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Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Visit Versailles

Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Visit Versailles

Leonardo DiCaprio and his rumored new girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn, check out the sights of the historic palace of Versailles on Thursday (June 6) in Versailles, France.

The 38-year-old The Great Gatsby actor and 20-year-old model were joined by a large group, including his BFF Lukas Haas.

Leo and Toni have been linked since May, when rumors of their romance began blooming as the two were spotted out together.

35+ pictures inside of rumored new lovebirds Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn spending time touring Versailles…

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leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 05
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leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 13
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leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 15
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 16
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 17
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 18
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 19
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 20
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 21
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 22
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 23
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 24
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 25
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 26
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 27
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 28
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 29
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 30
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 31
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 32
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 33
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 34
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 35
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 36
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 37
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 38
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn visit versailles 39

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# 1

Leo is such a great actor of his generation..yet he seems so shallow in his private life,this pattern with models is getting boring and predictable,but who am I to judge his life? I’ll just watch his movies.

# 2
Baby Garrn is @ 06/07/2013 at 9:20 am

beautiful ! congrats Leo :)

# 3

She hasn’t even hit the legal age to drink alcohol and he’s almost 40.. yuck! Almost twice her age!

# 4

are these models just stupid

he uses victoria secrets as his dating agency and toilet paper holder

I think VS should pay him for raising thier profile to chief ho ho ho agency

# 5

I’m a fashion junkie. Toni’s more than “a VS model”. Much more.
She’s already covered several Vogues including Italia and Paris. She’s the face of Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss amongst others and has walked every single fashion week show – Paris, Milan, NY , London. She’s the most accomplished model he has dated since Gisele with a name in HF like Karlie, Natalia, Edita. Poor gal. Toni deserves better than being considered blonde 20 on Leo’s conveyor belt. Her career @20 s hits on most VS models

# 6

he is so gross! how long before he starts dating a teenager??

# 7

Here we go agaaaain!

# 8

Bradley Cooper – Suki Waterhouse = 18 years
Leo Dicaprio – Toni Garrn = 18 years.
They can doubledate

# 9

Toni is stunning!
I love them both, and I love seeing my fav people happy
don’t be jealous

Why do I feel like he is actually dating Luke and using the models as a cover,

Uggh those models will do ANYTHING For PR!

this is just gross

We have never heard of this girl before and now that she is recognised as Leo’s new “girlfriend” she’s gonna be catapulted into the fashion’s and showbizzz world big time…i think something strange is happening here but anyway, oh and enough with this leo’s hoes buzz everythime he ‘dates’ someone…..

his type: blonde, tall and leggy, no t&a
must love his life haha

Livin' the Life @ 06/07/2013 at 9:42 am

This is so fake. I love Leo, but the one person he goes everywhere with is Lukas Haas who is also visiting Versailles… with Leo and Toni. I am NOT saying Leo is gay. But maybe Leo needs to decide he really would like to have an honest relationship with a grown up girl instead of these superficial fake dates he has. He seems like he wants to act like a teenager who isn’t really comfortable with girls, just with his own guy friends and his entourage. Even George Clooney actually tried to really be with his “girl friends.”

These young girls don’t mind, because no matter how successful this girl is, her name will be more recognized once she dates Leo. Unless you follow fashion I doubt many people know who Toni is. This girl isn’t a “super model ” but raising her profile by dating someone famous is the way a lot of these girls do it.

I am curious that some of these young girls don’t stick around very long, like Erin. It used to be that Leo would “date” someone for a few years, but lately his “dates” drop him a lot faster.

@TBH: Yeah, Toni seems like a successful model with some self respect. Sorry but apparently it`s not true. Not the career part but Leo has a very well established reputation as a modelizer and just a couple of days ago he was traveling with a 20 years old Russian model in Italy. Now he stepped out with Toni. I can`t figure out why these models are up for this. I don`t know anything about Toni, she is cute and seems nice. But that photo of her running after Leo to catch up with him… So typical of Leo. Now these photos seem to be staged and he seems to be more interested in the sights and Lukas… as usual. Good luck to Toni! Let`s hope she knows what she is doing! At this point being his next interchangeable gf is not that impressive! But one thing is sure, she is very pretty!

shes super cute and hot. leo did well.

with his cap @ 06/07/2013 at 9:43 am

I thought it was Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger …

Dear Leo, The VS catalogue is for selecting the lingerie , not the models.

Gisele is overrated… and Toni has a delicate beauty.

He has dated 1….1 girl that was near his age


She was the best for him, he knows it and probably kicks himself for letting her go

Come on, she “dates” him and her profile skyrockets, people learn her name, and her asking price goes up. She’s Leo’s new piece, so of course she’ll get more bookings. It’s a can’t lose for her. See Bar Rafaelli and Erin Heatherton…

And…. he is free to travel Europe with Lucas while the masses think he’s actually sleeping with the model…

So it’s true the aging modelizer got himself a new toy …
That’s beginning to become quite a cartoon.

@JL: She is German. of course she has. Here in Germany you can start drinking beer and wine with 16. Hard stuff with 18. End of Story.

OMG it’s true?! I’m shocked
Leo c’mon !

Leo is once again at Roland Garros. Just spotted him watching the Nadal – Djokovic match.

I agree with all your points.

So the rumor is true… Better keep her for the long run leo

loved it! beautiful photos : )


there’s only one wrong fact with what you wrote, refaeli’s career didn’t skyrocket at all. she remains the nobody she was before him.

Hey maybe Leo wants to reconnect with his German roots. Good thing Right? Right?

@Jess: I absolutely see your point but Toni has a pretty impressive résumé already so I don’t think she needs this kind of career boost. This is the only negative thing I’m gonna say about Toni: if she is up for the ‘Leo’s official toy’ role she is dumb. Sorry but at this point Leo is such a cliche that whoever is up for this… is either desperate for fame or just dumb.
@ace11: I agree 100%.
What puzzles me is how predictable Leo’s love life is when it comes to his official girlfriends. They all look alike, they are the same age and with the exception of Blake Lively they are all models. It was a no brainier that his new gf is gonna be the same. It’s just not normal. While he was single he was seen with brunettes a lot! And the Russian girl in Italy just a couple of days ago????

@also “I absolutely see your point but Toni has a pretty impressive résumé already so I don’t think she needs this kind of career boost”.
Exactly. Knowing her career, I actually think this hurts her rather than helps her. She must really like Leo.

Why do i have the feeling that the BZ freaks are gonna predict a future wedding….lol

that eventually they like each other…

40 years old men dating or even hanging out with 20 years old “women” is definitely weird, wealthy or not.

I really thought the rumor was untrue, because he dated a few days before a Toni Garrn more or less look a like.

It was the same situation with Madalina Ghenea. He dated her and then Erin Heatherton was his girlfriend.

Toni Garrn was always my favourite model. But it looks like she is stupid like all other models.

Toni Garrn says in an interview they are only good friends… bla bla bla.
Of course she can do whatever she want, but she is a fame *****.

@TBH: Let`s hope it`s mutual for her sake! Because all his girlfriends seemed to like him a lot but somehow I never got the same vibe from him. Anyway let`s hope Toni knows what she is doing because Leo seems to be quite a handful as a boyfriend. His facial expression is depressing on that big photo but let`s hope it`s just the sun…
I just have the feeling that this is just another chapter in the telenovela of his love life with a predictable ending. To me it just doesn`t seem genuine how he picks his girlfriends.
There is an article posted about this outing on Leo`s bz thread and this line was pretty funny to me. First date with your girl and your friend????
“It was like a first date,” says one eyewitness. “You do a touristy thing. You go out with a girl and your friend … and she was clearly taking pictures of her new boyfriend.”

I would have said that she seems like the kind of girl who wouldn’t let anyone fool her. She seems rather elegant and wise. But I dunno not so sure anymore. Maybe there have been, um, more ‘meaningful’ things between them we don’t (and can’t) know about lol. Maybe Leo really likes her a lot. Doesn’t strike me as such from the photos but we’ll

I’m pretty sure Leo has a list with all models he want soon or later date!

They don’t look like a couple…

it’s the beginning of a relationship


I agree. I think it’s more like a group of friends hanging out. Leo was partying on that boat a little while ago, and there were dozens of girls on the boat. He was partying at a night club around the same time with a group of girls and his guy pals. So maybe this is just a group of friends doing some sight-seeing. It’s early times. They might decide to date or not. It must be tiresome that every single time Leo is with girls the gossip rags insist they are dating.

Well there’s a write up on them in People magazine. That’s as good as a PR sanction

@Delilah: Good points. I can`t forget that girl who was said to be Toni but wasn`t and she was travelling with Leo just days ago. And he acted very single all the way through Cannes and continued partying in Paris. It just doesn`t add up!
At the same time this seems so … scripted to me. Same type of girl, same age, same occupation, some rumors around for a while ( there was a tweet about Toni finding a new boyfriend for herself in Cannes even before the Daily News posted about them ) and then you have clear shots of them together ( like walking in a park in LA… ) Sorry but I have deja vu! Like the movie Groundhog Day…or Stepford Wives.

@also: That tweet came out even before she had gotten to Cannes according to one of the BZ girls on her thread.Honestly,I think this is why some people think he is gay.I agree with your comment about the telenovela of his love life lol!So here we go…. Does mommie dearest love her/hate her.Are the moving into together…she’s the one because….lolThat’s whats coming next.I’m sure the bz ers are planning the wedding and a baby.
BTW the people write up says the were photographed leaving that yacht (that was the russian girl)?and at the grand prix.Have there actually been any photos of her at the grand prix?

leo's motto @ 06/07/2013 at 11:59 am

Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

@vagabond: nope. they misidentified the girl in the van / yacht and in venice as toni. there weren’t a lot of photos of him at the grand prix except for the ones with c.diaz at some tag heuer event and entering a yacht in monte carlo (also along with diaz).

@vagabond: No, I think it’s all the Russian girl on the photos and I haven’t seen photos from the Grand Prix with Toni.
It seems like a Leo+Erin 2.0 setup. Probably will last just as long…
And with this routine we can expect more gay rumors. And I won’t even be surprised!

Oh please she may be a successful model but her name was hardly a supermodel’s name. Being seen “dating” Leo means worldwide attention and NOW she will be elevated to Super Model status.

Not to mention she gets all sorts of perks being with Leo…travel all around the world private jets A List star treatment…

toni just tweeted a photo of her with some friend at the french open at rafa and djoko’s match. i heard leo was there also? lol.

LOL @ 06/07/2013 at 9:27 am
Bradley Cooper – Suki Waterhouse = 18 years
Leo Dicaprio – Toni Garrn = 18 years.
They can doubledate
Both Mommy boys. They already have a strong woman in their lives. Just need a sex partner and young models will jump at the chance to be it. It took Gisele quite a few years before she realized she would never be number one to Leo so she went and got her a real man.

Exactly. Their mothers fulfil the need as a female emotional crutch. Their male buddies are the actual companions/confidants. Any other female is a convenient hole.

