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Miranda Kerr: Gillette Venus Step Up & Step Out Tour Launch!

Miranda Kerr: Gillette Venus Step Up & Step Out Tour Launch!

Miranda Kerr is gorgeous in yellow at the Gillette Venus Step Up & Step Out tour kick off on Tuesday (June 4) in New York City.

“With Ali Wentworth talking #stepup @gillettevenus ❤Miranda xxx” the 30-year-old super model tweeted that same day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Earlier in the day, Miranda paid a visit to Fox & Friends to discuss the summer tour and her amazing yoga poses.

Check out the interview below!

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Herve Leger dress and Lanvin shoes on Fox & Friends. She is wearing a Reem Acra dress and Lanvin shoes for Gillette.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr doing promotional work in New York City…

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miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 01
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 02
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 03
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 04
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 05
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 06
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 07
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 08
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 09
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 10
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 11
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 12
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 13
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 14
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 15
miranda kerr gillette venus step up tour launch 16

Credit: Brad Barket; Photos: Wenn, get
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  • Q.

    Gillette? Wow…supermodel…not!

  • @1

    You just don’t understand advertising, do you. LOL!
    Miranda looks AMAZING!

  • haha

    her face is looking old :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rirhaanna

    Didnt she wear that dress before?

  • Melissa

    ugh she is SO VAIN!! Cheaty chipmunk

  • LoveM


  • Heidi

    her face is really huge compared to her body ! look at the difference in the video with other people sitting next to her! she looks unnormal! #cannotbeunseen..

  • Jessica

    Her laugh is so annoying.. I like her though, but she like herself more obviously LOL :P

  • MileyLover

    The more I see the 11# picture.. the more werider and unattractive her face looks :S…

  • sweetness

    don’t you love it when super thin supermodels wanna help us regular gals in doing our yoga poses so the best way to inspire us is to flaunt their super thin bodies stretching on some exotic beach.

  • Scarlett

    There’s really very little chance of her patronising persona selling me anything. If anything it puts me off buying whatever crap she happens to be selling at the time.

  • LOL

    Miranda’s continued success really irritates you idiots, doesn’t it!
    And I LOVE how you call her fat, and super thin, within just a few minutes.
    You morons really are STOOPID aren’t you.

  • KissThis

    She looks good!

  • wow

    Another national brand? YOU GO GIRL!
    She looks gorgeous!

  • two sheds

    @Heidi: bulimia

  • two sheds

    @Heidi: bulimia

  • @two heads

    You really need to go to the hater update meetings. This week the leading insult is supposed to be that she looks pregnant or fat. Don’t mess with the program.
    Too skinny was soooo last week.

  • two sheds

    @@two heads: Oh so you are acknowledging that a lot of people don´t like her,lol.
    She will never look fat to me, except for her melone head.
    So sad, now that she got dumped from VS she has to go to the opening of an envelope to keep herself relevant.

  • Anon

    Miranda looks beautiful. Love the yellow dress she is wearing for Gillette. How tall is Miranda? She looks like she is 6ft.

  • Big Head

    @LOL: Are you retarded?

  • @two sheds #18

    No #17 is referring to the Delphi forum/Orlando Bloom discussion thread site that is supposed to be a fan forum for him but is instead now a “hate” site against Miranda.

    Their OBSESSED with her & spend their whole time stalking her across the Internet & leaving nasty comments on EVERY article about her like they have on here for the first 10 comments = Delphidiots!

    They do so out of petty jealousy & sour grapes because she’s happily married to their pretend boyfriend…

    But why am I bothering explaining this to you as you’re already one of the “haters”…..right???

    Btw keep persisting with the “she was dumped from VS” story as then we can just keep reminding you over & over again that the President & Chief Marketing officer for VS released an offical statement and I quote…..

