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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Australian Premiere!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Australian Premiere!

Brad Pitt hits the red carpet at the premiere of his new film World War Z on Sunday (June 9) at the Star in Sydney, Australia.

The 49-year-old actor landed down under with his son Pax at around 8am, but his son reportedly was not in attendance at the premiere with him.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Last week, Brad toured the United States to surprise fans at screenings of his film in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Austin, and Los Angeles. We can’t wait to see this movie!

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Credit: Ryan Pierse; Photos: Getty
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  • gennline

    Go Brad.WWZ will be a thrill ride.

  • lylian

    Dang, I tried to post but my comments couldn’t get through! I thought I’d be first!

  • ting

    Can’t wait to see WWZ!

  • were the morons

    Looking good Mr. Pitt

  • Faith


  • wfb

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

  • Passing Through

    I’m laughing because Brad’s posing like he’s in a police line-up. He looks a bored without the missus to keep him company…

  • Roseanne

    @Passing Through:

    LOL I was thinking that same thing about that first picture. He has to be exhausted. But they were going crazy for him on the red carpet.

  • zombie me

    Saw Brad’s interview over Channel 10 news just now. He says they (probably meaning his son) were excited abt seeing kangaroos altho he knows it’s not a big deal for locals (True – watch out for roo poo at bushlands) and having a bbq tomorrow nite. These Jared photos are quite unflattering in the harsh lights. When he was interviewed outside The Star, he looked refreshed. Who would have thought he was in San Francisco and LA just the nite before? The screening is for 2000 VIPS tonight.

  • leg, chanel and breast gates

    finally stinky changed his pant he been wearing for five days straight but still wearing the dirty shirt. what happened bawwwdddd

  • Chicken lips service

    Good morning to all the JPs fans around the world.
    It’s 6.30pm here Sydney time… BP has arrives on the Red carpet around 4 pm at The Star, with out Pax and He’s full of smiles for the screaming Fans.. He looks absolutely Drop dead gorgeous ……
    Hundred of fans lined the red carpet
    Brad Pitt arrival at the Fox Studios tonight predicted to be more than 1000 people descend on Fox Studios …

  • Yo Shawnee

    Gorgeous man, as well he knows. Had to get a missus good enough in looks. BUT. Mr Pitt, even though you are contractually bound to promote this film to death, would it be so hard to look just a little more enthused with being here. I mean acting is what you’re paid millions of dollars to do. I agree Aussie journalists can be insufferable with the whole “WHAT DO YOU THINK OF US, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF A-U-S-TRAAIILYAH”
    cr*ap. But believe me, most Aussies couldn’t give a toss what you think of us, or our country. Just would be nice to see the love reciprocated. LOL.
    Probably tired and not sure how to remove the gum stuck on his shoe.
    Still love you

  • sally

    the length he has gone to sell this movie is called DESPERATION and PATHETIC. hollywood insiders are all aware of this and laughing their asses off, how the mighty have fallen

  • Yo Shawnee

    @zombie me….. True! He looked as hot as the sun when Angela Bishop was interviewing him.

  • a lurker

    Brad flew for 14hs to Sydney and was flying around US for 2 days plus 3 days European premieres. The man must be tired as hell. Are you seriously complainning?

  • Fitz


  • Yo Shawnee

    @a lurker….nah, I’m humorously complaining. What’s it to you.
    . Do you really think Brad stared out at the wide blue Pacific all the way from LA. 14 hrs sleep is a damn good sleep for most people. And Pax has a nanny. So bite me

  • anustin

    ahhhh….gorgeous man! bless u,and ur family.

  • anustin

    thank you,BRANGELINAFORUM for all the pix.

  • NAN

    Wow,Brad Pitt working hard and promote his WWZ with his new tactic ,must make a lot of PR firms HURTS
    PR paid dogs Low Lifves & Low IQ run around JPs threads 24/7/365
    Anyway ,Brad Pitt is still # 1 A-list star of the World.
    Good Karma always with a good person,just asking Jho Anuston,How is Bad Karma happens in her life ?
    A Posh Gigolo to be her Ding a Dong man,eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh

  • http://computer Susan

    Good morning J-P fans.
    Sorry Brad did not put on his tap shoes and dance for you, he is not a wind up too doll.
    Chicken is more tasty, and not as tough.

  • Rose

    @Susan: Good morning Susan, how are you my dear? Susan, we the fans know Brad and Angie will never do anything right for certain trolls. They are so consumed with so much hatred I’m sure they are suffering from heartburn and acid indigestion every day. Susan, how’s the family? Did you finished painting?