Isn’t she taller than Leo?

such chemistry @ 06/07/2013 at 12:48 pm

@@51: eeeewww but LOL but eeeewwww

Thanks @47 and @also,that’s what i thought.That seems kind of weird to me,but whatever.By these pics it seems the wash cycle has!He looks uninterested/bored ,and it’s only his friends none of hers.Why is that?If Toni,is as some say this def won’t last long.

such chemistry @ 06/07/2013 at 12:55 pm

@Leo Fan: I think shes 6 ft, thats a big man

snore zzzzz @ 06/07/2013 at 1:03 pm

If you told me this girl was/is Erin H. or one of his other blond jump offs, I would probably believe you because these girls all look the same to me. Did he become famous at age 20..because he seems to be perpetually stuck at that age emotionally. Physically, he’s cruising towards middle age.

another beard….. his PR team said stop with the lukas photos – you need your cover to be straight once again. so obvious…..

haters gonna hate…for one moment, live your own life and let dicaprio alone

The goal of his personal life seems to be to bang all VS models.

lol i think this whole thing, i mean leo dating these models also kind of confirm the fact that all of these girls are equally shallow. even the ones you think are mature and wise and have a bit of integrity end up with him. if you follow fashion you know what i mean. no one would expect this from toni but appearance is deceptive i guess. the only model he dated who had and still has substantiality to her was gisele. period.

@50: Leo is there sitting with Lukas. I guess Versailles was enough publicity for now as a `couple`. There is a tweet photo of him in Versailles staring at the person taking his photo – no hiding. Staged photos.

gisele looks like a horse!

@63: Yeah except I fail to understand why Leo DiCaprio needs publicity. Same confusion occured to me when his summer with Blake L. was all over gossip sites. That relationship didn’t seem real to me. But the question is why? Why publicity? I thought he hated paps and is kind of frantic about his private life.

@64: lol, she is waaaay better than these plain janes all looking exactly the same with no substantiality. mind you, it’s BECAUSE she can’t be categorized as a ‘generic’ beauty, she is the highest paid model ever. these girls don’t even get anywhere near where gisele is.

Gisele apparently has brains which is one of the reasons she ended the relationship with Leo and has had such longevity in the industry.

When he was in Sydney he partied like there was no tomorrow that got some negative press. All of a sudden Erin showed up. Now he was living it up in Cannes and has been playing the field ever since his breakup and he needed an official gf. So there was a very public outing.
I go as far as agreeing with tinkerbell ( at least I think it was her who started talking about this ) about ‘contractual girlfriends’. The way he ends up with his official girlfriends seems very unnatural and lacks chemistry. When he is single he is seen with brunettes a lot but his official gf-s are virtually identical. Everything seems so scripted like his work. Same screenplay ( at different locations ) with different costars.

@also: where can we see the pic of Leo at the tennis match? He doesn’t want to sit next to his “girlfriend” lol this is just so sad lol

i don’t think Toni is a plain jane. She is a classic beauty.
just watch the ad “baiser vole” by cartier, she could be an actress

I saw it on his bz thread and I saw him sitting with Lukas.
About Gisele… Whether you like her ( looks ) or not she is the one who realized that their relationship was a lost cause and she got out. Just like Lively. The ones who want fame or are dumb enough fall for him. What’s surprising is that even at this stage there’s someone who fell for him ( for whatever reason ). I’m sure he is not an absolutely despicable person and he has qualities that can be attractive to a woman. But he is a seasoned modelizer and another 20 years old blonde won’t change that. Maybe Toni will get some good jobs because of this but in general I don’t think being Leo’s toy is good for her.

here it is @ 06/07/2013 at 1:43 pm

they might not be dating but just hanging out for a couple of times. Either way its still pretty pathetic…

Yikes! Those photos… He looks depressed not like someone in a new relationship! He seemed happier around the Russian model…

He’s contributing to stereotype girls and make differences between blondes, brunettes and red-heads. And how is that she looks way older than 20? She’d better get advantage and get the money now to buy expensive products in order to keep her skin reluctant in 10 years time. And then people will say she has good genes blablabla…

Agreed. I think its interesting how those two got out and are married now. I also persoana;ly think in physical terms Leo is looking for his mother. All his girlfriends look like they could have been birthed by Irmelin. Tink was right. Oedipus complex
Also I dunno why people don’t realize there were ALSO staged pap pics with him and Gisele. I’m not saying they were not in love but I remember many clear shots of two of them walking their dogs, kissing on the street and bike rides e.t.c with no one else in the pictures. Even Gisele and Tom we always have staged pap pics from the start of their relationships in Paris to now with pics of them in the park, on the beach woith no one else in sight. I wonder why people seem to think he was above it with Gisele

He seemed happier around Kristina in those pics in the van ahaha.Honestly I don’t like Toni that much but what Leo does is just so sad.

sneg199438 @ 06/07/2013 at 2:02 pm

@mia: you tell ‘em girl!! LOL!!!

If he wants to be dumb and act dumb it ain’t my problem

I can’t believe people at the gate let her in wearing these sloppy undersized shorts…..Versailles is the.most prestigious historic place in France. She could have put on something more classy.
Now she’s 20 and it shows.

he likes lives in Paris now?

Toni Garrn is a rent-a-model. OK….,

Leo is the best man in the world (lol)

he is not attractive at all. with that bloated pancake face.

casandrazoe @ 06/07/2013 at 3:14 pm

@Miao: He gained weight

shouldn’t hate Toni, she’s young and naive


Who cares about her status except for model junkies? They’re all glorified mannequins. All of them. There are many beautiful women who aren’t models, but Leo likes young models for a reason. They’re too stupid to know better and shallow just like him.

Fashion Police @ 06/07/2013 at 4:20 pm

@Leo Fan
I also noticed how her outfit wasn’t exactly appropriate to visit such a place as the Palace of Versailles.

So now a 20 year old?! That’s almost younger than me.I just turned 21 in April. This has gotten out of hand! It’s gross.

Another 20 year-old naive and very impressionable model falling for the Hollywood modelizer. It’s become a cliché and quite a hilarious one.

@huh: She might as well be a rent-a-model. She will be treated no differently in the end.

@imo: True. They are young, dumb and shallow. Shallow like him. There’s a reason why he orders them based on the exact same criteria.
I think she is already treated no differently. Look how she is running after him.

I don’t know why but these pics remind me of the ones back in June 2006 when Leo visited Gaudi’s place in Barcelona with Bar and his mom and grandma.
It’s probably because Bar was also 20 years old at the time.

we have a winner @ 06/07/2013 at 4:34 pm

Who said when Leo is papped with a woman people would be saying the photos are staged? You called it.

I think they’re all staged at this point. He probably cut a deal with paps to give them access in exchange for leaving him alone during his after-hours excursions with his boys.

Good luck to Toni. 20 years old. Sheesh!

i’m kinda slowly getting the feeling that these were staged too. i mean, palais versailles out of all places for paps to be on the watch? such clear shots? nope don’t think so.

@we have a winner:
Y’know in an earlier thread, there were arguments back and forth on whether all these holiday pics Venice, Cannes, e.t.c are staged or not. Some insisted not, saying Leo did not care about anyone or anything, reputation or opinions so why would he stage them? That was just 2 days ago, but now there appears to be a 360 degree turn with the consensus.

wunderground @ 06/07/2013 at 5:13 pm

Get with the program. The only ‘staged’ photos are with women because the womwn are ‘famewhores.’ Leo is too cool to care. Or he’s gay/bisexual and the women are his cover. Take your pick.

The clear shots look staged.

I stand by my opinion that those photos were not staged. I also said Leo does play the paparazzi game and he does have photo ops but not those vacation ones. This seems like the typic intro of his new girlfriend. Like the walk with Erin in the LA park or Blake Lively on Spielberg’s yacht or in Italy. He is hit and cold towards the paparazzi and the discussion the other day wasn’t be general but specific towards the vacation photos.

wunderground @ 06/07/2013 at 5:16 pm

Staged by Leo’s pr, for reasons known only to him. Maybe he cut a deal, like winner said. Personally don’t think he’s gay or bi, but it wouldn’t matter if he was.

@wunderground @ 06/07/2013 at 5:21 pm

I think it would hurt his career if Leo was gay or even bi.Also if these photos are really staged, this can only “hurt” and not do no good to his image. look at the comments here already. So this would be a dumb idea of his.

IF this is true, it feels like another weird “roll out” of the girlfriend. He did this in Cannes with Blake and those park pictures with Erin. It all seemed so fake.
I don’t care if he dates her – not my life. But it smacks of staging and that I find sad.

I guess I disagree with the consensus here. This does feel like ‘rolling out the girlfriend’ pics. But there were already rumors about the Leo and Toni in NY before this. There were also rumors about him sneaking into Blake’s apartment and the two of them being seen together with Tobey in Texas before the Cannes pics. The Erin pics IMO were strictly one up-manship. There was no suggestion they even knew each other b4hand but she seemed to pop out of nowhere and was suddenly seen in Australia. Its sort of meh to me though, discussing Leo’s love life is like groundhog day for me. I scope to read funny/earthy comments

I may be crazy but I’m actually hoping we get double date pics of Leo, Bradley, and their respective 20 year old blondes. The LOLness it will produce will be epic!!!!!!!!!

wunderground @ 06/07/2013 at 5:42 pm

There were rumours surrounding Leo and Blake long before photos surfaced. Erin seemed to come out of nowhere, but people said they had friends in common. Toni was only recently rumoured to be seeing him and the first official photos are already here. He’s getting faster at this.

@hahaha: “Yeah except I fail to understand why Leo DiCaprio needs publicity. Same confusion occured to me when his summer with Blake L. was all over gossip sites. That relationship didn’t seem real to me. But the question is why? Why publicity? I thought he hated paps and is kind of frantic about his private life.”
I wonder if he has a fear of disappearing? All actors do to a degree I think. the fame/celebrity feeds their self-worth. His threads were dead, dead, dead for the longest time. I am in no way saying that he scans JJ to see what we think, but I think that blog interest and posting are a good career barometer.
I was one of the people who said no to the staging of the last photos… these I am on the fence about. He recently said in an interview that he does all the regular things that other people do. This trip and the tourist stops would be a testament to that, but why would he put himself out there for consumption in such an obvious way….. like he did with Blake in Cannes and Erin in the park.
Again, IF they are dating is this part of a contract appearance? Is there some sort of package deal in play.
It just seems forced and unnatural.

Not trying to derail the thread but you realize the ‘rolling out’ of the other half in foreign land is common in HW. Tom Cruise, Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, Adrien Brody have all done it. Even Gisele did it with Tom Brady with the first pics of the two of them being clear cut pics in Paris post Bridget baby mama drama. NOT condoning it just saying its actually common.

@Philly: One major difference from Blaje. In spite of the rumors of Leo and Toni Leo was living it up in Cannes with other women. And the Russian girl just days ago. Then these far from happy ( at least Leo ) photos show up.

wunderground @ 06/07/2013 at 5:45 pm


Rumour has it Bradley and Suki broke up. He let her know by not returning her calls.

What!!!!!!!!!!! Suki is crazy ambitious she might pull a Paris Jackson over this!

Bradley Cooper @ 06/07/2013 at 5:58 pm

Leo is more pathetic than Bradley Cooper. He dates people in their 30′s. Leo has never done that. At least Bradley branches out…

wunderground @ 06/07/2013 at 5:58 pm

Rolling out makes sense if they’re seriously seeing dating and paps are on the hunt trying to get the first shots. In those cases, they might as well get it over with. But if the relationships are casual, what’s the point? It doesn’t seem like Toni had much time to audition tor the official girlfriend role before the pics showed up.

Maybe she started auditioning in NYC ( rumors ) and while Leo made the final deal he enjoyed his time in Europe before the ‘roll out ‘.

Where the h*ll is Tink? Is her internet down?
*looks around shrugs heads over to Celeb*tchy*

omg he 18 yrs oldrr than her yuck wtf is wrong with Leo ? Toni’s not even pretty shes a big girl 6ft…..without all make up she not that special he’s so desperate these days !

