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Katy Perry: Studio Session with Adam Levine & Sia!

Katy Perry: Studio Session with Adam Levine & Sia!

Katy Perry rocks a grey jumpsuit as she spots photographers outside a recording studio on Wednesday (June 5) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old singer was joined by Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, singer Sia, and producer Diplo as they spent the afternoon working on new material for Katy‘s upcoming album.

“Actually, this picture is more valuable,” Katy shared on her Twitter account along with a picture of Sia and Diplo holding umbrellas to block the paparazzi. “RT @Sia: Me & @diplo keeping @katyperry shielded from the paps in the trees.”

15+ pictures inside of Katy Perry and others at a recording studio…

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katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 01
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 02
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 03
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 04
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 05
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 06
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 07
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 08
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 09
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 10
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 11
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 12
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 13
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 14
katy perry studio session with adam levine sia 15

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  • KSB

    No one has commented. ….. surprising

  • bliss

    lol @KSB i think everybody is waiting for who will start the war again hahaha

  • Jinx

    It’s hard to keep up with the comings and goings! LOL Are they an tiem now or was this purely business?

  • Edamcheese

    Some how I don’t think she would be dressed that way if it were a date!!!! Plus with all the other people around, sounds like working on a record to me!!!!

  • Jinx

    @Edamcheese: I agree with you!

  • BustED

    If you all quit alluding to other discussions, then people might stop having them here.

  • onlything

    Are they working on a new song?Must be good.

  • fortheloveofwomen

    Bee’s back with Adam again. Thought it was Nina? Guess we never know who he’s with.

  • Kay

    She was probably just hanging out with Sams wife. I don’t buy them being together; It’s just Bee stirring the pot again. Using someone’s child to do it, however, is really lame. She knew the drama of posting a picture of Vespar would bring and to go ahead and do it says a lot of her character.

  • whatev

    behati is so stupid.

  • justWOW

    @Kay: She knew there will comes the drama but still decided to do it, but by posting Sam’s little daughter? Yeah,so lame.

    I say it’s Adam’s fault, he should lend his dog to her,that’s fine to me,not a little girl.

  • GeezGuys

    Behati and Adam aren’t together. As usual, she wants fans to speculate.

    Behati was seeing someone, but the guy dumped her. I guess he found out (sooner than Adam) that she’s a fvcking nut job. She stalks Adam’s friends and family? She doesn’t have friends and ignores her own parents. How sad. She’s an only child too.

    Don’t even get me started on her using Vesper to generate interest about her and Adam. She needs to fall down a hole already.

    Oh, and Behati’s VS contract ends this year and won’t be renewed, so I guess she’s playing the PR machine now. Kind of like her buddy Nina.

  • whatev

    how is it known that behati’s vs contract won’t get renewed? i feel like everyone that works for vs looooOOOoOoves her.

  • MessedUp

    @GeezGuys: 100% agree with your statement. Nina was a PR stunt which backfired to cover up his f ucked up life. He’s screwed. Behati knows the truth & needs to move forward. Nina will milk her fame a few more weeks. Then she’s done.

  • kelly

    I thought she had stooped to her lowest with the last picture but using children is NOT ok.

  • GeezGuys

    @MessedUp: Nina thought she’d get press by going to prom with that high school kid. When that didn’t pan out, she decided to go with an old hookup.

    In fact, I heard that Nina and Adam hooked up while he was still with Behati. Not sure why Behati plays the victim, especially when she was messing around with Adam while he was still with Anne. That’s the truth, folks. Not that any of you has to believe me. That’s entirely up to you.

    Behati had a boyfriend (more recently) and like Adam, he dumped her. The girl can’t seem to keep a man.

    Mark my word on the VS contract. It’s not been renewed.

  • GeezGuys

    @kelly: It’s no different than when Ali Tamposi used Adam’s sister Liza in a Vine that James made. James posted it to his Twitter feed. Liza didn’t look too thrilled either. These people are trash. It’s no wonder Ali and Behati get on so well.

  • DesperateBee

    I can’t believe there are a few fans who still think they’re together because of her IG. How stupid are people?

  • Jinx

    @GeezGuys: I heard that about Nina and Adam hooking up when he was still with behati too. So, bee was seeing someone after Adam and new bf dumped her? Wow, she’s striking out! She probably stalked new bf too and didn’t give him enough space. Interesting news though….

