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Who Got Voted Off 'The Voice'? Top Three Revealed!

Who Got Voted Off 'The Voice'? Top Three Revealed!


This week, which were the semifinals, started with the top five contestants on The Voice and tonight (June 11) the competition was narrowed down to the top three for next week’s finals!

Blake Shelton is the only judge to have two contestants on the show. Veteran coach Adam Levine and the new coaches – Shakira and Usher – started this semifinal week with only one contestant each.

On Team Adam we have Amber Carrington. On Team Blake we have Danielle Bradbery and The Swon Brothers. On Team Shakira we have Sasha Allen. Lastly, on Team Usher we have fan favorite Michelle Chamuel.

Click inside to find out who was sent home on The Voice this evening

Amber Carrington and Sasha Allen

Sadly, Amber Carrington and Sasha Allen were sent home!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the results?

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  • just saying

    Won’t be watching “The Voice” tonight. Am tired of it at this point.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Best always go Home! Usher holding his head was a Dead giveaway!

  • Kay

    Lame. Vocally, those two were the strongest left in the competition. I love Blake to death but if he wins for a 3rd time he’s going to be insufferable. Go Michelle, I guess.

  • Mare

    Really Though? The 12 year old Taylor Swift wanna be over Sasha? I like the Swon Brothers and all but Michelle and Sasha are the strongest of the bunch. Ridiculous.

  • Sam

    SO DUMB. I LOVED Amber she was excellent and Sasha was waaay better than the fricken ‘Swans’. I’ll be back next season… hopefully boring country people are REJECTED in the early rounds then so that America’s overwhelming ‘country’ population doesnt get a chance to vote!

  • Sam

    Also these ‘finalists’ should learn a thing or two from Terry and Nicholas who were LAST season’s finalists and were like 100X better than anything Swon Bros or Danielle has performed all season!

  • Sadie

    Very disappointed… Michelle is my favourite but Amber and Sasha were 2 & 3. The Swon Bros. are entertaining; but would not say they have “the voice”. Danielle always sings songs that are not that difficult. Am very disappointed with the voting public. Really hope that Michelle is victorious! Hers is the only album I would buy. Go Michelle!!!

  • Shell

    I liked Sasha but knew she was doomed the moment she broke out the “I Will Always Love You”. All singing competitions should bar Whitney Houston and Adele. Sing them if you want to go home. That tween, Danielle, is going to win. No suspense there.

  • http://livesboutdallas irma

    I am very disappointed! Sasha was incredible! Sorry to see her leave. But, she will get famous anyway! Shes got the whole package. Now that she is gone, I will have to go with Michelle. She is different! I dont know it that will help her win, but I hope so. It always seems to be some country type singer. I guess thats who votes the most. Ashame… it is what it is.

  • abbey

    Sure, since we have heard so much from the past Voice winners… I am getting so sick of these singing shows – no one makes it big (from the Voice or American Idol….). It is a waste of time. These contestants all act as if they are peers with the coaches – come on now, this is all for ratings and shock factor. I would have kicked Sasha out a long time ago – she just screams. Michelle will most likely win: she is the prototype of what the Voice is all about. What does it matter though? It’s not like we will see the Voice winner doing anything special after she is declared “winner” – oh, she may come back next session to sing on the show.

  • http://thevoice son

    I like the voice

  • Ali

    hum….go michelle. amber was awesome.

  • Bianca Devones

    Tonight the Voice jumped the Shark!!!!! I wish everyone well … but I’m done!!!!!!!!!

  • she

    so sad for amber and sasha :’( i hope michelle chamuel wins this season!

  • sheagra

    i personally like Danielle and the swon brothers Sure hope one of them win

  • Marie

    I can’t believe all the great voices are gone, Sasha, Amber, Judith and Sarah, and the most incredible is that The Swon Brothers are in the final, they should been eliminated long ago. I Knew f the begining that Danielle would be in the final, but no because she is really good, for mi opinion she always stay in her comfort zone, she doesn’t take risk, but everybody was so facinated with her, Country music is bored, so I hope Michelle wins, anyways I’m so disappointed, so I would not see the final.