“Toni’s not even pretty” are you kidding ? she’s one of the most beautiful girl in the world. her face is stunning.
you’re just frustrated

ItalianGirl @ 06/07/2013 at 8:13 pm

She is definitely taller than Leo.
And yes, she could have used a little more fabric to cover her boyish skinny legs while visiting the former residence of the kings of France.

@116: Or maybe different people have different taste? I think she is cute and pretty but a little boring. Like nothing stunning or exceptional.

Leo probably likes her showing off her legs. Anyway he and Lukas are dressed like hobos here and the officials did not kick them out.

Her face has something boyish and very bland almost childish.
Certainly not stunning features.

@well – I see what you mean. I think it is because she has no eyelashes.

You’re right we all have different tastes.
Leo or not I think Toni’s beautiful I’ve always envied anyone with porcelain doll features esp as I don’t have them. The usual suspects spamming the worst pictures of Toni (surprise!) won’t change that. God I miss Tink

Anonymous @ 06/07/2013 at 8:41 pm

I wonder of Bradley will now hook up with a VS model, IF its really over with Suki

Let’s wait with the ‘spamming’ remarks. It’s one link and people are entitled to have an opinion. Hopefully people understand that it’s Leo and his choices in his life. It’s not about the girls. There’s a reason for him to date young and naive (?) girls who are up for fun and some extra exposure. Bashing them won’t change that ( yeah, I learnt that lesson already ).

she’s alright looking but she isn’t a stunner IMO

you don’t like her just because she hangs out with leo

@126: I don’t find her beautiful either. Others might not have the same taste as you do. No big deal. Leo doesn’t really date women with beautiful faces I think.

if Toni doesn’t have a beautiful face, i don’t know what is a “beautiful face” for you

No sorry, try again, I don’t care that she hangs out with Leo. I do think Leo is a loser but I have no hate for Toni. I just don’t think she’s all that. People have different taste and its ok….

Amazing what makeup and mascara can do to a bland face!

Leo is gonna be a really pathetic old man if he keeps this up. Model after model after model after model….

she’s very pretty with or without makeup. and leo is agree with me. :)

@130: Seriously let it go, please. You find her beautiful, good for you. Don`t pressure others to agree with you. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion!

From Celebitchy @ 06/07/2013 at 10:47 pm

Did Leo DiCaprio have sex with 7 different women during Cannes Film Festival?
All this week, Leonardo DiCaprio has been in Paris for the French Open. I always forget that Leo is into tennis. He’s also a big Lakers fan. I wonder if he likes baseball too? Leo went to Paris with his boys, not with his reported girlfriend, 20-year-old Toni Garrn. You can see Leo’s BFF Lucas Haas in these photos – I can’t even imagine what their relationship is like, can you? Is Lucas subservient to Leo, or are they just two dudes, giving each other sh-t? Huh.

Anyway, during the Cannes Film Festival, many of us were focused on whether or not Leo could nail down Cara Delevingne. Cara seemed to be actively thwarting his advances, much to her credit, but Leo was still having such a great time in the South of France that he ended up canceling his appearance at the Sydney premiere of The Great Gatsby. So just what was Leo up to in Cannes? It seems like he was trying to break his record for “most ladies boned within a 10-day period”:
…The Great Gatsby premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on the first night, and Leo was there for almost the full week and a half. When you think about that, and you think about all of the C-list actresses and B-list models and the range of hookers also working the festival… doesn’t seven women sound like too few? I mean, a dude like Leo could easily make his way through two or three girls a day. And I hope no one is going to accuse me of taking a “boys will be boys” attitude here – I think the idea that Leo is just randomly hooking up with whatever half-way attractive girl is following him around… well, that’s just gross and skeevy. And imagine if the genders were reversed! Ugh
Full article:

What's next? @ 06/08/2013 at 12:16 am

@From Celebitchy: Just seven? haha

i don’t like toni ……..

we don’t care.

@139: nor does anyone care abt what you think and you opinion. but you put it on here anyways right? geez.

and I still single !

Leo come to me haha

a bad reputation. Toni/Leo reminds me Kate Moss and Pete Doherty, les gens n’aimaient pas les voir ensemble…

damn near 40 @ 06/08/2013 at 7:23 am


“leo has a bad reputation” : exactly. and there is no smoke without fire.

I guess someone wants attention. Now, they put this post in the top of the site for more attention. Okay, okay we get it lil Leo, you are bangin another 20 year old model.
And why does everyone have to dissect his ‘girlfriends’ beauty and how and why they are or aren’t? What does that prove. He is the one that is attracted to her so you picking these girls’ appearances aren’t gonna change his mind! It just makes you seem bitter, but if it makes you feel better about yourself and better about the fact that Leo isn’t growing up how and when YOU want him to, then have at it.

RE: 7 girls
that number seems too little. Rock stars (as some commenters pointed out on that site) do that on a weekend, or a day, while on tour. I think everyone assumes he’s kinda a manwhore, not sure why this story needed to be planted? Just seems too try-hard.
Oh well, peeps are talking about ya Leo. mission accomplished.

because Leo is being Leo and people are being people. We all have an opinion about sth and this is what is being expressed here. so yes people are going to judge him because he is a 40 years old man that likes to be seen with women half his age (pretty or not) and does not seem to grow up. If he was a cheater like D Beckam, people would judge him for that instead. This is life! Let’s hope he is not willing to settle down because with this kind of image, no decent woman would ever want him.

@agree: Let people express their opinion without telling what’s their reason behind it.
@146: True! NO DECENT WOMAN WOULD EVER WANT HIM AT THIS POINT! It’s ( still ) only fun but I don’t think he will ever want more!

@146 a multi-millionaire who has worked with Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and many others. obviously, no decent woman would ever want him.

I’m well aware that people will be people. I’m not holding a gun to anyone’s head or threatening to shut down the thread, lol. I didn’t even tell people to shut up in my comment.
But since we’re all about expressing our opinions here, and being free to do so, I’d just like to opinionate that I’m sick of the girlfriend bashing, especially of their physical traits. Why do girls do this to each other? Especially if Leo is not worth it, as you all like to point out.
Just like you and others are free to judge him and anyone else you want to judge, I am free to point out reasons behind it. Your opinions show more about who you are than whatever, or whomever, it is you are judging, I mean expressing, an opinion about. Also, it’s jmo, that bashing people just seems to be another form of entertainment, which is fine I guess, if that’s how you want to spend your time. No judgment!
Good day.

well i would call that a gold digger then

@LOL: There are a few that doubt his acting abilities and no one can’t deny his spectacular filmography lolz. Leo is a great and very important actor. That’s not the point.

yes it is fun

They are just saying no woman would want him to feel better about their disappointment in Leo.

@LOL: what working with Steven Speilberg has anything to do with love?!? Which is a whole different ball game that doesn’t care about money and status and who Leo works with.. As long as Leo have that mind set of a 12 year old the poster is RIGHT no decent woman will EVER come into his life. You attract what you put out…its very self fulfilling.

let’s wait and see. we may already be dead by then

you said it all!

Thank god that the thing that people want most in this world money, status and box office can’t buy.
Leo wants love in his life like all humans whether you realize it or not but the way hes going about it in a** backwards way that will never produce the desired results.
Love doesn’t care how much movies you make! lol So people saying Leo will find a decent woman just because he’s rich are silly. Leo will find a decent woman if he changes HOW HE THINKS. If not the Toni’s and Erins will continue…

you don’t personally know Erin, Toni, Leo. you don’t know how they really feel. how can you judge them ? human nature is complex.
Love is also not about age and profession !

it seems like it’s not working for them though. just saying…

@LOL: So just because he always works with famous directors it means in his private life he is just the same? Clearly NOT. There`s a huge difference between the quality of his professional life and his private life. The guy is a nearly 40 years old modelizer whose girlfriends are interchangeable 20 year olds. What does it have to do with Scorsese?

It’s NOT your life!

@LOVE: I absolutely agree. Great comment!
@158: I doubt anyone knows them personally but it`s not just posters here on JJ who noticed that he picks his girlfriend based on looks, age and occupation. Without knowing them that says a lot about Leo… and the girls who are still willing to date him even with his well established reputation.

No, but this is a public forum / gossip site where people can express their opinion.

@@157: love is not about age or profession! hahaha I think Leo will differ with that! For him its all about AGE and PROFESSION!! Its all about 20 year olds and models and blonde hair. You forgot to add love isn’t about hair! lol

Give it a rest already @ 06/08/2013 at 12:48 pm

@Love: “Leo will find a decent woman if he changes HOW HE THINKS. If not the Toni’s and Erins will continue…”
You say this as though you know these women. Leo’s ladies get a lot of bashing. In my opinion, Erin was sweet and friendly. She seemed truly hurt by the breakup. Toni looks like a nice woman too. No drama has been reported about her.
To say that “…the Toni’s and Erins will continue” is unfair as they appear to be nice girls, and if you were referring to their age then I wonder how they are less important, valid as women because of their age? They’ve had much bigger life experiences than many people here based on their careers.
I think the only girlfriend Leo has had that I found despicable was … And it was during that relationship that he looked downtrodden and miserable. A look that he, unfortunately, hasn’t shaken.
Would I like to see him with someone his age. Yes. But it’s not my life and to continue to bash him for his choices is silly. Not all the women he dates are wretched, so shaming them (and him) is unnecessary.

So what, he likes pretty girls… what’s wrong with that ? i don’t understand why you hate his lifestyle. it’s his life

IMO the “If not the Toni’s and Erins will continue…” is more about the way Leo treats his gfs than about the girls themselves.

yes “girls” not “women”

Everyone knows this is Leo’s life blah blah blah and he can live it as miserable as he wants to. I don’t hate Toni nor am I in any way jealous of her.

Im just saying Leo will never find true love with the mindset that he has and its true. No amount of money in the world will change that. Getting an Oscar won’t change that. These girls that he’s running through are not the one and yes it his life he can waste it if he want to.

@165: People are referring to the fact that Leo is aging but his girlfriends remain the same age. They are all tall, blonde and models. And since Leo seems to prefer a certain type of relationships ( no holding hand or being affectionate in public…etc ) it doesn`t seem like the girlfriends are that different. You can replace one with the other. I bet they are all sweet and stuff like that ( of course with one difference because you didn`t like her ) and they all fall for the aging womanizer who just wants fun but nothing serious. That`s what people are talking about and these girls in general. I think.
No offense but as along as I see this guy – pushing 40 – doing the exact same thing over and over again, ending up with girls who are basically identical people will have the same opinion. Same story, same ending. 20 years old blondie = fun, no commitment, last as long as he gets bored then onto the next one. Sweet girls or not they are up for it.
PS: Leo has been looking miserable for a long time. It was no different with Erin and even these photos with Toni are like that. Isn`t it the beginning of a romance when you are all happy and stuff? He looks like he is forced to be there… Toni seems to be mighty happy and Erin did seem like she was really into him but just once it looked like it was mutual!

Toni is always happy, with or without Leo.
I agree about Erin.

@Give it a rest already:
Well Said. But take my advice don’t waste your time with rationale on here with the few relentlessly and maniacally Leo-Gf obsession. There were some decent posters but seem to have left. Even the psychics elevated this place from the usual poison

Anonymous @ 06/08/2013 at 1:33 pm

I love it. I swear – If there’s hand holding or affection or the glimmer of a smile – ITS PR! If there’s is none of that – HE HATES THEM. Its truly the same for every girl the same mantra is repeated. Cut and paste the names and its the same BS probably from the same 2-3 people. And it’ll probably continue till Leo steps away from the limelight or the accusers get lives of their own to dissect ****

@175: Who talked about PR? I said Leo behaves the same way around ALL of his girlfriends like no hand holding…etc. You bring in stuff I never talked about or referred to. I bet you see my point but you turn it into something completely different.
And it seems like the complaints and everything `rational` comes from the exact same 2-3 people. Nobody is forced to be here or read comments…

I too want Cooper to hook up with a VS model then we can get double date pics. They could also invite Adam Levine

@Anonymous: its the same BS from the same people and yet you’re here. And you can also do a cute and paste for Leo’s “girls” it works both ways.. and you’re talking about psychics but all of them pretty much said Leo needs to look inside himself and his sm wasn’t a I guess the psychics are on the side that believes Leo is stuck!lol But don’t worry I know they’re all nice girls!