  • GeezGuys

    Yeah, Nina and Adam hooked up, but they never dated. She’s another model trying to milk a one-night stand. Behati’s trying to milk a 7-month night stand. I don’t get the fans who like her. She’s incredibly manipulative.

    Adam and Behati hooked up while he was still with Anne. Adam and Behati were friends with benefits for 7 months. They were never an official couple. Ever. Adam was always clear to others about being single when everyone thought he and Behati were a couple.

    While Adam was screwing around with Behati, he hooked up with Nina. He also hooked up with Amanda Setton last fall. And from what I understand he also hooked up with Emily Ratajkowski,

    I have no doubt Adam made it very clear to Behati what they were having together. She just wanted more from him, but he was messing on her too. Not that I blame him. He wasn’t in a real relationship. He can sleep with whomever he wants. Behati can’t really take the moral high ground given that she was messing around with Adam while he was in a long-term relationship. You reap what you sow.

  • GeezGuys

    @Jinx: Yes, Behati was dumped recently. He probably got sick of her chasing after her ex’s family and friends. Wouldn’t you be frightened away too?

  • Jinx

    @GeezGuys: yeah I sure would. Good he was able to get out early.

  • Jinx

    @GeezGuys: was bee dating anyone famous? He from NY or LA?

  • GeezGuys

    @Jinx: I think Adam learned a valuable lesson with Behati. So, I guess you can say she wasn’t entirely useless. Just mostly useless.

  • justWOW

    @GeezGuys: I’ll follow my heart to believe you,what kind of idiot wants a crazy dirty girl like Bee to represent their brand?

    And Adam is such a ……busy man…LOL,I don’t know why but I just laughed a lot ,haha

  • GeezGuys

    @justWOW: I don’t know who the guy is. He isn’t on my radar. I wasn’t told he is famous. I imagine if he were, then that would have been one of the main details mentioned to me.

  • GeezGuys

    @justWOW: That’s all I know about this relationship. I’m not going to pretend to know more than I actually do. That seems to get others into trouble here.

  • whatev

    i will believe all of this when her contract with vs isn’t renewed. i’m a major fan of the vs angels and her little stunt with adam has made me dislike her an awful lot. there was a moment there when just maaaaybe i could start liking her again, but then no, she goes and does this stupid stunt again.


  • alevinefan

    yeah, and why do people think shes dating Adam again because she posted a picture with Vesper. By that logic, she should be dating Sam… Sorry Sam !

    I mean, post a pic with Adam… and then i would believe!

    Also, girl, you had a bpyfriend and still kept hanging out with your Ex’s friends and family. No wonder he dumped her !

  • Jinx

    @alevinefan: Ha Ha – true!

  • TruthorConsequences

    The Nina sh*t is a bad attempt at PR. Adam used Nina & vice versa to give him breathing room. He has a PR nightmare right now & knows it. If the truth comes out no sexy Adam. He won’t be looked at the same. Adam’s life is shifting to adulthood.

  • GimmeABreak

    @TruthorConsequences: A&J, is that you? Only you’re playing a less heinous version of yourself. Yawn.

  • Unknown

    @GeezGuys: @truthorconsequences I agree with everything you say, but I would attack to the death your right to say it.

  • SoSick!

    You all need to quit because your tactics are get annoying! @TruthorConsequences. If you know so much, come out with the truth then! I don’t care about Behati and her stuff, no one listens to her anymore.

  • I love adam but

    @TruthorConsequences: the “i hate this country” comment? I know he was joking around… But it made him appear like such a stuck up brat. I’m disappointed.

    I don’t believe the Nina story for one second. He’s occasionally effing her, that’s about it.

    I really want to know though, who is Gene dating and besides Shawn and Sam…are any of Adam’s male friends married????

  • BlameItOnTheTrolls

    @Unknown: Your post makes ya sound like the biggest tool ever. Sit ya muthaphuckin’ azz down.

  • ?????

    Stephen Rabin

  • Rebecca

    Went to the taping of “The Voice” tonight. We sat directly behind Adam’s friends & family. When it was announced Amber was going home they were sore losers!! Cursed at each other although what can you expect when Adam “Hates this country”? Disrespectful bunch. Trash.

  • Erica

    @Rebecca: Trash? Trash is the only ones who posts on boards like these. Move on, nothing to see here. BTW Adam loves his country!!!!!!!

  • A&J

    @Rebecca: Guaranteed it’s probably one loud mouth B itch! Behati knew her place but this one don’t. Have fun controlling her! Is there any controlling her?