    “Miranda is one of the best models in the HISTORY of the business” and “easily one of the most popular” “Miranda is a consummate professional and ANY rumors to the contrary are simply untrue”
    “We have NO plans to stop working with her and I have invited her to
    walk in this years Fashion Show and happily she’s accepted”

    Miranda no longer needs VS as she’s now a celebrity & brand in her own right. Now she has the best of both worlds, working part-time with VS, being the face of more brands, expanding her company Kora Organics and spending more time with Orlando & Flynn!

    A Supermodel, a successful business woman, Author AND happily married to a hot actor who adores her with a gorgeous happy child….that’s why you hate her…

  • @18

    Where did they refer to ‘lots of people’? Four delphidiots posting over and over here and on their tiny little, pathetic site does not add up to ‘lots of people’. And you losers really do need to get your stories straight. Posting that she looks fat while another member calls her bulimic just makes you look more ridiculous. As if that’s even possible. LOL
    And showing up at the opening of an envelope? Since when is representing a huge brand on national television equivalent to just showing up on a red carpet for no reason? Come on. Try to explain away that stupid remark. Or should I say STOOPID? Lol!

  • alexandrina

    she looks lovely

  • Annie

    Any know who is the designer of the dresses? Miranda looks beautiful. I really like the pink dress and the yellow dress. Does anyone know where you can buy the dresses?

  • Annie

    Meant to say does anyone know who the designers of the dresses are?

  • @25

    From the post:
    “FYI: Miranda is wearing a Herve Leger dress and Lanvin shoes on Fox & Friends. She is wearing a Reem Acra dress and Lanvin shoes for Gillette”

  • terri

    Yoga stretches…wow she’s never done THAT before. *YAWN* She really needs a new song and dance, this one is getting old. So is the sight of her shoving her boobs into the faces of male interviewers, not to mention all of the hair flipping. You’re thirty, stop with the sl*tty Lolita cr@p. It’s even older than you are.

  • @27

    Wow. Her being successful, gorgeous and happy just burns you up, doesn’t it.
    If she bores you so, why click on her thread at all? Is your life really that empty?
    So sad.

  • Annie

    @26 thanks for the info. I would love to get the Herve Leger dress. I also love the Reem Acra dress.

  • two sheds

    @@two sheds #18: The only time I cared about Orlando was during LOTR, I don´t like Miranda because of her hypocrisy and that she wants to market herself as a rolemodel for young girls and her main advise is that if you are ugly just accept it when she is friends with the rapist Terry Richardson, and has overall done a lot of tacky nude photoshoots not because of her marriage. And she comes across smug and way too in love with herself, I liked her when she started out, but after a while I saw through her fake shtick.
    And if you have ever been to Celebitchy or Dlisted, there are quite a few people who don´t like her, I have never been to that Delphi site.

    She did get dumped by VS, for what other reason would they release a statement to People magazine, which doesn´t report anything unless it is coming straight from the publicist, that she is unprofessional and doesn´t get along with the other girls, why did they let her leave if they cherish her so much, why stop working with one of the best models in the world? They released this statement to help her safe face.
    Remember how they wanted to continue to wotk with Marissa Miller, yeah.
    And what brands except Mango does she reperesent?
    I doubt she is a successful business woman, Kora is not selling well, it is overpriced and of poor quality, the only people who buy it are her desperate stans.

    You are implying I hate her because I am jealous of her,lol no, I don´t like her because she is fake, fake, fake and thinks she can be fooling me with her contrived goody two shoes country girl earth mother shtick. Her husband is a boring, irrelevant wuss, in my eyes she is not that pretty and her only contribution to the world is getting naked.

  • @terri

    Huh? What interview are you watching? Where was she “shoving her boobs” into anyone’s face? Are you haters so twisted that you are having hallucinations now? Sheesh.
    And she isn’t flipping her hair in a flirty manner, she is arranging it over her shoulder, as she always does when on camera. Big difference. But I now that with your delusions you are seeing things that just aren’t there.
    You really are sad if you are that twisted.

  • M

    She’s VERY THIN but at least she takes care of herself (her fondess for superfoods is well documented) unlike those sick emaciated SMs (Alessandra Ambrosio and Karly whatsherface). However, Miranda Kerr promotes a narcissistic self-obsession with her ‘Treasure Herself’ slogan. I think she should steer clear of that because it’s not making girls more self-confident, it’s just making them more self-absorbed and consumerist.