@K: I know right? Leo is becoming quite the cartoon

Honest question. Why do people say ‘and yet you’r here’ when someone gives a contrary view? Who decided who can be here or not? No one is been sanctioned or anything. #175 seemed to respond to #165. They appear to be having a conversation with each other. Why is it a problem? See the same “and your here” at #agree whose post I thought was quite funny. Its not only those who hold your view that should opine or post here.

“What good is all the fame if you ain’t f—n the models” Nelly is so wise

@Philly: I agree. Everyone has the right to be here, post here regardless of point of view. Different opinions CAN BE discussed ( I learnt that lesson, too ). Ones you don’t like can be ignored or discussed.
@Lexy: Sure, but for his whole life?

“I swear – If there’s hand holding or affection or the glimmer of a smile – ITS PR! If there’s is none of that – HE HATES THEM.”

Truth. He plays the PR game for the same reason they all do: he wants control over his image and when he’s photographed. Wouldn’t you? Or would you rather have paps jumping out of the bushes?

Staged pictures don’t mean he’s fake, or shallow, or a fameho, or the relationships aren’t real. That goes part and parcel with the business he’s in. The more damning evidence is the fact that he only dates one kind of woman and he seems to not know them very long before trotting them out before the cameras.

I bet you even Nelly chases a wider variety of models, and keeps most of his business on the dl.


He’s been photographed holding hands with his girlfriends and hugging them before.

@184: yes, he was but its rare and not very typical of him. I think you know very well what I meant by that but you just have to pick on it…

@Philly: I only point that out to people who seem tired of coming and the same old stuff that goes on here…they can always leave is all I’m saying! : )

@also: I know, some people just want to say “BUT” He showed the most affection with Gisele. It all went downhill and robotic from there on out…

When you are genuinely in love you can’t fake/hide it. That’s also how you know you’re in love.

Toni and Leo @ 06/08/2013 at 4:25 pm

are dating since May !! they were together at the airport in Nice

@190: well that raises questions as to what kind of relationship it is they have cause leo has been seen partying a lot since mid-May multiple nights, every time with different, multiple young models, escorts whatever you wanna call those girls at his side at clubs and on yachts. we saw no toni at his side until the de grisogono party. even after that his female companions were abundant. weird.

Toni and Leo @ 06/08/2013 at 5:08 pm

i just saw the pics, they were together before Cannes film festival and Cara rumours. she a private jet with Leo (14th may)

@192: yeah saw those photos as well. that’s exactly why i’m confused. if they’re dating since before the cannes film festival opened, how was toni okay with the fact he has been living it up with a large range of female companions, photographed multiple times at different locations?

Leo goes where I go. And you will be getting over it in the near future.

Toni and Leo @ 06/08/2013 at 5:23 pm

i don’t know, i’m not in their life

@190&192: Arriving together to Nice means dating? Sorry but seeing Leo in Cannes with all those women AND seeing him traveling with that young Russian model ( “Toni” ) I absolutely don`t believe they have been dating since arriving to Cannes. No way! Or are you telling me that Leo was surrounded by ( even topless ) women every day meanwhile dating Toni who was seen around him only at a couple of `official parties`? I don`t buy it at all! I`m not saying they are not dating now but I don`t believe it started weeks ago.

@oh, lord: EXACTLY!!!!!! That`s why I don`t buy it that they have been dating since arriving to Cannes. Even Leo wouldn`t act like this while dating and in the same town as his gf and in front of all the cameras…etc. Either way this whole story is very weird… And regardless of when it started it`s gonna end the same way as the previous ones.

i agree with everyone who said that leo has been looking miserable for quite a few years. rarely smiles. doesn’t even seem remotely excited about things. appears to be bored out of his mind all the effin time. makes me a little sad cause i love the dude as an actor so so much. i’m like super excited every time i read about a new possible project. these kind of stories even make him seem more miserable. i really hope he finds love in his life or just whatever it is that’s missing.

@oh lord: Again I absolutely agree! To me he seems like a robot that was programmed to a certain behavior ( parties, traveling, clubbing, 20 years old blondes ) and he keeps doing it but why? He has been looking miserable for a long time. I liked that comment from earlier today that until he changes something it`s all gonna be the same over and over again.
He just started dating a new girl ( now or weeks ago ) and he looks bored, disinterested and just meh. Isn`t he supposed to be happy and smiley even if he doesn`t wanna show PDA? Just a little satisfaction or a smile????

Just one question: why are the photos from May 14 posted on June 8? Especially about private Dicaprio who after being single for months arrived to Cannes with a new model? There were photos of him arriving to Cannes and Toni was nowhere in sight up until now…

@199: well said. and omg if people gonna start sayin ‘well that’s just because the paps are around’ i don’t buy it. he has been seen laughing and, how do you say? ‘content’ with just an overall gentle and satisfied expression even with paps around. and once again i love leo. looveee him! i just find it sad he’s appears to be so depressed and miserable all the time yet he has no intentions to get himself out of this vicious circle. and NO, ofc i dont know him or his life. but i think no one can deny he just seems to be uncomfortable in his own skin about just dissatisfied / bored all the time.

He was eager to shed his boyish image when he was dating Gisele and she was comfortable with PDA’s for the cameras. Still is. There are pics of him being affectionate with Bar, but he never looks enthusiastic like he did with Gisele. He had on and off relationships with both of them. He and Lively seemed to enjoy each other’s company during their time in Europe, but it seemed to fizzle out when they got back to the States. Erin looked infatuated with him in Australia, but it didn’t look mutual and he was still spending time with other women when she wasn’t around. Toni seems like more of the same. Both women seem more like part of his entourage than serious girlfriends.

@also: wow yes. this escaped my attention. hmm weird indeed.

I think the key word is `content`. He is filthy rich, successful, powerful. He has everything ( yeah, except for an Oscar ) and he can still `order in` a new VS girl. When he is single women throw themselves at him. That is sweet life… for a while. After all this time this is normal for him and it doesn`t satisfy him. Maybe I`m absolutely wrong about this but what else is there to motivate or challenge him ( other than work and Oscar )? And that`s why I think he needs to change and find something that will bring that old sparkle back. Because he doesn`t seem happy ( to me ), he looks bored and disinterested even with a new arm-candy. He challenges himself as an actor and that`s it. But again maybe I`m completely wrong but that`s what I think.

@202: “Both women seem more like part of his entourage than serious girlfriends.” Absolutely!!!!!!! There`s a video of Leo, Lukas and Toni in Versailles. It seems like he is alone/with Lukas not with her.

@just normal here: That’s sardonic and funny!

just normal here @ 06/08/2013 at 5:49 pm

Leo does not seem too unhappy to me on these pics. Just normal face of a guy visiting a tourist place. He does need some fashion advice though.

Hey guys; It’s been over 20 years now since Leo was around your age. For example. No way would they ever cast him in a Pretty in Pink high school dance remake, despite of your above immature and petty complaints. Although it would be more interesting if he was cast in a Sinatra remake, say The Man With The Golden Arm, instead of the usual standard bio-pic crapola.

just normal here @ 06/08/2013 at 5:56 pm

with all the models he dated, at least one of them could have given him some advice. oh but wait they barely wear clothes themselves so, yes i guess they wouldn’t know too much themselves.

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe they are “just friends?” The chick did an interview and said that she was always happy to see him and she tweeted a pic on Twitter from France. Maybe she’s in town for work and the two met up for a friendly outing? You people are reading way too much into it. Just because he’s seen with someone of the opposite sex does not mean they are dating. And all the talk about rolling out the new girlfriend. Do you really think this man would go to all that trouble? Come on now! The idea is extremely far fetched.

The fact that they got a write up in People magazine were they were described as ‘boyfriend-girlfriend’ is close to a confirmation. I mean everyone knows People although the most credible sheet is a publicist’s tool. The mag won’t write a story without the say-so of the celebs’ people

For me, it’s clear they’re dating.

dating or not, being always surrounded by girls half his age is quite disturbing.

@211: It`s not like People magazine is always right! It does seem like they are an item but at the same time this story is a little off. Arriving together to Cannes and then Leo living it up with models ( I will bring up the Russian girl again ) and then they are out together and some photos surface weeks later… Maybe it`s a fling or just casual? I need to see more!

video of Leo,Lukas and Toni @ 06/08/2013 at 6:40 pm

Whatever you say. That thing about People is known. You can tell yourself “People is not always right” once its something you don’t wanna hear/read. I did not write that part to convince you. If you “need to see more” have at it

Just in case some people might think the blonde chick in white could be Toni, they’re wrong.
If you look closely, the lady going into the hotel with Leo and co is not Toni Garrn.
Besides the lady is wearing black trousers while Toni disembarking the plane was wearing green pants.

@216: Didn`t I say that it seems like they are an item? So what is it that I `don`t wanna hear/read`? It`s not just People that works with publicists and that`s a well known fact. At the same time not everything they post / write up is the result of cooperation with publicists. I remember People having a headline about being at someone`s wedding yet they weren`t there… And I don`t think I said YOU wrote the part to convince me.

That video makes me even more curious. The photos on JJ make it look as if she is running to hold his hand, but in the video she runs to him and the suddenly turns around and the People article describes her as “taking pictures of her new boyfriend”…he was clearly not posing but just standing there while she took a picture. Idk, now I’m just really curious.

:) seriously he should leave them for Justin Bieber. This is becoming more and more ridiculous.

@218 I don’t think anyone said that was Toni. She could be anyone, maybe even a girl for Lukas or the entourage. *shrug*

@LOL: I think that photo was posted on Leo`s bellazon thread and was said to be Toni but it`s clearly not her. I still wonder why this arrival photo hasn`t been posted before even if the paps or agency couldn`t identify Toni. Tall, leggy blonde arriving with Leo.
@Lala: I think she ran to him to grab like a water bottle from his hand. The photos suggest something different than the video.

@Lala: she seems to be grabbing something (a bottle?) and then turning around to throw it away. Lolz weird indeed. he doesn’t even turn around gosh.

This video of Leo, Lukas and Toni just makes me laugh. they just can’t act like normal people. it’s funny

@also: The media likes to make a mountain out of a molehill.

btw, weren’t they both at the French Open yesterday? I guess they sat apart? I’m viewing this as she is in Paris for work and he’s in Paris for vacation so the two of them decided to hang out. If they are dating, where was she all the other times? It just doesn’t add up. Who knows? He may be planning to date her, but I don’t think they are dating at this time.

The video shows a very distant Leo. He looks nervous and almost impatient.
I’m sure it’s not the first time he visited Versailles. He’s been to France so many times.

i like the “he may be planning to date her”. sounds like he’s going to place a new order lol!

i really really don’t think they’re “just friend”

The video made her look more like a tourist taking pics of a celebrity. He looked so distant and unattached. She looked like an assistant taking his water to throw away. He couldn’t even turn around. Something is very off here.

