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Brad Pitt Surprises Austin Audience - Fourth City in One Day!

Brad Pitt Surprises Austin Audience - Fourth City in One Day!

Brad Pitt shows that he is one major jet-setter by showing up in his fourth city of the day to surprise the audience at a World War Z advance screening on Thursday night (June 6) in Austin, Tex.

The 49-year-old actor traveled down south after surprising the crowd at a screening in Chicago, which followed screenings in both Philadelphia and in Atlanta earlier that day.

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Does anyone think Brad will end up in a fifth city tonight? We’ll have to wait and see!

Brad Pitt Surprises Austin Audience – Fourth City in One Day!
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  • who

    I can’t keep up with him!! Wow, lucky lucky fans in Austin!

  • rj

    wow, brad’s all over the place.

  • abcd

    Brilliant Brad!!!

  • reeven

    Love u Brad!!!!!!!
    Great way to promote

  • Not your friend

    Such a great guy..Montreal would like sum screening too

  • wow

    Brad rocks.

  • Ⱦamsin

    But of course you already know his itinerary Jared. You’re getting paid to advertise it.

  • awwwww

    Looks like Brad has so much fun doing this kind of promotion.

  • Angie&Brad4Ever

    I hope he shows up when I go to the midnight showing in my neck of the woods here in northern California! Can’t wait to see this movie!!!!

  • Cassi

    Up close and personal with Brad Pitt.

  • Ⱦamsin

    The fun is knowing he has go through his paces for a film he KNOWS is going to flop big time and everyone else KNOWS is going to flop big time in a desperate attempt to generate any interest at all in this giant fiasco HE produced. This isn’t just a case of an actor who got paid to play a part having to smile for the cameras for an evening. Pitt made the decisions here. Beginning to end. And this is the result. This is public humiliation on a truly grand scale. :D

  • awwwwww

    I wish Brad would show up to my theater when I am watching WWZ.

  • plez

    @Angie&Brad4Ever: It would be cool if he ended the day back home in CA. Get a nights sleep than on his way to AU.

  • tweet

    C. Robert Cargill ‏@Massawyrm now

    Brad Pitt showed up at our screening of WWZ. Sadly, half the audience were there as part of a radio promo and had no idea how to behave.

    C. Robert Cargill ‏@Massawyrm now

    “OMG! IT’S BRAD PITT! I LOVE YOU BRAD! I LOVE YOU!” For 5 minutes. All of them with their phones out, recording everyone screaming.

  • jmho

    He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere! He does seem to be having fun with it.

  • lurker

    brad is the man doing his thing

  • just Sayin

    In the video of Chicago screening, you can see Brad was running and rushing to the theatre, he couldn’t catch his breath when he arrived, he looked so cute.

  • tweet

    foxybrown ‏@foxxy71 now

    #worldwarz movie kicked ass oh and Brad Pitt showed up for intro, ATX moving on up

  • tweet

    C. Robert Cargill ‏@Massawyrm 7m

    WORLD WAR Z was f-king great. I mean really f-king great. You guys have a real treat coming your way.

  • tweet

    Emily Bailey ‏@EABaileyy now

    Brad Pitt in Austin go see #WORLDWARZ it is freaking AWESOME

  • tweet

    Harry Knowles ‏@headgeek666 now

    So Brad Pitt has a manly handshake and #worldwarz rocked the f-k out of Austin


    Geez he most be scared that his 250m Zombie flick might flop

  • tweet

    Rhiannon Frater ‏@RhiannonFrater 18s

    Just got back from the Austin screening of #WorldWarZ. WOW! Loved it! And Brad Pitt showed up at the theater!

  • tweet

    William Supardi ‏@Will14mSupardi now

    Got invited to World War Z Premiere this Sunday, finally gonna meet one of the biggest actor in the industry Mr.Brad Pitt

  • tweet

    Matt Miller ‏@mattmwastaken now

    #WorldWarZ was a lot of fun. Equal parts action and horror. A very interesting take on an overpopulated genre.

  • Phool

    Great to see & hear positive feed back from actual fans that have seen the movie thank you “Tweet” for the info. Brad you are doing a great job wishing you the very best.


    Lori S Miranda ‏@____lori 10m
    The movie was awesome!!! & guess who showed up!! #worldwarz #austin #atx #bradpitt #whoa #screening…
    Lori S Miranda ‏@____lori 7m
    How am I supposed to sleep after that amazing movie?!? #worldwarz I should prob get ready for zombies just in case.

  • tweet

    Ydnar Naemerc ‏@exeromai now

    @kirstiecat World War Z was really intense and without the graphic gore you hate in Walking Dead.

  • tweet

    Lee Vanwallene ‏@hmhmah now

    Solid Zombie flick @headgeek666 thanks for the screening. Surprised to see such a different angle in a seemingly saturated genre. #worldwarZ

  • fyi
  • reeven

    GO BRAD!!!!!

  • wws trailer
  • seriously

    Brad Pitt is the coolest guy ever.

