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Adriana Lima: Birthday Bash at VC Signature Store Opening!

Adriana Lima: Birthday Bash at VC Signature Store Opening!

Adriana Lima celebrates her birthday in style at the VC Signature store opening on Tuesday (June 11) in New York City.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel‘s official birthday is today (June 12) – she turns 32-years-old. Happy birthday Adriana!

At the event, Vince and Louise Camuto presented Adriana with a tray of cupcakes as guests sipped on Beau Joie Champagne! Also pictured celebrating was fellow VS Angel Lindsay Ellingson.

“Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes!! I’m having a great birthday and you amazing fans make it even better!” Adriana wrote on her Facebook page.

In honor of the occasion, Vince Camuto made a donation to New Yorkers for Children and provided 20% of the event’s proceeds to the cause.

FYI: Adriana, Lindsay, and Louise are all wearing Vince Camuto.

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adriana lima birthday at vc store opening 01
adriana lima birthday at vc store opening 02
adriana lima birthday at vc store opening 03
adriana lima birthday at vc store opening 04
adriana lima birthday at vc store opening 05
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adriana lima birthday at vc store opening 07

Photos: Billy Farrell Agency
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  • emmaline

    yikes her face is scary.
    like an alien.
    not pretty at all.
    why all the hype about her?

  • Yasmin

    Lindsay is so beautiful,
    I’m in Love with her dress.

  • Angelle

    And she doesn’t look a day over 25. Timeless beauty.

  • LARA

    Lindsay’s Dress>>>>> Adriana’s Dress

  • .

    Only complaint is how skinny she looks. Absolutely stunning nonetheless.

  • Emily

    Adriana and Lindsay are beautiful, love both =D
    And I can’t belive Adriana have32 years old, she looks so much younger.

  • Leslie

    She looks different! Did she have work done?

  • jenny

    adriana is the most beautiful woman in the world EVER

  • Melanie

    She is stunning! And 32 years old? nobody would guess that, she looks her 20s

  • carmen

    She looks different. Is there anything wrong with the secret angels?

  • TheDudeAbides

    Emmaline; Blame it on Rio…

  • No

    Looks like she had some work done. She’s not looking as pretty as she normally does.
    And why the weight loss? Did some fashionista call her ‘fat’ or something? Not a good look. At all. Doesn’t she care about the young women that look up to her?

  • Derpy

    Wow. She really will show up to the opening of an envelope, won’t she.
    Is she really that desperate for attention?

  • Arine

    Its the way these pics are taken. I seriously doubt she has had work done. She looks great for 32. She looks better then alot fo girls in their 20s too.
    @ Derpy
    Mmm. there aren’t too many pics of her attending events unlike some ppl. She is just celebrating her birthday. How is that desperate?

  • Jenki

    Now this a beautiful woman of colour! Not that overrated, ugly untalented Freida Pinto! She honestly looks like Adriana Limas maid.

  • SAKI

    @Jenki: ADRIANA had something done. She was stunning before.. Now, not as much.

    As for Freida Pinto. She and Olivia Munn are the 2 worst actresses that are riding on their looks. At least Freida is prettier than Munn, but boy these 2 Chicks are untalented.

  • @14

    She’s celebrating her birthday at a store opening that she was paid to attend??? That’s pretty pathetic.
    She not “just celebrating her birthday”. She’s making appearance and posing for photographers at a minor store opening, and she isn’t even the only model present.
    That’s a sure sign that she will do anything for publicity. Desperate for attention, is right.
    And she HAS had something done to her face. Anyone with eyes can see that. Blind fans are another story….

  • gorr

    @Derpy: are you being ironic right now? Because that description was designed for a model we all know. Hater alert?

  • Jelly

    #17 The invitation cards say you’re lying. as it turns out, the cards read :”Vinice and Louise Camuto and Adriana Lima invite you…”
    She’s not a famewhore who feels the need to go to every kind of event imaginable to satisfy her unhealthy thirst for fame and attention. You won’t find that model here I’m afraid. Go wait for one of her dozen threads a day.
    And she had work done on her face? Ok, if it gets you through the night.

