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Brad Pitt Continues 'World War Z' Surprises in Los Angeles!

Brad Pitt Continues 'World War Z' Surprises in Los Angeles!

Brad Pitt leaves the theater after surprising the crowd at a special advance screening of his movie World War Z on Friday evening (June 7) at the Regal LA Live in Los Angeles.

The 49-year-old actor continued his mission to surprise audiences around the country after popping into theaters in four different cities the day before.

Check out our recaps of Brad‘s appearances in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Austin, as well as his surprises in London and New Jersey.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see World War Z when it hits theaters on June 21?

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt leaving the movie theater after the surprise…

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brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 01
brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 02
brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 03
brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 04
brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 05
brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 06
brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 07
brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 08
brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 09
brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 10
brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 11
brad pitt continues world war z surprises in los angeles 12

Photos: Twitter, BauerGriffinOnline
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  • YIB

    It just makes me happy seeing his cute smile. Lucky them who get to see him.
    @sunny from last thread and @lulu great insight indeed for us real folcks

  • Frenchy

    WOW!!!! Go Brad…next stop Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Waving to fans!

  • Frenchy

    Brad is looking good I must say. Can’t wait for the premiere.

  • Frenchy

    what happened to the trolls? They usually are the first one’s here lol

  • Frenchy

    Brad Pitt gives generous tip to lucky waitress

    Berlin, Jun 8 (IANS): Actor Brad Pitt reportedly gave waitress Undine Orth, 24, a tip of over $700 after dinner at Japanese eatery Kuchi here.

    He was there to celebrate actress-fiancee Angelina Jolie’s 38th birthday.

    “They are so cool. At nine o’clock at night, they were there at the door. They took their shoes off, like all guests,” quoted Orth as saying.

    “My knees were shaking. I shared the tip with 15 of my colleagues,” she added.

    The 49-year-old ordered $1,000 worth of a menu including sushi, salad, yakitori chicken and soup for himself, Jolie and their six kids – Maddox, 11, Pax, nine, Zahara, eight, Shiloh, six, and four-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

    After finishing the appetising meal, Pitt whipped out $1,846 in cash and said, “That’s good”, according to awestruck Undine.

    Pitt and Jolie were in town for the German premiere of his new zombie thriller “World War Z”, and he took out time from promotional duties to celebrate his fiancee’s special day.

  • YIB

    I didn’t know I was first.
    Brad is connecting with fans what nice surprise for them .
    Trolls takes the night off ? that can’t be possible. R they really lol.
    Got to go for real .nt

  • were the morons

    Looking good Bradley!

  • me

    Wow,what a nice way to show your appreciation to your Fans.You are so down to earth,both you and Angie.Be waiting to see your WWZ movie,man!

  • groundcontrol

    This is hilariously great!
    You know he is having a ball. It’s reminiscent of the time Brad set up a table outside a mall as a joke to sell one of his movies. Right across from another table promoting something and Brad ended up helping to promote the other product. LOL!
    Brad knows how to have fun with his work.

  • groundcontrol

    what happened to the trolls? They usually are the first one’s here lol
    They’re desperately trying to get tickets to preview shows hoping Brad will drop into their theaters.

  • groundcontrol

    Just a thought but I don’t think the First Lady of China would be dropping Brad’s name if they were going to keep WWZ out of China. They’re not that casual with their comments.
    The articles about WWZ in China are rather ambiguously written – once again to get an eye-catching headline rather than to report accurate news. It seems that the movie was resubmitted and the studio hadn’t heard back yet – not that there was a new or recent rejection. I’ll have to go read them again.

  • yolly

    @Frenchy: That’s so nice of Brad and also very nice of him to take time off even for a couple of hours to celebrate Angie’s birthday with the whole family. That’s Brad’s taking care & loving his wife to be.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • yolly

    I already told my husband that we are going to see WWZ on June 21.Can’t wait.

  • yolly

    Waving to Neleh,Lara,Senior,Vicki,Anoble,Rose,Lyric,Casmir,JoAnn,Tutuna,Kimmy,DS,Dulc,Gena,Neer and to all on board tonight, all lovely fans of Brad and Angie, you are all awesome. Thank you.God bless us all.

  • jmho

    He changed his pants, he changed his pants!! Looking good Brad!

  • lurker

    looking hot as always


    Angelica McDaniel ‏@AngelicaMcD 3m
    #WorldWarZ — intense & incredible. I need deep tissue massage to get rid of this tension in my neck and shoulders. #edgeofmyseat
    She is the Head of CBS Daytime

  • Dakota

    Brad really knows how to charm with that smile! My husband & I will be at WWZ the 21st also. Can’t wait!