Isn’t that how he rolls? lol

@227: Thank you. I like common sense. And this is exactly why I said that I need to see more. It could be only something casual or friends with benefits. Let`s wait and see before jumping into conclusions.
That part of the video of her running up to her to take something away from him was weird. It`s like several different story lines instead of one main one…

observations @ 06/08/2013 at 7:13 pm

her shorts and ankle boots are hideous. her style reminds me of bar. why don’t these models know how to dress? leo and lukas look like the couple, and lukas looks like her minder. leo is wandering around like he’s trying to look casual for photographers. she looks like a tourist taking photos.

Well, if they are dating, idk what kind of relationship it is. They sat apart at the French open even though they were both there and if they are dating that seems kind of odd and he has been in Paris and Italy for a few weeks. Where was she?

I am a big fan of his, but I do hope him and this Young girl are just acquaintances because the idea of him dating a girl who’s not 21 yet has a flavour of indecency. Frankly.

that video was…….interesting…If these are the types of video we’re gonna get from Leo, Lukas and Toni for the summer we’re in for quite the laughs. This is right up there with the time Leo ran away from Bar in the parking garage! lol

@also People kill me with all the “he’s really gay and it’s a cover up” and “he’s rolling out the new girlfriend for show”

as if he would be so meticulous about something like that…

exactly, lol!

@Leo Fan: Yeah thinking about it…this girl was a toddler when Leo was in his Titanic era. Blegh.

in the video it look like he doesn’t want to be seen with her at all. I know you don’t want the paps in your business but c’mon Leo…really…maybe that’s why they sat apart of the tennis match..

its looked like she was running up to Leo and he completely basically ignored her..kinda strange

He’s always really distant with his girlfriends when they are out in public. I think it’s because he isn’t really happy. These girls serve as a way of making him feel superior. He is obviously egotistical and will never be happy unless he makes some serious changes and grows up a little.

And another thing @ 06/08/2013 at 7:30 pm

Toni sent a message to Erin on Twitter a few months ago saying something like it was good to see you and your family. If they are dating, that’s just sick how they pass a boyfriend down like that. I’d be pissed if I was Erin. She and Toni obviously know each other.

he doesn’t want to be seen with her, i wonder why ? because she’s 20 ?
if he really likes her, he should assume to be with her, whatever people think

I don’t know how the girls accept such a behavior from a boyfriend. Why the need to hide? Why the need to sit apart at a tennis game? What kind of girlfriends can comply with this?
I always thought that this is the main reason why Gisele decided to put an end to this uncomfortable relationship. With her open and carefree personality, she wasn’t certainly ready to constantly hide her life with the guy she chose to be with.
Tom Brady is very proud and happy to stand next to his wife publicly.

@And another thing:
Really? I guess If Anne V and Behati can get along ………………..

What would Leo do?? @ 06/08/2013 at 7:43 pm

What would Leo do if when Toni came up behind him instead of grabbing the water bottle she just came up and hugged him in a moment of joy. He would probably freak out and say “Get off me!” haha And this is the START of the “relationship.” Deja vu all over…

LOL… just like Adam Levine with his VS girls.
Anne V., Behati Prinsloo and now Nina Agdal. They all know each other and the three of them work together.
Erin must be laughing so hard knowing that Toni has fallen in the modelizer’s trap. I’m sure somehow somewhere she must feel sorry for Toni.

@YOLO, Laura F. @ 06/08/2013 at 7:46 pm

@YOLO, He hasn’t been distant with all of them. Maybe it depends on the girl’s personality and what she will put up with.

@LauraF. Gisele and Tom act like a team and they have a mature approach to the media.

Toni and Erin aren’t so close, and Leo is single since 7 months…so…

SHe reminds me of the gorgeous Karen Mulder on her professional pictures, but here, she does not look like much and she has weak legs for a model. Leo and his silly bed fillers, kinda sad. I’d never agree to be an entertaiment for an ageing guy.

@Laura F.: I see people explaining his behavior, Leo not being a PDA kind of guy, he hates paps, he wants privacy. True! Nobody expects PDA but MAYBE smiling, looking at her or just walking next to her without PDA. You know acknowledging her presence, shred of respect. Because he didn’t seem to be bothered on the yachts in Cannes with the models around or while clubbing with other women.

We’re constantly talking about how ‘not serious’ Leo seems to appear but how about the girls. Maybe they see going out with rich famous men merely as a purpose for more exposure? Just a point of view given the lack of sense of shame of models mentioned here. Anne V / Behati being the main example.

@247 i’m afraid that you’re right…

Absolutley. 100%. Nina Agdal is very much in that mix too.

@video of Leo,Lukas and Toni: That video just shows that he might not have known (probably guessed) that the paps were there. Look at how far the camera/video recorder pulls back (1:16, 1:37). Although it may be possible to see the camera lenses glinting. Nonetheless, the paps are at a great distance.
Jesus, no privacy.
So it’s confirmed then. Leo + Toni sitting in a tree? F U C…… well I won’t finish.
Dating or not he still looks miserable. Kind of reminds me of someone with “smiling depression”.

…and maybe that’s exactly why Leo is acting like they don’t exist (like in the vid haha omg i laughed harder than i should have) cause ge knows why they wanna be seen with him. Still doesn’t justify his behaviour but just sayin. I remember him sayin that ‘it used to be much more easier to date when i was less famous. it’s difficult to meet someone who is really interested in me and not leo the actor’.

@C/G: if he doesn’t know the camera is there that is even worst!

@C/G: Interesting that he didn`t bothered to be seen with those models in Cannes or the Russian girl just a couple of days ago. You don`t have to show PDA for the paps while still acting like a decent bf.
Leo and these cookie-cutter blonde girlfriends falling off the assembly line don`t seem genuine to me at all. While he was single he was seen with different kind of women ( mostly brunettes ) but the official girls always look alike and everything about it seems so scheduled and predictable. I keep going back to tinkerbell`s theory about `contract girlfriends`. I have that feeling again especially after watching that awkward video.

@share: Hmm… maybe. I don’t think that he saw them, but he knows that they are there.
I recall seeing those Nice pictures with Leo walking into a hotel, but I never imagined that the woman with him was someone he was dating. She looked in her 30s or so. No offense intended if it is Toni.

@260: The blonde woman walking into the hotel with him is not Toni. That`s a different blonde. If you look at the photo that was posted today ( almost a month later interestingly ) you can see that Toni is dressed differently than the one walking into the hotel.

maybe Toni was at this hotel but there’s just no pics
for sure, she was at the airport with leo

Ace of Base @ 06/08/2013 at 8:44 pm

So, where are the “lovebirds” now?

The video is not working for me wtf. Had anyone noticed that this article was taken from the top header n replaced by the one with leo and Lukas at French open!?! Very very strange Leo is . Leokas for life tho!! <3

@Mama: Try it on Leo’s bz page maybe that will work. I watched it there.

Omg just saw it LMFAO . Leo don’t care about that girl or any of those girls, only Lukas !! Y’all need to understand that!! Leokas is real !!!!

@263 good question. french people love writing this kind of stuff, actually it’s funny

Rita & Cara texts about Le @ 06/08/2013 at 9:42 pm

Check this out!

LOL, at least they are honest!

Theyre not holding hands, she just had to throw an old bottle that he gently carried for her. Like friends do. Scream on, they are not dating. What horrific fast conclusion. Leo. Is. Still. Single.

I honestly understand all the confusion here. But not so strange, as they are NOT. Dating. At all. WHere does that come from? These pics show nothing? She is a girl, Leo has many girl- FRIENDS, then few officials that you can count to 5. His last girl was Erin, will always be Erin… probably. He loved his single life in Cannes! He showed it. To us all. Who would do that to a NEWLY-introduced gf? no way, not if you are newly inlove. And yes. He has been. I saw that with all his officials. He showed it first weeks of dating. Then it faded into content and then nothing, because none of them were his greatness. Ok. He moved to the next-and-next-and-next-and-nextwhat? Nightclub! Yacht! Tennis-match! Pool Party! No gf in sight. Only like 10-20 people, called buds, they are more like company for hangouts. Social people. Cant blame them. He seems to care for all of them regardless of gender. Girlfriend? None in sight. People magazine? People have sure contacts with publicists, but who the hell can conclude that HIS publicist contacted People THIS time? Because Yes, People Mag also copy/paste stories from other sources, and this time People was not like they normally are the first. PageSix have also tipped them before.Just saying. Just Jared are sometimes actually first with the story. I dont know who was this time, but sure not People, and People would have told weeks ago if there really was something all the way from May. Not back then. Not now. I dont buy this story ONE gram!….



“Rita & Cara texts about Leo” it’s not their official twitter!

but they’re dating. even if you don’t want believe it.

@Sorry S: you don’t know if they’re dating and even if they are it will end the same way just like the others

Leo needs female companionship. That’s what these models are, the official GF’s. He is like a toddler picking the shiniest new toy he can find. He gets bored with it and moves on. That’s all this is. And there is no way she doesn’t know that on some level. They all get the lavish trips, the same jewelry. They become bigger celebrities just by being his piece. None of them will ever be as important as his career, his mother, his buddies. None of them are special. They all get treated exactly the same, with very little effort. That’s just who Leo is at this point.

i can understand why a young girl like Toni accepts to date a guy like leo.
3 years ago, she was at school with her friends and now she can tell them “i’m dating Leonardo DiCaprio”. This is crazy and unreal for her.
Same story for Erin.
plus Leo is a movie star with a lifestyle that only a handful of people in the world get to enjoy.
Then they fall in love with Leo and then he break their hearts.

we have lots of psychics and/or Leo’s friends here as you guys know how he feels, thinks, what he needs,…also, the media are working hard on giving Leo a bad image and unfortunately it is working. I am no psychic neither one of his friend (sorry) but it does not take a lot to see he has grown up. This guy is very well spoken, intelligent and generous. He might not have found the right person yet (how many of you did the 1st time? or how many of you got married in your early 20s, 30s and then got divorced? or maybe are even frustrated in your own relationship?) but he might come soon and maybe Toni is the one. If so, good for him. She is no child. Leo’s fans please come here.

@AMEN: I always think grown up when I see an almost 40 year old man partying with girls half his age in clubs. Oh, and throwing up “west side” signs in clubs. That’s really the true mark of a grown up.

i hope you’re right ;)

Leo is not married and does not have any children. He has the right to have fun, relax in clubs with girls half his age if he wants to. some of his friends his age are already married with kids. So who should he be partying with ? Partying with people half his age does not make him less of a grown up. so what would be your suggestion? maybe go to some ballroom dance with “old” people? would you like that better?

@AMEN: ‘Leo fans come here’. Lol mind you not all posters here are Leo haters or smth. I for instance absolutely adore Leo the Actor. Could watch most of his movies like forever but you don’t have to be a psychic or a friend of Leo’s to see things based on his ‘routines’. And i know ofc we can’t know anything for sure, all we do is assume but from what i see most people just use their common sense when pointing out their view. I hate to say this as i love leo, but no, he is looking very, very far from ‘grown-up’. And with grown up i believe most people mean emotional growth. Ofc he’s an intelligent guy no one said the opposite. He just seems pretty shallow in his relationships with women, UNFORTUNATELY. I have to agree with what Nessa said.

@oh lord
what is making him look being very far from “grown up” ?
If he has looked shallow with his gfs these past few years (to the public, because behind close doors we don’t know) it is probably because he has not found the right one yet but just like many of us he still needs a companion once in a while. If the girls are not happy, they can just leave.

