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Alexander Skarsgard: 'Conan' Appearance - Watch Now!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'Conan' Appearance - Watch Now!

Alexander Skarsgard flashes his gorgeous smile while making an appearance on Conan on Wednesday night (June 5) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor talked about how he likes aggressive woman, but he has to keep careful when woman try and get him to bite their neck, vampire style.

“I try to avoid that. I figure with social media and stuff, if you do that once, then that’s out there and then you’ll end up doing that for the rest of your life,” Alex told Conan.

He also chats about the upcoming season of True Blood – check out the interview below, and click inside to see the other part of the interview.

Bigger picture inside…

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Credit: Meghan Sinclair / Team Coco
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  • hmmmmmmm

    Cute if maybe a little awkward interview. :)

  • Keiko has 20 cats

    I loved it. That is EVERYTHING and all

  • sense of humor?

    What a smile!!!!!! :) he is so charming!

  • Strange


  • The East

    Adorkable. Love him!

  • hmmmmmmm

    I always get a laugh on the back and forth Stellan has with his sons and even his daughter. It’s cute.

    Love Conan and Andy too. It would be cool even Conan did one of his remote sketches in Sweden and have Alex tag along.

  • Gina

    I love Alex. He’s obviously a smart and interesting guy but I just don’t think talk show interviews are his thing. I’d love to see him in a sit down, more in depth interview. A true conversation, not this short, get to the point, tell a funny story format.

  • Gina

    Also, saw The East over the weekend. Really good. A movie that stays with you and really makes you think.

  • Keiko

    Talk shows aren’t his thing? Oh please. He did tons of press and media for these movies and he actually was able to stay on-point and coherent. Get him on Conan or Fallon or Live with Kelly and he turns into a g*d-d*mned idiot. It is his choice to make those asinine, juvenile comments over and over and over every time he encounters Big Media. Put him in front of a camera for Small Media and he’s all “this was the most awesome film I ever worked on”. On Conan it’s all “my naked daddy”. You’d think he can’t remember the names of his co-stars and directors or what the movie was about.

  • Keiko has 20 cats



    Since you got noone esle to make you feel worthwhile and special this post is for you I am brought it over here.

    You give her way to much credit the only thing she has (in her head anyways, it all in her head) going for her is way too much time on her hands is the Google search where she gets all her intellectual information from to inform us ignorant illiterate of how far behind the truth we all are on EVERYTHING and oh FOX News which is her holy grail truth because she is so in-tune with the Universe and it’s problems that even the people who are living in them have no idea unless Keiko informs them.
    Because Alexander is not capable of living his life without her and her bountiful encyclopedia of life knowledge to which he must live by and the rest of us too because DAMN you all, you don’t know nothing NOTHING without Keiko telling you.

    I feel for her cats, I especially feel for Alexander Skarsgard and Alexander Skarsgard jr when she is changing their kitty clothes she just got from life is precious when you have cats in your life store.

    You better go save him Keiko I have no idea how he made it this far without your infinite wisdom (in your head)

  • AO Gal

    @Keiko has 20 cats: ahahahahahahahahahahahha….oh the price of fame…it’s like the same stories just different years to tell them.
    Just let her talk what she wanna talk. maybe she is unleashing some stress.
    Don’t pay attention to her since she is the one who started some ludicrous rumours about a man she has never met, maybe will (NOT) one day and accused his behaviour around children weird. Just let her.
    Either way he looks soooo good and a bit more relaxed on this show!

  • Diane

    It was one if not the best interview he has done, they all three of them were having a ball. What a beautiful man.

  • snap crackle pop

    That was hilarious. I don’t know a lot about him but, I was laughing through that whole interview. I used to watch a lot of Conan years ago, trust me, Conan LOVED that interview.

  • Date?

    Looks like Alex was on a date night? Hmm

    I had dinner last night at Tower Bar on Sunset and he was there eating with a woman, no clue who she was.

    Read more at ONTD:

  • L:

    where is it? I don’t see that comment with this link

  • It’s from a fan forum

    Yeah found it , i
    ts on an Alex fan forum the dinner sighting that person just cut and pasted the comment ,
    don’t no how reliable it is .

  • Id

    So this person saw them but no one else no page 6 story?

  • loveablescar

    As a ONTD member. i dont believe them. Ever since they opened membership people have been putting false sightings of celebs.

