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Alexander Skarsgard & Ellen Page Embrace During 'East' Promotion

Alexander Skarsgard & Ellen Page Embrace During 'East' Promotion

Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page arrive back at LAX Airport accompanied by their The East director Zal Batmanglij on Sunday (Jun 9) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor and 26-year-old actress promoted their film in San Francisco the day before at a screening.

Zal posted a cute pic of the duo on Twitter enjoying the sunshine, along with the caption, “This reminds me of shooting. When we’d lie in the grass listening to Toby practice Rostam’s piano piece. #TheEast”

20+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page making their way through LAX Airport…

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alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 01
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 02
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 03
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 04
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 05
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 06
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 07
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 08
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 09
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 10
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 11
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 12
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 13
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 14
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 15
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 16
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 17
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 18
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 19
alexander skarsgard ellen page embrace after east promo 20

Photos: AKM-GSI, Twitter
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  • Samantha Patterson

    Zal was there, too, but lets make it all about Alex and Ellen.

  • misha

    ummmm…the weirdest onscreen couple EVER. super unrealistic! and if they are trying to convince me that they are a couple in real life as well than i will believe them as soon as i start flying. isnt she a lesbian?!?if she isnt that she acts/looks like one and Alex is too handsome for her…Bosworth was more like it.

  • Scarlett

    Cue people’s heads exploding….

  • Mbrace

    Embrace come on JJ you know that is more than an embrace. He looks to be fleeing from them now. I am sure they will be kiss- make up and all over each and on twitter in no time.

  • maría

    i really like ellen:flat chest, bad hair,awfull clothes, almost like me je je!but if they are a couple is a great choice for alex not a superficial dumb model.she seems sweet and simple good for alex.and for ellen for win over a million of perfect empty models.

  • Mbrace


    Why? Over Ellen? hehe NOos she has radioactive hands. She is cute but that’s it. He can have her according last thread he has look at the JJ Embrace pic LOL

  • Cafélady

    @misha: @misha: …oh come on, Kate…accordingly to some anti-kate guys; seems Ellen to be quite the opposite of yours – young, beautiful, talented, intelligent, funny, non smugly, a good actress, very down-to-earth like alex, has obviously the same preferences in clothing and a super natural behavior, not papparazzi/attention addicted…, and would be a good other half of alex….;)))

    Honestly; IF there actually would be more here, than that they are good friends – then this would be a good decision for alex, I guess. At least, one can observe, that he always grin and is obviously all the time in a super good mood, when ellen is around him…:)) …and I like that really – an alex in a super-good mood…

    …something what a certain allegedly ex-gf has never done…

  • hmmmmmmm

    I can’t believe I am saying this after looking at all these pics is how my first thought is “Zal tie your shoes laces.”

    All look kinda of out of it except Alex.

    The kissy pic is sure cute one. :)

  • Margarita

    I get nothing more than a friendship vibe with these two.

  • Anita

    Alex and Ellen are likely just friends people, chill. But it is ironic that whatever affection he is showing towards her is A LOT more than he ever showed towards his ex Kate Bosworth. I find it very interesting.

  • Cafélady

    @hmmmmmmm: I find this kissy picture also cute. :)
    Even if I was a bit ironic in my first comment (at least in the first part) – but it actually looks like, as if they really like to be in company of each other. And I like Ellen really, at least, for me she comes across as sympathetic. And she seems to have a similar sense of humor like alex.
    Not to forget to mention,of course, alex looks good here – like always.

  • sherry

    thats such a cute and genuine pic of ellen and alex, theres no denying that, whether they’re friends or are/were something more :)

  • theeye

    i hope they are together offscreen , nice couple like some of us ;-)

  • Grannies

    I love how you “fans” are choosey of your view point on all things Alex. yesterday everyone was quiet because most of you were thinking they are a thing and if that was Alex and another women or Brit it would have been a mad house but now just because he is walking away from her and not holding hands and look over it you’re all here with omg they are so cute in that pic and they are just friends BS.

    Selective adoration must be exhausting. He will never live down the rumors true or false the internet is forever and fans are fickle.

  • suse

    he really owes his career of the last few years to hbo – gen.kill and true blood. the exposure and success of these 2 series got him all his recent film roles. i don’t think he’s a great actor – more of a personality – a one note – he’s been very lucky in his success

  • Loki

    @Anita: ITA. Most likely friends through work, but very sweet together. Ellen seems to me a one note actress, but smart and sincere. I get the impression she’s a pretty cool person which is why I can see her and Alex being friends. Why he spent any time at all with Bosworth, who is vapid and decidedly uncool, I’ll never understand.

  • Barbara

    Im sorry but the girl looks like a guy

  • This is going well

    I think he’d be the first to acknowledge that GK and TB put him on the map. He knows where his career was defined. He’d probably even agree that he was lucky and his success had nothing to do with his hard work or talent, but to call him one note is silly. Actually, it’s sort of dumb given his recent performances.

    People who are paid a lot of money to make decisions based on whether an actor is one note or not seem to disagree with you. David Yates does. One note wouldn’t make him the sought after actor he is no matter how hot he is or isn’t based on your opinion of him or how many shirts he does or doesn’t take off on TB. If that were the case, he’d have Stephen Moyer’s or Joe Manganiello’s career. He doesn’t.

  • Warped

    @This is going well:
    iTA! He is anything but one note. I’ve seen two of the three movies he has out now and he is wonderful in them. He has a stillness and a gentleness and vulnerability that comes across so powerfully on screen. He doesn’t have to try very hard to emote the feelings he’s trying to portray. He is a very good and respected actor. He has a very big future in HW ahead of him.

