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Katie Holmes: Dinner with Gloria Steinem!

Katie Holmes: Dinner with Gloria Steinem!

Katie Holmes gets hit by a downpour of rain as she steps out of her SUV and heads into her daughter Suri‘s school on Friday (June 7) in New York City.

The 34-year-old grabbed a visitor’s pass, which she returned upon heading back outside to the gloomy weather.

On Tuesday night (June 4), Katie and famous lawyer/feminist Gloria Steinem ate dinner together at Carbone.

Gloria and Katie were completely engaged in conversation,” a witness told Page Six. “They were hunched over the table to speak closer, even though they were sitting right next to each other.”

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes braving the rain as she enters her daughter’s school…

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katie holmes braves the rain to bring suri to school 01
katie holmes braves the rain to bring suri to school 02
katie holmes braves the rain to bring suri to school 03
katie holmes braves the rain to bring suri to school 04
katie holmes braves the rain to bring suri to school 05
katie holmes braves the rain to bring suri to school 06
katie holmes braves the rain to bring suri to school 07
katie holmes braves the rain to bring suri to school 08
katie holmes braves the rain to bring suri to school 09
katie holmes braves the rain to bring suri to school 10

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  • hmmm

    Katie Holmes is an empty headed woman who needs anybody with more power and a brain to fill her head. She’s a weak person who depended on Cruise, got out the divorce by blaming him, blaming Scientologist ..since then she has latched onto anyone who could help her develop a personality. Now this news of her with Steinem who is definitely more dominate in personality who no doubt filled her head up with more blame Cruise for your problems. We’ll be reading news soon that Holmes will drag Cruise back into court saying she got an unfair settlement..wait and see.

  • Yassine


  • Karen

    Perfect, hope she has another “#ick” for her or at least a strap-on. LMAO.

  • belgium woman

    gloria steinem was at BATMAN BEGINS premiere (she’s Christian Bale’s stepmum) maybe it’s how they met

  • TTown

    They’re both originally from Toledo, Ohio. Maybe they were trading hometown stories?

  • Kelly

    She looks old.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Worse than old, she always looks awkward and uneasy. Luckily, she rids the viewers her disagreeable legs.

  • Anne

    @Suri the meal ticket:
    She is beautiful and has a natural beauty. You do not like it, let’s be honest she’s beautiful. The body maybe …. plus she had a baby, stretch marks on stomach, saggy breasts, over the set is perfect. All 03 “wives” Cruise she is the most beaultiful. They both were a lovely couple.

  • Anne


    If Katie wanted money she would stay longer in the contract, 10 years, as Nicole. Just write a book telling her everything she earns millions. Or threaten to tell the truth the biological father of Suri, the scandal cruise’s career would be over.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    Katie is a brave gal. Katie is starting to get the same hate remarks that Nicole gets which makes me think it’s a bunch of Scientologist. Tom Cruise belongs to Scientology and even Tom wouldn’t like the cruel remarks made against Nicole and Katie. He has more class than that.

  • annie

    she looks very cute in that outfit, but she could use another 10lbs , oh well she got stretch marks , it happens to the best of us. if she went and put implants you would complain she was fake, you are all so sad. most actresses have implants, she’s as real as you can get.
    I think if she met up with GS, it’s for a reason, maybe she will play her in a movie.
    As Ann said , she could have stayed with TC , if it was money , fame and a whole lot of luxury, but she didn’t, and unlike NK who only wears high heels now, Katie wore them from the first minute she got with Tom.
    She hasn’t talked about him, made snide remarks about him on late night shows, and probably won’t ever mention him ever in public. when she does interviews she asks not to ask questions about him who knows if she even took money from him, she just wanted out.!
    Mimi Rogers , when they divorced, took half his money, god knows how much NK ended up with.
    but those above pics are nice, and her daughter is the cutest girl, as well.!

  • annie

    @ hmmm
    by the way, i hav’nt seen her come out and blame anybody, even scientology, she made her statement by enrolling her daughter in a normal school in NYC , that says a lot.
    actually her actions say a lot, about a lot of things, she doesn’t have to explain anything, you can see just being on the outside, what she really wanted for herself and paticularly her daughter.

