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Alexander Skarsgard Flaunts Buff Biceps at LAX Security Line

Alexander Skarsgard Flaunts Buff Biceps at LAX Security Line

Alexander Skarsgard shows off his buff biceps while going through the security check point at LAX Airport on Saturday afternoon (June 8) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor caught a flight out of town after doing some promo work for the upcoming season of True Blood.

Alex made an appearance on Conan earlier this week, during which he talked about being comfortable going nude and how his father Stellan Skarsgard would walk around in the buff when he was younger.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard at the airport…

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alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 01
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 02
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 03
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 04
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 05
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 06
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 07
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 08
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 09
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 10
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 11
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 12
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 13
alexander skarsgard flaunts buff biceps at lax security line 14

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • lori

    Mmmmmmm Viking

  • Single Skars


    Back off His Ellen’s piece now.

  • HotandTalented

    Those arms!

  • HotandTalented

    @Single Skars:

    Oh here we go again. Trolls be trolling. Crazies be getting crazier by the minute.

  • lori

    @Single Skars: oh I have no hopes of ever sampling said Viking…….but only because of Geography! LOL

  • hmmmmmmm

    He can be yours just photoshop your face in and dream. LOL.

  • alliana

    Mmm. I’d take those biceps wrapped around me anytime.

  • Single Skars


    Trolls? Crazy? Really is that what you got from this? I didn’t post said picture of them lounging and inbetween each others legs and kissing. They did. I am just commenting on said picture and said goings on between the both of them. Last premiere she was all over him too and now he is all over her. She is always all over him so is Brit. I really don’t care maybe they are all doing each other. They all live in LA and they are so CLOSE and Alex and all of them keep saying. So tell me when I am going way off here. They keep providing the easy entertainment.

  • Single Skars


    No Ellen will find you. He is hers now. We can stop wondering who is GF now is, it is Ellen. Even poor Brit has to step back the small Canadian got her yellow hands all over that.

  • yes happens

    I think i will be off of this thread for some time,i don’t want to read comments of “Single Skars”

  • hmmmmmmm

    @Single Skars- Hey it’s just a picture and if they are enjoying themselves good for them. I tip my trucker hat to Ellen for just being in that position in that pic there. Whoa.

  • Single Skars


    hey what? I thought you gals would be glad Alex has him a non famewho*re who is not blond. You gals should be happy for them and she has been there before that position I mean. But whatever. I am sure there will be more picture of them just being “friends”.

  • lori

    Well, I’m Canadian too…… maybe I do have a shot! LOL

  • hmmmmmmm

    @Single Skars- what do you think I’ve been saying? If they are together cool if not, it’s cool she got to get a nuzzle in that pic and maybe more later. Wow, that sure a sexy pic though. Lighten up :)

  • Cute

    Cute they wore matching outfits.
    It does look like there is something more than friends between them.

  • Cute
  • Rupert

    Big bro, ‘lil sis vibe to me, but… If not, I would cosign this. She’s cute, albeit a blank actress, but seems smart and non-famewhorey to boot!

  • Cute


    I am sure there will be more, maybe Zal or Ellen or both will post it. Maybe Zal will get a kiss too lol.

  • Voice


    Don’t forget her voice is crackling as hell. She talks like she is in a washing machine or talking through a fan. I can’t listening to her for long.

  • Hands

    Is no one wondering where his hands are. Is it inbetween her legs or on her breasts. It looks very intimate. I can see her hand at less one but his look like it is resting on or inbetween her. I am not that close to my friends. This is not a friend photo.

  • yes happens

    Are you very saint?

  • Hands


    What is non famwho*ring means really? She does tweet pictures of them getting drunk and stupid stuff especially when it comes to Alex almost always tweet or talk. It like she wants you to know. She did that in Texas and now she retweet Zal did she have to retweet Zal? It’s already on twitter. I think all actress or famewhor*es it’s some or not so heavily into it and you are especially if you have twitter. As for smart I am not too sure about that but she can juggle balls and oranges I know that.

  • Hands

    @yes happens:

    You must live on a hippie commune and milk cows naked or something. I don’t. Normally people are not in between each other looking intimate like this and say they are friend. So please STFU.

  • 55vineyard

    He is hot.
    TSA at LAX is a pain, traveled last month and had to do wheel chair assist due to my back. I not only had to take off my shoes (never had to before using wheelchair) but got the full body scan. Just glad I did not get the body patdown.

