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Darren Criss & Mia Swier - Tony Awards After Party 2013

Darren Criss & Mia Swier - Tony Awards After Party 2013

Darren Criss cozies up to his girlfriend Mia Swier while attending the 2013 Tony Awards Gala held after the big show on Sunday (June 9) at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

The 26-year-old Glee actor had a one day break from his Listen Up summer tour and spent it celebrating the best in theatre.

Also pictured inside: 2 Broke Girls actress Beth Behrs attending the evening with her BFF Matt Doyle, who currently stars in The Book of Mormon on Broadway and previously guest starred on Gossip Girl.

FYI: Darren is wearing Calvin Klein Collection.

10+ pictures inside of Darren Criss and Mia Swier at the 2013 Tony Awards

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darren criss mia swier tony awards after party 2013 02
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Credit: Mika Coppola, Larry Busacca, Neilson Barnard; Photos: Getty
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  • Doro

    Wow, cutes couple!

  • CrissCofer shippers

    Eww, Darren never smiles in pictures with Mia! Must be PR!!!

  • Chris

    I’m not buying it (Mia)! Darren is gay!!!

  • Elvira

    @CrissCofer shippers: never smiles? yep…

  • chloe

    ermm… he is smiling in these pictures with mia


    Hold up! By girlfriend, surely they mean like “Hey, gurlfriend *snaps*” yes?

  • Jayme

    Since I am a civil person, I will keep the ship wars out of this post because I am pretty sure that the writers for JustJared don’t really care for those comments. If Darren is happy, then let him be happy. Both Darren and Mia look absolutely stunning… they always look stunning, but still. Let them be happy. It’s none of our business what goes on between celebrities and their significant others so take a moment to think about your life choices. You’re just jealous because he’s in a relationship and you’re not the one that he’s in it with. End of story.

    Mia and Darren, keep being beautiful people! <3

  • CC


  • Emma

    the fact that Darren has known/dated Mia since before glee and people still refuses to acknowledge Mia as a good friend or girlfriend all because you want him to be dating Chris. The hate for Mia on tumblr is horrible and if she is nothing to worry about and crisscolfer is on what is the point in hating on her so much because Darren is big boy i’m sure if he didn’t want her there she wouldn’t, and Mia is close to all of Darren’s friends Jeff and Joey all the starkids not Chris,

  • Steve

    the most embarrassing thing on here are the Crisscolfer shippers.

  • Noelle

    Mia’s dress looks amazing! Talk about fancy! I love it! They look so good together too, Mia and Darren. :)

  • Susan

    Sitting here thinking that between the Directioners and the Belieber fans it simply cannot get any ridiculous to the lengths some fans will go to to disrespect their supposes idols but yet again the silly children within the Glee fandom always seem to top everyone else with their special brand of craziness.

  • Vicky

    HOORAY for the Glee fandom, spoil little shits don’t get their way they go find the tallest building to scream PR, obviously their answer to all their bloody answers. I’m curious when this good forsaken show ends what is everyone going to be screaming when they find out Darren and Chris or their favorites are still not going out.

  • LMAO

    He took pictures with other women just like that. Must mean they are his gf too since he never mentioned them ever either. I mean that’s what we’re doing right? Drawing conclusions about things, even though Darren has never spoken a word about it.

  • LMAO

    Also can the one Mia stan who’s posting under different names (you ain’t fooling nobody) stop it with the pitty-fest towards her. The hate that is going on against cc-shippers is way worse than anything that’s written about her. Look up how Naya stans hate the heck out of that Glee writer. This is not compared to that

  • Sarah

    Beside the ridiculous amount of second hand embarrassment I get reading some comments, I really wish people who call themselfes “fans” would respect Darren enough to support him with the person HE chooses to spend his time with. Mia and Darren are a lovely couple, you can see in their smiles and in their eyes how much they are happy and in love. If people cannot see it, screw them. I wish them both a long lifetime full of love and good music.

  • Marce

    Mia, you beautiful woman. That shade of blue looks great on her.
    Darren, nice suit as always.

    …Shippers commenting here, are you fricking kidding me?


    ur funny news flash cc-shippers wouldn’t have to get hate if they won’t so damn pathetic, and crazy.

  • Emma

    LMFAO are you klaineisnow for tumblr because it really sounds like you

  • Jessie

    Awww really cute couple, love the outfilts

  • Will

    Sorry, but Darren is gay, in the closet!

  • Emma

    @Will: and how do you know is


    @Emma sorry to disappoint you but i’m not klaineisnow, nor do I know or care for whoever that individual is. I’m someone who is tired of seeing all the disrespect directed at both Chris and Darren and people close to them. Just really wish people can take their head out their ass and allow these wonderful individuals to live their lives without feeling like their everyday lives are are not what they portray it to be.

  • Nixx

    Aw, they both look fantastic and so happy! :)

    I feel sad/embarrassed for all the so-called Darren “fans” who say such horrible things about Mia without even knowing her because I’ve been fortunate enough on a few occasions to have spoken to her and she is just beyond RAD. She’s seriously so sweet and fun and kind, and so talented. Both her bands are insane!

    I’m so happy for them and I wish them luck in dealing with all the petty, juvenile hatred coming their way simply for daring to be happy and public about it.

    Rock on, Mia, you fierce lovely lady <3

  • CCC


  • I hate mia swier

    Mia is amazing?I’m sorry not sorry ,LOL! PR,NICE TRY.

  • lucy

    @I hate mia swier: “CRISSCOLFER IS ON” “we Mia is only for PR” so if there is nothing to worry about why hate her

  • Jessica

    I’m embarrassed for these people in these comments who call themselves Darren Criss fans and who can’t seem to grasp the concept of a TV show verses reality. The things written here are completely uncalled for – imagine reading this about yourself! I wish Darren and Mia nothing but the best through all this and I personally think they are great together. He deserves to be happy with whomever he wishes and those who think otherwise can, to put it rated G, take a long walk off a short pier.

  • May

    LOL Who’s more crazy, the crisscolfer crazies or the Achele crazies???

  • IffyMiffy

    What are criss colfer shippers? And that chick looks like a midget guy in drag.

  • mi

    @May: Both!

  • ohitsjkaylene

    crisscolfers – you are such an embarrassment to the Darren and chris fandoms. my hope is that you never meet either of them because you will more than likely just offend these people you claim to adore. please crawl into a hole and get off the internet..or seek some sort of help for your clearly delusional state of mental health.

  • Kari

    they look beautiful together :)

  • huh?

    Just Jared is PR friendly site…just sayin.

  • CrissColferfan4life


    your only jealous because us CHRIS and Darren Fans like them for who they are and we ship them together And us FANS are NOT CRAZIES even though we are crazy for them both

  • icequeen_1981

    What pictures are you looking at? I don’t have nothing against Mia she seems like a nice woman, and I’m a big fan of Darren’s. But I’m sorry I don’t think that Mia and Darren are dating if they are I don’t think that they are very Happy together. For more than one reason I see him show more emotion toward other people than I do her and I’m not talking about just Chris. Another reason I have seen pictures of them when they were not posing for the camera and they act like they don’t want to be by each other. Now I don’t think Chris and Darren are a couple but I do think that something happened between them what only they know. I do know that Mia had made a comment that she thought something was going on between Darren and Chris though. now I don’t think Darren is gay but I do think he is bi. But you know what I will say this if Mia and Darren are together then I wish them the best.