    Pax must be so proud he was the special one to go with his daddy to Australia. I read somewhere Brad and Pax was going to a BBQ after the premier last night. Brad is working very hard for WWZ. People tried to give a bad review, looking at you vanity fair, and others, but Brad and Angie decided to fight for what they believe in. Now the public who have seen WWZ are crazy about it. Its hard to keep a good man down especially when he worked hard for his success. I always say, haters are going to hate. I read Angie will be with Brad in Brazil on the 20 of June. You know after that the family is going to take some time off and enjoy themselves.

  • Rose

    @Phool, hi Phool, long time no see, I’m hoping you’re fine. Are you having trouble posting because of moderation problems or are you working? Whatever the reasons you’re not here, you are missed and hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day.

  • Rose

    I just looked up at JJ front page, is it me or Ticky is putting the squeeze on Bradley Cooper. I thought she was engaged to be married, if so, I don’t think her fiancé will be happy to see that photo, lol. Poor Ticky, reliving her life, another one who got away.

  • Rose

    Good morning to the great Jolie Pitt fans. Special shout out to the early birds: Phool, Susan, Dawne, Lylian, Love the Jolie Pitt’s, Go Figure, JP fans, just lurking, AWHODAT, QQQQ, Anustin, CLINIQUA, Anon, just lurking, Jaye, Rainer, guest, FALP, GROUNDCONTROL, Valis 202, Bizzy bee, who, plez, FYI 12, Yoco a Lurker, Jen the hag, Passing Through, Wonderbust, tweet, hmmm, Awwww, Premalee, Briesis, Josephina , Sunny, Daniela, and all the fans lurking, have a great day.

    And to the troll having a problem with the daily shout out, you have a
    great day also. So sorry no one in your life cares about you.

  • cee

    Brad looks hot as always. Lucky Angie and lucky Brad.

  • Rose

    BRANGELINA forum has a very nice video of a interview last night with Brad on the red carpet.

  • Roseanne

    Love reading all the tweets from the fans that were actually at the event. All saying how great Brad was. How much time he spend taking pictures and signing for them. How he was not rushed. He went to the fans first then the media and back again to the fans. so STFU to the poster trying to claim he was not being friendly. There are so many fan pics out there for anyone to see that he was in fact great and they all said as much.

  • http://computer Susan

    @Rose: Hello Rose, have to finish one more closet, then put the stuff back.
    Everyone is good,we’ll be all the together this week, and your family?
    Maybe Phool is out of the Country or in moderation hell, miss her wise cracks.
    Brad and Angie are smart, to ignore the negative BS and get on with their lives, they ran down The Tourist also and it still went on and made a profit.
    There is a saying, the stumbling block you put in someone’s way is the same block that you’ll trip over.
    Brad is doing a stellar job promoting his movie.
    Ticky always squeeze people to death, she is doing it to jimmy k too, maybe she thinks if she don’t hold on tight they’ll take off.

  • Dc

    HOT Brad!

  • Josephina


    Hey, Rose. Hiya doing?

    I have to comment on the Maniston pose with Bradley Cooper. I find myself looking at him instead of her because he is the prettier one between the two them. Plus, her her hair is too bright yellow, stringy and straw-like.

    Maybe this is her version of changing her look. Wow… now the curtain of hair opens only on one side. LOL.

    She looks like the mother of a porn star.

    And there is a separate post for her and BC. ………..Why? The post states she is reunited with her ex-boyfriend…????? Her face does light up as she approaches him and all I am thinking is…

    Ahem…..Where is Squiggy?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Slutgelina and benetton army

    Bras Pit – an old, greasy, p@t smoking alcoholic. Yeah he is real sexy beast. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anustin

    thanks weekatexxx of BRANGELINAFORUM for the video of brad interview.

  • anustin

    hmhmhmh….another PITY CHOICE award of fuggyston.good! that is all she can afford!!!! though as though she is with John Mayer cause of the braid….but hey!!!! Mayer got plenty of dough….unlike the the batman logo porehead Theroux.

    back ya’ Rose. good morrning all joliepitt on board!

  • http://justjared zce

    Great for Brad, he is showing whether tired or warned out he has good work ethics. GOD BLESS THE JOLIE- PITTS.

  • Love Brad!

    #12 why are you so angry ? we don’t think anything about your country.

  • Love Brad!

    Brad honey you are in my pray . Be safe with your your boy pix.

  • Rose

    @Susan: Hi Susan, I’m going great also the family, thank you. Re: Ticky holding on tight to BC in case he takes off, you had me lol, that’s was too funny.