  • MartaIsabel

    Sorry guys but I just don’t think that Michelle Chamuel will sell tickets for a stadium performance. She has a good voice but I cringe every time I see her crouch and lunge. Just because she is “different” looking is not a reason to vote for her.

    Sasha had a better voice but I knew she would not make it because first of all she is pretty and it appears that the fans of the Voice truly cannot stand pretty. Then she is black. Few black females have ever won on any of the singing competitions (other than Fantasia who I thought sounded like she sucked helium before each performance :) ). BTW, I am not black, I am just pointing it out.

    The good news is that it seems that the runner ups on singing competition shows seem to fare much better than the winners, with the exception of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

    I have to say that I really like the new judge ensemble on the Voice better than the original. Christina Aguilera always makes everything about her. When she does a number with her team, they are barely allowed to hum next to her. She appears bored all the time and supercilious. Wish that Shakira was staying. As far as Usher and CeeLo go – they could do alternate seasons. Usher’s performance last night was INCREDIBLE. Geez Louis.

    That’s my take on it. Peace.


  • Bert Flim

    The best vocalists went home weeks ago. So I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but I am in shock. Wow. Granted Danielle is going to be a big country star–it’s just a given. She’s perky and cute and can belt out those woe-is-me country stories. I think that’s called a storyteller. But I don’t know that she deserves to be the winner. Also why do people create a pity party about themselves to get votes? Who cares if anyone is “different” or not. That doesn’t mean they should get sympathy votes. I admired Phillip Phillips on American Idol for keeping his kidney stones ordeal a secret precisely so he wouldn’t draw sympathy votes. He wanted to earn them for his talent. I have been disappointed the past few weeks and grown disinterested now in the outcome. I don’t care at this point. But I love Adam so I will have to keep watching. He is just the best coach and person because he always gives praise, even when people are not on his team. Unlike Shakira who thinks everyone who’s not on her team are just “ok” and it’s the glass half full type of critique. It’s made me think less of her as a performer. I have lost respect because it feels like it’s all about her and her team. Usher has been pretty neutral and a good coach. But I’m surprised he’s babied Michelle C. so much. He was very tough on his guys in the beginning. So do we really all have to get those glasses? Come on. I think Carson D. is a great host. Very even with all the contestants. And Blake–well, stop doing that finger maneuver because it’s driving me crazy! And not in a good way. Bottom line, as long as Adam stays I will stick with this show. When he goes, so do I as a viewer.

  • sumati

    Sasha should not have gone home! She was BY FAR the BEST!

  • onlything

    It feels like it began to eliminate the best from the top6,Judith,Sarah,then now Sasha and Amber,but I love Michelle,she maybe doesn’t have the best voice,but love her energy,she should win.

  • sumati

    @sumati: Especially sorry when Chris Thomas didn’t make it–now THERE’S a talented singer!

  • onlything

    @Bert Flim: Disagree with your comments about Shakira, she’s passionate about her team,but be very nice to any other contestants as well.

  • talia

    its so annoying when people complain about their favourites going out, did you even vote? If not, then next time maybe you should and your favourite might not end up being eliminated


    Sasha ?? Really ?? C’MON !!!! Michelle has a great voice, but Sasha RULED THE STAGE !!! LAME…..LAME……..LAME !!!!

  • can12

    .America did not get this wrong. How can they? People go and vote for what they like and who they like. So therefore, the most talented do move on. It is flawless in how this is done. If they go to the way of Idol, they will go the way of Idol and be cancelled.

    There is nothing wrong with any of the contestants but the ones that move on are the ones that connected and are more talented according to more people. Those are just the facts and the way it is.