  • two sheds

    @@18: Have you ever been to Celebitchy or Dlisted, lots of people don´t like her lol, delusional stan.

  • vy

    She looks uncomfortable, and the expressions on her face before she answers the questions makes me cringe every time. She looks like she can’t comprehend the questions even though she rehearsed her answers for hours prior. That picture she posted of herself on the beach makes me sick! Very irresponsible of her!

  • two sheds

    @@18: Lol, you sockpuppet, have you ever been to Celebitchy or dlisted, a lot of people don´t like her. Only her delusional stans claim she is this beloved A-list model, when she was only relevant because of VS and her husband, she already got dumped by the first, wonder what happens when she gets dumped by the latter, lol.

  • @30

    If you dislike everything about her, why spend a moment of your time stalking her across the internet.
    And do you really think that we are going to believe that you aren’t a member of delphi? Stalking her across the net is one of their trademarks, and something not done by any rational person.
    Another delphi trademark is the way that they twist her words to make them something other than they are. Who else would take her statements of support in telling young women that they should love and accept themselves because they are wonderful and special, and twist it into “if you are ugly just accept it”?? Only a delphite could possibly be that twisted.
    And if VS disliked her as much as you claim, why would they care about helping her save face? That makes no sense at all. Ridiculous.
    And how about using what little common sense that you have, and ask yourself why Kora is expanding to Asia, and to Net a Porter, if it isn’t doing well? And why is it doing so well if the quality isn’t there? And you think that only her fans are buying it? Well then, she must have a heck of a lot of fans. You really shouldn’t get your ‘facts’ from your buddies on the hater sites. Their ‘facts’ are as twisted as their minds.
    No one cares if you don’t like her, or her husband. But we will respond if you come here just to hurl insults and lies.
    Why don’t you ask yourself why you feel the need to stalk the internet just to insult a total stranger. Maybe it really is a kind of subconscious jealousy. She has everything. Some people find that enough reason to hate. Is that yours?

  • @32

    Maybe you should read the book before making a statement like that. That is not what the book is about. At all.

  • @two sheds

    Of course a lot of people don’t like her. Every celeb has a lot of people that don’t like them. It comes with the territory.
    But she has millions more who DO like her. What is it now? More than 1.8 million twitter followers? And that doesn’t include all of the fans who don’t have twitter accounts (like me).
    But I love the comment about ‘only being A-list because of VS’. Well, yes. Being a VS Angel makes you an A-list model. Simple as that. And I love how in one post, you are calling Orlando “irrelevant”, and in the next, you are saying that he is so important that he can influence the entire fashion world and make Miranda successful just because of who he is. lol. Make up your mind. You can’t have it both ways.
    And yeah, you just proved that you are an unhappy person. No one who is happy would ever wish that someone else’s relationship would fail. That’s really a horrible thing to wish for. Especially when there is a child involved. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • two sheds

    @@30: I regularly go to these sites, they are gossip sites and if there is a post about MK I read it. Also you have nerves calling me a stalker, when you are the exact same thing you are accusing me of, you know her every move, read everything about her on the internet, you prob know where she is right now, you are so creepy. Why aren´t posting on other tags unless they are about other models in order to bash them.

    What do you think ” a rose will always be a rose and a sunflower will always be a sunflower” means. You should use the common sense that is left in your brain and see through her fake bullsh*t.
    Did you even bother to read why I don´t like her`She is fake, smug, vapid a hypocrite and she markets herself as this rolemodel for young girls when her whole career consists of sexually objectifying herself and she supports the rapist Terry Richardson whose antics are well known within the fashion industry.

    How does she have everything? She is not intelligent nor particulary pretty, her career is on the downward spiral, her husband is a wuss, The only thing I´d want is that $$$,
    Meryl Streep has it all, money, respect, intelligence, success over decades, Kerr can´t compare to someone like Gisele or even Doutzen who is very well respected withing the industry unlike Kerr.
    Kerr is considered a famewh*re, homewrecker, vapid airhead, haha if you think she has it all you have really low standards.