  • Charlene

    Hey… back the F*ck off!! She maybe bi; he maybe bi; who the hell cares!! Seems to me like they are having one hell of a great time hanging out together!! That is all that matters. I wish I was hanging with them!! Rock climbing anyone?? I could totally see them do this as a past time… Hey, all fan girls, at least he isn’t hanging out with a KB or a nameless fashion model. I truly believe they could be on to something here. !! :)

  • Diane


    Bravo, if they are together I am happy for them.

  • Canuck

    @Charlene: Hey, as a fellow Canadian, I’m all for Ellen being friends or whatever else with Askars.

  • co star fker

    More in love than ever: Alexander Skarsgard plants a tender kiss on girlfriend Ellen Page in cute snap as they promote The East

    Read more:

    Co star f*ker but of course that title doesn’t sound as good. Can you imagine dirtbag and homeless what a fashion trend they would both look like they haven’t showered in months and they would wear the same clothes for months gross.

  • Canuck

    @co star fker: “Tender kiss on her cheek”. Hahahaha! Actually, he looks more like he’s giving a “tender kiss” to her baseball cap. Or possibly saying something next to her ear.

  • Joan

    Oh, come on, I can’t believe none of you can see though this crap!! it’s all just for PR, just like with the little girl for wmk, it’s to get people talking about them, and there for talking about their film, and you fools are buying it! Haha

  • co star fker

    Brit must be feeling like a side piece right now after all that giggling and omg he is great and I wrote a script to get him naked to love me. All I am now is the side piece. Look wo makes the headlines. Co star fker and the midget.

  • co star fker


    Hype or not Bi or not gay or not he still Fked them, so it doesn’t matter, I wonder if he Fked the new girl on TB too since he already had Lucy that is so old news. He probably did.

  • Lolita

    His favorite book is Lolita maybe he is into underage girls, KB looked like a teen boy and so does Ellen. So I wouldnt be surprised if they are dating maybe this is way of acting out his creepy desires. It very strange that a grown man favorite book is about a grown man obsessed with a teen girl. His past steady Gfs looked like young teen boys. VERY ODD and VER CREEPY he keeps bringing up that book out of all the books in the world that is favorite very telling.

  • Clea

    I once hugged a lesbian too, why didn’t anyone take photos of that?

  • Cara

    I like them both but no one would convince me that these two are more than friends. Especially because he dated models before. Btw, I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually had a gf for a while but kept it low key because of his career.

  • Tru Love

    Right because nothing says I am in steady and in love with someone like picking up strange girls/women in NY. Then taking them back for sex. Forget TB that is Tru Love

  • bs

    This a blind item reveal on CDAN. Last month, one bi-star/one gay star were said to be about to stage a faux mance for their movie and careers. Most guessed these two.

  • LiiL

    @Joan: @Joan:

    congratulations genius! you speak about it too. so i think , you are one of the fools.

  • ale

    I think they are very affectionate between them but not a couple

  • Funny

    A gay / Bi star Alex lol yet he was seen clearly picking up a chick for the night in NYC including the chick from last year chateau marmot he is all about the women & sex to me

    And if there staging a fauxmance it’s the worst possible one because that makes his relationship with ex Kb more believable and she visited his fam in sweden and I still think most of it was PR for straw dogs lol / yet Ellen and Alex have only been as far as promo duties & that basket ball game ?? Yeah great fauxmance ……..

  • my2cents

    @ale: ITA! Alex is known to be very affectionate with his friends and closest co-stars regardless the gender. He has kissed or been touchy feely with many of his Gen.Kill co-stars, TB castmates Stephen Moyer and Michael Macmillz, Kristin Van Straten etc. It’s sad that people don’t believe in friendship anymore. I understand there may be some pr action going on, but I think Alex genuinely likes them too. Also if this was purely pr thing, they would have started earlier, don’t you think, so I’m not buying it. They are just good friends, nothing more nothing less.

    @bs: About gay/bi rumors; IF they were in need of a beard, they would choose more carefully. Also that BI is from March when there was zero AS/EP action/gossips.

  • sea

    Not a Skarsgaard fangirl either, never got it. He looks kind of dorky to me

  • lola

    I’ve known plenty of actors and they tend to be very touchy feely people so their behavior doesn’t surprise me.

  • maria

    @Funny: ellen was in stockholm last year, she tweeted it, so who knows…

  • So.. ???

    @maria: but was ASkars there too? You know, stans keep close tabs on Askars, it should be easy to check.

  • Kyle

    Really not sure what to make of this. Are they or aren’t they? He could have anyone, so why would we pretend-date Ellen? I’m leaning towards yes, they ARE a couple.

  • hmmm

    Beauty and his litte beast…
    If they like eachother good for them. But total mismatch for me.
    I also smell PR here. Like that hockeygame they went on last year

  • Dailytrash

    So? everyone better believe to Dailytrash than to Alex? Alex said few days when asked about girls: “I know the rumours,just have to ignore it”

    I believe Alex words rather than in Dailytrash and their false articles.

  • Romantic
  • Dailytrash

    If they were dating why there was not holding hands in the airport? why they were not together in other places for more than a year?

  • Dailytrash
    he is going to another part far away from Ellen.

  • fid


    Have you seen her in anything prior to Juno? She has done a lot of really great work. Check out ‘Hard Candy’

  • fid

    Aren’t fans always annoying? I mean there are actors/actresses that I like but I don’t blindly run and watch everything they’re in or praise everything they do, or send death threats to those who they presumably are dating.

  • Dailytrash

    That wasn’t a fan,was a sick man.Maybe more having a crush with her rather than with Alex or who knows.Just that was a sick man.

  • Curlyhube

    If Ellen Page is bedding the Viking Vampire “Eric Northman” then HIGH FIVE to Ellen. You go girl. Alexander Skarsgard is a total fox.