  • tweet

    D. Johnson ‏@darin56 now

    Saw #WorldWarZ tonight. Mr Pitt was there. The movie was GREAT. Good work from Mr Pitt and Mr Forster and everyone else that made WWZ happen

  • Domino

    If he does it at every screening (as he obviously has) it’s no longer a surprise. Duh.


    C. Robert Cargill ‏@Massawyrm 42m
    Marc Forster directs the violence to look pg-13 but feel R
    RT: @AlabamaMike2814: how does the zombie violence fit with the pg-13 rating?

  • tweet

    marc english ‏@marc_english now

    Thanx Harry, @headgeek666! #WorldWarZ was just what Brad said: bold, and unlike anything we’ve seen. Great flick!!!!

  • tweet

    Lisa S ‏@Lisasam88 1m

    #worldwarz is an amazing movie! Great cast! Packed w/suspense! I highly recommend it! I was sitting on the edge of my sit, biting my nails

  • lol

    wow 4 cities in one day
    Go Brad

  • tweet

    Leigh ‏@RAWRnivore 3m

    World War Z is one of the best movies this year. I loved it! Thank you so much, @headgeek666 and Brad Pitt for this screening! #worldwarz

  • cee

    After vanity fsir did ghst lousy story he is on the offensive. Good for him. Hope they never do vf again. And if vf is smart they will never do thst again.

  • lol

    LOL at the trolls in pain same blah blah blah
    keep promoting Brad

  • lol

    so many positive responses
    thank you

  • lylian

    I love what Brad is doing flying from city to city. As I understand the WWZ movie, Gerry Lane flies from place to place to do find out about how the zombie plague started.
    Also, as other JP fans have pointed out, he’s using social media to the max – not by twittering messages himself but triggering others to twitter the message. That’s chutzpah.
    And yes, he’s working hard and marketting the shite out of WWZ – as all JP fans expect him to. He’s not a Lindsay Lohan or some other instant star – here today and gone tomorrow. 170m or 200m is a big sum. He takes his responsibilities as THE MOVIE STAR of this movie seriously. He didn’t get to be a MOVIE STAR FOR more than 20 YEARS by whining about what a horrible life he has and rolling his eyes at doing publicity and blaming other people. He rolls up his sleeves and works HARD when making the movies and then when MARKETING his movies.

  • Rose

    Good morning to the great Jolie Pitt fans. Hi to all the early birds, wishing everyone a great day.

    @Phool, how are you girl? Missing seeing your posts and great Jolie Pitt’s finds.

    @FYI 12, thanks for all you do to keep the fans informed.

    @Susan, hi lady, finish painting? Hope you’re not exhausted, :-). How is the rain over there?

    @Hi Premalee, how are you Prem, are you loving all the good feedback from fans about WWZ.

    @Lylian, how are you lady? Such good news about WWZ, I’m sure Brad is feeling great. Angle always says no one knows how hard Brad works for his crafts. You know Gerry has to go from city to city to save the world, go Brad!, go WWZ!!

    @Anustin, how are you today lady. Isn’t Brad the best? Father, lover and Man. As Angie said, she is very, very lucky.

    @go Figure, hi GF, how are you my friend. No Jodi to talk about now, but we can talk about Brad and WWZ, whoo, whoo!

    @Love The Jolie Pitts, how are you my cyber friend. Oh, my gardens are so lush and beautiful and smell so wonderful, I cannot understand just how good my God is to bless me with such beautiful things and I know you feel the same. :-). I will share by bountiful blessing with all the fans this morning. Guess what, it’s raining here today, meaning more beauty to behold tomorrow.

    @Jaye, hi Jsye, how are you lady? I know your garden is doing great, much love to you and family.

    @Dawne, hi Dawne, how are you my dear. We the fans are having the best time. Brad is such a super man, no wonder Angie loves him so much. This is what’s causing trolls to completely lose their mines to even mention killing of someone they have never met. I will continue to ignore that pos but when the comment was pointed out, I had to take action. I know that scum will come back but it makes me feel better saying something. I’m only human, not a troll, therefore I have human feelings.

    @PT, hi PT, how are you? I hear what you have to say about trolls and I totally agree with you. However, you know at times even you had to take on a certain pos once in a while. That’s being human, IMO.

    To all the fans have a great Day.

  • yib

    How did he do it? Seriously?
    Anyways I think it is good method. Go him!
    june21st ever 2 weeks from today mark ur calander for zombie date :)

  • WWZ

    Yes, the final budget was $170M, which includes the re-shoots. The original budget wss $150 M. One incompetent (and perhaps malicious?) reporter “rounded up” the $170M to $200M and that is the number people are using as a STARTING point to lie about WWZ- it seems the incompetents and liars THEN round up the $200M to $250M. As always, the JPs will have the last laugh.

  • yib

    What a nice surprise to see the actor presenting the movie ur about to see.

  • lylian

    Rotten Tomatoes user ratings: 99% of 80,021 WANT TO SEE IT!! So seems to be tracking well.

  • 5th City!

    Brad’s BO continued on to Denver.