  • AO Gal

    Ok!!! what’s happening now?
    He was seen with a mystery girl? Again? Where in NY? Where is the proof guys!!! You know the drill…we need black on white, cold proof!

  • guest4114

    that just made my day :D i love this Family

  • Whycantipost

    I think he keeps steering back to se…xy talk to prevent people from asking really personal questions. Or he just wants to joke. Or get a funny image. Or he needs to get some soon ;) Orrrrr I don’t know.

    I don’t believe the agressive thing, look at ‘some’ of his exes. That one in particular comes of back-bone-less, with no personality. Probably joking again, or he forgot about her, haha

  • Whycantipost


    I think it’s insecurity of some sort. imo he looks nervous on big shows, but when on a red carpet being interviewed, he is relaxed and not that awkward. Maybe that’s also where all the se…xy jokes etc come from; not sure how to portray himself really, so he starts blabbering.

    I am not sure of this of course, but if I look at myself and people around me; we/they also tend to act weird when nervous/in front of an audience. And I can imagine being on a big show can be very nerve-wrecking.

  • Keiko


    # 22: I think it’s exactly that. My issue is why he doesn’t grow up and stop behaving like this already. I mean, he is cognizant that the interview is going horribly. He admits it. I think he was so good on Fallon the first time because he had his story prepared (the one about Grandma) and was comfortable with that. But every major appearance after has gone downhill because instead of coming prepared with new stories, he’s rehashing the same nonsense. Like the bit on Kelly about the girl he left NY for, that bit turned into such a mess of mumbling and rambling that the host commented it was “awkward”. He should get a grip on himself already. He’s so shy and insecure I bet he beats himself half to death on the way home from these disastrous appearances, knowing he was awful.

  • @Keiko

    You insist you are a fan of this man, yet you take every opportunity to knock him down. The interview was great. Most stars rehash their stories as it keeps them out of trouble with the media. Look what happens to Brad Pitt all the time when he doesn’t stick with a script. He will try and explain something and suddenly he is again knocking Jennifer Aniston. Notice how, before his melt down, Cruise and Kidman, both stuck to a script and stayed out of trouble. All of the top stars do it–some more than others. And Alexander Skarsgard is rising to the top. His major appearances have not gone down hill. Go back as far as you can and you will see most of his interviews rehash the same thing. That “awkward” comment was meant to be humor – you obviously have no sense of humor.
    And Skarsgard is one of the nicest most genuine people in the business. Have you ever been to a comic con? Met the man? Seen the man? He makes every one he comes in contact with from the lowest janitor to the fans to the promoters to other actors feel as tho they are important. He doesn’t put on airs about how important he is and takes every opportunity to push his other cast members to the front. Believe me many actors do not. They are way too insecure to yield the floor to anyone that they don’t have to. And those of us who have attended events with multiple stars know exactly how tiring it can be one or two of them takes the floor and won’t yield.
    If you are truly a fan, then why don’t you be supportive. I don’t care if he is shy. He wasn’t rambling and mumbling. He and Conan had some sort of banter going. You are hyper critical of him. He can do no right in your eyes because you are too jealous of him and his life (whatever it is and I don’t care what it is) and you have set yourself up as a Skarsgard authority. Fortunately everyone on this blog sees through you.
    Skarsgard is one of our most talented actors and he tries for the most part to keep his private life private, but you insist you know all about him. Unless you know him well you do not. You are only making yourself look like a deranged fan when you insist you are right and everyone else is wrong. And as I said, everyone on the blog sees you for what you are. Try being nice. Try being supportive. Try not setting yourself up as the Skarsgard authority. Go to a comic con. Observe the man. He is, in my humble opinion, a nice man. A genuine man. A caring man about his fans.

  • Hmmm

    So, he likes aggressive women? Perhaps he should give Charlize another call. She will chew him up with a little salt and pepper

  • sense of humor?

    Why you got angry?

  • What is Alex talking about.

    He likes aggressive women does he know what aggressive is ??? Is he aggressive then if that is what he likes
    What aloud of bull crap , Kate bos was an insecure attention seeking , party lover unemployed actress and a big child who has not grown up however I wouldn’t call her aggressive , if though i dont like her

    same goes for ex Sara tun , amerlia drake (joel kinnaman half sis) hardly agreesive more like party lovers who like nothing more than a good time which is what Alex seems to like In women party lovers who like to drink and get drunk
    But Aggressive my ass

    And if it was some kind of a joke sorry I didn’t get it :(

  • same

    @What is Alex talking about.:

    I see you Keiko, I see you. I also see you on Celebitchy “Veronica” You really need to tell us what Alex have done to you to make you so Crazzzzzy like this.

