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Jeremy Renner: Robb Report's Home & Style Launch with Kristoffer Winters

Jeremy Renner: Robb Report's Home & Style Launch with Kristoffer Winters

Jeremy Renner attends his celebration of the launch of Robb Report‘s Home & Style on Thursday (June 6) at a private residence in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old actor was joined at the event by his BFF and The Hurt Locker co-star Kristoffer Winters, who also hosted the affair.

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Jeremy and Kristoffer showed off their latest project at the party: a house they renovated, bought for $7 million and now asking $25 million, according to Yahoo.

“If anyone has 25 million bucks, we take checks,” Kristoffer said at the party.

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  • yeah

    Where’s his baby mama???

  • Kyle

    Ok: are they or aren’t they? J-Ren sure loves to keep us guessing….

  • ShakenNotStirred

    Renner may as well come out of the closet.

  • Rebecca

    So OK where is the supposed girlfriend?!!

  • lexi

    They make a nice couple.

  • Paulie

    Correction: “The 41-year-old actor was joined at the event by his BF…”

  • anni

    Looks like he has a boyfriend. He must be bi.

  • Poiuytrew

    They are lovers for sure. There’s not question about it.

  • Frau From Fly-Over USA


    I wish they were a couple

  • see

    Jeremy Renner looks gayer than ever. He probably does not want to lose his gay fans, or the media attention he only gets from people thinking he is gay. Now having a ”girlfriend” and newborn baby girl and all, ruining his gay image…
    He just ups the gay apperance. And voila he is in the media again.

  • AmandaDubs

    Such a sexy man, Mr. Renner

  • kristine

    he needs to ditch this look seriously.
    he looks sleazy.

  • Hank

    Sadly, another fake poser.

  • elenat

    He is 42, born 7 Jan 1971.

  • HeyHey

    Whoaa, dude sure has a heavy hand with his make up and the facial hair is not a good look. The red head looks cute though and selling a $25 million dollar home, damn give me his number.

  • Jessica

    He has just finished a 1970s film and he is about to start a 1980s biopic. The hair and fuzz are not a personal choice. Plus, give the guy some credit, he is supporting a friend in a project in which he has no financial stake. Since their relationship is at the heart of the gay rumours, he would have known the sort of comments that would follow and since he has said he isn’t gay, it can’t be something he would want. His friend is financially exposed and Renner is taking a personal battering to help him, I wish I had more friends like that.

  • JayMay30

    I’m so confused about KW and his relationship with JR’s family, I know there is gay rumours that they are supposed to be in relationship but you know how JR always referred to KW as his brother?? Well are they step brothers maybe? I can’t figure it out, there’s photos of KW with Jeremy’s family members and it looks like he is also a family member plus there is a video of JR’s sisters wedding for all to see on the web and it shows KW and JR walking JR’s mom down the aisle?? And standing in a photo with JR’s mom and all HER kids (JR, his 2 sisters and brother and then KW is there aswell) it wouldn’t make sense if those saying well if he is JR’s BF for 20 years that his mom probably thinks of him as another son but then why not have all her kids partners in the photo too?Plus he is standing on the other side to JR. I know it’s none of my business but I’m a nosey parker and it’s just something that makes no sense esp the walking down the aisle bit!!!!

  • Waoh


    Maybe Winters is not Renner’s BF, he is Renner’s husband?
    I know Renner calls Winters “partner” sometimes, right?

    I think they are a well-matched couple.

  • Jessica


    I think they would make a lovely couple, but that doesn’t make it so. He calls him his business ‘partner’ which he is, that is a matter of public record. JayMay30 is making the point that KW appears in family photos with the siblings, not the sibling’s wives and kids. This suggests that within the family as a whole he is considered to be a brother. This is clearly an unusually close relationship, that doesn’t mean it has to be sexual. What annoys me most about this this that people seem to have such a narrow view of real people’s lives.

  • JayMay30


    Yes Jessica that’s what I mean, I dunno I find it very unusual, I’ve never heard him say just “partner” always “business partner” but of course the media will take that out of context, maybe the Renners adopted or fostered him lol, also on JR’s mom’s fb page she has a photo taken at her birthday of her kids plus KW is in the photo and people commented on what a lovely family she has. Again as I said why put up a photo like that (publicly as her cover) and exclude her 2 daughters husbands and her other sons gf but include KW if he was JRs bf? Doesn’t make sense! That’s why I believe it is something very innocent, maybe KW doesn’t have much family or something and they have taken him in, or like I said maybe he is a step-brother or something.

  • nati

    @JayMay30 He called Winters “my partner” in Jan’s David Show, which made me very surprised because the new-dad-rumor just started at that time.
    I have no idea about the family photo. Maybe his sisters’ husbands didn’t JOIN HER FAMILY. Or maybe too many divorces made marriage-relationship seem not solid in this family. But there’s no way that Winters is Renner’s step-brother.

  • Waoh


    I read Renner’s interviews sometimes, he always calls Winters brother, never calls him business partner , which are supplemented by the editors.
    But like nati said, he called Winters partner in TV show.

    So I guess this is PR’s psychological tactics?

  • Jessica


    The main part of this interview is about business. Letterman refers to KW throughout as his ‘Buddy’ in fact he uses the term so much he is probably trying to be funny. Renner refers to KW as his best friend once, explaining why they started developing houses together, and later as his partner once. The use of the word partner in personal relationships is relatively recent, to refer to your partner in business is far more established, although if you are not in business you might not be aware of that. He did stutter over the word a little, he was proabably going to say brother, but then realised he was going to open himself to to a whole load of questions if he did. They are not related, but they are as close as brothers, Renner is the oldest of 7 with a large number of close cousins, aunts and uncles etc. In that sort of family it is easy to include one more, particularly if they don’t have much of a family of their own. In fact I remember an old interview where he said he had a hollywood family, 10 guys he had known for many years, who were like brothers and for whom he would drop anything. So this guy seems to have a big family, open house mentality. This might be strange to most of us, but it is a shame that it opens him up to gossip.

