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Vanessa Hudgens & Nicolas Cage: 'Frozen Ground' Trailer!

Vanessa Hudgens & Nicolas Cage: 'Frozen Ground' Trailer!

Vanessa Hudgens stars in the trailer for her new film The Frozen Ground.

The film, which is based on actual events, follows an Alaska State Trooper (Nicolas Cage) who partners with a young woman (Hudgens) who escaped the clutches of serial killer Robert Hansen (John Cusack) to bring the murderer to justice.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

The film will be released in theaters and on demand on August 23.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa Hudgens in the trailer for The Frozen Ground?

Vanessa Hudgens & Nicolas Cage: ‘Frozen Ground’ Trailer!
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  • maria

    Looks so good! So creepy that this is based on a true story. Like the cinematography too. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Telly

    i really can’t wait!!

  • marie

    the movie is based on a true story, poor woman. =( Vanessa looks really good.

  • JCF

    i’m glad the movie is going to be in theatres, even in a limited release.

  • emma

    it looks amazing! Better than i was expecting.

  • emma

    The story is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo frightening and it is in fact based on a real story.

  • Bia

    so she was actually doing promo last week. Can’t wait for the european promo tour, i’m really excited. This looks so good

  • Bia

    BTW Spring Breakers is still playing in some places. lol

  • hannah


  • kami

    wow, vanessa and nc are really good in this. can’t wait to see it, but i’ll probably have nightmares afterwards. john cusack is playing another creepy guy.

  • sam

    is she going to Australia too?

  • linnie

    Vanessa being perfect

  • linnie

    #TBT Santa Barbara botanical gardens. I wanna go back! #truebeauty

  • linnie

    Strong like a bull ­čśë #TBT

  • linnie
  • liz

    she’s at least better than k stew but her acting is still really bad. the only young actresses that i can take seriously are jennifer lawrence and leighton meester.

  • anney

    THIS SO MUCH!! There was a screening last week in London:

    The Frozen Ground proves John Cusack has fully embraced the “sweaty serial killer” phase of his career after his success in The Paperboy.

  • linnie

    Yea camping was the sh-it.

  • dolle

    So Vanessa┬┤s character dies in this movie?

  • lolol

    @dolle: ummm, i guess this cant be consider a spoiler, seeing as the film is based on a real story, but no, vanessas character doesn’t die, in fact, vanessa got the chance to meet cindy (the girl who she plays in the movie)


    Her acting looks mighty impressive if I may say so. Can’t wait for the movie, my kinda movie.
    Thanks Linnie, really love her pendant in the last camping pic. It looks like a natural crystal.

  • Christine

    this looks really really good, so much better than i was expecting. Glad to see her doing different roles as opposed to teen / tweens roles.
    Also im really happy about her interaction with her fans on twitter, i mean a couple of years ago i was so against her joining twitter (i mean, i thought she would turn into an Ashley Tisdale or something like that, i love her too, but she is really annoying and inmature on twitter – twetting her boyfriend, ex boyfriend, fighting with Aly… -) But Vanessa only uses twitter to share some pics and just por little cute comments. Im really glad she is not using her twitter in a personal way.

  • Christine

    Vanessa┬┤s character doesn’t die, Cindy is the sole survivor.

  • selenafan

    will this be on lifetime channel?

  • Kelly

    @Christine: lol i’m tired of this vanessa vs ashley crap. if you’re 13 and under fine but once you reach a certain age you really need to stop. grow the eff up and stop comparing people ffs.

  • Kelly

    @lolol: where did you get that info from? that she met cindy? I’ve never knew about this before.

  • Anon

    @emma: the fact that you use “sooooooooooooooooooo creepy” for a movie like this makes you one of those people i would desperately avoid in real life.

  • Bigcududdcucududufyfuvuigfit

    @linnie: yes, you are obsessed with vanessa. You finally admit it.

  • J

    @Anon: JERK. Ignore him

  • Christine

    As i said, I LOVE ASHLEY, but i don’t like how she portrays herself on twitter, i’ve meet her a couple of times, and she isn┬┤t a spoiled little girl, she is a really grown up woman.
    We all were a little scared when Vanessa said a couple of months ago, i think it was n the NRJ interview, she was going to start using twitter, because we all thought she was going to be like Ash (she uses her twitter in a really REALLY personal/private way -we found out if she is fighting with Chris or any of her friends because she is really vocally about it ON TWITTER) and everyone knows Vanessa is really private, we dont know anything about her life. I wasnt trying to start a fight.

