offered the first olive branch in the civil case, with a source telling Radar Online, “LeAnn proposed a settlement basically forcing Kim and [her daughter] Lexi to apologize to LeAnn,” but Smiley’s lawyers didn’t like the Draconion tactics and refused. Specifically because Rimes wanted Smiley to admit she egged others online into attacking her as well.

    The counter-settlement offered by Smiley’s team was also rejected by Rimes’ camp because they believed it didn’t offer Rimes’ anything she felt she was owed. Apparently she’s not after money, but she’s insisting on an apology — and Smiley isn’t willing to cough one up.

    Smiley, a mother of six, is also facing criminal charges — when it comes to recording phone calls, California is a two-party state, meaning both sides of the call have to agree it’s okay to tape it. Since LeAnn was taped without her knowledge, she filed charges with the Sheriff’s office recommending the District Attorney prosecute Smiley.

    If you find all this patently absurd, no — you’re not alone. In fact, some might even call it pathetic.

    *Source: Starcrush

  • http://Twitter AllysaMentor

    All of you posting negative comments are Bullies. Go do something positive with your negative energy.

  • Liberte

    This is an awesome campaign. They all look great!

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully

    @AllysaMentor: The biggest bully is Leann Rimes. Why would they even include her in this campaign when there is so much about her bullying people to get what she wants? This is wrong. The ad comes out the day before Leann releases her album?

  • freewest

    People who are defending these “artists” feel identified with their bullies and want to protect them thinking as if they are protecting themselves.

  • Mims

    @Leann uses lawsuits to bully: no, you are the biggest bully. Going after Leann Rimes for four years. Just stop already and tend to your own life.

  • jmho

    Is this a joke? Giving the finger to someone who is bullying you, is really bad advice. Don’t stoop to the level of the bullier.

  • KissThis

    This campaign sucks! The finger? Leann Rimes? Seriously… urgh. Not positive at all.

  • waste

    These “artists” think with their ass*s and they are getting paid for that. A bit of justice in this world, please.

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully

    @Mims: Hi Leann, how nice of you to comment after posting the link to this article to your twitter account. Leann, in your latest interview you talk about Brandi’s kids. I thought Brandi asked you to stop doing this. Why would you give more interviews about Brandi’s kids after you were asked to stopped? You do know that this is bullying, right?

    Leann using her stepkids as weapons, that’s bullying:

    Alanna: Do you have any set tour plans for the states?

    LeAnn Rimes: No, it’s just going to be dates here and there. Now that I have kids at home, the touring has kind of changed a little bit. I don’t really go out for long, long periods of time. We’re doing a bunch of fairs and festivals this summer. Next year there will probably be a more concentrated tour.

    Alanna: With summer approaching and the kids being out of school, do you guys have anything fun planned?

    LeAnn Rimes: Eddie’s turning 40, and it’s Father’s Day, too. We’re going to take the kids and go somewhere on a little vacation. It will be fun. They love to come out on the road, too. They think the tour bus is a jungle gym [laughs]. I remember doing that as a kid, so now I’m the one going, ‘Oh my God … don’t fall on your heads!’ They’ll come out on the road for a little bit, which is always fun. Summer’s always so crazy for me, but things have changed a little bit, so I leave myself some time to be home more. We just moved into a new house, so it’s hard to be away from home. I always can’t wait to get home, which is nice. It’s really good to enjoy the place that you live [laughs].

  • betty

    Negative comments are OPINIONS. Bullying is threatening and harassing as Leann did by calling the teacher Smiley who was home minding her own business. KNOW and practice the difference. Giving a finger is not the sign that should be used it is more threatening then positive. Having a person that instigates bullying like Leann will not help their cause.

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully

    Leann is such a bully that she used her album to trash Eddie’s ex-wife.

    Alanna: That’s a very classy and high road way of handling it!

    LeAnn Rimes: I’m not naming names. People can take a song and make it about whomever they want to make it about … in their life also [laughs]. Some songs were probably more specific to certain situations or people, but then they became so much broader than that as I went along. But it was great to be able to release it all [laughs]! At least I did something productive with it!

  • next

    Leann is a childish freaking clown thinking her statements are actually funny. She loves being humilliated.

  • Gwen needs a life

    Leann Rimes haters are bullies. They’ve been at it since 2009 and refuse to stop. FACT.

  • NE1

    love it.