I btw find it very creepy that some people seem to be okay with the fact that the girls he hangs out with are half his age. Don’t you guys see it’s gonna be the same when he’s 48 if he continues like this? 30 yr age gap, still ‘okay’? Gisele was 20 when they started dating. He was 6 yrs older. 5 yrs later they broke up. Bar was 20 when they started dating. He was 11 yrs older. 5 yrs later they broke up. Erin was 22 when they started dating. He was 14/15 yrs older. There’s a pattern here hello. He gets older, they stay the same. How is this okay after a while? Would you like to see your 20 yr old daughter coming home with a man who’s almost 40? I’m 23 and and i like a couple of yrs age difference (as most guys my age are very immature and boyish for me) but in no world i can see myself dating a 40 yr old guy. ugh.

1/ it seems like it does not bother his gfs’parents, so who cares?
2/ if it is confirmed is just friend with Toni this time, with all the BS you guys have already put on here, I will laugh so hard!

So Bradley is still dating his 20 years old. Leo and Bradley can take the girls on a double play date!


That’s it? lol

He’s not going to find the ‘right one’ in the VS catalogues and clubs. It seems to me he’s not looking for the ‘right one, but the right now.

We don’t know how the girl’s parents feel. If I were a mother, it would make me uneasy to see my daughter was dating a much older guy with his rep. I would hope she didn’t fall for him.

He clearly wants to be seen as intelligent, but he tries too hard, in my opinion, delivering carefully worded thoughts with intensity, but that ultimately don’t amount to much. He’s at his best when he’s being himself, funny and childlike. He doesn’t seem to have grown much as an actor or person in the last few years. I still find young Leo entertaining, but I’m young, too, and I have to admit he’s lost some of his shine for me.

@ 290
well thats a good start :)

To Leo : if you EVER come here to read all the nice things they have to say about you, please remember that it is not because you are a worldwide movie star with millions in your bank account and millions of fans (wow thats a lot! how do you do that?) but really because they are just human beings that need to bash on others human beings (you are a human being right? so its normal). Today it just happens to be on you. Enjoy your vacation and party hard! we need more pics!

1) Leo’s not coming here. 2) I’d rather praise him, but not finding anything praiseworthy about his relationship with another young model, if that’s what this is.

Is there someone making you read comments on this particular site? You sound like it’s like torture for you so someone must be forcing you to do it.

oh yes please give me my pills, I cant anymore!

What???? All I’m saying is that it’s your choice to read comment on Just Jared but you don’t have to.

So were you implying JJ is just for people who want to put nasty comments on celebs ??

I read whatever I want to read and me not bashing on Leo does not mean I feel “tortured”. I am entitled to my opinion which I have already expressed here. Thank you.

*jumping to conlusions! * *jumping to conclusions!*

whoa someone think they got domain on who Leo is dating, keeps reporting ****.

I agree with the poster S all theway. They are NOT dating, even if YOU want them to or not. The Video + The Pictures prove it. You are too jumping to conclusions. The part about the water bottle was hilarious. The part about Luk+him was even more proving, and French Open even more proving.

GUYS: To Date , means = Not to suddenly show up on a picture with no affections and with dozen other friends. I could agree with “first date”-looking, but not even when the number of people Leo has been seeing and what he does. What you guys talk about is what we call a flirt /fling, or even bed-buddy. That means “once” and we see her no more.

My bets…. we see her no more. She has even denied it, fools! Who would do that if she was over-the-hills-inlove? She doesnt seem to be

@Nessa and @271 : wft-what? You can spell. If you study the pictures more closely, you will see that Leo just carried her waterbottle for Christ sake! She ran for it, he turned away. Is that proof enough for a dating-situation you think ? What other proofs do you have huh?…

Nessa, Toni is not yet an “official”. Calm down….just a bit. Let us see her more first.

No, that’s absolutely not what I was implying and obviously you can read whatever you want. That wasn’t an issue either. Just like your right to say whatever you think. I said tortured about reading comment not tortured for not bashing Leo. You misunderstood anything I said?
I chose to post on sites where I like or agree with the majority of the comments.

Long story done short:
Is this Toni Garrn you are referring to (photos)? She came in his private jet May 14, is that correct? Then strangely we havent seen her until now..pretty strange if they were at the SAME place. I agree in one thing about his jet picture: She looks comfortable in normal clothes. It could be, they just gave her the ride… who knows. Where are the pics from that hotel people talk about?

It`s here. Someone claimed the blonde in front of him is Toni but this woman on the photo is dressed differently.
There are some interesting things about this `romance`. Purepeople has an article that is full of loopholes and the mistaken identity of the girl in the van… But they are suggesting that this has started before Cannes which I highly doubt and their article is not convincing.

I saw the youtube-video and it is very strange…. after she gave the botle to an older man (they were never holding hands), he walks away with Lukas , she walks alone taking pics everywhere, him too.. why wouldnt they view the site together and walk side by side? The one couple I see in the vid they touch each other when standing on the escalades (the one with a rucksack and another girl) THEY look like a real couple…:) THen… I spot Toni taking a quick photo of Leo and Luk on top there when she stands at the bottom of it, and Leo smiles alittle, but it is more like she was some kind of Fan taking photo to show her friends at home who she was with, than like any bf-gf-thing. He looks away after, talking with Lukas the nerd. If she really was dating him… and they “planned to hold distance”, then why was she not with him and his mum at the Love Locks in Paris where they naturally would be? so strange…!!

PurePeople is known to fabricate stories along with the pictures they find. But most of the time they grab what’s written in other gossip columns and repost them on their website. The only thing I like about them, is the quality of the photos. But for the stories..??? No way.

@Frenchie: Oh, I didn`t know that. I have seen good photos from that site many times before but never read articles. This one about Leo and Toni was posted somewhere and it seemed very far from reality!

@AMEN: def. wanna see they’r not datin’, then laugh on my own so hard! and really i’ll be proud of him more for stayin’ single for this long with no official model gf around! that’s what most of his fans/people in here want! AMEN to this!really hope your not datin’ theory come to be true, folks!
about toni, if she goes to datin’ him it means they were datin’ before cannes so she said lie somewhat with pretending they’r just friends and with his cannes, etc behaviors, i’ll lose all my respect for her as a woman. by this datin’ she shows the world she is not that sweet,honest,independant model who most thought she was!in reall she will show she is another bar_blake_erin…0.2/0.11 if she has accepted all this situation!&by his behaviors in cannes,… (not mentionin’ his bein’ at the time of gatsby &his auction with dif. girls while she was in his auction)just by his cannes,..he shows to all she is not the one/Love or whatever some of her fans love to be! sorry but by that this what in generall every one think!

@306: `if she goes to datin` him it means they were datin` before cannes` Why? I don`t see the logic there. Other than that I agree with you comment. I wish we had the thumbs back…


asking everyone: WHY was Toni absent from the outing at Love locks celebrating love if that she is the new “it” thing for him ?

There are too many twists and turns for me with the Toni G. “romance”. People have been loosely linking their name for ages because she fits his type, but there is still no concrete evidence that they are together. The girl disembarking the plane could be Toni, but the photo is quite blurry.
Until I see otherwise, I’ll assume that they’re just hanging out, or that she hitched a ride to France. (What I wouldn’t give for THAT luxury).
I think posters need to resign themselves to the fact that Leo dates younger women. He’s not hurting anyone and the girls are wise enough to know that they aren’t going to get a wedding ring. As long as he’s kind and not abusive, what do we care? The man does more good than harm.
PLUS…. not everyone needs or wants to married. *raises hand* …. not everyone needs or wants to have children. *raises hand* (although I’d be way more interested in a child than marriage truth be told) We’ve been conditioned that there is one path for adults and that’s not the case. Some people still search and yearn for …. something… some unknown life factor that propels them to continually desire that unknown and intangible thing …. I’m stretching here… but people find this quality alluring in Leo’s work, but less so in his personal life. Although Leo creates characters and he is not that individual, an actor always brings a small part of himself to a role, and this may be one of the magic ingredients that makes his performances so worthwhile.
Ladies (I’m assuming), you are entitled to say and do what you please, but I say save the vitriol for when it’s really needed. It’s not needed right now. He’s searching. Let him search.

@Frenchie: Is this french who used to post here before?

Seems as though Cooper and Suki are still an item. I don’t think Coop’s threads have ever had that much traffic. 21 seems good for press.

searching? @ 06/09/2013 at 10:24 am

Looks like he’s found her…that was quick…and…easy…

@C/G: Hey C/G! Exactly.Most of us know the routine.I think the stuff about him getting married is coming from him saying it himself,and some fans buying into the PR of it.IMO he has always struck me as someone who was just saying it but really wasn’t into it.I remember some discussion about him and Erin maybe being in an open relationship.I think a lot of his are,just that.
Anyway that video is weird,and he is definitely looking perturbed,for whatever reason.He looks like he could be a ***** to be around

@also:dear because of bein’ her in his auction then immediatly in his private jet in Nice!in real if it’s datin’,no one can say he was in venice with that model then in france he called her_while she was workin’_to be his gf and she accepted!must’ve happened before these france being!he was at the same with erin,was with lots of gals in oz while saw her in that vs after party then show her off in oz,..then again without her for reshoot in oz with those models,obv.not sayin’ he was cheatin’ at that time of reshootin’ just still sounds awfull to me.he was with bl at this way as well,remember in cannes he was with girls again then showed bl off?at the time they were together i’ve read an article which accordin’ to that article by some of her source she left leo in cannes with the models alone..any way never can say believe whatever i read,just don’t know which one is wrong,either!just can say this leo and toni is really puzzelin’&awfull!really confused&disappointed to me!just hope won’t see ‘em as a couple!

@also:dear because of bein’ her in his auction then immediatly in his private jet in Nice!in real if it’s datin’,no one can say he was in venice with that model then in france he called her_while she was workin’_to be his gf and she accepted it! must’ve happened before these france being!Just can say this leo and toni is really puzzelin’&awfull!really confused&disappointed to me!just hope won’t see ‘em as a couple!

@vagabond: Morning.
He does look out of sorts. There must have been a ton of photogs there – hiding in bushes and behind sculptures. He looks on guard to me in a lot of the video.
“When discussing the annoying shutterbugs, Mr. DiCaprio said, ‘Look, if you’re not careful about it, it can develop into a social anxiety. It’s like, what’s going to happen, what photographer is going to jump out where, what kind of thing am I being set up for? You try to talk yourself out of it, but you’re never used to it.’”
I would feel uneasy about being in public too. One odd looking picture, out of context can explode around the world.

Sorry for repost! oops! i’m on the phone and wasn’t posted at first, thought my post must be overloaded then deleted the part. now i see both posted!shhh!

C/G (#310)
No. I used to live in France and I am used to Closer, Purepeople, Voici and all the rest. They’ve got all nice pictures of the celebrities but their stories are most of the time invented.

“he called her_while she was workin’_to be his gf and she accepted!” :

how do you know that ? if he called her like that to be his gf, why does he seem to be “ashamed” to walk next to her? it looks like he doesn’t want to be photographed near her. The guy hasnt had a gf for a while so we would all understand if he wanted a little sth…so if he called her like that, why not showing any interest then ?

Lukas needs to lose some weight.

*peeks in*
This thread is now a whole LOT of hysteria paranoia and crazy
*steps out*

@ @: Dear, Leo didn’t act single from the moment he stepped off that plane and he was traveling with the Russian girl. No way Leo and Toni started dating in NYC. Other than that I tend to agree with you. It seems like another arrangement girlfriend so does it really matter? It’s another one on his résumé and then onto the next one. We might as well start guessing when the first photos of a NYC bikeride are coming or the scheduled trip to Didneyland. The JM necklace probably next month on her birthday. Then the rumors of Leo wanting to settle down because Toni is the one and she is German ( like Erin was the one because she loves basketball ). And then the obvious ending when he gets bored. Question of time!


