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Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky: Malibu Family Outing!

Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky: Malibu Family Outing!

Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky take their adorable one-year-old daughter India out for lunch on Tuesday (June 4) at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu, Calif.

The 29-year-old Thor actor and the 36-year-old Fast & Furious 6 actress were joined by some family and friends for the afternoon outing before hitting the beach to soak up the sun.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Elsa Pataky

Fast & Furious 6 currently holds the top spot in the box office after bringing in $34.5 million over the weekend.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky with family in Malibu…

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chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 01
chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 02
chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 03
chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 04
chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 05
chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 06
chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 07
chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 08
chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 09
chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 10
chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 11
chris hemsworth elsa pataky malibu family outing 12

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    god bless you chris you sooo much

  • ian


  • talia

    awwww inia is adorable,can clearly tell she is a hemsworth

  • talia

    @talia: *India

  • amy

    Cute little India – such a doll. Love to see pictures of her with daddy – such an adorable picture.

  • Angelina Jolie Love

    His daughter so cute!

  • Anna

    That baby is ridiculously cute.

  • Chris

    Dude…he looks so unhappy…No wonder why though..At least he has a daughter..

  • reah

    @Chris: #8

    He does not look unhappy, he is just not smiling for the camera. Everybody don’t walk around smiling all the time.

  • siennagold

    Awww the baby is so adorable!

  • gene

    I know this isnt good to say but that baby makes such weird expressions

  • Chris

    @reah: he is walking with his family…his wife daughter and friends…not good when you have that face while you are with them who you supposed to love and have good time with.

  • Cedric

    @gene: true! hope that she is going to look more to Chris when she is going to grow up….just imagine if she is going to have her mother’s real nose!!!

  • Terri

    @Chris: Chris is very happy with his family. You can tell that clearly. He spends a lot of time with his WIFE and daughter, of course when he is not working. And I guess Elsa is pregnant with the 2nd child. She has a little bump or may be she has drunk a lot of water.

  • Chris

    @Terri: hahaha nice post xD….I guess you do not know that Chris said that the pregnancy was by an accident…and clearly you do not know Elsa. Anyway, live in your world, in which everything seems perfect ;) bye from me.

  • kami

    i think cute little india is teething.

  • Terri

    @Chris: lol My world is not perfect, but I’m happy with it, and need not to badmouth a woman for being married to Chris, as you clearly need him unmarried in your imaginary world .lol

  • well…

    I actually agree…sadly…but…Chris is unhappy :/ the love is gone and that is clearly!…He is there for the kid…

  • Chris

    @Terri: uhm are you even serious?…I am a GUY! And he is my idol!!! Helloooo!! And every long time fan of a celebrity wants them to be happy! Gosh, that was gross!

  • Terri

    @Chris: OMG and how the hell you know he is unhappy??? Oh wait you just saw a photo of them or may be you know them personally. oh whatever, I guess we can go on forever, lets just respect each other’s opinions. Sorry I didn’t know you are a guy.

  • Chris

    @Terri: It is not just from a pic! It is from a lot of pics, videos, from what Chris said in his interview about the pregnancy. From who elsa is for real. And from how Chris used to look at the start of their relationship and how he is now…..try to check the pics. You can see the huge difference in his smile…I guess he know finds out the real elsa….and what she is doing..anyway…I am not going to try to change your opinion. Respect mine, respect yours. It is ok. And have a nice day

  • huuuuuuuuuu

    That woman was in a p*rn movie I watched a couple of days ago xD

  • VJ

    The baby looks like one of those cabbage patch dolls!
    And I do hope Chris is happy with Pataky, and he must be, because she looks like she’s pregnant.

    Surely, he’d not risk having another baby with her if he wasn’t. (And she’s not the type of woman to let her stomach expand like that if she wasn’t.) Perhaps it’s just the dress.

