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Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley: 'Vampire Diaries' at BloodyCon 2013

Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley: 'Vampire Diaries' at BloodyCon 2013

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley are all smiles during a panel at 2013 BloodyCon held at the Swissotel Neuss on Saturday (June 8) in Neuss, Germany.

The Vampire Diaries actors were joined by their co-stars Malese Jow, David Anders, and Paul‘s wife Torrey DeVitto.

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In case you missed the news, it was just announced that Ian has joined the cast of the upcoming action thriller The Anamoly.

FYI: Ian is wearing a Rogue jacket.

20+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, and more stars at BloodyCon

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ian somerhalder paul wesley vampire diaries at bloodycon 2013 15
ian somerhalder paul wesley vampire diaries at bloodycon 2013 16
ian somerhalder paul wesley vampire diaries at bloodycon 2013 17
ian somerhalder paul wesley vampire diaries at bloodycon 2013 18
ian somerhalder paul wesley vampire diaries at bloodycon 2013 19
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Credit: Iris Edinger/Future Image; Photos: Wenn
Posted to: David Anders, Ian Somerhalder, Malese Jow, Paul Wesley, Torrey DeVitto

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  • ST

    Poor Ian, balding and lost his beard. Who will be his next cover?


    Has Nina gone to one of these …or is she too big of a star?

  • Maira

    Oh Ian, so handsome <3

  • Maira

    @SHINE: she doesn’t care…..thats why I don’t like her.


    @Maira: really? all those other cast members seem to show up at cons…seems like a fun way to travel and see the world and get paid too….plus the fans treat them like gods

  • kat

    i LOVE PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kelly

    Paul is looking so hot.

  • Michelle

    @SHINE: I’ve read that Nina doesn’t get invited to these events because she’s a diva. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I’ve just seen several fans who have been to these events say that. Maybe she just doesn’t feel like going. Who knows.

  • River

    Ian is so HOT & Sexy! Love those beautiful eyes and that smile…. He is so engaging with the TVD fans.

    What is up with Paul’s hair and how much gel does he have to use for that “hero hairdo”. Love his smile too!

  • kelisa

    Ian is extremely handsome and gorgeous just like always.
    He makes me happy. love Ian.

  • Klaudia

    The truth is that Ian looks awful – normally like my grandfather.
    but Paul looks charming and handsome. Go Paul you’re the best and you have such a beautiful wife:)

  • Vera

    So some of you clearly don’t know how to say a nice word about Paul ONLY. You have to bring Ian down…Way to go…Didn’t your parents learned you how to keep your mouth closed?
    Anyway BOTH of them look amazing! In fact all of the cast there looks amazing! Ian is his always handsome self, a little bit tired from all the back and forth in countries but always smiling. Paul has the cutest smile! He and Ian have the best panels. Such a bromance! Malese and Torrey, such beautiful women with class and last but not least David, amazing guy with such a humor! Love this people!

  • Stasy

    I love you Ian, you’re perfect!

  • lucy

    Ian’s eyesssssss, i can drown in them. it should be illegal for someone to look so handsome. and he is such a genuine guy too.

  • Conerlia

    For me Ian is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. On the in and outside. He would do everything for his Fans! He’s so humble and nice ;) Everyone who met him is in awe <3

    @Klaudia: wow do you even know how ridiculous you are for saying that? You Girl have serious issues!

    And you wonder why pdubbers are such a bunch of idiotes?! This is why… They just can’t leave Ian alone! Like why do you always have to bring Ian down? Its so childish, I can’t even….:( How would you like it if I would call Paul ugly? His Hair is ridiculous and way too long! Nice? Yeah so STFU please! :(

  • Alexis


    Nina is filming in Atlanta at the moment for the film Let’s Be Cops.

  • Maira

    @SHINE: yeah its fun but also very hard work, very stressful for the Actors esp Ian who attends every Convention on both days (Weekend) ….Nina seems not interested or not willing to do that for her Fans…the fllying etc. And I don’t think she is able to do a Panel alone…lmao she’s a joke! I think the organizers don’t even want her anymore, way too much Trouble, she rather goes to the Beach with her girlfriends! Better this way cuz who needs her? Her castmembers Ian, Paul, Torrey, Candice, Kat, malese, David, Matt, Zach, Michael, Steven, Nate….THEY ROCK the cons!! <3

  • Maira

    @Alexis: she just started filming…there where plenty of Cons before that :/. And btw, Ian, Paul and I’m sure some of the others are shooting a Movie too. ITS NO EXCUSE!

  • Django

    I was there this weekend. Was another great convention and Paul and Ian were absolutely great and so giving. The other stars from Vampire Diaries and Super Natural were also a blast. Haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Nina was supposed to be at another convention taking place that weekend in Germany, but had to cancel due to filming commitments.

  • me

    maira……….dear she is filming a movie in atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    another thing……paul didn’t even start to film his movie…… one has movies this summer to film..beside..paul, ian and nina………

  • xtina

    Paul hair is to BIG, get the hair cut dude!

  • queen

    Michelle, she was invited to germany and uk but because she started filming she cancel them.

  • zara

    Maira, to fly from sua to germany is around 10 hours, when you have a movie to film on monday, you can’t go. she is not supergirl!

  • Maira

    @zara: Ian does it all the Time! And I’m not saying she had to attend this con but there are SOOOOO many and she’s not attending ANYY of them! Sorry but thats not ok :(

  • zara

    girl ian last year was at just 2 cons, with nina, this year he canceled brasil, and hungary i think because of filming, the other cast of TVD doesn’t even have movies or other things to do, paul has a minor rol in a movie, he didn’t even start filming, and Nina is filming for the next month in atlanta, how can she go in europe at the same time i don’t know. seriously………taking a vacation after months of filming…..what’s the her life,,,her time…etc

  • Maria

    as long as we have Ian and Paul we don’t need Nina :)

  • Lindsey

    Nina, who? We have Paul and Ian and who cares about Nina =)

  • q.