  • two sheds

    @@two sheds: Can you read, seriously, can you?
    I never called her an a list model, I said you delusional stans claim she is one, when she can´t compare to Gisele or even Doutzen/Candice
    She is relevant because of VS like Lily Aldrige or Erin Heatherton,lol.
    Also I never said I wished her marriage broke up, I said I wonder what will keep her relevant if…

  • @two sheds #30

    Everthing you have said is WRONG & FALSE!

    Gisele, Kate Moss, Adriana Lima, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Kate Upton and many many other top models have ALL posed nude or semi nude for Terry Richardson as he’s a world renowned photographer, it’s ART & not bad or dirty as YOU claim.

    You obviously have a hang up about the human body to be so prudish & think modeling is shameful, poor you.

    Have you actually read Miranda’s book? It’s all about self esteem for young girls, she encourages them to think of themselves as flowers, that every flower is different & beautiful in it’s own way just like girls.

    The book actually WON an AWARD & was recommended by the Australian Goverment to be used in schools as a teaching aid.
    Ellen de Generes actually had her on her show to talk about the book as she thought it was beautiful & inspirational. Ellen also said that Miranda is a genuine lovely down to earth nice person.

    VS NEVER relased a statement to People magazine saying she didn’t get along with the other girls & was difficult to work with.

    People mag were QUOTING the “source” FROM the trashy US weekly article that started the fake rumour & they make up BS stories every week!

    People Magazine then posted the OFFICIAL statement from the President of VS and then later they also posted Miranda’s exclusive interview she gave to the Sydney Morning Herald stating the reasons why SHE didn’t want to commit to a full time contract anymore.

    Miranda said she’d been modeling since she was 13, after having Flynn she felt it was a natural evolution & time to move on, so she wanted to have her contracts settled by the time she turned 30.

    She was ready to take advantage of other opportunities & concentrate on other things she is passionate about like her skincare line.

    That’s exactly what she’s been doing, doing photoshoots for Kora & promoting it on tv & in interviews.
    As well as photoshoots for Mango, US Vogue & another Vogue cover.

    She’s also an Ambassador for Qantas, Reebok, Thalston handbags, Clear shampoo etc.

    Btw Celebit*hy & d listed is made up of Delphidiots that are sick, twisted & full of delusional conspiracy theories from spiteful jealous women.

    You can claim you’re not jealous & don’t hate her but why then spend so much time being so obsessed with her???

    Funny how everything you say is verbatim of what the Delphidiots say on their pathetic “hate” site which is all FAKE FAKE FAKE!

  • @39/40

    No one is stopping you from reading these threads. They are just wondering why you spend so much time obsessing over someone you hate. And since you reference other sites that means that you really are obsessed. A fan following her is one thing. A ‘hater’ following her is quite another.
    And sorry sweets, any model who has as many Vogue, and other HF covers as she has is most definitely considered A-list. Especially if you add in all of her HF runway work.
    And how in the world is the sunflower/rose comment anything but positive? How you twisted that one around is beyond me. But I seem to remember the same idiocy mentioned on Delphi. Yep, I sure do. So that comment, combined with your comments about Terry Richardson being her ( who I find repulsive but is hardly Miranda’s) “friend”, and that she’s a “home wrecker” prove that you are a Delphite. No one else makes those ridiculous claims. Only them. No matter what name they use , of which site they post on.
    So since you are a delphite, you can whine and scream all you want. We know the truth. That you are a liar and a hypocrite, and nothing you say has any value or truth.
    So keep posting. Keep adding to Miranda’s hits on JJ. And we will keep laughing at you and calling you on your lies.

  • @41

    I guess that you made your post while I was typing. If I had read yours first, I wouldn’t have had to say as much whilst trying to type on my phone. :)
    Funny that you bring up the Delphi connection, too. I guess that they really do stick out like sore thumbs. I don’t know who they think they are fooling.

