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Ryan Phillippe: Crazy Happy Dad!

Ryan Phillippe: Crazy Happy Dad!

Ryan Phillippe makes a low key entrance into Craig’s restaurant for dinner on Thursday (June 6) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 38-year-old actor tweeted that his son Deacon recently made him crazy happy through a song!

“My son just quietly sang, “Please Don’t Steal My Fries” Kendrick Lamar style as I reached for some of his and now I’m crazy happy…” Ryan tweeted about Deacon presumably singing in the tune of “…Don’t Kill My Vibe”.

The day before, Ryan and his girlfriend Paulina Slatger partied at the STK-LA 5th Anniversary Party.

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  • Tae

    The black one?

  • see

    He is a saint compared to Reese in the parent department.

  • Jess

    He’s “crazy happy” that his son knows the lyrics to an inappropriate song? Didn’t he say last year that he was proud and happy that his daughter was into the Beatles rather than Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber? Oh well..

  • MePhillippe 2

    Why my comments are awaiting moderation? I have never spoken badly or insulted anyone.

  • Guest

    @see How the hell do you know what Reese’s parenting skills are like? Do live in her home? Do you work as her Nanny? Or do you have a *source* who claims to know this as so many assh$les looking to make a buck who negotiate with the tabloids always claim to be to these celebs.

    Ryan has gone on record as saying they co-parent very well and put their kids first.

  • Pattycake

    Jeez, Jess, there are “clean” versions of almost every major song released. Ryan has said that he makes sure to buy those versions for his children’s ears.

  • grace

    he has the dad thing down.
    now he has to work on his pathetic career and upgrade his girlfriend.

  • Russ

    Pathetic career? He is acting/writing/directing his latest movie, has a movie out with Bruce Willis & another one with Matthew McCoughnahey , what have you done in your career Grace, internet troll? that’s what I thought…..

  • xena

    @Russ: whoa when does beig in a movie with mcconaughey and Willis mean something? bec they’re famous and get followed by the tabs, that’s your bar? those 2 aren’t exactly A-list Oscar frequents.

  • mellow

    After Ava was born, Reese got her role for Legally Blonde in early 2000, and that was the first period when Ryan stayed at home with the baby while Reese was away making movies.And at time she became really famous because of her mainstream movies, while Ryan got smaller roles in Gosford Park or Igby Goes Down. His career wasn’t that big because he always stayed at home with the baby while Reese was constantly away. They always wanted that one of them stays at home with the kids while the other one was busy and away. And when Deacon was born in 2003, it didn’t change. Reese was constantly away, she got her role in Walk the Line, she got her Oscar and this was the time when their marriage was over too.
    The one who stayed at home was almost only Ryan.I wouldn’t blame him of his less successfull career, he was with the kids and at least not partying all the time while his wife was away.
    I think Reese doesn’t spend that much time with Tennessee, not that much as Ryan did when Ava was born. You can see her with her husband a lot but without the baby.
    And about Ryan’s movies: I liked a lot of his films post-2000, many of the was artistically great even if they weren’t so big hits. There are plenty of actors who make lots of awful movies, but he is not one of them.

  • Me.Phillippe (Spanish)

    @mellow: I very much agree,

    Even Ryan often has said he prefers to make a movie that you like but will not be a success, to make an empty movie will be a succes.

    He was offered to be in Star Wars, and he refused, also happened to Batman Begins.

    I feel sad for the people who base the career of an actor in the ‘successes’ that has had and not based on how good is it doing its job.

    Also, note that he like his job, so just make a movie where besides being the main actor is the director, producer and co-writer.

    pathetic career? LOL

  • Sam

    Whoot! Handsome and a great father.He has his priorities together. Family first and Hollywood second!

  • Propster

    I can confirm that Witherdrunk is a one horrible parent. Career first, image second, money third and family/kids are not even in the top 50!

  • MnL

    We have seen every movie that this man has made. They may not have billion dollar blockbusters but they were entertaining and we enjoyed them all!
    @#10 and #11

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    I think that Ryan cannot have had ALL OF THE TIME between 2000 and 2005 time for his kids, because he played characters of following movies:
    2000 – The Way Of The Gun
    2001 – Startup
    2001 – Gosford Park
    2002 – Igby Goes Down
    2004 – The I Inside
    2004 – Crash
    2005 – Chaos
    I think that they both spend enough time with their kids within this time – Ryan & Reese, yep!

  • Strange stranger

    stalker all over this thread. Has been identified and everyone is alerted to the possible problems that could happen

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    @Strange stranger:
    Monitoring in order to avoid possible dangers is a good idea, I think.
    Every celebrity has the right to order this wish, I think.
    That´s an intelligent “risc-minimizing-strategy”.
    I like the NSA !
    Better more security than less, yep!
    And the best security for Ryan, Reese and Jim and all of their kids!
    Well done, “Strange stranger”!
    (Of course, my post is NOT an ironic post!)
    It´s a compliment!