  • Ryan

    If that woman is pregnant then I would say that she is more sly than she seems….Poor Chris

  • lol

    uh wtf is wrong with your eyes..there is no belly there xD

  • VJ

    I agree, Ryan, but he was fooled once by the accidental pregnancy with this chick, so you really thing he’d be fooled again if he didn’t want to be?

    Look at the picture where she’s holding the baby from a side angle. She looks a little poofy there. She’s starting to look matronly like her mother.

  • Ryan

    @VJ: Trust me..a man can be fooled twice and even more times..he is all ‘i will be careful now’ but during just can’t control yourself…It is her bone side…not the belly what you see there..Her mother is not even close to matronly. Do you even know what’s her real job?

  • Caleb

    @VJ: matronly???? hahahahahaha she is a p*rn actress xD

  • VJ

    Ryan, you really think Chris could be that stupid to get her knocked up again if he didn’t want her in that condition?

    Hmmm. This is the first time, I’ve seen him carrying his own baby where he doesn’t look happy, (who he always seems to hold with joy on his face) and I think he’s been away so he should be enjoying every moment, unless he’s ticked off about something. Hmmm. Maybe the upcoming pregnancy. (I’m writing a fiction story here.)

    However, to me her mother looks matronly. Oh, she looks okay, but I wouldn’t call her beautiful or not even remotely pretty. I’d say she’s reasonable attractive for her age.

    And Pataky, when she doesn’t wear heels, looks short and dumpy. (but then I’m a tall and slender, so that’s probably me, you know her legs look short and fat to me.)

    What is her real job? The mother’s or Pataky’s? Don’t tell me her mother is high-fashion model. She looks dumpy.

    I guess Caleb, if Pataky used to be a porn star it was years ago. (Maybe soft porn. I find it hard to believe she was in a hard core porn movie, and he would have married her). If she was in a hard core porn movie, the big magazines would be all over it, wouldn’t they?

  • Ryan

    @VJ: and once again..this is not going to happen because he is stupid..
    I do agree with you about Pataky being short and her legs fat. Sorry she is all fake…Check out how she is for real
    she is all plastic surgery…
    I still do not see the pregnancy though..anyway..maybe my eyes fools me on that..anyway..
    Caleb is right..sorry for that..she was and..well still is since is…She is not a porn star to be in magazines and all…she is just doing sex tapes in europe

  • Diane


    It would appear that she is not pregnant, it is just the way the dress is hanging on her, besides, I cannot imagine that she would let her self get pregnant at this time, she is enjoying her body way too much, it is on the cover of all the mags. As for Chris being happy, he knew what he was getting himself into with her I would imagine, unless he just would not listen to anyone, people do get like that when relationships are involved. He got what he wanted, he got a child.

  • Nick

    After all the comments I read on here…after all the pics I’ve searched…after some interviews of Chris….On thing I have to say “Walk away as soon as possible Chris”…..after all that woman is not even close to attractive!
    Oh and Chris did not want a child. It was an accident. He said it. So he did not get what he wanted. He was way too crazy about her at first…and now he slowly realizes that she is not what he thought…Poor man…but he is not the only one…

  • VJ

    “Ryan said: .she was and..well still is since is…She is not a porn star to be in magazines and all…she is just doing sex tapes in Europe”

    Ryan, isn’t a sex tape a porn movie?

    Diane, I don’t think he knew her long enough to know what he was getting in to. (They only knew each other several months.) He was swept away by her looks and manipulated perhaps?

    He said the pregnancy was accidental. What 35 year old woman gets pregnant by accident? That’s a lie right there. He said she said she didn’t know who he was and had not googled him. Even he seemed not to believe her on that issue. She set up their meeting and he was played like a fiddle. (so it seems) I feel sorry for him. He’s too nice of a guy to have her happen to him. (Just an outsiders perspective as he could be gloriously happy with her.)

  • Ryan

    @VJ: no there is a difference…sex tapes are worse!
    the pregnancy was accident for him…she knew exactly what she was doing!
    i agree that he could be easily with a beautiful woman. Outside but most important INSIDE!….I bet he sees it now too..