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Jennifer Lawrence to Star in 'The Rules of Inheritance'

Jennifer Lawrence to Star in 'The Rules of Inheritance'

Jennifer Lawrence has landed her next project – the upcoming film The Rules of Inheritance!

The 22-year-old actress will be directed by Susanne Bier, who she just worked with on the film Serena. The film is based on Claire Bidwell Smith‘s memoir about “a young woman who loses her family but finds herself in the process,” according to Deadline.

“We are thrilled to be working with the dream team of Jennifer Lawrence, Susanne Bier, [screenwriter] Abi Morgan and [producer] Bruce Cohen. We have no doubt that this inspirational and hopeful book will be turned into an emotionally powerful movie that audiences around the world will fall in love with,” FilmNation’s Glen Basner and Aaron Ryder said in a statement.

Jennifer, Susanne, Abi and I are incredibly excited to be working on this extraordinary project together. We all believe this film can strike a deeply resonant chord with audiences, just as Claire‘s riveting memoir has,” Bruce added.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lawrence’s new project?

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  • Sweetness


  • i

    before THG anybody want to work with her.. Why? hahahahahaha
    she had 6 movie and was the stupid and fat girl
    I can’t believe how much can do a f#cking franchise!

  • Amy


    She was nominated for an Oscar for Winter’s Bone which came out before THG.

  • Ann

    @ I….. You’re a ignorant dummy, who should spend more time learning to read and write instead of posting comments insulting total strangers .

  • Nick

    Wonder why Jen picked this project , she must have been offered countless projects throughout and up after awards seasons.. Must be something really interesting , she always holds out until she really likes a script or adapted book she or her mom read.

  • Cate

    Sounds like a very promising project. She’s making some very interesting choices. I’m not the biggest fan but I did think she was great in ‘Winter’s Bone’. She and her team are smart to be taking advantage of such a hot moment in her career and I admire Jennifer’s work ethic.

  • woot

    Damn good for her! She keeps getting great roles.

  • jean

    She picks such interesting stuff.

  • Jack Bauer

    Seems like the kinda movie that gets nominated for oscars

  • Red

    she needs a vacation…

  • Mel

    Girl’s slaying!

  • NotFromUSA

    Okay Hi everyone :) Hope it’s a good movie..
    Didnt read the book, went to amazon store, and read its main story, it’s good but I hope it doesnt come cheesy.
    Also, Jennifer Lawrence needs to make more effort to talk right, to train more to be a better actress overall..

  • talia

    Jennifer lawrence is a good actress but her roles are too predictable, she is at age where she should be taking risks cos IMO it seems all her roles have a similar backstory

  • gulbis

    all her movies seems similar.. she’s even less talented than stewart and watson.

  • Martha

    Sounds oddly similar to all her other movie roles! She needs to start taking more risks and doing very different projects. Perhaps she should try doing a musical or a smart comedy.

  • http://noraivanova1 J_LawFan

    I know she needs rest, but I love all of her projects and I can’t wait to start shooting. She’s the Best actress ever!!!!!

  • Samantha


    you are an idiot. She has two Oscar nominations and an Oscar. Plus every actor and director in Hollywood wanting to work with her and hold her in high esteem.
    And no, she shouldn’t make an effort to talk better. Thats who she is and why she has so many fans.

  • Samantha

    how is this movie to her other movies? People here are such
    dumbass. This backstory has nothing in common with an action hero girl struggling to feed her sister, a cheerleader, a bipolar girl, a girl struggling in rural conditions in the ozarks. this story takes place in the city, is modern, has comedic elements and seems like more of a romantic comedy which she hasn’t done before.

  • Laura


    can she take her Oscar and 54 other acting awards and shove them up your ass?