    @Lindsey: I CARE………………



  • Maria


    yeah! who cares about Nina? fame changed her! I don’t like the person she has become. Ninais too self absorbed
    P.s Ian is filming a movie right now…The Anomaly. good luck to him from romanian fans.


    @Maria: if she broke up with him, what’s the problem? or maybe they didn’t even broke up. no one knows. but i don’t see her so changed.

  • amanda

    @Maria: ” I don’t like the person she has become. ” excuse me? what she has become? i didn’t saw her acting like paris hilton. if the girl went into some vacation is not the end of the world. she has 24…………not 40 years old. and she is NOT IAN’S property.

  • Maria


    i don’t think she is the right one for Ian, so if they broke up …good for them.
    anyway it’s their life, soo this is just my opinion.

  • amanda

    @Maria: excuseeeee me????? and IAN IS WHAT? he is a dude close to 35. Nina has 24. Ian at 24….was partying…..and having fun. let’s be serious. go and google his life when he was young.

  • jenna

    maria, i think the right thing for ian right now, is some animal or a tree. this is not a joke. i think he is exagerating.

  • Maria

    You’re right! Ian needs a real woman not a 24 year old girl. I don’t blame her if she want’s to party, but like I said, she is not the right one for Ian.

  • River

    Nina was scheduled as a guest for the Germany and England TVD Conventions, but she had to cancel due to her filming schedule for the movie “Lets Be Cops”, which is taking place in Atlanta.

  • jasmine

    Cannot wait to see Paul playing bad Silas! Poor Ian has to put up with being Elenas puppy dog now. I would love it if both brothers ditched her and slept their way through Mystic Falls college all the while being true brothers. I didn’t like the way Damon who used to be so bad but in a good would chase after his brothers girlfriend. It just seemed so wrong for such a cool guy to do. Plus the whole bros before hoes code. Let Elena control someone else.

  • Seriously

    Last year Ian, if memory serves me, was at cons Paris, Italy, London, Germany, New Jersey, Bonn, Vienna.. That’s the ones i remember. So no he was not in to cons only with Nina. That i remember cause i prefer the cons that he is with Paul or others.
    End yes she did started filming but she could at least one con BEFORE that. Fans got her where she is. It’s nice to show a little grattitude. I am not saying she is not allowed to party or go out with her friends. Of course she can, she is a young girl and having her life but it’s just one con. She canseled 2 due to work, that’s just fine but what about an other? Anyway i am not stating she changed or whatever i don’t know her personally, i am just saying that you have to give back something…
    Also about if she broke up with Ian or not: Who cares.

  • Seriously

    @jasmine: Well you hit the nail here! Damon fan here but i LOOOOOVED Paul as a ”ripper” and i can’t wait to see him as Silas. He will be great! In fact it’s the storyline i am waiting for!
    I outgrew my Delena face loooong before cause Elena got on my nerves. Damon used to be so much bad ass without her, he had spark. Now he acts like a lovesick puppy. I wish the brothers would ditch her and have their time with other women..because seriously…men like them having a girl do them what she wants? In fact manipulate them?
    I know people will disagree but that is my opinion. (Also i am talking about the storyline here not Ian, Paul or Nina – not liking Elena at all has nothing to do with Nina)

  • lorette

    I don’t see Nina changed.. she is simply a girl of 24. Ian at 4 years changed girl like socks, come on!

  • lorette

    I think that Ian is not right for her.. he flirts with all, and when he is drunk not make a good impression for me.

  • Seriously

    Both Ian and Nina are free to do what they want. If Ian want to change women like socks as tou say he is not married he can do it. Same goes for Nina, if she wants to party and go out with her friends she can do it. I see both of them behave perfectly normal. And seriously now it’s not that Nina goes out and parties every day. She had normal vacation with her friends (i stil believe she could do ONE con – not the ones she canselled – an other one). She behaves pretty mormal to me.. Also Ian, yes he likes women, so what? He was in a long relationship with Sarah Malatesta, Meghan and then with Nina for years. Also he had fan with women. I see a normal behavior for a guy.

  • Grey

    uring all years Nina did only may be 5 cons, UK and Germ cons canceled her attendnace not she canceled it bc of the movie
    Orgs don’t like Nina and not enouth fans willing to pay tickets to see her.
    She has a right to spend her time as she wants. She is a free woman. Some ppl like her style some don’t
    ian is more grateful to his fans that is why ppl love him more
    Ian and Paul rocked the con
    Torrey was charming and classy as usual
    ppl love her for a reason

  • Conerlia

    Conventions are always on the Weekend, there were at least 5 before Nina even started shooting, don’t tell me she was not able to attend okay! :( and there are still so many to come…! But you guys are right, who cares about her? The TVD cast ( minus nina of course) is so amazing, hilarious and down to Earth. Kudos ;)

  • http://t aashy

    Ian has always had his hair that way…..when it was long and he was a teenager also,his forehead hair looked floppy,the same like a puppy’s..,don’t be sorry for him..he doesn’t worry about such trivial things in life,he’l either do something about it or not do anything…you guys worry so much about his hairline..more than him..LOL..

  • Sasha


    You are right. Right one for Ian right is a female puppy or a whale or a kangaroo.

  • kam

    um ninas busy shooting a movie.

  • kam

    ninas busy shooting a movie. Stop with your lame assumptions as if you know her.