  • @two sheds

    Oh, and I just remembered…,
    You never answered #38′s question.
    How can Orlando be both “irrelevant”, and all powerful, at the same time???
    We’ll be waiting for your answer. (And waiting, and waiting, and waiting)

  • two sheds

    @@two sheds: I never said he was powerful dumbass, I said he made her relevant, because he has still some name recognition left but his career is dead.

  • two sheds

    @@two sheds #30: Being against sexual objectification has nothing to do with being prudish, quite the opposite. Being a sexual object basically denies yourself to have your own desire, your own sexual identity, you are only there to be penetrated as the man pleases. There is also a strong link between sexual objectification of women and violence against women. Ted Bundy said “If you want people to stop becoming like me don´t burn Catcher in the Rye, burn Hustler.” Not that you care since you are fine with her being friends with that rapist.
    If you think Terry the Rapist´s work is artsy you are obviously not familiar with it. Why is she working with a rapist who´s MO is well known within the fashion industry and the internet when she cares so much about young girls who he sexually molests during his photoshoots? Because this all a manufactured image, she prob even didn´t write the book herself, she can´t even speak two coherent sentences.
    You are so delusional, of course every site on the internet is infiltrated with those delphi people(sarcasm), you sound like a sick conspiracy theorist, haha, she is just not that popular. She is smug, vapid, dumb and not that pretty, a famewhore and a cheater, why would anyone except for her delusional stalker fans like her.

  • two sheds

    @@39/40: I just call her out on her bullshit, I don´t get how you are obesessing over someone you don´t even know that you think you have to defend her nonexistent honour. Opposite to you I don´t stalk her every movie across the internet, I only read about her on these sites, and she is so fake and I don´t like being so obviously lied to.
    How long is she modeling though, how much Vogue covers has she? 4?5? Doutzen had more in one year than she had in her whole career, lol and she represents high end brands, Miranda only gets booked for cheap brands.
    And she is friends with Terry the Rapist since she models for his website as well, not just for photoshoots.

    You sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist, of course the delphidiots are everywhere, lol. She is just not that popular and why would she be? She is a vapid, dumb, smug famewh*re, who is pimping out her kid, she has a poor character, therefore those infedility claims are not so hard to believe. The only liar and hypocrite is your precious Miranda.

  • @42

    I agree, for the life of me I really don’t understand why these “haters” like “two sheds” think it’s not obvious to others just how much they hate Miranda.

    If you’re indifferent to Miranda why would you go out of your way to make a long list of everything you consider wrong with her and be one of the first to post spiteful comments over & over again?

    I think the Delphidiots campaign to smear Miranda’s character is starting to come unstuck. Now more people are aware of their site & putting together the fake “blind” items they keep posting are all from the same source.

    There’s also a lot more articles about people cyber bullying & stalking celebrities. All it’s going to take is a link to their site & any reporter doing a story about this subject would be very interested to find out just what these women have been up to, a bit like a cyber bullying version of the bling ring.

  • @two shed

    ” I don´t get how you are obsessing over someone you don´t even know”
    That’s rich coming from an OBSESSED hater like you. Such a hypocrite!
    And pretty stupid to boot, if you are falling for all of the lies that the delphIDIOTS try to spread. Well, stupid or gullible. Which is it?
    And I love how you forget that Doutzen also poses n*de. And she calls the paps every time she is at the beach with her husband and kid. But I guess that’s OK, as long as it’s not Miranda, right? And you claim that Miranda shows up for the opening of an envelope, when she is there representing the brand (DOH!), but you found nothing wrong with Doutzen showing up on every red carpet in Cannes with her saggy t*ts hanging out of her dress, even when she had nothing to do with the films? You really don’t see your hypocrisy? How dense are you?
    Well, at least you are entertaining. You just keep bringing the lols. (and the hits for Miranda) *kisses*

  • sara

    Wow. Miranda promoting Kora on Good Morning America. Can’t get better advertising than that!
    Way to go, Miranda!