  • Yassine

    @Suri the meal ticket:
    Do you even realize that your pseudonym is a joke at the moment?

  • Yassine

    Can you tell me when [or where] she blames someone? You actually CAN’T prove it because she simply never talked about it. So your following argument falls in water and is wrong.

  • Yassine

    Well, your computer screen has a double faculty:
    Electronic visual display for computers and capacity of reflection -> Mirror
    It maybe explains your post.

  • Karen

    @Joni: Really, so Tom doesn’t have fans also, just his ex’s. PLEASE. Scientologist with nothing better to do than chase after POPEYE. C’mon now people lets pretend we have brains. LMAO, people need to stop blowing smoke up some butt ugly back side.

  • Karen

    I think it’s you Tom haters hear that brings US hard core fans of his firing back. I don’t give a hoot about this woman, as ugly a$$ as she is, but you come after Tom as Popeye’s fans, then I write for my guy whom I have loved for years. OR we can let this holly mess of knocked baby mamma shit of a marriage that should never have happened go away quietly like it should. IT WAS A FREEKING GOD AWFUL $HIT OF AN MARRIAGE THAT I AM GLAD IS OVER. WORST OF ALL IS THAT A “SPAWN” OR TRAP ALSO CAME OUT OF IT. IT’S OVER AND WAS OVER FASTER THAN IT BEGAN LETS ALL LET IT GO.

  • annie

    @ karen
    what happened to his gorgeous baby giraffe you used to go on about.
    and that spawn or trap as you put it, has a mother and a father, who happens to be the guy you have loved for years.
    if I can remember correctly, it was YOUR GUY, who jumped and down on the couch , pumping his fists in the air
    it was YOU GUY, who chased after her , she was running away, didn’t want to be a spectacle on Oprahs show
    it was YOUR GUY who kept on going around saying that this relationship was different to anything he ever had
    it was your guy who went around saying in Italy that he was more than enamoured with her, a few days after they starting going out.
    it wasYOUR GUY, when snapped at a resturant in Italy was ALL OVER HER, lots and lots of pics for proof
    it was YOUR GUY who was walking down the street kissing away like no tomorrow
    it was YOUR GUY who watched the sunrise with her, and went on like a teenager., saying that he was in a dream………….ALL THIS FOR AN UGLY a$$ of a woman.
    what a joke!!
    it was your guy who moved her into his house after a few days

    it was your guy who said at his wedding that he had never been truly in love before this….

  • katie will win an oscar 2013

    @Annie if an rich guy like tom was chasing me i think i would let him catch me. and besides it’s TOM CRUISE not any guy a vet over 20 years acting. it was your girl katie that said TOM was a real actor after dumping chris klien. Tom lost his mind with this girl not that she’s beautiful she might have one hell of a personality that’s probably one thing his other wives did not have. there’s more to a person than just looks. katie seems to have a bubbly sweet personality almost child like katie is average. when Tom gets a new girl you bet she too will be in the spotlight just like katie but remember who really put her the spotlight.

  • Carl Bunkle

    @hmmm: I take it that English is your third language?

  • media_lush


    Tommy Girl, is that you?

  • Dean Fox

    It’s sad that people have to try to bring others down to make themselves feel better.

  • annie

    I thought Batman Begins had something to do with bringing her into the spotlight.

  • Karen

    @annie: YES, MY KIND GUY THAT NOW YOU AND EVERY STUPID RAGLOID OUT THERE IS SAYING HARMED HER. He’s been nothing but kind and generous to her. Even with the divorce he made it as quick and fast as possible. He was jumping and happy for the BABY not for Popeye. He made efforts for the marriage to work for the sake of the BABY not for Popeye. And trusth me, BABY giraffe is still there, just waiting for right time to be revealed, and she’s pregnant. Not time yet for you and the dumb a$$ paps to come after her. PLEASE I BEG EVERYONE AND TABLOIDS LET THESE PEOPLE GO ON WITH THEIR LIVES. BOTH TOM AND POPEYE ARE HAPPY TO THAT THIS HELL OF A MARRIAGE IS OVER. LETS ALSO MOVE ON AS WELL.