  • foigroas

    @SAKI: Neither Freida or Olivia are pretty. What are you talking about. But Olivia is actaully good on the newsroom. You should see the show. As for Freida. LOL. what career does she have left? I haven’t seen her in anything since 2010. She looks so plain compared to Adriana.

  • Diliana von Bork

    Adriana looks good. Cute outfit. Her hair looks so good. Her legs look good too.
    Finally something about Lindsay.. I was wondering if she is still a VS angel.

  • @19

    Are you kidding? That PROVES that this is a paid appearance.
    Taking low pay to show up at a minor store? That really is desperate.

  • see

    She might be a model but smiling makes her face ugly and squished. Bet she hears a lot of ”don’t smile” from photographers!

  • eww

    Her legs look like sticks.
    Is she becoming anorexic?

  • Aw

    You people are crazy,how can u be so jealous????

  • lmao

    Haha! So when beyonce gets paid to attend an event instead of meaning she’s a celeb in demand, it means she’s desperate for attention? Lol. Taking low pay to show up at a minor event? You’re such an essay laugh. Guess you’re conveniently forgetting she’s the 4th highest paid model in the world and “minor” and “low” aren’t used to describe her.
    Well one thing is for sure, unlike one fame seeking model, she doesn’t get lost in events and has some actual importance in them.

  • loom

    With a face and legs like hers, I’d own the world. She’s flawlessly perfect in every way. So easy on the eyes.

  • Liessel

    She is natural. Ppl who say she has had work done are envious or upset that their fav models aren’t as pretty her her at this age. 32 is still very young. but I guess its deemed as ‘old’ to some other models( a certain model who turned 30 this year, 2 years younger then Adriana) fans.
    Atleast Adriana Lima hasn’t lost many of her endorsements in a span of 2 or 1 months. And the kinds of brand offers she gets aren’t cheap asian brands or laundry detergent. They are high fashion or expensive european brands.

  • tardo

    Overrated bucked tooth. Gosh look at the classic models from the 90s and they rip her to shreds in the looks and modeling talent department. She does cheap catalogs her whole career and has 5 vogue cover, truly laughable excuse for a “supermodel”. Glorified panty model at best. Her legs are devastainly thin. Chiken leg.

  • Ha

    My gosh. Adriana’s fans really are blind aren’t they.
    But keep on loving her. She needs all the help that she can get. Because when modeling is over, she has NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING.

  • KOLL

    Yes, after her modeling days, she’ll have nothing. I mean those millions she’s making is nothing right? haha pathetic
    At least she’s not trying to be what she isn’t. unlike a certain model who will forever keep trying to be a supermodel LMAO

  • @31

    Lots of models retire with millions. But the really special ones are smart enough to use their status to launch businesses.
    And if Adriana is so perfect, why do you feel the need to attack other models?

  • KOLL

    Adriana might not want to venture into business. she could still do it as it not too late but for all we know she might just want to not work completely after modeling and just stay at a beach house with her family.

    And which models did Adriana fans attack? No names were mentioned so can you enlighten us?
    FYI, very, very few models retire with millions!!!

  • @33

    She hasn’t cared about spending time with her family so far, so what makes you think that she ever will? If she did want to spend time with them after she retired, she would have retired at 30.
    And really? We all know which models you Adriana fans are the most afraid of. That fear is why you make such snide remarks, idiotic remarks.

  • KOLL

    She hasn’t cared about spending time wth her family? Now you know that’s a plane lie. Don’t let your petty dislike for her cloud your judgment about basic knowledge like that..
    And LMAO!!! The sheer mention of you thinking her fans fear a model that’s in so many ways cheaper than her is sad. Still we haven’t mentioned names. Or does the description fit a certain model you like? HAHA. Go ahead and say her name.

  • j

    nothing to envy