  • lala

    i never really think these campaigns work (since a lot of them is free publicity to help their rep), but i have to admit adding leann rimes may have caused a negative affect, especially looking at the comments about her.

  • betty

    Gwen needs a life Leann “haters” aren’t bullies they just don’t like Leann When Leann stops her BS they will stop.

  • njl

    Worth a try. The gesture itself is not any more offensive than putting up your ring or index finger. The offense lies in its cultural interpretation. We need to change that. Let’s make it stand for Fabulous. Friend, Fantastic. If stars like those mentioned are on board, if we see it used in a positive way, perhaps the sad implications our culture has given this gesture will go away.

  • Gwen’s stalker needs a life

    Leann Rimes and her gang of haters(Amejean, Ginger Stace, Darrell Brown) are bullies. They’ve been at it since 2009 and refuse to stop. FACT. Leann posted this link to her twitter page. The person who made post 23 is Leann Rimesor her buddy Amejean, who she has been tweeting to this morning. Amejean is best known as the guy who made parody cartoons about Brandi he also had a pardoy account in her name, he also likes to obsess about Brandi’s private parts. He made a lot of parody cartoons about this too. He harassed Brandi on twitter and then Leann invited him to her concerts. He also harassed one of Leann’s ex-fans, Ericka.

    Here is where you can find the disgusting things that Amejean has done:

    Radaronline: “LeAnn Rimes Supporter Admits To Harassing Teacher Being Sued By Star”: A long-time LeAnn Rimes fan admits that he harassed the woman now being sued by the star, posting photographs of Kim Smiley’s children online and revealing her place of employment.

    MyChoppingBlock: “LeAnn Rimes says (twitter) war is one sided with Brandi Glanville”

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully

    How fitting that Leann is giving the bird since her entire album is about sleeping with another woman’s husband! Are we sure that Friends Movement isn’t saying F U to marriages and anyone who has been hurt by affairs? Why else would they make the decision to release these ads around the same time that Leann’s album is released in the US?

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully

    Here is another example of Leann’s camp bullying people, but this time it’s her friend Darrell Brown(he’s the producer mentioned in the reviews for Spitfire):

    Jewish Journal
    Darrell Brown Has Pushed the Wrong Jew UPDATED
    Dec 25, 2011

    I wrote a blog this week about LeAnn Rimes and the fact that I think her behavior on Twitter, in regards to her husband’s ex-wife, is disgusting. It was just my opinion, which is what my blog is. I’m not a gossip columnist, just a writer who shares my opinions and views on things I think are interesting, from Judaism, to pop culture, and everything in between.

    There was a lot of action on Twitter recently about LeAnn, her husband Eddie Cibrian, and his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. I don’t know any of them, and the blog was simply my take on a situation I have experience in. My ex-husband never cheated, but I do think he and his second wife were rude, mean, hurtful, and purposely disrespectful to me as a mother.

    To be clear, I think LeAnn is a bit of a skank. By “bit of” of course I mean totally. She slept with a man, while he was married, and while she was also married. She left her husband to pursue a relationship with a man who had a family. I am not naïve enough to believe people don’t cheat, but to me she seemed a bit obsessed with getting Eddie.

    Again, just my opinion, based on news, comments from LeAnn, Eddie, Brandi, and various news outlets. After my original blog posted, The Jewish Journal received a call from one Darrell Brown. He spoke with the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal and stated he was a friend of LeAnn’s, and was upset that I used the word “authenticated” in terms of stories about LeAnn’s behavior.

    My Editor told me about the call, and I altered the blog to say “I hear this has all been authenticated”. It was not a big deal, and if it was what Mr. Brown needed to feel better, then I was happy to do it. It’s a blog, not brain surgery, and it was done immediately. Interesting to note that he took no issue with my calling LeAnn a skank, only the word “authenticated”.

    After Mr. Brown spoke with The Jewish Journal, he felt the need to write about me on his Tumblr page. It is fascinating to me that someone who is clearly a successful man, would bother to write about me, but since he did, let’s talk about it. I’m not sure if English is Mr. Brown’s first language, but by the look of his blog, I would guess no, but that’s not authenticated.

    Mr. Brown’s little article was offensive and ridiculous. You can take a look for yourself although I hope he will take it down. If you do get a chance to read it, the spelling is hilarious. Mr. Brown had the balls to call his crapfest “Hate and Intolerance”and went so far as to liken my writing about LeAnn to the Holocaust. Really? Well Mr. Brown, here we go.