  • rob server

    @What is Alex talking about.:
    I think Keiko here is a great example of an aggressive woman aka rejected fan gurl syndrome but on the other hand Alex also said he likes women with a sense of humor so Keiko doesn’t fit in to that category. I’ve never seen that uptight, bitter and humorless person than she is. I really feel sorry for all those poor cats. Btw, that big “stove” joke was actually a pay back for Stellan, who once said in interview that Alex junk is nothing to get women excited about. Stellan is what, something 60+ so that doesn’t bode well for Alex growing up. Seems that certain “immaturity” aka playfulness runs in family ;)

  • rob server

    @What is Alex talking about.: Keiko, of course you didn’t get it, you uptight, humorless and bitter old bag ;)

  • rob server

    and of course, according “been there, done that, know it all (better than you) Keiko, shyness is obviously a crime, at least in US?

  • HotandTalented


    Yes, I saw Keiko acting as ‘Veronica’ on.Celeb*tchy too. SO OBVIOUS. This thread has allowed her to take over. She’s NUTS.

  • rob server

    But her acts are somewhat intriguing idk. I kind of love that Alex has such an impact for women. He has some serious powers over poor Keiko who hates to love and obsess over him. I think that’s Keiko’s tragedy. She can’t let go, bless her little wounded spinster heart ;)

  • Cafélady

    well…I guess, in front of an bigger audience, almost everyone is a bit nervous. That’s natural I would say, so I have no problem with it, if he also is nervous in such shows. He is an human being, not superman.
    Even though we, his true fans, find him in every way super! LoL ;)
    Aside of this, one could see several times, that this sort of show isn’t really his thing. But that’s no shame.

    If one bethink the mental “nutrition value” of such shows – then I would say, he did a good job. Even with this piece of nervosity. At least, I liked it very well.
    So far I could see, have this shows only one sense and purpose: inviting of an bigger name of an celeb, and therefore the visit of said celeb, brings hopefully a lot of attention for the show and it’s host. No matter, whether it is “Conan”, Jimmy Fallon, Letterman etc. or whomever.
    The celeb has the possibility to present his/her and a new product, mostly a new movie or CD. In the show, the host let talk the guest about this “product” about three or four words – additionally and in case of an movie, they bring a more or less important scene of said movie.
    So, for both a so called “win-win” situation. Both get hopefully the attention they need and everyone is happy. And the rest of the talks is mostly senseless cr*p. With the only target, to entertain a bit the audience, and give him a laugh or two. So to say, as an counterweight to the bad CNN news, which the audience has seen hours before.
    At least, this is what I’ve observed.

    So no need for an too much “intelectual” touch – this sort of shows should entertain. No more and no less. And in the case of “The East” I would claim, it was almost clear that Conan wouldn’t talk much about it – just alone for the topic of the movie. “We want no anger”, I guess…

    As for the “aggressive woman” speech: LoL :))…it was a joke!! Good grief, has he every time if he says something witty, to subtitle this, with “it’s a joke!”??
    And for those who couldn’t laugh – that happens. Not every joke is a winner.

    For any reason, I presume, that this joke couldn’t be further away from the truth…but that’s my own presumption.

    As for the dating rumors: nothing heard or seen in the “leaves-forest” – and in the days who almost everyone possess an smartphone, no pics?!? I guess, we know meanwhile what we should think about such rumors now…

  • same


    She is probably all over his fandom including TB forums barking her crazy at people. Her rage or her crazy when it comes to Alex is so obvious I don’t think she can help herself but being so obvious it is actually quite sad someone needs to go rescue her cats.

    Keiko?Merrick/Veronica list goes on…. for the love of something else branch out more and find better activities it would do you and your cats a world of good.

  • Rupert

    I thought the interview was just fine, even funny at times. I think Skars was tongue in cheek about liking aggressive women. I get the impression he likes to kid. He looks goooood, BTW!

  • Thefudge

    Oh come on, you cannot deny he looked stupid!