    Susan, Brad and Angelina visits to third world country and they see how hard people have to work, I’ll bet they think what they are doing is nothing compared to others/poor people trying to make ends meet. However, we know he’s putting in hard work promoting his movie, as he should. We the fans know there are lots of people want to see him fail because he’s
    not playing HW games. Good for him. What’s that saying, take the bull by the horns, and he’s doing that.

  • Love Brad!

    Any person wishing this movie or Brad anything less them good things, may it come back on them .

  • mcgavocks

    what in the world happened to brad? he is looking like total crap these days.

  • Jones

    Brad is so good to his fans. Both he and Angie really put in the time with fans at their premieres. I really can’t think of any other star who gives their fans so much face time other than Brad and Angie.
    Brangelina Forum has tons of images from the WWZ Australian premiere. The female reporters who got to interview Brad are all gushing. LOL! Looks like Marc Forester was there with Brad. Not sure if DeDe and/or Jeremy made the trip.
    In addition, more images from the premiere are here:

  • Rose

    @Josephina: Hi Josephenia, how are lady? I was out putting around in the gardens so my eyes could look at beautiful things after seeing Ticky early this morning, lol. You’re right that between Ticky and BC he’s was the better looking one. But Josephenia , I tried to see the what people find handsome in BC, and I just cannot see it. The only thing about him I like are his eyes, nothing else. I guess, I’m biased, after seeing Brad Pitt, how can I find beauty in another man:-).lol.

    Jo, look at Ticky Body language with BC, that girl still holding a candle for him. I know she likes to squeeze the life out of people but the body language and the way she lit up, I hope squigs is not the jealous kind, lolol.

    This is jmo, I don’t believe we would see Angie approach a past flame so aggressively, jmo. I love pax and his Teddy, pax believe Teddy is shielding him from the Papz then we see a picture with Teddy on one side but his face is in clear view. I guess if he ever see those photos he’ll say to Teddy, “what happened Teddy, you should be shielding me”.lol. Have a great day Josephenia.

  • plez

    Actually Brad looks pretty good. I would love to see him with that long hair in a pony tail wearing a tailored suit.

  • Rose

    Some troll is asking what happened to Brad? I’ll tell you, Brad got up off the x wife couch, stop smoking weed everyday with the X wife, left her and never looked back. He found himself a real woman, made a family with 6 children, he is building homes for the homeless and hurricane Katrina victims. He’s making furniture, is in a partnership with Jolie and Perrin in thriving wine business, designing furniture for a hotel, designing and selling furniture in special high end stores. He has several charities helping people all over the world. He is now promoting $150m movie and is living with one of the the great sex symbol in our lifetime. Any fans want to add to the list? That’s what happened to Brad. Now B I t c h let’s put up tickys resume and squigs resume so we can compare what have they been doing with their life.

  • plez

    Thanks Brangelinaforum for the great pics.

  • BH

    I think Brad is doing a great job promoting WWZ. If one looks at the main international markets for blockbuster summer films, the numbers do not lie.
    Australia – $54,385,465/$36,493,718
    Brazil – $63,904,807/$47,288,668
    China – $84,100,000/$120,660,000
    France – $37,765,919/$38,663,047
    Germany – $30,828,359/$23,725,640
    Japan – $45,256,010/$25,185,661
    Mexico – $61,748,523/$48,148,493
    Russia – $43,677,418/$44,088,580
    South Korea – $50,683,851/$64,211,513
    UK – $80,563,081/$56,132,026

    It makes a lot of sense going to Australia, South Korea, Russia, China and Brazil to promote this film.

  • Jones

    @BH 06/09/2013 at 10:23 am

    Brad’s not going to China….at least not yet. China has yet to approve the latest cut of the film before it’s shown in that country. Hopefully Paramount and Plan B will get a green light soon. Nothing as been announced yet.

  • BH

    @Jones: Ok. But I think they will find a way to work it out, because the numbers are overwhelming. Anyhow, we will see. Whatever happens i think the movie is going to be huge. It’s all good in JPland.

  • were the morons

    Good morning JP fans. Hope all is well with you all. That shit show last night was absolutely horrible. Ticky looked like she had fillers done in her face. Her dress looked like it was two sizes too small. Her hair looked very cheap and bland. She just looked like a fat hog. Like a hog that carried swine flu. That bish made a total ass of herself and I am laughing at her hens. Damnnn it just keeps going downhill for ticky. The karma keeps coming back and I’m enjoying it.

  • yib

    He doesn’t look tired for doing all that jetlag.
    All the pictures with fans cute…nicr yhat loved up all ur fans important
    Pax probs see the kangaroos yeah. I want to see them in my eye too. When I become millioner I travel the world see major cities another countries….and all states in us. Ok just woke up ummm nice ome made. Ginger the smell too.