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Diane Kruger: Shoe Shopping at Neiman Marcus!

Diane Kruger: Shoe Shopping at Neiman Marcus!

Diane Kruger holds onto some shoes while shopping for some footwear at Neiman Marcus on Saturday afternoon (June 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 36-year-old actress was spotted out with her longtime love Joshua Jackson earlier in the week displaying some PDA in the checkout line while shopping for some groceries at the supermarket.

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Diane‘s new series The Bridge will be premiering on FX on July 10 at 10/9c. We can’t wait to watch it!

FYI: Diane is wearing Ann Taylor flats.

20+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger shopping for shoes…

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diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 01
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 02
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 03
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 04
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 05
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 06
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 07
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 08
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 09
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 10
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 11
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 12
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 13
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 14
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 15
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 16
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 17
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 18
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 19
diane kruger shoe shopping at neiman marcus 20

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  • Mrs.Murphy
  • Issie

    Definitely pregnant.

  • Shame

    There are children who go to bed hungry and families living on the streets, yet Diane Kruger does NOTHING but shop. Beauty is more than skin deep, from what I can tell Diane is a truly ugly person. Love others and not just yourself, is a lesson Ms. Kruger needs to learn.

  • 55vineyard

    Personally I like the shoes at Nordstrom, Neiman is too far for me to drive.
    Hey #3, I go to bed hungry sometimes also, it is heck being retired and living on Social Security and a small amount each month from my IRA. I just hope I am gone before it runs out. Lost 15 pounds the last year. Down to 111 at 5’2″.

  • flora

    @Shame: Yes, because you are clearly in possession of her entire schedule and know that she spends all of her time shopping. It must be wonderful living in a world where you can make character judgments on total strangers based on your bias and assumptions.

    And I’m sure those hungry children and homeless families are extra thankful for your tireless efforts on their behalf while you’re browsing a gossip site. Congrats on the epic hypocrisy, but it’s nagl.

  • Jaden


    Yes, but this is what Diane has now. She’s really moving up in the biz.

  • flora

    @Jaden: That “career prospectus” is just one person’s opinion and it doesn’t even make sense. She claims that Josh is famous for being famous, but the last time I checked he’s famous for being (1)Pacey, (2)Charlie and (3)Peter Bishop. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like someone who is famous for their work.

    Please feel free to correct me though if some of you haters have come to know him just because you saw his face on Just Jared, inexplicably clicked on a story about someone you’d never known before, and decided you didn’t like that someone’s face and therefore dog him and his significant other as often as possible.

    Anyone? Bueller?

  • Cher

    Wow, Diane is really starting to show her age. I remember when she was beautiful, now she is so average. Now she seems to be losing her hair and her teeth are long and yellow. She needs to stop smoking and start eating more.

  • flora

    @Mrs.Murphy: Oh and word to the not so wise, Diane doesn’t have to dream about that life. She was at Cannes just last year as a jury member and this year, one of her French movies was an official Cannes selection and actually won a few awards, but she couldn’t go to the festival because she was working. So technically, Diane has had that life plenty.

    You know what’s funny, though? Last year when Diane was there several haters downplayed the importance of Cannes, claiming it was a pointless festival and that the movies there weren’t a big deal at all. Now that Marion is at Cannes, it’s all of a sudden the life Diane can only dream of. Isn’t it funny how quickly such strong opinions change?

  • Fauna


    You need to get a life and actual friends. Sorry to tell you this, but you don’t actually know Diane. Chill and take your meds!!

  • heh!

    @flora: Shhhh, leave Lucy alone. Her life consists on waiting for notifications about Diane and Josh to hate on them. She doesn’t do anything else all day. Don’t be fooled by her apparent interest in Marion Cotillard, she only posts about her to annoy Diane’s fans and that’s why she never bothers commenting on posts about Marion. Leave her alone, she has poop for brains :(

  • heh!

    Definitely not pregnant. I want that outfit!

  • flora

    @Fauna: I have a wonderful life, but thanks for your sincere concern! And as I’ve stated here many, many times I indeed do not know Diane or Joshua and that is exactly the reason why I, unlike the trollish haters, do not make suppositions about her life.

    You sound angry though! Have a cookie or something, ‘kay?

  • deb

    She looks HOT!!!!!!!

  • tone

    She’s so perfect. Hot damn, she looks gorgeous!

  • jen

    Wow – incredible figure Diane! Right, I need to get myself down to the gym….

  • Jazz

    Fabulous as always Diane!

  • sharon

    Good on her – wish I had her lifestyle – I am certainly on a green eyed monster like most on here

  • nise

    There’s no denying how gorgeous she is. lovely legs.

  • LF

    Love her.. She is amazing with flawless taste & skin..

  • underwood

    Like her!! If I reach 36 and look that young, I would be happy. most women 10 years younger don’t look that fresh!

  • Sarah

    Where’s her shopping partner? Poor thing has to carry her own bags, isn’t that usually Josh’s only job? This woman is never having children, she isn’t capable of loving anyone except herself.

  • Abigail

    Diane Kruger got to work for one of her favorite directors ever-Quentin Tarrantino, in the much lauded Inglorious Bast-erds.
    In seven short years she went from modeling on the runway to starring in major motion pictures with Nicholas Cage and-not once but twice-Brad Pitt. Amazing.
    Last year she starred in a film which has garnered many awards, the French language film Farewell, My Queen, playing Marie Antoinette. She is also the first German woman to act as host of the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. And she was the jury of the Cannes Festival in 2012.

    Oh, didn’t I mention that she speaks English, French and German fluently and conversational Russian as well? Beauty and brains.


  • zara

    This woman is beyond beautiful. She embodies what class and elegance is all about. Simply stunning!

  • ben

    I would love to have a woman in my life like her.

  • rose

    She always looks amazing

  • belluci

    she looks so cute and very pretty. She has good genes. But i think it’s mostly her love life that keeps her so fresh and young. She has a boyfriend who is not only handsome, but he has a great personality, he makes her laugh everyday and treats her like a princess. Lucky woman!

  • green

    Very fit and very hot.

  • dietrich

    Diane Kruger just has something about her that makes you notice her and stare at her-she exudes elegance,class,classical beauty
    of the “old Hollywood” movies stars.

  • sepertine

    beautiful as ever & she never ages. Fountain of youth right there!

  • amy

    wow, she looks gorgeous…I love that outfit and shoe combo.

  • vashnie

    She’s so chic and stylish,love her!

  • deano

    The pure beauty.

  • céline

    European women are just so effortlessly chic.

  • Leah

    A woman who looks stunning with make up and even better without it. She is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet!

  • kaytee

    Amazing outfit!!

  • nona

    She’s so pretty and her outfit is stunning on her.

  • damien

    Absolutely beautiful woman….blue eyes, lovely legs, talented and a fabulous figure

  • anneke

    She looks amazing!! Love her outfit, very chic. The shoes are so cute too

  • sauce

    She looks gorgeous in that!

  • veerle

    She is just so naturally beautiful! Love her

  • laur

    I love this lady, and always look forward to seeing her on screen.

  • london

    She looks great! Love her hair

  • HQ pictures

    ‘The Bridge’ actress Diane Kruger out shopping for shoes at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, California on June 8, 2013. At one point Diane showed her disgust at the high heel selection at the high end retail store.

  • marleen

    perfect 10. A dream girl

  • rom

    Love Diane’s outfit. So chic & effortless.

  • vitali

    cant believe she is 36 i though she was younger than that

  • steve

    Stunning just simply stunning. She is beautiful and a fine actress, as well.

  • kelis

    I love dk and her style.. She is gorgeous x