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Alexander Skarsgard & Kristin Bauer: 'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kristin Bauer: 'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up while attending the premiere of the sixth season of his hit show True Blood held at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on Tuesday (June 11) in Hollywood.

The 36-year-old actor was seen posing on the red carpet with his co-stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, HBO Programing President Michael Lombardo, executive producer Brian Buckner, HBO Entertainment President Sue Naegle, and executive producer Gregg Feinberg.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander‘s co-star Kristin Bauer was also spotted walking the red carpet.

“At the #trueblood premiere – I’m so lucky to b part of this. Thank u Greg and Bucky,” Kristin tweeted.

FYI: Kristin is wearing a Chagoury dress. Alexander is wearing a Calvin Klein Collection suit.

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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Strange

    Everyone looks awesome !! New haircut i like . Kristin nice !!

  • maría

    so perfect alex so perfect.i go to sleep now and dream with you(i hope)

  • The East

    Love Alex and Kristin!

  • No Lucy Griffiths

    No Lucy Griffiths, that’s odd.

  • ladybug

    @No Lucy Griffiths: Lucy was there, JJ just didn’t put her photo in this set:

    @Strange, I don’t think it’s a new haircut, since I don’t think they’re done filming, since they”ll probably want to keep hair continuity (unless there’s a time jump at the end or something).

  • ladybug
  • Hot

    I like the suit he looks so shining, bright and handsome. So sexy!

  • Slinky the Cat

    He really is beautiful. “roxybebop: ASkars stopped for all the fans then came back to talk to us. He was the last one standing on the red carpet. #trueblood”

  • AO Gal

    The familia is backkkk!!! He looks extremely good here! Jesus this man is really something to be proud of!!!
    Ana looks lovely. Can’t believe she had twins a few months ago!
    Steph looks very nice too, I actually loved true blood because of him and the fact he was a bit shady as Bill.
    I don’t see Tara!(sorry forgotten her name)! and where is the that gorgeous red haired woman? So many peeps aren’t there!
    Either way The Skars is representing!

  • Macy

    Good to see everyone out together! It will be interesting to see the direction the show takes now that Ball is gone.

  • In the name of ODIN

    God he really is F-king breath taking. Just so f***king Handsome and sexy. It’s hard not to fall for him. He is gorgeous. GOR-GE-OUS! IN THE NAME OF ODIN

  • Music Fan

    Yes I am looking forward on that new aspect too. Ball is a visionary and it kinda feels obvious that since he left, his “directional touch” aren’t there!
    I also saw somewhere on youtube that Steph directed a couple of episoddes last season! Was impressed, i know some cast menbers do get that opportunity and I would like to see Alex do something similar too?

    On the main topic: Alex, Alex, Alex… he looks seriously very 50 shades here hey! So handsome!
    More pics are on santress too!

  • AO Gal

    @In the name of ODIN:
    Hahahaha I know how you feel! I was almost speaking in tongues when I saw these pics at work! The man is a fine piece of Art!

    @Music Fan:
    Yes I saw it somewhere on youtube too, when Moyer made his directional debut on the TB show! I think Sam too I’m not so sure, I can’t find the link coz I’m kinda in a meeting (i know Alex is a bad influence for my professional career! lol)!
    Oh yeah I see what you mean, I think it would be cool if AS would direct an episode or two. I’ve never seen his directed projects so it would be a good insight on how he envisions things throught thoses amazing blue/green (they seem to change sometimes IDK) eyes!
    He is european so if he directs an episode it would probably very “commando” if you know what i mean. Either way it would be cool to see him direct a bit more.

  • Macy

    @Music Fan:
    Well, we haven’t seen any episiodes since Ball left because he was still the producer last season. This upcoming season will be the first that he’s not in charge.

  • ladybug

    @Music Fan: The issues with TB-too many story lines, etc., started under his direction, and until we see what the new season is like we have no idea whether it’s still heavily influenced by him. I’d been hoping that since he left the storytelling would tighten up a bit, but I have no idea.

    @AO Gal, the rest of the cast was there:

    Sam Trammell hasn’t directed any episodes per IMDB, the only who has is Stephen, who directed one episode last year and the first episode this year. He mentioned in a recent interview that this episode took 24 days to film, and most of it was night shooting.

