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Danielle Bradbery: 'The Voice' Top 5 Performances (Video)

Danielle Bradbery: 'The Voice' Top 5 Performances (Video)

Check out Danielle Bradbery performing “Please Remember Me” and “Who I Am” for this week’s semifinal round for The Voice!

Last week, the 16-year-old contestant chatted with JJ at a recording studio about her idol Carrie Underwood, going to school, and how she taps into her emotions at such a young age.

“While I wait backstage I jam out to Austin‘s “what about love” @AustinMahone I’m likin’ this song!!” she tweeted.

Danielle is fighting for a spot in the finals against Michelle Chamuel, Sasha Allen, Amber Carrington, and The Swon Brothers.

Danielle Bradbery – ‘Please Remember Me’

Click inside to read our interview with Danielle Bradbery and ‘Who I Am’ performance… Interview – Danielle Bradbery So you haven’t done recording like that before, what have you learned?

Danielle Bradbery: The first time I came in here to record “Mean,” they were like it’s going to be different singing here in microphones and hearing yourself and I started singing and was like, “Whoa, I’m not used to it. Every time I get in there, it’s more comfortable. I’m getting a lot used to it. It’s a quiet place and I can just sing my heart out. It’s really cool in there.

JJ: Does it make you feel like a real star being able to hold onto the headphones?

DB: It does. It makes me feel very professional, I guess. I’ve never been in a recording studio, in there, it’s really cool.

JJ: What do you miss at home, since you’ve been on the show?

DB: I miss hanging out with my friends, I went home coming thing and I got to see everybody.

JJ: How was it to perform at a baseball game?

DB: I went to my high school and they put on a prep rally, and they were like, “We have a surprise for you and you’re going to be singing the national anthem at the baseball Astros game.” I was like “Woah”. Meanwhile, I’ve always wanted to sing the national anthem at a baseball game and i got to at a professional baseball game. It was crazy.

JJ: Can you tell us about your big homecoming?

DB: I pulled up to my school and the band and cheerleaders were out there. They held up all these signs saying, “Go Danielle.” I had to walk in and go in my gym and the whole school was in there and they were making up cheers. It was crazy. I was the one walking in these hallways and nobody really knew me and now the whole school is like “Oh my gosh, Danielle Bradbery.”

JJ: What it’s like to be able to sing the entire song for the recordings, which you aren’t able to do on the live shows?

DB: The normal stuff, we get to into the songs no matter what the lyrics are. We try to find something to connect with it. It’s really cool performing the whole thing and knowing it’s going out there for everybody to buy. You basically have to put super good performance for that too.

JJ: Why these two songs?

DB: I picked “Who I Am” by Jessica Andrews because it connected with my friends and family and it basically says my mom is my biggest fan and my friends made me who I am. It’s kinda that connection. Blake picked “Please Remember Me.” Yea, he has a plan (laughs). He never told me why. He thinks it’s a really good song.

JJ: Since you are only 16, how do you access the emotions when you sing songs?

DB: With them, telling me that I have to connect to all these songs so much, I just try to find something that has happened in the past or picture myself in somebody else’s shoes and maybe they went through something like that and try to express it like that. I try to come up with different things.

JJ: Since there are still a few more weeks, what do you have to prove for yourself, going forward?

DB: Well, I don’t have that much time until the end. I just have to keep thinking of more ideas and talking with Blake about what kind of artist I want to become and really put those into my performances.

JJ: What kind of advice is Blake giving you?

DB: He just says to be yourself and I think the reason why he’s giving me all these old songs is because i have trouble finding where i want to go in the music and those kinda make me my own songs in this generation. I’m 16, so i’m singing back. He’s giving me these old songs so i can find who i am now and he’s say “Go out there, you’re already getting up there.” He’s really supportive.

JJ: What does it feel like getting up onstage and there is a giant audience out there and they are screaming?

DB: Before I go on, I’m standing backstage, behind the walls are the interview things, the rehearsals are going on, I walk out there and get positioned and I kinda just look at everybody and they are all smiling at me. That makes me feel good and I look at Blake and he winks at me. I’m like that tells me I’m ready. I just take a deep breathe and start singing. It gets more comfortable throughout the song.

JJ: Does Blake talk to you before you record the song?

DB: No, he does not.

JJ: So all the ideas you got, you bring to the studio?

DB: Yeah, basically.

JJ: What does it feel like to be on top of Blake on the iTunes charts?

DB: Well, during rehearsals, we mess around with each other. He’s like “I can not believe, you knocked me out again. You’re a monster. I created a monster.” I’m like “I’m sorry.” It’s really cool though. He’s just proud of me that I get to go up there.

JJ: Last week, Taylor Swift walked through the door during a rehearsal. Who would make you jump if they walked through that door?

DB: Carrie Underwood is my idol, I would love her to walk in like Taylor Swift did.

JJ: If you could collaborate with anyone in the industry, besides Carrie, who would it be?

DB: I mean, I’ve met Miranda a few times, but I would love to work with her more. She would be really cool to work with.

JJ: So what do you catch up on when you talk with your friends?

DB: Well, my really close friends understand there is so much going on here. Every now and then, I kinda want to get away from it a little bit, they always ask me how I’m doing, and then I ask them what’s going on at home and what happened last week with this person. It’ s all that teenage stuff. I catch up with what they did and baseball games and stuff like that.

JJ: What else are you passionate about?

DB: I like sports, I’m really outdoorsy, and dancing.

JJ: Besides from country, what other music genres do you like?

DB: I like all genres, I mostly like hip-hop, RnB, like Spanish, and pop. Y’all be surprised because I can sing in Spanish too.

JJ: With all the success this show will bring you, do you still want to go to college?

DB: I want to interact in school too and going to college would be the normal thing I would like to do. Where ever this takes me, I would like to try to do that too.

JJ: Are you making any plans to move to Nashville?

DB: Not yet, I’m staying at home right now. Yea, I don’t see myself moving anytime soon. hopefully not, because I like my home.

JJ: How much school do you have to do?

DB: Well I’m a sophomore. I do online school here. Yesterday, when I did the home coming thing, I went to school and it was our last day of school there. I’m still doing school sadly when everybody is in summer. I’m just catching up.

JJ: How many hours of school work is that a day?

DB: Well they try to fit it between everything I have to do. Sometimes, it’s five hours. On show days, we have to do it a little short because of everything that is going on, so it’s about one or two hours.

Danielle Bradbery – ‘Who I Am’

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