  • pup

    Handsome as ever & he never ages. Fountain of youth right there!

  • lurker

    am really proud of brad


    Aaron Groben ‏@AaronGroben 25m
    #WorldWarZ was incredible! Cant wait for the next 2!
    Cellie ‏@Celliebobellie 28m
    Had an amaZing time at the #worldwarz screening! The movie was amaZing & seeing Brad Pitt was incredible!!!
    Maryia Sky ‏@eyewritebooks 32m
    Watched #WorldWarZ it was one of the coolest zombie movies! #losangeles #movies


    Fatima Corleto ‏@WonderZ88 2m
    World War Z is not your average Z movie. Defiantly must see !! @ParamountPics #WorldWarZ #LALIVEsighting
    Stephanie Lopez ‏@StephiieeBoo1 19m
    #worldwarz was just phenomenal I absolutely loved it!! I’m such a zombie lover!! This is by far my fav zombie movie.


    April Luv ‏@Unicorn29April 27m
    #worldwarz had me at the edge of my seat all throughout the film… Such intensity… It was THAT good!
    JonasTheWantedBieber ‏@makinglovetojb 34m
    #WorldWarZ was soooo amazing! Everyone needs to go watch it when it comes out! You won’t be disappointed :D

  • Passing Through

    Brad’s GOT to be tired by now. Although, I guess he could always sleep on the plane to Sydney. That’s a 14-hour flight. He must have left this screening and went immediately to the airport. The date fo Sydney was given as June 9 but they didn’t say whether that was EDT or Sydney time. I’m assuming it’s Sydney time, so if the premiere is at 6pm Sydney time that would mean it’s about 2am SUNDAY morning EDT. Wonder how long he’ll stay? He’ll probably be there just long enough for them to refuel and head back to LA…

  • jmho

    I just want to stop and savor this moment. 24 posts and not one by a troll.


    Erica Kolsrud ‏@ekolsrud 17m
    Presently surprised by @WorldWarZMovie! Who would have thought I would like a zombie movie! Waiting for a sequel now! #WorldWarZ
    ❀☠♥-DeeEctOr-♥☠❀ ‏@_Lakerfan_ 23m
    AGREE! “@rual06: @_Lakerfan_ @Itchyypanda By far the best movie of the year ;) #WorldWarZ”
    Curtis S ‏@dmc2 18m
    @itchyypanda my 3 favorite movies of the year 1 star trek 2 (2) world war Z and 3 the way way back. Gotta say I liked world war z tonight


    Brad seeming more desperate lately than Tom Cruise to save his FLOP…lol


    Seems Brad went to a screening in San Franciso CA too.
    KRON 4 News ‏@kron4news 1m
    Brad Pitt surprises fans at the Century 9 SF Center during World War Z screening!

  • Wonderbust

    FOX will now be releasing THE COUNSELOR on October 25, 2013.
    11:06pm – 7 Jun 13

  • a lurker

    Brad will leave for sydney right after SF

  • a lurker

    PT, I think brad will go direct to south korea from sydney. South korea premiere is june 11


    Becky Kirsch ‏@becky_kirsch 28m
    Brad Pitt = a whole new level of starstruck. #worldwarz

  • Dakota

    The itinerary for Brad has to be exhausting. I know how I feel & look after a 4 hr flight. It is not a pretty site. He does it so much better, even managing to joke, smile & charm the audience. Way to go Brad!

  • ann

    Take a shower you greasy hobo!

  • awwwwww

    He is amazing.


    Scott Weinberg ‏@scottEweinberg 19h
    Yesterday Brad Pitt flew from Atlanta to Philly to Chicago to Austin to introduce WWZ screenings. Frankly I think that’s kinda bad-ass.
    Scott Weinberg ‏@scottEweinberg 19h
    I know that Brad Pitt’s mini-tour is smart PR but, like, he’s got other shit to do. He doesn’t HAVE to race across the planet with the flick


    AARON ‏@indichief 26m
    World War Z was an exceptional zombie flick. I’m really proud of the work done by everyone who made this film.
    Victoria Zavala ‏@viictoriaashley 20m
    World War Z was freaking incredible.
    Goodnite folks

  • JK

    Many claimed he gained weight. From this set of photo, he looks fine

  • Passing Through

    GC -
    I sent you an email. No rush though…

  • Passing Through

    # 31 a lurker @ 06/08/2013 at 2:40 am
    That’s right. I forgot they’d added Seoul on Tuesday. Thanks for the reminder. I wonder if Brad has a calendar and is crossing off the stops and having a countdown: 6 cities and 2 weeks to go…

  • briseis

    It’s too funny that trolls post all the negative reviews for WWZ, and even VF kinda was snarky and untrue about its budget … and yet when Brad decided to do personal surprise promos at the advanced screenings in most of the large cities these same trolls call him desperate. Heck, I would be fighting with all the weapons in my arsenal too … why would I roll over and die when millions are at stake for my big budget movie.