    As for Alex doing that on TB, I suspect if he wanted to all he’d have to do is ask, and they’d let him do what Stephen did, which is basically job shadow for a while and do an episode.

  • AO Gal

    oh ok cool. Well I guess maybe he has too much on his plate (meaning with the movies he did recently and the CK campaign) and the opportunity might still come!
    Well either way if its on his current tv show or a movie, it would be good for him to direct!
    Obrigada for the feedback

  • maria

    alexander is so great, i hope this season will better and he have more time per episode. i dont like the haircut to much shorter in the back and to much larger in the rest, he is beatiful, why cant find a hairdo that suits him better?i dont see the others,but anna looks extremily skinnier, she always have more fulled body than now.

  • No Lucy Griffiths

    WTF is Lucy Griffiths wearing? This is a major event. She looks like she’s just showing up at the local high school for a dance recital. Or an aerobics workout. Plus She’s gotten so skinny now that her head is looking gigantic. Hairstyle is exactly the same as the time she was with Alex and Fares at lunch. This girl did not even _try_ to look appropriate for the event. Nobody likes her character or interested in her as an actress. That’s why I never saw photos of her included on any blog with the rest of the cast. People just forget she exists.

  • Tutu

    Which blondie did Alex bring and hid her at premiere & bang after tb party took a girl home.

  • ladybug

    @AO Gal: It could be any number of reason of why he hasn’t wanted to direct TB.

    This is my favorite photo of him from last night:

  • Lucy looks OK

    She doesn’t look too bad not the best outfit of the night shoes are ugly she looked great last year seems to have lost weight again shame really she had a curvy fuller figure before she came to HW

    More pics of Lucy

  • AO Gal

    God bless the person who had that camera, at the right moment and at the right time… Jesus im lusting after that man’s “asset”… Ohhh i see a Levis ad campaign potential right there…ouhlala

  • Music Fan

    @Lucy looks OK:
    That’s HW for you; making good looking healthy people skinnier. For what purposes? I don’t know! I find her very beautiful and a soft beauty beauty.
    Specially on this picture:

  • hmmmmmmm

    I see AS bought out the banker look this time. LOL.

  • loli

    This premiere step almost unnoticed to me.

  • No Lucy Griffiths

    LG’s dramatic weight loss only accentuates her oddly-shaped jawline. I’m not saying she’s ugly. She’s not. Her lips and eyes are very lovely. Her nose and jawline are awful. So that means she’s half-ugly and half-lovely. Well that’s better than the average plastic Barbie walking around Hollywood. But when she was a natural, healthy weight her face was more filled out and the harsh jawline was far less noticeable, thus she was actually prettier than now.

  • No Lucy Griffiths

    I just saw the outfit LG was wearing and there is no freakin’ excuse for that. Horrrrible. Just dreadful. And she’s with her hand on her hip posing like she’s hot s*hit. Girl you need to STFD.

  • LG video
  • Music Fan

    he seems a bit weird or lost maybe with the flash and the papps asking him to look here and there. Not an easy career, huh? but he looks so lovely!

  • No Lucy Griffiths

    That’s not shyness. That’s being self-conscious and embarrassed because she knows HBO pays “fans” to ask for her autograph. She knows that she’s beneath the rest of the cast, that most TB fans aren’t interested in her at all, and that’s proved by her absence on most blogs and fans sites covering this event. I also think she plays up a “kitten” persona.

  • Daily Fail

    I love how the Daily Fail cover Tru blood premiere and only did Anna n Stephen and just add Alex in there.
    They normally do a separate post for him but they can’t because now they look like jackasses to everyone for saying Alex and Ellen has been dating for A YEAR and they are now together.
    What a bunch of losers don’t even have the balls to correct themselves and inform the British people on the truth. I hate internet gossip.

  • Some love 4 Lucy

    What’s with the Lucy griffiths hate, fans wanted her autograph and seemed pleased I think she is lovely, very low key who probably doesn’t like attending many red carpet events and keeps her self private

  • Daily Fail

    @Some love 4 Lucy:

    I don’t dislike her or anything but the Nora character sucked so hard last season. I have zero interest in Nora’s storyline that’s about it for me don’t know nothing about Lucy and really don’t care to find out either.