  • Yassine

    Thought that was obvious … (blockbuster)

  • Yassine


    [He was jumping and happy for the BABY not for Popeye]

    Tom Cruise declared his love for Holmes on The Oprah Winfrey Show, famously jumping up and down on Winfrey’s couch during the show.

    source:,,20147743,00.html + video

    [He made efforts for the marriage to work for the sake of the BABY not for Popeye]

    It’s unbelievable how you can speak as if you lived with them. Who are you? Tom still loves Holmes but she dumped him for the sake of Suri, that’s all. He didn’t predict that, coming from a midwestern girl, go Katie …

  • Joni

    Katie knew the same thing was going to happen with Suri that happened to Nicoles oldest children. Very brave of Katie, she knew she had Tom and his Scientology to deal with. Great job Katie, you finally look happy.

  • Epette

    @hmmm: Actually, she is very bright. It also took A LOT of strength and maneuvering to escape from the Cult of Scientology and make sure her daughter was safe. Nicole lost her kids to the cult when she and Tom divorced. Katie was very smart, doing things the way she did.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Gloria Steinem?? What kind of PR blow out is that??? Judged by who u hang out with. She is is definitely a walking contradiction. Just when I get bored of going to her website…

  • dee dee

    I can’t wait till tom gets a new girl and make someone else a star.

  • Sincerely concerned

    #26: I really hope the best for because I really think she was sincerely going for it: got a chance on the big screen with Batman begins and she was pretty good, even her character was “you’re not judged by who u r but what u do.” Someone should have warned her early on though that only women think that way. Men truly r more egotistical. I really think she got swept up in it despite her Batman character!! Her will to learn from it will hopefully pay off. I really really hope this movie does well!!!

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    In this “marriage” is only innocent Suri who had no choice option. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are 02 selfish and obsessed with fame. I want to see when this little girl grow up and become aware of their true history and will be your head. She must have been disinherited by Cruise.

  • Anne

    @dee dee:

    This no longer works. Be a laughingstock in the tabloids is bad for any actress who wants to be respected. Tom Cruise became a joke. Today the whole world thinks he is crazy, fanatical and closeted.

  • Yassine

    @Sincerely concerned:
    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Yassine

    saw Holmes in a new article in Dailymail: heels, skirt, top, make-up free (or a bit?), she really looks great, a mom doing her daily things in Lower Manhattan.