I totally agree with you, she is an amazing model :D!.,VS is just a part of all the word she is doing righ now.

i don't know why @ 06/09/2013 at 1:05 pm

but i think Leo really likes Toni. this is just a hunch. regardless of the videos and pics.

Yes, the bikeriding in NY is coming followed by a trip or two to Disneyland. In the meantime, we might have a glimpse of her on some mediteranean yacht while he’s still in Europe.
Déjà vu all over:)

Welcome back, tink.

Leo likes girls. He likes boys. He has never had one he likes in particular. if so, regardless of walking miles apart like in the video or not, that WOULD shine through ! We… would not be guessing, questioning, switching opinions, making up things, all the things we do in here when comes to Toni and Leo. Remember.. NOT SO LONG time ago, he was supposed to be dating Aferdita cause holding around her at the balcony. Remember he was HOLDING around her. People went “gaah, gotta be her”. But hey, one sighting is so not enough. After alittle while, when trying to mix up here and there they met and so on, same with Margot Robbie-rumors.. they met there and there.. and then on his yacht everyone questioned their lack of chemistry. Same here! Same here.We see them together, but not together.. know what I mean ? When someone is so newly in love, its so hard to hide it ? Not when in public like this. He is sure an actor, but in personal life no one can hide a chemistry, no one.

Or until they get tired of putting up with his…issues. Not all women are up for being disrespected, no matter who the guy is or how much fun they had.

I bet he does like her. What’s not to like? Should he be dating girls barely out of their teens? No. Can he be faithful to her? Not likely.

I didn’t say he called her in that way! i said if they r dating, it couldn’t started in france, it must have happened before this france and this france is exactly after cannes and venice with that brunette model! so his being with other girls at that time is odd! anyway leo is in final tennis match with lukas and 2 other brunette as i saw in bz! but the girls’faces r not obvi. just their hairs is brunette as i saw. maybe i’m wrong! in real, these days i was too negative in my life, i really to change! said enough, never wanned to bother any one! sorry if i did! have a great time!

…. forgot to mention the JM’s new pendant as a birthday gift.
The girl is not even 21 yet….. hilarious!


Good publicity for Jenn’s jewelry. She still tweets about his ex’s when they’re wearing her jewelry.

Lol That’s not Tink. Tink’s grammar and syntax is in a league of its one. Tink’s been MIA for a while. I know she gets grief but Tink made very accurate witty remarks on here rather than just rambling. Also some of Tink’s comments/observations have since proved to be right on the money.

She has actually only tweeted on Blake wearing her jewellry. Erin wore her jewellry for the pre Met ball but Jen did not tweet it. In fact Erin seems to reach out to Jen rather than vice versa

she looks “precious”, right? and leo is a manwhore ? this is crazy

i don’t think you bothered anyone. just exchanging opinions. ave a great day too.

I agree with #327 about the chemistry thing. you cant hide it. and when you are in love (either its a man or a woman) you have a big banana smile almost all the time, at least in the beginning :)

@Nessa. I guess you said it best. That’s why I cant even get antsy/upset on Leo’s dating habits the way some do, its funny for me but its really like groundhog day. And I guess that other poster was wrong Bradley is still with Suki W

Maybe he doesn’t have a “big banana smile” on his face because they aren’t dating? If they were dating, we would have seen them together other than this ONE time. The paps have been all over Leo in Europe. Her twitter page eludes to the fact that she is in France for a photo shoot of some sort as she posted a photo of what looked to be behind-the-scenes with clothes and stuff. I take it that she is there for a limited time and she and Leo are friends and decided to hang out. Just because he is seen with someone of the opposite sex does not automatically mean they are dating/sleeping together. Toni has said in interviews that they are just friends. What more do you need?

“when you are in love (either its a man or a woman) you have a big banana smile almost all the time, at least in the beginning”
Everyone is different. when i’m “in love” i don’t have a “banana smile” because I’m pretty reserved and shy. it means nothing.


Really? I thought I read here that she tweeted about Bar and Erin. Didn’t know about Blake. That relationship was the shortest of the bunch.

you’re so naive, they’re not “just friends” and Toni didn’t say that.

Nope you can check her twitter feed. I follow vogue magazine and they link to her and her jewellry line. Anytime Blake wears her bling (croods premiere, canada lauch) Jen tweets about it and retweets it. Even when its not mentioned on the blogs. She’s not mentioned any of the others wearing her jewellry past or present. The length of the relationship has nothing to do with it.
Funny beacuse she does tweet old pictures of Rihanna, Nicole Richie wearing her stuff and she does tweet about VS’ Lily Aldridge wearing her bling. Erin tweets her about it rather than vice versa. I think it was Afredita that was following Bar and Erin when she and Leo were linked

yes that was my point. or at least even IF they are dating, this isnt a “head over heels in love” thing.

There seems to be some funny power struggle with those insisting they are not dating and writing dissertations towards their point vs. those who insist they are. Honest question, NO trolling, but since some seem so worked up what will you do if they are indeed dating? As a poster said what if we get birthday pics with a necklace? NO trolling. Honestly but going by this post JJ might have to shut down!!!!!!

Toni Garrn zu BILD: „Wir kennen uns von diversen Events. Ich freu mich immer, Leo zu treffen. Mehr gibt‘s dazu nicht zu sagen.“

Toni Garrn told BILD: “We know each other from various events. I’m always pleased to meet Leo. That’s all there is to it. ”

It was some German magazine interview…

ok but that does not mean anything. she can just be a pet just like the others that is just saying whatever Leo told her to say.

I agree with you. lol I don’t think they are dating, but I’m not ruling out the idea that they could be an item. It’s obviously too early to tell.

maybe she doesn’t want to tell everyone who is her bf.
seriously this girl is gorgeous and leo takes her on a tour of the Palace of Versailles just because he wants to be a friend ? can’t believe that

I just thought of something because of what #327 said. It is true that there were rumors of him dating that woman in Miami and he was way more affectionate toward her in photos. The media sees him with a woman and jump on it. All of these rumors have proven to be false. That’s why I think people are a little iffy to believe it. Only time will tell.

Tinkerbell you mean ??? Lol, Ive seen her posts and never lifted an eyebrow.. nope, Tink I am not and let me speak myself thankyou.
What I think is the common issue here is that nobody knows for certain, BUT there must be someone here to say that insisting they are dating out of ONE photo and that it is normal to show no affection… that means we needed opposite viewers. I am on the train of “no-date” and that he is still single. We will see, but he seemed so bored at the tennis match, who would be that when your girl is at the same arena enjoying it. Even if you are shy (which Leo is NOT), and even if you like to keep it cool in the beginning, I think I could see the spark in his eyes when he first met Erin and when he first met Bar and when he first med Gisele, too. Not with Blake.. that was totally bed-buddy-fling. But the others… he had some spark! He doesnt now, he seems sad and longing for something else. Maybe a drink at the bar? lol . Yes, maybe! Maybe thats why he throws so many parties, because he needs it and doesnt need his “gf-s” that much? Without trolling, please dont call her girlfriend before she actually IS !! ….. that bothers me

Oh please! Do you really think that Leo is a puppet master? That’s the kind of crazy that comes out in these threads. People put together conspiracies. Sure, he likes his privacy, but don’t we all? I can’t see him going to the trouble of writing a script for his girlfriend to put out for the press. It’s very far fetched and frankly a little nutty.

Now you who defend the lady so blindly and nicely, listen to her just one sec will ya :

Toni Garrn told BILD: “We know each other from various events. I’m always pleased to meet Leo. That’s all there is to it. ”

That’s all there is to it. ” – She said. All there is to it . I know some german, been working over there before, it means Thats all. So how more precise can she BE ? And if they were dating, how can she possibly take this back if they once become “official” ? Dont be so morons, come on, she would never correct the media if wasnt that she had something to say to it, and if Leo insisted she was gonna tell that… well, he did not do that with Erin.. so why with her? Erin and him admitted. And he was actually public with her. Why would he act differntly with Toni? And even if they hide much, you dont go deny the relationship to later on be caught in the act ?……… strange you still believe so hardly in this.

The ONLY photo that made me question, was actually the jet photo. But we dont even know cause they did not check in at same hotel, that picture was false. And she went modelling, while he went for a family trip.

OMG!! Thank you! Finally some common sense in here! They probably haven’t denied being together because they know they aren’t and their inner circle knows they aren’t and that’s all that matters to them. They don’t need to tell the public. It’s not that big of a deal.

If you think ‘Madre’ is common sense perspective then……….OMG.
I think the thread should be left to the 2 of you. Since you seem to know Leo the most. Not only Leo but his inner circle. How he feels, eats, sleeps, sex you can tell all this an dthe rest of us are infidels. LOL

It just proves my hypothesis. I haven’t analysed Leo’s movements or hand gestures in every picture to know what hes feeling. And I am still NOT trolling but if they are indeed dating, some people here are surley going slit their wrists. ‘Common sense’ and all. G’day

I said that she has common sense because most people are on here talking about him running the show and picking “official” girlfriends through some sort of audition. Madre at least knows that’s not true…so yeah, she has common sense.

@Madre, I’ve seen a spark in his eye with all of them except Bar, which is strange because they were together longer than all of them. It was definitely there for Gisele. Some of the early pics with Blake in Europe were sparkly. The first hand-holding pics with Erin were almost too perfect. Some of it could have been acting. He’s a good actor. I haven’t seen it with Toni yet, but there’s not enough to go on. Maybe they’re a couple, or maybe not.

yes i do! if your life partner tells you how to behave in public and what to say and you do so because you don’t want to displease him, then you are a puppy and he is a puppy master. besides he’s an animals lover. and his gfs seem to apply to the same rule. strong WOMEN, please stand up, please stand up! lol!

“I’ve seen a spark in his eye ” LOL

Madre and @353 @ 06/09/2013 at 2:54 pm


Get a room, you two.

@Madre and @353:
I know. S hit like this makes me agree with Philly and C/G and wish for a pm function on this mess of a thread. @sparkles 100% at your post and observations

You mad, bro?

@360 : OMG, who are you her model agency ?..dont you just see its nothing to do about if a spark is absent a spark is absent …… jesus. Stop trolling. Are you from the BZ forum? lOL

Or you could just leave the thread…


He’s a firestarter, that Leo. My new name for him will be sparky.

@TBH: **** like what ? Be specific! What **** are you talking about ?…. Are you someone who knows-it-all? We just got opposite views, and some her claim Leo just hired a girlfriend for a month, when its clearly just for a few days…. so shut up about this room-thing will ya.

!!!! Oops. Sorry @TBH, I thought YOU were @360 because of a glimpse on the thread and started writing… sorry :-d …… I thought you said what I said was **** , and then get a room.

Now I see we agree, and I also agree with sparkle 100% here

IMO Erin was his worst gf. Ive never seen any real chemistry between these 2. he always looked soooooo miserable whenever he was with her. can she be that boring? they were together for almost a year but how many times did they really see each other? and the way he ended their relationship was so brutal. poor girl.

@Leo at the finals today:

Did they cut Lukas out?

@TBH agreed with whoever said it…they aren’t on your side. lol

the brunette in the perrier cap is sitting very close to him. she looks like she can barely contain herself. id anyone?

the blond guy below him is kind of cute :)

no one is gonna slit their wrists.

I could, I just wish he would get married NOW> to someone.