  • Waoh


    Oh, don’t be angry, because I know that couples are use “partner” a lot, so I just tell my feeling:)

  • Jessica


    Not angry more despairing of people. Being new to gossip sites I read one report on Renner followed by comments that stated he was a closeted coward all the way through to a violent paedophile. I wasn’t a particular fan at the time, but I was naïve enough to believe that there was no smoke without fire, so I looked into it and found it was all absolute rubbish. These guys are best friends and have been avoiding being photographed together for 4 years after being ‘outed’. It is such a shame.

  • JayMay30


    I will have to watch that interview again , sorry I don’t mean any disrespect to JR or KW by asking what I was asking above, it was just something that caught my eye and had me wondering, I know I can’t believe some of the BS that I’ve read about JR in the last while :(

  • Jerica

    First of all, who cares? Why is it so important to know whether someone is gay or not? Look at Matt Damon and Ben Affleck- they are together a lot and have pictures of them taken TOGETHER all the time…so is Matt and Ben gay? Don’t think so…but then again – who cares? I want to know- why is it so important? Does this make him a better actor, because he is or isn’t gay? NO! This kind of talk has been going on about actors, ever since actors have existed- why?

    Hey John, you know what I am going to do today? What Jane? I am going to analyze an actors personal life? Well, why would you do that? Well, maybe because I don’t have one- a life that is.

  • kiddlecat

    @Jessica – signed on just to say your comments are the most intelligent I have seen regarding Renner in a long time. You have read, thought and made connections based on what you have read. Not based on a particular axe that needs grinding. KW being shown as a “kid” not as connected to a kid says a lot. KW was a lot younger than Renner, a teenager when they met. He could have been in real need of a family. I have known others in the same place; some mom’s will just grab a kid no matter how old and take care of them. They are mighty women.

  • kiddlecat

    @Jerica – should I laugh or cry? At myself that is, not you. There probably is some pretty sad reason I sit down and post every once in a while. Analyzing an actor’s personal life is a shameful vice but I can’t break myself of it.

    Why, why, why the gay search? Would there be far less of it if no one at all felt any need to keep their sexuality under wraps? Or would it still be there?

  • http://@alphaflyer1 Alpha Flyer

    I don’t go on this type of website very often, and I am just reminded why: People use the safety of internet anonymity to say the most idiotic and hateful things. Here are some facts.

    1. None of you now know Jeremy Renner.
    2. None of you know Kristoffer Winters.
    3. They are business partners, who have been renovating homes together for over a decade.
    4. They just had a publicity event, drawing on Jeremy’s media allure, because the place has been on the marked for a while. It’s called “marketing”. Look it up.
    5. Not all relationships between human beings are sexual in nature (Just think — if you can: How many relationships do YOU have that aren’t sexual, compared to the ones that are?)
    6. The word “partner” is traditionally used to denote a non-sexual relationship (i.e. formal, usually legally documented business relationship).
    7. The word “brother” in North American usage is frequently used to denote close male friend (does the word “bromance” mean anything to you?)
    8. Jeremy Renner has vehemently denied the fact that he is gay, notwithstanding the fact that it is none of anyone’s business.
    9. Jeremy Renner has been in two long-tern (more than 4 years) relationships with women.
    10. Jeremy Renner has a child with a third women.
    11. Jeremy Renner is currently filming two period movies, for which he has grown out his hair. (Woot! He takes his acting more seriously than whether people might like his looks — might have something to do with why he’s been nominated for two Oscars. And the people complaining about his hair haven’t.)

    Now y’all get over yourselves and talk about stuff that you actually know something about, rather than speculate, in as salacious (look it up) a way as possible about stuff you don’t.

    As for me, i will go back to NOT reading crap like this. I bet Jeremy Renner doesn’t either.

  • http://@alphaflyer1 Alpha Flyer

    @Alpha Flyer: I meant to say under #8 “Jeremy Renner has vehemently denied ALLEGATIONS that he is gay”. Apologies for pushing “send” too fast.

  • Sweet Cheeks

    @Alpha Flyer: Jeremy Renner is fortunate to have a friend in you. People will always be talking celebrity now that it’s on a 24 hour news cycle. We are fed the BS like a constant running garbage disposal. Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, magazines, tv, and paps. Unfortunately, actors who play the game, stay in the game. Mystery and intrigue is going, going, long gone. Maybe this will help: Two of my favorite quotes about Truth that I always take with me.

    Mark Twain: “Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it”.

    Oscar Wilde: “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh,
    otherwise they will kill you”.

    It’s good to read the crap every once in awhile, it will keep someone humble. Go get um “partner”. (wink wink).

  • Sweet Cheeks

    @Sweet Cheeks: The Oscar Wilde quote is only a metaphoric figure of speech and should never be taken literally. For all those that are unfamiliar with his work. Thanks.

  • Tony

    @kristine: He is sleazy. But he’s a nice sleazy person.

  • Tony

    @Jessica: Are you a relative of his?

  • Dale

    Doesn’t he have any taste? His boyfriend looks like a sales associate from Macys.

  • Dale

    My apologies to his boyfriend. Jeremy is no Troy Donahue either. More like James Cagney.