  • same


    Go change your cats diapers Crazy Keiko. Such a sad person you are the only person looking stupid here is you and your stupid post names. Eat some fudge you might feel better.

  • Wow

    What girl was Alexander seen with having dinner where are the pap shots

  • ladybug

    If you’re in San Francisco tomorrow you can catch another The East Q&A with Zal, Ellen and Alex:

    Special Appearance at the Embarcadero Center Cinema
    (San Francisco, CA):

    Director/co-writer Zal Batmanglij and actors Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgård will appear in person on Saturday, June 8 for a Q&A after the 7:30pm show.
    Special Appearance at the California Theatre (Berkeley, CA):

    Director/co-writer Zal Batmanglij and actors Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgård will appear in person on Saturday, June 8 for a Q&A after the 4:00pm show.

  • puhlease

    Judging Europe. Look at your own effing country!!! Still shooting randomers in the street tut.

  • Rolling Eyes

    @CafeLady- Conan had no problem with Ellen Page talking about the East.

    He and Ellen mixed entertainment and as you say “intellectual” quite well.

  • maría

    i am really angry brian buckner say bill and sokie are the center of true blood wtf?they uses alex for promotion,they show naked eric and eric having sex with everybody-men sister etc-for increase rating,the eric scenes are the favorites-see the hbo last poll-the hight rating season was the amnesia eric and eric sookie couple season and the producers continues subestimated the alex eric popularity.i almost hope alex gone and then they will see if the most loved couple can carry the ratings without eric.poor alex the would pay his higher for this subvaloration.80 percent of public or more only see last seasons for he and this people dont give the recognition he deserves.

  • ladybug

    @maría: At this point I think we’ll have to accept that Bruckner is following Alan Ball’s lead and still trying to make Bill ‘something’. It is what is.

    @puhlease: What does your comment have to do with Alex?

  • rollseyesevenharder

    @Rolling Eyes: Well, eye rolling Keiko, did he (Conan) ask Ellen same silly and shallow questions? Maybe not. But I still love Conan, he’s such a funny, quirky guy and he has seemingly different manners and tone with his female guests and as attractive and cute Ellen may be she’s not a sex symbol like Alex. I think the hosts of this kind of shows feel compelled to ask him sex/nudity/tb related stuff even though he’s supposedly promoting his other projects. And Alex is obviously just delivering what the vast majority of TB fans want from him (where his biggest fan base comes from). Have you seen the comments on TB facebook pages or on Alex’s own fan pages? Those women and some men are absolutely crazy, shallow and HORNY as eff! I also love how respectful and patient Alex is with his most clingy, stalkerish, overly critical crazy fans. I like him being very discreet about his private life but that seems to bug a small but crazy part of TB fandom. He also seems to respect his lady friends and women he’s allegedly bedding. True gentlemen never talk about their catches and conquests.

  • Respect for the women

    And the women he is bedding don’t sell out Alex for some $$$$$$$$ at least he chooses them carefully, I have respect for the women

  • Jussayin’

    @Respect for the women:

    Well, I wouldn’t say that about Amanda Seyfried or AS’ Norwegian co-star Gitte Witt in Swedish film Puss. They both spilled the beans about their dating history with Alex. Also Charlize Theron’s camp kind of confirmed they were dating but that was nothing serious. I think the latest one (CT thing) was really disrecpectful towards Alex. as he’s good enough for a roll in the hay but nothing more.

  • later


    They are waiting for the right moment to speak but they all talk eventually. He is a celebrity so they know they can sell it to someone. Look at that Italian girl that spoke/sold info to the Swedish papers. Maybe he promised them something or left the feeling that they are more than what he will give them so they are in the shadows waiting and when nothing happens they will talk.

  • sense of humor?

    Woman on that business for PR will talk what they want specially lies just to sell and make themselves famous.

  • Some have talked

    Unfortunately like the poster said some have talked they may not have talked in detail but they have still kind of slipped in the comment they were dating or seeing each other on some capacity and how nice and funny sweet he was yada yada which is nice to know.
    However it seems to happen just by accident( sarcasm ) when they have a film to promote PR and self promotion at it’s very best LOL
    That’s not saying that the unknown women he has been with won’t sell a story for a buck or two and it has happened unknown women have talked when there involved with the rich and famous and you know crazyhollywood likes a good gossip who sleeps with who.