Has anyone checked Toni Garrn’s Wikipedia page? It’s already been changed to say they are dating.

brunette? @ 06/09/2013 at 3:22 pm

who’s the brunette sitting next to him? does anybody know?

@372 LOL I think the same hahahahah

brunette? @ 06/09/2013 at 3:25 pm

oh look here. the ‘cute blonde guy’ in front of him is talking to the brunette.

lol who are these people. he hangs out with so many different peepz. curious!

maybe thats why she looks so happy then! lol!

cute blone guy @ 06/09/2013 at 3:36 pm

the cute blonde guy is better looking than leo…

the Twist:

When I look at this tweet from Toni with picture of her in green trousers: we see that its the same girl stepping out of the jet…. ok no question. So that is solved.

What is not solved, she tweets that she is going back on May 15, they seem to have arrived at the Nice airport May 14? how can she stay for only a night and with Leos jet and Leo went with family on May 15…right? she tweets “Paris for the day. Now back to NYC”. You all find it at her official acc

he looks like a model…

a bunch of models go to the amfar and cannes every year…it’s a place to be seen and party.

a crush on the cute blond guy who isn’t leo. he’s probably french

brunette? @ 06/09/2013 at 3:48 pm

oh btw i have to say i agree with whomever said his relationship with erin was worst. i remember a photoset of them of a day at the beach (i think it was back when he was filmin django cause he had a beard) and omg it was just painful to look at the photos. he looked so miserable and bored. poor girl indeed (i mean it, no mocking!)

right. it was almost embarrassing to see them together. he definitely did her good in letting her go.

@HAHAHAHA (#377)
I am not surprised. Did you know anyone can post pseudo-relevant stuff on Wikipedia? It’s amazing! You don’t have to be well informed to register and post stuff on this website. Especially when you try to update a model’s page. It’s hilarious.

we must wait for the next appearance of Leo and Toni.

@@372: Very. The cheekbones are quite nice. He sort of looks Swedish.

need a guy input @ 06/09/2013 at 5:55 pm

i wonder if we do have guys commenting here. isnt that weird that leo seems to be always bored around ladies in general lately? and only enjoying himself with his boy-friends? unless we dont get all the pics, from what we get and see everytime there is a girl around he is like not there or trying to stay away from them.

Mrs. Gatsby @ 06/09/2013 at 7:21 pm

I think that the attention he receives is even more intense if there is a woman with him; especially in circumstances like this where he’s been single for a little while and then has ladies around. Read the quotes he’s said about the paparazzi from above. That about sums it up.

Huh! Who is the brunette? Sorry but she looks more like `with him` than Toni in Versailles. But at the same time it seems like all those people are sitting pretty close to each other not just them…

brunette? @ 06/10/2013 at 2:34 am

@396: true! gotta do with the seating arrangement at roland garros. you sit very close to each other. been there.

if Leo was dating a brunette, everyone will be happy for him. But just because Toni is a blonde and a model everyone is like “oh no no no”. you people make me laugh. there’s like a bit of jealousy here.

I disagree. Any woman Leo will date will get the bashing treatment anyway. Blondes, brunettes, tall, short, model or not. This is what people do to celebs in general. But what bother people the most is the fact his dates are so young they could be his daughters.

@398 – I’m sure:
How about the fact that she’s a 20 year-old model? No jealousy, no envy, for sure. Simply a situation that is laughable, predictable and has become a cliche. That’s all.

If I had been in his position i wouldn’t have dated any of his girlfriends. I would have been with models waaaaaaaay hotter than that!

exactly. he needs to surprise us. this is what i said also for his movies. we need some change from him.

In my opinion, Bar is pretty, Toni is beautiful, Gisele looks like a horse but she’s cute, Erin is average.
But you know the apperance is not everything in a relationship….

Yeah but that doesn’t mean he needs to do comedies or classic romantic movies though, as some say he should. I think he should stick to the drama genre but could choose more edgy roles with such as Calvin Candie in Django. I think he was sublime in Django! I think he really surprised the audience with his portayal of Candie. But God I’d really HATE to see him in a romcom or something. Just no.

But I agree that we need to see more versatility in his portayals. I think his upcoming Scorsese picture is gonna be good. Really looking forward to see his portayal of Jordan Belfort. Very interesting character (if you’ve read his book or know something about him you know what I mean).

correct. but it seems like the only relationship he really had was with Gisele. the rest of them seemed to be more like “friends with benefit”, girls to kill time with or sth. So if it is all about that I would want the best of the best!

About Gisele: she may not be the conventional classic beauty but her facial expressions and body language are impeccable. She is so unique in how she moves, the way she looks at the camera and so on and that’s what makes her so gorgeous to look at for most people I think. Just have a look at her numerous Vogue, Harbers Bazaar etc covers. One of a kind!
Sorry to say but Erin is really plain looking. Nothing interesting. Bar I have always found very vulgar.

yes I agree with everything you said

what happened to kristen? is she married ? she’s his age i think. maybe he should give her a call?

The brunette kinda looks like the Russian girl from the van. Wouldn`t it be funny if it was her? LOL! After reading some comments on bz, boy, I would like to see their reaction if it was her!
Anyway, no news about the alleged lovebirds? Not a sighting, not a tweet?

nothing i guess, except that she’s still in paris also. she got mentioned on twitter with a photo. check her bz thread.

They’re hiding lol

you really have an obsession for Leo’s girlfriends :)

@412: Thanks but I don’t care that much to go to her bz thread… I assume the usual suspects from Leo’s thread are already there and I don’t think I could stomach that.

Yeah you’re right it’s pretty low haha.

He didn’t love any of them enough to be faithful to them. That’s why Kristen left. She knew it was only going to get worse. Fans romanticise his realtionship with Gisele, but there was nothing romantic about the way he treated her. When they split, he moved onto Bar within weeks and treated her the same way, if not worse. Leo’s idea of love seems to be to throw expensive goodies and vacations their way so he can cheat until his heart’s content. Just because he can doesn’t mean he should. A sign of maturity is when you can have anything you want but don’t act like a glutton because you know it’s not healthy. I hope he comes to that realisation before he’s a bloated, lonely old man who’s capable of acting in love but not able to feel it.

@dasha: well said. Even though I agree on what you said about Gisele I still think she was the closest to a relationship and I do think it hurt him a lot that she walked. Not that he didn’t give her reason to dump him. Ever since it’s just worse because he seems to pick weak ones deliberately so he can pull the strings. But it doesn’t seem to satisfy him anymore. He seems bored and disinterested more than ever. These Versailles photos are just dreadful?

One thing is sure, Leo is superficial when it comes to women.

@dasha and @also @ 06/10/2013 at 1:40 pm

i agree with you. maybe he realized that himself and has been doing some therapy these past few months?

so he might have cheated on Erin too and then she walked away

Did Leo spend 7-9 months single just to wait for Toni ??? really??.. he cannot be that dumb. Come on! I think he is single, and he SHOULD. She was not worth the single life-switch. Not THAT exciting of a woman…..

@dasha and @also @ 06/10/2013 at 2:04 pm

so maybe he’s a sex addict and hes been doing a therapy? and he’s trying to stay away from the opposite sex as much as possible! thats why he’s always with lukas!

Besides Gisele, the only one I think I have seen him happy with -whos not a gf, but anyway.. is Cameron Diaz! Look at this clip from Tag Heuer in Monaco : He seems loose, relaxed, likes to smile again, and she is so much more into it than all those small girls he is dragging with him… Of course, Cameron has another taste, I know, but still.. they are best friends, always been, and its a pleasure to see him smile with her and just be himself. Why does he lower himself with less beautiful and less interesting women all the time ?

cameron has never been beautiful (just alright with a lot of make-up on) and it is getting worst and worst as she’s aging.

I don`t hate Toni, I don`t know much about her and I don`t even want to because I doubt she will stick around long. But I just love how M ( #422 ) said it:
`She was not worth the single life-switch. Not THAT exciting of a woman…..`

Cameron is a woman, Toni is a baby

I realize that Toni Garrn and Leo’s ex, Erin Bubley Borington share the same availability in posing in the nude.

I don’t know how old she was when she agreed to flash her breasts
Like Erin Bubley Borington, 18 probably…

They all pose nude. All of ‘em. Gisele, Naomi, Kate M., Christy Turlington. It’s part of modeling I guess.

Exactly hasn’t stopped the Vogue covers, the W covers, the FW runways e.t.c Game of Thrones is the most critically acclaimed and highest rated show on TV with nudity almost everywhere. Who cares

That’s why like I said before they can’t give him any fashion advice as they barely wear any clothes! ha!

But why are you going looking for nude pics of her or of anyone? That’s kinda creepy

There’s nothing wrong with being informed about the person rumored to date Leo.
Thanks @Yes for the pics… . and indeed, she looks quite young on the photos.

Yes but I just wanted to point out that it’s not something unusual in their business. I do think going completely or partially naked in front of a camera at any age is a bit off. Even more so when you’re 18/19. But it’s the job they chose so.

what a shame @ 06/10/2013 at 6:04 pm

@ 435

and that’s disgusting

what a shame @ 06/10/2013 at 6:07 pm

people are willing to do anything for money

what a shame @ 06/10/2013 at 6:20 pm

because in the fashion industry nudity even when some of the photoshoot look almost like porn is seen as art.i guess i don’t understand art…i call that hypocrisy.

Go N-U-D-E @ 06/10/2013 at 6:31 pm

@Yes: Yawn. Who cares? Most models pose nude. Not every culture looks down on nudity like a pucker mouthed, spinster prude.

Those pics are beautiful

LOL the self talking pic spammer has started with Toni now. You’re a loser Kerri / Yes

Anonymous @ 06/10/2013 at 6:36 pm

Could someone please spam Toni’s numerous Vogue covers at only age 20. I mean its only fair

‘spamming’ Her photos are posted and not everyone like them. So what? Of course it’s a ‘self talker’ …., etc. The comments here are just as boring and repetitive as Leo’s life.

“MOST models pose nude” : it does not make it right!

“Not every culture looks down on nudity like a pucker mouthed, spinster prude” : its not about culture but individual! Americans for instance are supposed to be puritans and yet you see VS ads everywhere!

If my comment is boring and repetitive what are yours forum monitor? I can say the f cuk I want. So what? I notice you did not say the pic spamming are “as boring and repetitive as leo’s life” you only objected to my objecting. go f cuk ur self

maybe you can show ALSO how to do so as Im sure you’re an expert in that field ;)

@446: Who said that you can’t say what the f cuk you want? Relax! Forum monitor? Because you don’t like my response to yours? I said COMMENTS are boring and repetitive. You are the one making the spamming distinction not me. Comments are comment whether they are photos of Toni … oh, sorry ‘spams’ or not!
Relax and take your own advice!

“boring and repetitive”? ppl in glass houses….

i get the interest, but why do these threads about his personal life always go on for an eternity? those of you with multiple comments on every page: at some point don’t you ever say to yourself ‘if he wants to look and act like a dirty old geezer, so be it’ and move on?

if its too long for you, dont read, and you move on. next!

@JL: She is German so she is a long time of age. And youre allowed to trink alcohol with 16. So what.

I’ve been wondering who the lady is in orange with the pin on her dress——–I hope that’s not his future mother in law——when you get married you have to also marry the family——look very close at the mom—-mother daughter relationship—–especially where it concerns the kids,later,grandchildren and all that stuff—if that is toni’s mom—well,leo’s mom and toni’s mom—-could they have a workable relationship where it concerns grand kids?——she looks a little intense——-don’t care for her expression on her face——children are like sponges—-they learn what the see and live around them———can she soften up a little bit? who knows—–marriage can = in law problems—–

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