  • Passing Through

    # 38 JK @ 06/08/2013 at 3:13 am
    Brad has gained weight. You can see it in his face. It’s not a huge gain – maybe 8-10 pounds. Go look at how lean he was in Killing Them Softly. It’s not like he’s a huge as Tampon. He’ll drop the weight when it’s time to start shooting his next movie. He always does…

  • naturegirl


  • jumanji

    I’d rather see Brad showing up to screenings surprising fans then doing silly stunts on a Talk show (that only a few people will see)

    I like how he is working for the film Sad that he has to clean up the crap that Paramount did. But everyone that goes to a screening will be looking at the door hoping he shows up.

  • chrisvet

    Simple case of attention whoring, as in Brad needing a bit of extra attention this week.

    Who’d a thunk-it?

  • JJ125

    He’s the MAN

  • JJ125

    Doing a great job WWZ is getting Great Buzz

  • JJ125

    over 80% @Rotton Tommato’s

  • OhDear

    Jennifer Aniston having home hassles
    Updated: 13:08, Saturday June 8, 2013
    Jennifer Aniston is worried her home won’t be renovated in time for her wedding.

    The 44-year-old actress is rumoured to be planning to marry her fiancé Justin Theroux, 41, at her $US21 million ($A22.1m) mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles, in a few weeks time, is allegedly freaking out because it still looks like a building site.

    A source told the new issue of America’s Star magazine: ‘Jennifer is totally freaking out about the wedding. The ceremony is supposed to happen at the new house, but she is becoming more and more convinced that none of the preparations will be finished in time and the event will be a disaster.

    ‘It’s a total nightmare. There’s still tonnes to do, and the wedding is coming fast. They’ve put more than $US6 million ($A6.32m) into remodelling, and it still isn’t done. The garden where they are supposed to have the ceremony is not complete, or is the pool area. She’s in total panic mode.’

    The former ‘Friends’ star is said to be particularly worried that there isn’t enough space in the garden to fit in all of her and Justin’s guests, so they may have to change the setting where they say their vows.

    However, ‘Wanderlust’ star Justin is less worried than his bride-to-be and is trying to make Jennifer realise everything will be fine.

    The source said: ‘Jennifer called Justin in tears about the house. But his attitude was, ‘What will be will be.’ ‘

  • OhDear

    Jennifer Aniston: Real Reason Why Her Mom’s Not Invited To Wedding
    Jennifer is not inviting her mom to her upcoming wedding to Justin Theroux, and has EXCLUSIVELY learned why Nancy Dow is being left off the invite list.
    Jennifer Aniston has a very good reason for not inviting her mom Nancy Dow to her summer wedding to Justin Theroux, and she is not being spiteful. can exclusively reveal that Jen does not want her mom at her wedding because she is afraid she will leak all the details!

    Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding — Mom Not Invited Because Fear She’ll Talk To Media
    Jen famously failed to invite her mom to her 2000 wedding to Brad Pitt, because Nancy previously gave a tell all interview about her daughter, and it looks like Jen is once bitten, twice shy.

    “Jennifer is scared that her Mom will talk to the media after the wedding and she doesn’t want to deal with that headache,” a source close to the actress tells “The strained relationship between the two is legit and Jen doesn’t want people at the wedding that will take away from the big day.”

    That is pretty sound reasoning. Nancy is not the only person who is being shunned from the invite list — so are Jen’s former castmates!

    “The entire Friends cast is currently not attending as they don’t want it to take away from the day and the wedding. They don’t want people talking about a Friends reunion when it is Jen’s day.”

    That makes sense, but I find it hard to imagine that Courtney Cox will not be in attendance!

    Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding — Mom Nancy Dow Left Off List previously reported that Jen was not inviting Nancy to her small, intimate wedding.

    “For her wedding to Brad, she left her mom off the guest list, and a friend of Justin’s said that it is going to happen again this summer,” revealed Marianne Garvey on VH1′s The Gossip Table on June 5. “They are having a small, intimate wedding, and a lot of people have been left off, but Nancy’s name is the first.”

    Jen has clearly put a lot of thought into this, and while it is sad that she is not inviting her mother, it is her big day after all.