    I spent many years of my career working in Holocaust education at Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, and your comments about the Holocaust are offensive to me not only a Jew, but as a human being. To compare my blog about LeAnn Rimes to the treatment of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and blacks during World War II is shameful.

    Following the posting of this blog, Mr. Brown removed the Holocaust reference from his Tumblr post. He did not apologize for his offensive comment, simply removed it.

    Mr. Brown’s comments were idiotic. By his attempting to bash me, he showed his true colors. He was unprofessional, childish, vengeful, and completely unaware of what the Holocaust was. If I were in his industry I would run for the hills before working with a man of such unfortunate character. Ignorance often trumps talent, which is the case here.

    To be clear, the focus of The Jewish Journal is not to “spread the message of acceptance and understanding”, and Mr. Brown stating that the Editor-in-Chief “confessed” to him that I had “gone too far” is a lie. My blogs are the most popular at and I am proud of my work, as is my Editor. You have pushed the wrong Jew Mr. Brown, and you don’t scare me.

    Following the posting of this blog, Mr. Brown removed all mention of my Editor from his Tumblr post. He did not apologize for lying, simply removed the comment.

    Now, if Mr. Brown would like to talk to me, I am happy to. I am also happy to speak with Ms. Rimes and allow her to tell her side of the story. I am also happy to go to court so anyone who is interested can see what is authenticated and what are allegations. I was simply sharing my opinion on a subject that has been widely reported on. To compare this blog to the Holocaust is offensive and and only proves one thing. Mr. Brown is a jackass.

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully


    Jewish Journal
    Darrell Brown Has Pushed the Wrong Jew UPDATED
    Dec 25, 2011

    I would like to invite Mr. Brown and Ms. Rimes to join me for a tour of The Shoah Foundation. Perhaps if they were properly educated about what the Holocaust was, and the genocides that continue around the world today, then maybe they could understand how horribly wrong the Tumblr article was.

    At the end of the day, I stand by my opinions. I think LeAnn Rimes is disgusting. I think Darrell Brown is idiotic. I think Eddie Cibrian is doing a disservice to his children by allowing their mother to be treated this way. I think Brandi Glanville has the best interest of her children in mind. That is my truth, and this is America, so I’m just keeping it real.

    *I feel strongly that Mr. Brown owes an apology to each and every person who was touched by the Holocaust. In fact, he owes an apology to to every human being who lives with a compassionate heart, and knows that genocides are continuing in the world today. Time for a reality check.

    The Talmud says that he who saves one soul, it is as if he saved the entire world. Maybe this is the time for Mr. Brown to be saved, and therefore a blessing that all this happened around my blog. I am not sorry for anything that I have written. I was writing about a subject that many have written about, and Mr. Brown entered into it on his own, and made it personal.

    I am not going to remove my blogs, and chances are I will probably write about this subject again. That said, thanks to Mr. Brown, this blog is no longer about LeAnn Rimes. It is now about tolerance, compassion, and doing the right thing.

    Write an apology Mr. Brown. Do it because you know you were wrong. You can continue to pray that I get fired, and you can keep trying to make that happen, and you don’t need to apologize for that at all. Just as I shared my voice about you, you are able to share yours about me.

    I am asking you to please issue an apology for your insensitive comments in regards to the Holocaust. I will accept your apology and life will go on. In the future, you can have a go at me anytime you want, but go after me. Not my faith, the history of my people, or the atrocities that have forever shaped the history of the world.

    Mr. Brown, I am sorry if your feelings were hurt. This is now about doing the right thing. I would like an apology from you, and I will happily repost your letter of apology here, so my readers and community can see it. I’ve done my part, now it’s your turn to keep it real.


  • ladyb

    What the hell is this? This is how you tell kids to stop bullying? Teaching that putting up the middle finger is cooler. Seriously?

  • kami

    why in the world would anyone want leann rimes to participate in an anti-bullying campaign? she is one of the worst bullies in the world. she bullies her husbands’ ex wife, twitter ppl who don’t like her. she even has her twitter fans bully tweeters who don’t like her. what a joke.

  • tess


    Thank you for your sane & articulate comment … the only one here … IMO!

  • oh yeah

    Leann has the face of a challenger to the end, imo she is the bully in life. Her twits about her husbands ex and their kids are beyond bizarre!