  • yes happens

    You are very cold and close mind to my opinion.Specially pictures about 2 (or 3)people that are doing promo to a movie.

  • Pretendious lot

    They are all very f.king pretendious just read Zal tweet then look the Smug pic. Wanna be the whole lot. You would think it is just Alex, Elleen and Brit in this stupid movie.

  • beautybarbie

    Alex is a very affectionate and demonstrative with everyone equally. I refer to the evidence:

  • beautybarbie

    It’s Saturday I would have to be studied but Im sooo bored while all my friends are partying. Surfing in the web I found the photos where Alex supposedly left the bar with a blonde in NY a couple weeks ago do you remember?But this ones are a little bigger. Like a curiosity i add the link.

    I love the passion you girls have to express your points of views and your love for Alex. Greetings.

  • there were 2 blondes

    I think you have some serious obsessions too hun but that’s not a blonde he left with. There was some brunette hushing him away from her and then he hooked up with an other blonde girl and they left together to his hotel (according some gossip site). No photos though, so who knows..

  • ladybug

    I do wonder if those who really obsess over his sex life should probably try and find a sex life of their own:

    “Mister Pressman with your penknife
    Always asking about my sex life
    And who with and how many times?”

  • Keiko has 20 cats

    So ok,all comments aside that’s a very up close and personal photo. Am I missing something are they together now?

  • Lesley D

    Where’s New gf Ellen? They’re the perfect bearding couple with both being aherm but your all just miffed someone else is getting to rub and share moments with him all time. If it works good on them both and it’s just sad they both need to hide who they are plus great PR with are they aren’t they.

  • Chuckle monkey

    Alex always bangs a girl on set its only way he can get someone stupid enough to think he has anything else going for him and hes stupid in social settings and with women. He just takes them where he can and when it’s convenient and it worked for him and Bos now it working slowly for him and Paigey. Just watch out for more hits and remarks from them all to help keep the picture painted. He was a sham from day 1 and just getting better at it now and for this I celebrate him learning how to finally do PR with Conan to hide his yawness and now Paige its perfect.

  • Keiko has 20 cats

    @Lesley D:

    Dude Alex has no personal boundaries with people that much I do know. He really should instil some personal boundaries. He lets people get all over him and he is all over people. Yes Alex has some gay rumors following him around and as for Ellen I have no real clue I don’t follow her but I do sense a more Bi vibe than gay but whatever. As everyone here keep saying he is Single not like he has to be careful of what he puts out there. He knows people will see it so who cares.

    Just a few weeks ago he was in NY getting close to strangers too, so I guess this is nothing then or is it?

  • Keiko has 20 cats

    @Chuckle monkey:

    Ok I will bite if they are both gay as you are stating then this is the worst cover up ever. Since 99.9.9% thinks Ellen is a carpet munchers. (I am the1% thinking she is more Bi or awkwardly straight) They both must be incredible stupid to think people will buy this since it will only scream out more that they are truly gay. Uggh I really can’t with the BS are they are aren’t they crap so f*king retarded.

  • None

    so considering that picture this thread is surprisingly quiet is it because people are believing they are an item now and can’t deal with that because they assume she was gay and out of no where Page wins the Swede lol

  • So……………….

    what am I missing it’s just a picture of her sitting in between his legs and the point is ????????????

  • porquenon

    The thread is quiet because the 1 poster with 4 or or so alias got tired of responding to them(selves). In order to understand the dynamic between Alex and Ellen it’s really helpful to have seen The East which they have been promoting together since TFF last fall. Obviously they both believe in this film and have become closer as they’ve made the press, festival and screening rounds for it – good for them.

  • Extra

    I got news for all of you Zal Batmangli directed The East and Another World. I was an extra in The East and met and talked to Zal, Brit and Ellen. Ellen page is not a lesbian nor has she ever been. She has been constantly frustrated by the fact that people put her in that category because of the way she dresses. She will tell you herself that her dress style and the way she goes out in public is in her words, “disgusting” That is the way she likes to dress and she describes herself as a tomboy with no fashion desire. Ladies she has multiple guys that she goes out with and as far as her sexual partners that is her own buisness but I can guarantee you from my own personal account of her she is definetely into men and not women. She has stated that she will not discuss this publically because then she would be called homophobic. I am certain this will not make a difference to those whoo have a need to place her as a lesbo.