    If you think they got it wrong, it turns out that you did get it wrong.

  • Acy

    Michelle Chamuel is the strongest out of the three. She is unique and has a lot of stage presence. Each week she comes out better than she did last week. She never fails to disappoint! If she doesn’t win, I won’t be watching this show ever again. It has become the “Blake Shelton’s Honky Tonk SHOW”.

  • kelly

    @can12 Any TV show can have whomever win that they want. Simple as that. If you truly think that this show is really based soley on America’s votes you are completely naive.

  • texasMom

    michelle has no talent face the facts.she should of gone instead of amber or sasha
    since amber is out all my votes and itune downloads will go to the best singer left which is Danielle

  • Fonda

    Wow, what haters. The US is made up with every type of person liking their own type of music. I personally like it all, except Rap. Getting down to the last 5 or 6 is always crushing that someone, anyone goes home, but the truth is, that’s how America voted. It’s fine with me how the votes came out. I would have liked to have seen Sasha instead of Danielle, but that’s how it rolls. People, don’t be haters of country music, you may not like it, but obviously a lot do. The Swon Brothers bring a freshness and newness to country music & Michelle is so versatile, & I believe we will be seeing and hearing from them in the future on the radio, unlike most of the last winners on The Voice.

    Oh, one more thing, the person who said American Idol never brings talent, must be watching a different show than me, because American Idol has not only brought top winners, who we do here from & they also bring members who didn’t win, but are great.

    Good luck to the Top 3 & may America all vote for their choice. Just because you vote, doesn’t mean your ‘choice’ will be the winner. They are all winners at this point & I applaud them all.

  • http://Chokie9 Choki

    Ive been a fan of this show since Season 1. I love watching the voice because it shows the artistry and the uniqueness of a singer. but when they changed the mechanics of the show starting the 3rd Season (where after knock out and battle rounds, everything depends on America’s Vote), i dont feel watching it anymore. this really sucks! the reason i dont watch other talent search show because they entrust eveything to Votes, where the people voting are not really musician or artist to judge the winner. For example American Idol season 11 where between Jessica Sanchez and Philips Philips. there’s no doubt that Jessica’s voice is beyond compare to Philip’s voice. but I guess talent doesnt matter at all. Is it because of Jessica’s race that made her loose? Even American Idol Season 8 also speaks how bias America’s votes are. And I think it’s because of Gender Issue. Adam was judged by his gender and not by his TALENT. I remember one the last week’s episode when Sara and Judith were eliminated, and adam said “I hate this country!”, I was on Adam’s side on that day because how could America let go of the 2 best voices in the competetion. I’m an artist myself and I know how distiguish the uniqueness of a certain talent. I hope that there will be a talent show that Winners will be judged based on talent alone.

  • judy easterbrooks

    I was really disappointed, I became that way when Judith was sent home. Frankly, I don’t think the public has the ability to choose a top vocalist, I think they choose based on which coach they prefer, how the person looks, or genre. I love the way in the beginning they are chosen – the coaches can’t see them and they truly choose based on the vocal ability of the singer. Maybe its time to copy food network and have great musicians who really know tone, pitch etc., make that final decision. It certainly would be more equitable.
    I’m a 73 year old woman and I don’t think my heart can take another season where great people are sent home because the untrained public has that power.

  • Babs

    I don’t think this has anything to do with Race. Don’t you remember the 2nd season that a black man won???? Race, I don’t think so.!!

  • MartaIsabel


    I said black “female.” You should quote what I say. Judith and Sasha had better voices than the ones left. But I don’t say it is just race, women don’t always vote for the pretty gals unless they are unintimidating and docile. Just how I have seen a lot of these competitions go. Hot guys get votes, hot women not so much. Carrie Underwood was/is beautiful but also very low key and unaggressive.

    But like I said, it is my take on it. You can agree or disagree. Neither one bothers me. It is just my opinion. Thanks.

  • Boobear27