  • http://Twitter AllysaMentor

    @Leann uses lawsuits to bully: Are you calling her a bully because she cheated on her husband? That’s more than half the country, then, including one of the best presidents we ever had. You are just MEAN!!!!!!

  • http://Twitter AllysaMentor

    @Leann uses lawsuits to bully:
    Who is Mr. Brown? Who does he represent?

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully

    @AllysaMentor: Hi Amejean! You know exactly who Mr Brown is and who he represents, you and Mr. Brown were both in Leann’s videos. Did you make that post as Tess? That Tess has posted here, but she capitlizes her name and puts it in blue. Why are you using people’s names to make posts? Because Leann and the blog owner of this site had a special lunch on March 1st?

    Amejean doesn’t understand how Leann bullied another woman by sleeping with her husband, flaunting it nonstop, making albums and songs about, and then giving back to back interviews about how she suffered as Eddie’s mistress? Amejean, MEAN is how you harassed Brandi for 4 years.

    MyChoppingBlock: “LeAnn Rimes says (twitter) war is one sided with Brandi Glanville”

  • Sinsbad

    @Leann uses lawsuits to bully: What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully

    @Sinsbad: Amejean, we can ask the same thing about your friend Leann Rimes. What the hell is wrong with Leann, Amejean, and Ginger Hines. So far Leann has posted as Mims and you have used the name tess(I heard you sent that poster a threat because she blogged about Leann’s lawsuit against the teacher), Sinsbad, and AllysaMentor. Leann posts this link to her twitter page and now that it isn’t getting the nice comments that this site promised her, she sends you to fix it? Post away Amejean. The link is on Leann’s page. With every comment you make, people are just going to question why Friends Movement is working with Leann to promote anti-bullying when she is the bully!

    Hi Leann!

  • Marco

    @Gwen needs a life: Then tell HER to stop being a hateful person!!!

  • http://Twitter AllysaMentor

    @Leann uses lawsuits to bully:
    What are you talking about? All I know about mr. Brown is what I read on one of the previous comments. You are seriously delusional.

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully

    @AllysaMentor: The very post that you made on this article as Allysa is the same one you made your Malibuxbreezes twitter account. Someone said that when they clicked on AllysaMentor that it took them to a page that you used in a previous thread. The name you used was Racy. So how does the name Racy and AllusaMentor end up with the same exact link? Serioulsy delusional is Leann posting the link to this article on her page and then sending you here to make comments when it doesn’t go as expected!

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully

    @AllysaMentor: Leann’s claim that she was bullied is just like Jodi Arias claiming that she was the victim of domestic violence and making “survivor” shirts. Leann also shares something else in common with Jodi Arias. 6/4 is the 5th anniversary of TA death, the day that Leann decided to release her album, the same day that Leann gloats on Leno about how she destroyed a family.

  • KMA False ‘Friend’ Movement

    Leann’s a bully, campaign’s a joke, Jared’s a fag
    Hope everyone involved chokes (to death).

  • http://Twitter AllysaMentor

    You are crazy. I am not even a Leanne fan, but more of a fan of Adam, Darren, and Tim. . I just support anything that helps people cope with bullying. So please keep me out of your Leanne hate. You have serious anger issues, I do not.

  • Tammi

    LeAnn called up a teacher and cussed her out for almost 45 minutes. Now she is calling this mother of special needs children a bully, and is suing her. Who is the real bully here?

  • http://Twitter AllysaMentor

    @Leann uses lawsuits to bully:
    Learn how to spell before you post. That’s probably why you have me mixed up with someone else.

  • betty

    @njl You are speaking of a future time. But most people and kids know and see the sign as a F*CK YOU. So I would not advise this as a trend . .Especially for kids it could get them in a lot of trouble. You can’t change what is..

  • http://Twitter AllysaMentor

    I totally agree

  • Leann uses lawsuits to bully

    @AllysaMentor: Amejean, you are still making posts? Doesn’t that RACY character have a habit of attacking people’s spellings when he gets caught up in a lie? No one has you mixed up, you made that very clear with the you need to learn how to spell comment. You have serious anger issues. You are crazy. You can say you are not a Leann fan all you want, it’s not going to change the fact that when someone clicked on the link to AllysaMentor it took them to a post that RACY made.

    Amejean, you inserted yourself into this when you made posts 10 and 35, 26, and 41. Just like you do on your Malibuxbreezes account, you argue that people are hating on Leann Rimes. How much hates i Leann promoting by having you come here to make posts? You agreee with njl because you made that post.