    Now you see why she and Alex are so, so close, they are together people they are working it in slowly but surely. They did more than eat dinner and dance while filming.

  • Morin

    @Single Skars:

    just a girl and her gay friend are being very
    comfortable with each other It is very common.

  • 2 blondes

    What gay rumors? I never heard anything except Ted C’s lame and slightly homophobic (yes I know Ted is gay, but gays often hate bi sexuals fiercely) bi insinuations. He never confirmed those rumors though and he often contradicted himself with his “inside” information and made up stories. Also, he was a huge Team Bill & Sookie shipper from start and a shameless Manganiello fan boy. The gay/bi rumors hit the air way too conveniently for those other boys. Who knows if the smear campaign was ordered by someone who benefits if Alex/Eric lose his popularity..hmmmm? It’s also good to know Alex spent his 30+ yrs in Sweden and there’s absolutely zero gay rumors there. Maybe person magically turns to gay when moving to Hollywood?

  • Digging Ellen & Alex

    Well if they did more then eat dinner and dance while filming and working on some relationship slowly then I am digging Ellen page and Alex all the way a cute petite brown head there is hope for us short gals :)

    However how did you know they did alot more then filming were you in there company often to know something is going on and what happened to Brit where her and Alex not hitting it ?

    However I have yet to see a sighting of them alone in LA enjoying a meal holding hands instead of just promotional duties but time will tell

  • More

    @Digging Ellen & Alex:

    So them being all cosy like that is not more than promotional duties. I have NOT seen any other celeb do that for a movie almost every damn photo shoot when they are on promotional tours. I am going to go with this no insider info from me but that they all have been doing it in that house Brit and Zal had and just to go with Ted gay rumor Zal got into that too.
    It’s kinda sad too it makes it seems this is what they have to do to get interest in their film. It makes Alex especially look bad since he had this rumor just like the gay one that he is doing his female co stars.

  • cast

    so just like always it either he is gay comments or he is sleeping around with women so no change there. BTW it gets seriously old. Any new sightings did they flew back into LA yet with him carrying her luggage or are they still enjoying San F making out in the sun.

  • Not sure

    The only think I took note was when they first started promo was how Alex and Brit were slobbering all over each other like love sick puppies is that how they promote the love Intrest thing in the movie.I also don’t know how many actors slobber all over each other for promo duties.. I don’t get the Alex and Ellen are doing it vibe is Alex Ellens type (even for a few romps don’t know) but I sure got the vibe that Alex and Brit did it and she wanted more from it the way she was all giggling like a school girl when he opened his mouth every time to say a sentence and looking all lovey dovey at him as for Alex it’s just SEX BABY AND NOTHING MORE . Or maybe i am reading too much into the body language

  • 2 blondes


    Yes, like I said, those rumors or more like insinuations are very convenient for the other TB actors and their fans have eagerly spread them on every gossip and TB pages. Actually Ted C started with womanizer/ASkars is a tramp rumors and when those smutty gossips (no proof whatsoever) hadn’t desired impact on the TB fandom he launched gay/bi rumors knowing how homophobic the majority of US population still is. But there was never any proof or facts which his “information” was based on. No names, photos, links etc. And as far as I know Ted is still one and only gossiper who has made any gay insinuations. And he was always openly hostile and disrespectful towards Alex.

  • More

    @2 blondes:

    Lainey pretty much said last year that Alex is BI so Ted is not the only one. True or not people are spreading rumors Alex is not really helping either. Either ways the point is they are making themselves looks cheap all of them pimping themselves on twitter or sundance or photoshoots for a movie people will forget before the summer ends. No one will remember this movie afterwards something shiner will come along.

  • 2 blondes

    Also Ted C never confirmed these rumors. Actually he never said it directly that Alex is bi/gay, only vague insinuations and snide comments, but one part of TB fandom/Kate Boshworth haters WANTED to believe him. IF he had had any factual proof he would outted Skars in nanosecond. He never wasn’t Alex’s fan boy.

  • Macy

    Good grief these threads just keep getting more bizarre. Le sigh!

  • 2 blondes

    @More: Lainey is Ted C’s bitch, fan and follower. She’s also a bitter cow, rejected ex Askars fan girl who hates KB and even Charlize Theron, see the pattern? She’s only Ted’s voice when TC got his a$$ kicked from EW. There wasn’t any proof in her statement either.

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