  • ladybug

    Not sure how this became a LG thread.

    Looks like we might be seeing Alex in some more Encounter ads:

    “Coty Prestige has updated its Encounter men’s fragrance from Calvin Klein with a new version, called Encounter Fresh. The worldwide launch begins this month.

    Described as exhilarating, powerful and magnetic, the concept continues the story of a confident man in control of his desires, as personified by the fragrance face, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård…”

  • AO Gal

    that is a very good question…she seems such a doll. Her, Rutina and Deborah are my favorites; very low key women and gorgeous in their own ways.
    @Daily Fail:
    I didn’t get your comment! Your angry because they only put those three on the article or it has to do with Ellen Page? Kinda lost.
    @No Lucy Griffiths:
    ok I get you feel strongly about her physicality and character but I may say that Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Michelle Williams and Olivia Wilde are (for me personally) women with strong facial features specially their jaw lines and eyes and are still gorgeous. Yes I do agree that if you have such strong features and you lose a big amount of weight they are more visible than when you were more on a normal healthier weight! Regardless I think she still looks pretty gorgeous.#just saying#

  • maria

    @AO Gal: i dont know nothing about lucy, but isnt ugly she have great eyes and a singular but beautiful face. i hope sunday come soon!!!

  • Beauty

    Lucy is a beauty. Here’s a interview

  • It’s a TB Thread


    The subject is TB:6. That includes Lucy Griffiths.

  • It’s a TB Thread


    I saw that video last year. Worst interview ever. You can see how hard it is for her to rub her brain cells together to come up with something intelligent about her character and the story line. She looks utterly confused, literally she’s scratching her head, not able to string her thoughts together. What a do-do bird. Dumb people are not attractive.

  • ladybug

    @It’s a TB Thread: Just almost curious as why it ended up being this thread, as opposed to the other premiere thread.

    Alex out and about today:

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Did Charlaine Harris show up?

  • Just Joanie

    @Beauty: Lucy Griffiths is gorgeous. Her outfit could have used a bit of bling and a pair of Louboutin pumps but I like the jumpsuit. As for her hair, it’s so thick and beautiful, she should have worn it down.
    Alex and Kristin are perfect – wouldn’t change a thing. And yaaa, True Blood this Sunday!

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: Yes she did. She even walked the red carpet and apparently went to the after party.

  • It’s a TB Thread


    Are you in charge? Is this blog Just Jared or Just Ladybug?

  • porquenon

    What lovely green eyes you have Keiko. You’re about as subtle as Debbie Pelt. Do you turn into a wolf when there’s a full moon as well?

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Hmmm. Woman’s got nerve after delivering a book that basically disavows the whole “tolerance” message that TB is supposed to be about.

  • Push

    @It’s a TB Thread:

    Haha Just Ladybug = amazing comment of the day.

  • CF + NL = LB


    It takes a special kind of control freak to tell someone on a public blog how they should comment and in what threads. Moderator in her own mind. A control freak with no life, that’s Ladybug.

  • Cafélady

    Nice pictures and vids from the premiere. He looks good – as always. The grey suit is once something different to the blue ones he wore the last times. But blue is definetely more his color. I like also his hair-style and love the 3-day-beard. LoL

    It’s really striking how patient he is at such events. In general – not only with the fans and so on. I like that he tries to give as much fans as possible – an personal moment with him. Or what one can call a personal moment. :)

    I also like the dress of kristin – just gorgeous. Really a pretty and impressive woman.

    I have to agree with something, what alex said in one red carpet interview: I also find that pam/eric are so a special couple in the series and they really have a special relationship. Of course, one could see that even more in the flashback scenes of s5. But I would say it also was already good to see in earlier seasons.
    To be honest; pam and eric are to me one of the biggest reasons to watch the show (aside of it that I’m team e/s) – it was the same with the books anyway.

  • janna

    shall we now refer to anna as paq-thin or thin-quin because she’s looking rather skinny lately .