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Alexander Skarsgard & Kristin Bauer: 'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kristin Bauer: 'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up while attending the premiere of the sixth season of his hit show True Blood held at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on Tuesday (June 11) in Hollywood.

The 36-year-old actor was seen posing on the red carpet with his co-stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, HBO Programing President Michael Lombardo, executive producer Brian Buckner, HBO Entertainment President Sue Naegle, and executive producer Gregg Feinberg.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander‘s co-star Kristin Bauer was also spotted walking the red carpet.

“At the #trueblood premiere – I’m so lucky to b part of this. Thank u Greg and Bucky,” Kristin tweeted.

FYI: Kristin is wearing a Chagoury dress. Alexander is wearing a Calvin Klein Collection suit.

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56 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard & Kristin Bauer: 'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere!”

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  1. 1
    Strange Says:

    Everyone looks awesome !! New haircut i like . Kristin nice !!

  2. 2
    marĂ­a Says:

    so perfect alex so perfect.i go to sleep now and dream with you(i hope)

  3. 3
    The East Says:

    Love Alex and Kristin!

  4. 4
    No Lucy Griffiths Says:

    No Lucy Griffiths, that’s odd.

  5. 5
    ladybug Says:

    @No Lucy Griffiths: Lucy was there, JJ just didn’t put her photo in this set:

    @Strange, I don’t think it’s a new haircut, since I don’t think they’re done filming, since they”ll probably want to keep hair continuity (unless there’s a time jump at the end or something).

  6. 6
    ladybug Says:

    More pics here:

  7. 7
    Hot Says:

    I like the suit he looks so shining, bright and handsome. So sexy!

  8. 8
    Slinky the Cat Says:

    He really is beautiful. “roxybebop: ASkars stopped for all the fans then came back to talk to us. He was the last one standing on the red carpet. #trueblood”

  9. 9
    AO Gal Says:

    The familia is backkkk!!! He looks extremely good here! Jesus this man is really something to be proud of!!!
    Ana looks lovely. Can’t believe she had twins a few months ago!
    Steph looks very nice too, I actually loved true blood because of him and the fact he was a bit shady as Bill.
    I don’t see Tara!(sorry forgotten her name)! and where is the that gorgeous red haired woman? So many peeps aren’t there!
    Either way The Skars is representing!

  10. 10
    Macy Says:

    Good to see everyone out together! It will be interesting to see the direction the show takes now that Ball is gone.

  11. 11
    In the name of ODIN Says:

    God he really is F-king breath taking. Just so f***king Handsome and sexy. It’s hard not to fall for him. He is gorgeous. GOR-GE-OUS! IN THE NAME OF ODIN

  12. 12
    Music Fan Says:

    Yes I am looking forward on that new aspect too. Ball is a visionary and it kinda feels obvious that since he left, his “directional touch” aren’t there!
    I also saw somewhere on youtube that Steph directed a couple of episoddes last season! Was impressed, i know some cast menbers do get that opportunity and I would like to see Alex do something similar too?

    On the main topic: Alex, Alex, Alex… he looks seriously very 50 shades here hey! So handsome!
    More pics are on santress too!

  13. 13
    AO Gal Says:

    @In the name of ODIN:
    Hahahaha I know how you feel! I was almost speaking in tongues when I saw these pics at work! The man is a fine piece of Art!

    @Music Fan:
    Yes I saw it somewhere on youtube too, when Moyer made his directional debut on the TB show! I think Sam too I’m not so sure, I can’t find the link coz I’m kinda in a meeting (i know Alex is a bad influence for my professional career! lol)!
    Oh yeah I see what you mean, I think it would be cool if AS would direct an episode or two. I’ve never seen his directed projects so it would be a good insight on how he envisions things throught thoses amazing blue/green (they seem to change sometimes IDK) eyes!
    He is european so if he directs an episode it would probably very “commando” if you know what i mean. Either way it would be cool to see him direct a bit more.

  14. 14
    Macy Says:

    @Music Fan:
    Well, we haven’t seen any episiodes since Ball left because he was still the producer last season. This upcoming season will be the first that he’s not in charge.

  15. 15
    ladybug Says:

    @Music Fan: The issues with TB-too many story lines, etc., started under his direction, and until we see what the new season is like we have no idea whether it’s still heavily influenced by him. I’d been hoping that since he left the storytelling would tighten up a bit, but I have no idea.

    @AO Gal, the rest of the cast was there:

    Sam Trammell hasn’t directed any episodes per IMDB, the only who has is Stephen, who directed one episode last year and the first episode this year. He mentioned in a recent interview that this episode took 24 days to film, and most of it was night shooting.

    As for Alex doing that on TB, I suspect if he wanted to all he’d have to do is ask, and they’d let him do what Stephen did, which is basically job shadow for a while and do an episode.

  16. 16
    AO Gal Says:

    oh ok cool. Well I guess maybe he has too much on his plate (meaning with the movies he did recently and the CK campaign) and the opportunity might still come!
    Well either way if its on his current tv show or a movie, it would be good for him to direct!
    Obrigada for the feedback

  17. 17
    maria Says:

    alexander is so great, i hope this season will better and he have more time per episode. i dont like the haircut to much shorter in the back and to much larger in the rest, he is beatiful, why cant find a hairdo that suits him better?i dont see the others,but anna looks extremily skinnier, she always have more fulled body than now.

  18. 18
    No Lucy Griffiths Says:

    WTF is Lucy Griffiths wearing? This is a major event. She looks like she’s just showing up at the local high school for a dance recital. Or an aerobics workout. Plus She’s gotten so skinny now that her head is looking gigantic. Hairstyle is exactly the same as the time she was with Alex and Fares at lunch. This girl did not even _try_ to look appropriate for the event. Nobody likes her character or interested in her as an actress. That’s why I never saw photos of her included on any blog with the rest of the cast. People just forget she exists.

  19. 19
    Tutu Says:

    Which blondie did Alex bring and hid her at premiere & bang after tb party took a girl home.

  20. 20
    ladybug Says:

    @AO Gal: It could be any number of reason of why he hasn’t wanted to direct TB.

    This is my favorite photo of him from last night:

  21. 21
    Lucy looks OK Says:

    She doesn’t look too bad not the best outfit of the night shoes are ugly she looked great last year seems to have lost weight again shame really she had a curvy fuller figure before she came to HW

    More pics of Lucy

  22. 22
    AO Gal Says:

    God bless the person who had that camera, at the right moment and at the right time… Jesus im lusting after that man’s “asset”… Ohhh i see a Levis ad campaign potential right there…ouhlala

  23. 23
    Music Fan Says:

    @Lucy looks OK:
    That’s HW for you; making good looking healthy people skinnier. For what purposes? I don’t know! I find her very beautiful and a soft beauty beauty.
    Specially on this picture:

  24. 24
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    I see AS bought out the banker look this time. LOL.

  25. 25
    loli Says:

    This premiere step almost unnoticed to me.

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