  • Erica

    @A&J: This is getting old, very fast with you. Ali is a worthless song writer, James is a third rate guitar player & Bee she’s nothing. These 3 are true trash, rubbish, garbage & junk.

  • ItsTheTruth


    Your face is looking a little green. And green isn’t your best color. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Let’s see . . . I have a choice between and educated woman who doesn’t get caught up in the Hollywood hype or an uneducated, cigarette-stained, snaggle toothed, mediocre girl model who continues to stalk her “ex”‘s family (while ignoring her own) and friends hoping that Adam will relent and date her again.

    Well, I know Adam only gives out second chances. Behati had not one, but two, additional chances. She spent ‘em all! She needs to move on and find friends. Really, she does. It’s pretty sad that she has none.

    Posting pictures of makeup artists, photographers, and other models doesn’t count. Those are her CO-WORKERS *not* her friends. Does she have any friends?

    I get that Ali and Behati are friends because they both met their “boyfriends” long after those boyfriends became famous. So yeah, I’ll bet there was no real motive on either Ali’s or Behati’s part for hooking up with James and Adam (respectively). None whatsoever.

    I know where Behati’s place is and that’s under a table, if you catch my drift.

    No one feels sorry for her, especially since she was messing around with Adam while he was with Anne (who happened to be his LONGTERM girlfriend). Sorry, but Behati had what was coming to her.
    Karma paid her a$$ a big visit when Adam used her and dumped. She didn’t honestly think he was going to fall in love with her? Hell, he couldn’t even bring himself to lock things down with Anne. Behati didn’t have a chance in hell.

    I wonder if James has been having some interesting threesomes lately. You’d certainly think so. ;)

  • ItsTheTruth

    @Erica: Behati’s contract with VS is almost over, so she had better find a new campaign. She can’t continue to pretend that her and Adam are a “couple” and use that to get work. Most people are wise to the fact that they’re no longer bed partners.

  • onlything

    Adam had the best contestants at the begining, but eliminated first, it’s sad, aparently it’s not about the voice, it’s about the strategy,Blake is the master-strategist.

  • Melly

    “Behati knew her place but this one don’t.”

    This phrase has never had a positive association. When people (men) would remark that women should “know their place,” that meant at home, barefoot and pregnant. Sometimes it meant that a husband/partner could beat his wife/partner if she “got out of line.”

    If you’re a woman and saying this, then you should be ashamed of yourself. What a disgusting way to talk about women.

    I guess Bee knew her place and she got dumped in less than a year. So much for playing opposite Anne.

  • BehatiPrinsloop

    I suk kok.

    Get you’re freak on!

  • Jane

    I find A&J interesting. If I’m supposed to believe that it’s Ali, then the first thing I’m wondering is: Why post all of this nonsense on a celebrity gossip site? What does she have to gain by dragging the rest of us into this drama?

    Then it became clear to me: Jealousy. Bitterness. Resentment.

    I’ve always felt, if you’re going to hate on someone this much, then something else is at work here. I’m wondering if Ali tried hooking up with Adam and Adam turned her down. I can see why she’d be bitter because then he used Bee instead. This explains why Ali and Bee are like a crimefighting duo: Adam dumped both of them. Now they’re on the same team. And now they seem to have some weird relationship going on. Well, maybe weird is the wrong word. There’s nothing wrong with being gay or bi. Plenty of people are.

  • alevinefan

    @ Jane

    WHAAAAAAT ? WHAAAAAAT? Dude, thats freaking creepy. so you say, Ali tried to hit on Adam first and then moved to James? Poor james… always the groomsman… nevver the groom!

    Thinking about it, you may be right. Bee and Ali seem awfully close for someone who have only known each other for what, 7 months? i see some 1 or 2 pictures with her “friends” Coco and Candice and 20 pictures with Ali !

    I saw that pic with Vesper, and then Ali, and was thinking ” wheres Molly? bee seems to have slipped up” and then Boom… she puts up a picture with Molly. She is so predictable, that Sneaky bee.

    Where are those Effin mermaids now? huh? Who thought she was being oh so private? Putting up a childs picture , when she is not your child or even god child, is just Sooooo wrong !!!! Those mermaids should just drown in the sea now.

  • Curious

    @A&J: riddle me this: how are Adam and his supposed lady-friend K so public without being public? Are you pickin’ up what I’m throwin’ down?

  • Debra

    @Curious: Who knows? We haven’t seen Adam with a girl in awhile. Behati/Nina/Amanda/K whoever else? Probably has many “lady-friends”.