  • talia

    @Samantha: you kinda proved my point,most of her roles have been about a woman struggling to overcome something aside from house at the end of the street(which is terrible) and x-men first class

  • Laura


    Wow-what a general assessment from you; GREAT JOB. That covers like EVERY single female role out there. If the character is not “struggling to overcome something” that that person is either dead or braindead. Jennifer has done different roles, ranging from comedy to drama to action. The characters she becomes are uniquely different, she is a chameleon. You don’t look at Tiffany in SLP and Katniss in HG just from this year and see the same character. Tiffany is not REE is not Katniss. Different circumstances, different characters, different personalities. She never acts them the same way.

    Thats like saying Joaquin Phoenix always plays dark and damaged character; just way too general.

  • @gulbis

    Kristen fans are so mad that she only is able to get garbage supporting roles while Jen is slaying showing hollywood how to build a career. Everyone is talking well about her, wanting to work with her and she is only 22 yrs old. more great roles will came and so the awards. Try harder!

  • Guest

    Isn’t funny how 3 comments in a row are all saying the same thing.

    The trully is a lot of morons here.

    This character or backstory has no relevance to any of her other roles. LMAO.

  • Guest


    And anything left is a character who has no struggles. Is there such a thing, I mean for actors and actresses who care to seek good roles and not merely settle for “the girlfriend” or the “sex object”.

    You’re a moron. All good characters need to have struggles along the way, something that challenges them, that they need to overcome somehow. That’s what makes for an interesting character and an interesting storyline. Good on her for seeking those types of roles.

  • gulbis

    @@gulbis: I’m not fan of Kristen I think both of them Stewart and Lawrence are overrated and poor skilled actresses, though KS was in better movies outside Twilight and at least people see that she’s medicore and don’t try sell her as new Meryl Streep or best actress of generation like they do with Lawrence.

    @ Laura: She can have even 150 awards including 10 oscars, I don’t care, she was only fine in Winter’s Bone and Poker House, her other works is medicore (HG, Like Crazy) or terrible (X-M, House at the ES), and her oscar role is nothing more than typical rom-com crazy girl, many actress did it before.

    Maybe someone saw “Blue is the warmest color” ( Palme d’Or winner at the Cannes film festival) with Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Saydoux, that’s what you call an acting.

  • Guest

    It really is sad how these what I assume to be pre-teens and teens (because of general lack of mental perception and constant immaturity), who are obviously upset because their favorite actress isn’t having Jennifer’s career, break out in hives when any article seems to praise her, show her peers praising her, or report on her career moving forward.
    Lol it’s so pathetic. It’s like they believe they are trully impacting her success and the respect she’s gotten. Lmao.

  • Guest

    You’re not a fan of Kristen, but you think she’s been in better movies? LOL. And you ironically say Kristen is overrated? The girl is slammed nearly every time by critics alone, she’s barely even rated. Lmao.
    Yeah you really sound like you’re not a Kristen fan.

    Yet millions of others + her acting peers + producers and directors + the foreign press + the British Academy + the broadcast film critics and a bunch of other critics groups + the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences disagree.

    No, that’s what one calls having an opinion.

  • gulbis

    @Guest: Into the wild, Panic Room, Adventureland, Yellow Handkerchief where good movies, just because I liked them it makes me Kristen fan? Well I liked X-M:FC aswell, does it makes me JL fan too? :)
    And like I said I don’t care how much awards she got, Gary Oldman got much less awards and it makes him as bad actor as Lawrence good…

  • Guest

    You’re saying that Gary Oldman is a bad actor??

  • gulbis

    In opinion many JL fans he must be bad actor, cause he didn’t have oscar, hell at age 50+ he got only one nomination. Thats why I said “it makes him as bad actor as Lawrence good”, because JL fans try to proof her talent by the awards she got, while awards means nothing.

  • Guest

    I see. If you’ve seen people say that, it’s just a subset of a very large population. Al actors and musicians have fans that try to prove their worth or relevance with how many awards they got or how much they’ve sold.
    It’s not representative of the entire fanbase. It’s very ignorant to just dismiss millions of people because you came across a few on the Internet that obsess over awards. There are many, many people who don’t even pay attention to that and are fans of hers and her talent.