  • annie

    I can’t agree that she’s obsessed with fame.
    I don’t know from how far back you know of her, but her actions have never been of somebody like that. She was never criticised by anybody before Tom, if anything she was too private, and to a certain extent still is.
    You can tell the ones who want to be something , and are willing to go to any lengths to do it, and she was not one of them.
    The trouble with Katie was ..she was deemed guilty by association, and all she got was criticism on a daily basis whatever she did.
    people who used to have a go at her on a daily basis when she was with Tom, now I’ve noticed write differently about her. she’s still Katie Holmes.
    He alienated people, with the things he said and did , and she paid a price for that.
    Not saying she didn’t do wrong things, she didn’t hurt anyone else but herself , in the decisions she made.
    Non fans say she was fired, but Chris Nolan said she didn’t want to come back, she said it was conflicting schedules, and I think it was.
    Katie worked around Toms work, and by what I could see after a while, she thought that wasn’t going to work, and started accepting roles that took her on location.
    It’s funny how Nolan killed off Maggie G, in Batman, because she didn’t work the role, so how many different Rachel Dawes was he going to use.?
    She suited the role, and if people had a go at her , it was because it coincided with her time with Tom and his know it all rantings.
    it wouldn’t have been an easy time, for them when Tom got fired from Paramount, so publicly. this man has a giant ego, and that must have taken an incredible beating. They had him finished as an actor, that must have been an awful time.
    All of a sudden Brooke Shields and her husband became their best friends, at least for a while anyway.
    I think Katie was very much in love with Tom, whether it was the movie star Tom, or Tom the man is a different matter.
    For 4 years she was with a man her own age, then she hooks up with a man 161/2 yrs older than her , 2 times divorced and 2 kids, a nd went through the worst upheaval in his pro life with him, welcome to reality.
    Maybe if she got together now, with him , at 34, instead of 26, things may have been different.
    But the truth is , they do have a daughter together, and that little girl deserves to have the best love her parents can give her, whether they are together or not.
    Honestly I ‘m not going to say anything bad about Tom, but I can’t put aside the treatment that Scie actress Nazarine got from Tom and Scie because of David M.
    What’s to say Katie wasn’t subjected to the same thing, but she had a child, and it’s not that easy, maybe she didn’t have the courage to do anything …..until one day, that was it, but I”ll bet she thought about leaving for some time before plucking up the courage to go through with it.
    personally, seeing your child every few weeks, isn’t good, whoever the parent is, paticularly when one lives in LA and the other lives in NY.
    I don’t know if he dis inherited Suri, I just hope that he slowly slowly isn’t going to disconnect from her, if that is the Scie way.
    Suri also has 2 siblings, although it’s a worry that Conner didn’t include her as his family( just Tom and Bella)……she also has a grandmother( toms mum).
    Little girls should be close to their grandmas, relationship with your grandmother is special, altho, Suri sees her other grandma a lot.
    As long as Suri is surrounded by a lot of love, her history will be a nice one, at least that’s what I think.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: Well u know what SOME people say about opinions.. Not me, I think everyone’s opinion is worthy, but u need to know who some of these posters r!

  • Anne


    Connor is arrogant, became jealous of a beautiful child like Suri. My opinion has not changed. Why not accept that these “marriages” are contracts to favor both ? Katie was wrong to bring a child to these “arrangements”. Kidman and Penelope did not accept the fake son “biological” Tom, so there was adoption (Nicole) and ended up dating (Penelope). Simple. HW has a lot of it.

  • Yassine

    [The trouble with Katie was ..she was deemed guilty by association, and all she got was criticism on a daily basis whatever she did.]

    She said that to her lawyer, always got bad reviews when she was with Tom. That was seriously terrible … These people are boring to lost their critical mind like that. I often see movies, don’t understand how SOME actresses deserve SOME of their awards. We’ll see now what will happen now she is no longer scientologist …


    Sorry Anne but I don’t agree with you when you always say she is obsessed with fame. She doesn’t have any features of that. Down-to-earth simply doesn’t match with obsessed (with fame). The big problem with your reasoning is that your base is [Tom is gay/infertile so Holmes might sold his uterus to have a fake child for Tom's sake =>fame] but you can’t say that because that’s a speculation, you accuse someone like that only with a speculation? If only it was true [or a fact]: ok but it is not the case. I can anticipate your future post giving an example with Nicole and Tom adopting childs instead of making childs , yeah … But clearly not enough to conclude that. I have to admit that Holmes married Tom to promote her career [no doubt about it] and it doesn’t necessarily mean she is obsessed with fame …

  • Anne


    Only post / Holmes that I was interested in knowing the privacy of Cruise. I was shocked: madness, religious fanaticism, workaholic, in the U.S. …. this is already discussed some time ago, Holmes should know. I love the actor, I’ve seen almost all his movies. I’ll wait MI5 and the 4th wife.

  • annie

    I must be the only one who thinks she doesn’t fit the mold, of furthering her career by marrying Tom.
    when you are hungry for fame, you don’t have a baby, 9month pregnancy, then 1 yr off after the baby is born.
    She was hot in 2005…..Batman Thank You for smoking, she would have continued with the movies…you don’t tke 2 yrs off, if you want to promote your career.
    Maybe I’m wrong , don’t know!

  • Yassine

    She said to her lawyer she always had bad reviews in her career since TomKat, she was disappointed so it probably means she married Tom to promote her career, well at least she hoped. Read that somewhere, love couldn’t perfectly explain the marriage in the mind of Katie, that’s my point of view although I love her.