  • samatha

    She actually is a sweet girl. She really just doesn’t take a lot of cr*ap from anybody. She doesn’t share anything “too personal” in twitter but yet managed to make a cute+sincere+honest relationship with her fans.

  • shia

    folks, this already been done well by Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman, it’s called Kiss the Girls, look it up.

  • Dela

    I am concerned about her career. Selena Gomez may get ahead of her.


    lol you are talking about Alex Cross and some doctor, right? This is about Robert Hansen and Cindy Paulson.

  • kami

    selena gomez is doing a lot of meaningless roles in movies that will make people laugh at her. did you see the trailer of her last movie? she has this round little baby face and baby voice and pulls out a gun??? yes people are laughing at that. doing a lot of movies (quantity) does not equal good movies (quality). when it comes right down to it selen can. not. act.

  • UnKnown

    @Kelly: Vanessa said in an interview that she was able to meet Cindy.
    Anyway I’m so excited for this movie. It’s the one I’m most looking forward to.

  • yets

    so proud of her wish more movies to come.

  • freya

    Vanessa’s “TRUE” fame will be tested if this movie will be number 1 in the box office.

  • tina

    Can’t wait to see this. Love the fact she actually talked to Cindy Paulson. Two of my favorite actors who started with teen movies and actually made the transition well, Nicolas Cage and John Cusack. I know if it does well the detractors will say it’s not ‘her movie’ although she is the female leader (as in J2). They same ones saying it’s a test of her ‘popularity’ lol.

  • whew

    It’s no wonder Vanessa doesn’t get roles .She can’t act , simply put .”my movies” what a pompous a$$ .Can’t believe after 5 years the two lead roles who sprang up from the same franchise would evolve so different from each other : Vanessa and Zac .Zac’s terrific in his new movies whereas Vanessa just can’t even get the facial expressions right .And of course now her diehard fans are gonna come down pouring on me and slaughter me .Just disappointing : (

  • tina

    Love when someone gives a who hasn’t seen a movie give a their unbias opinion. Lmao. What the he ll does the ex’s last two flops (both critically and box office) have to do with Vanessa? She is coming off of SB and J2 (her last two movies) one an indie that made 25million and the other over 300 million. She is doing just fine.

  • Vloyalist

    Springbreakers were not shown in my place since it’s an indie film, but I will make sure i will not miss FG in cinemas here. The movie looks good and i can’t wait to see it.

  • Vloyalist

    A film with two of my favorite hollywood actors, John Cusack and Vanessa Hudgens, plus good acting….crazy excited!

  • maria

    @whew: Geez. Are we talking about that Zac Efron? Seriously? The guy with NO facial expressions, with no emotion in his eyes at all, who is a one-stare wonder? Please. Don’t make me laugh. Say what you want about how hot the little man is, or what a hearthrob he is, but puh-leeze don’t gush about his acting. He is not “all that”. We are enjoying watching Vanessa grow into her roles, and play very diverse characters, instead of Troy Bolton playing frat boy. Go somewhere else and gush please.

  • Haters Suck!

    Looks good. I’ll be there in August to check out the movie and who knows maybe by then efron fans will have moved on so don’t have to hear from them anymore after nearly 3 years. But I doubt it.

  • tina

    Sorry about all the typos, I was laughing to hard to type. sb “Love it when some one who hasn’t seen a movie feels the need to come in and give us their “unbias opinion”. heavy on the sarcasm. Wonder if anyone feels the need to “pour” anything? I know I don’t . Good to see Vanessa introducing this movie before the trolls can come and say “it’s not her movie” or “anyone could have played the part”

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  • kate

    So, to those who trash both Zac and Vanessa just SHUT UP!!!! They’re both good actors and both have improved in their acting skills. If you call yourselves Zac Efron or Vanessa Hudgens fans don’t be disrespectful! Also stop calling Zac as “the ex” since you won’t like it if people start calling Vanessa the same way.
    This movie looks really good and it seems that Vanessa has done a really good job on this one! Excited to see it!

  • tina

    @kate: When he is brought up on VANESSA’S POSTS that is all he is her ex. I couldn’t care less what or who he does. I just don’t see why he is brought up for her every endeavor. As I don’t waste my time going to his threads I don’t care if she is referred to as his ex there. Plain and simple. They are no longer together HE IS THE EX.

  • lala

    it looks good. i enjoy thrillers so i will probably watch this (not in theatres i look too young lol). we shouldnt compare peoples careers such as selena and zacs to vanessas because they have all taken different paths although they all started on the same one. you may like this trailer or you may hate it, the same with the getaway (a lot of non selena fans were not impressed by the comments made), but its still just the first trailer.