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Alexander Skarsgard: I Love My 'True Blood' Character's Good & Bad Side!

Alexander Skarsgard: I Love My 'True Blood' Character's Good & Bad Side!

Alexander Skarsgard keeps it cool while arriving at a hotel on Wednesday (June 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The day before, the 36-year-old actor was dashing while attending the sixth season premiere of his hit show True Blood in Hollywood, alongside co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

“I’m having fun going back and forth. That’s what I loved about Eric when we first started. When you first meet him, everyone’s like, ‘Ooh, he’s the bad guy,’ but then you see that there’s more to him than that,” Alexander shared at the premiere about his character Eric.

He added, “Six years in, I’m still having fun with that, the duality of it that he’s capable of both, and I think that’s what I responded to when I first read the books and met with [creator] Alan [Ball] six years ago. Like I said, we’re still exploring that, this season as well. He can be both good and bad.”

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  • Strange

    Another photo . I am spoiled now. Too hot to trot !! Sexy as hell!!

  • loli

    what are he doing at a hotel ?

  • maría

    i love “faty” askars,he must have to be training all day.i cant think for what since he dont have any movie soon.but i love his more filled body.your fans aprecriated you effort alex!

  • maría

    @loli: maybe dont want drive after a night of drinking and party

  • Stop the presses

    He’s most likely doing another press day. Probably for True Blood, but it could also be for CK’s new fragrance Encounter Fresh. It’s being premiered this month with Alex doing another campaign film.

  • ladybug

    @loli: Or having a business meeting at the hotel restaurant .

    @Maria, for this event HBO would have provided drivers.

    More premiere tidbits:

    “Without food, Skarsgård kept shifting between standing and sitting as people asked him for photographs and autographs, and he obliged. His co-star Michael McMillian was one of the adoring fans. Skarsgård signed McMillian’s left wrist, a running joke on and off set between the two actors.

    “I should got to a tattoo parlor immediately and get this permanent,” McMillian joked.”

  • Slinky the Cat

    He looks gorgeous, but a sweater in June? Sure, why not? Enjoying the feast of pics before he goes off the grid.

  • Keiko has 20 cats

    I really, really really LOVE that he is so AMAZING NICE and SWEET to all his fans and people ALWAYS. It is a very desirable trait and it says alot about him as a person too. I adore him for that. He looks great here as he did at the premiere.

  • Keiko has 20 cats

    I also LOVE when he goes on late night chat shows and behaves LIKE AN IMMATURE TEENAGE BOY with constant lame comments about SEX AND NUDITY because GOD I really never get tired of hearing those comments IN EVERY SINGLE interview he’s given FOR THE PAST TEN YEARS. I LOVE when he WIGGLES and SLUMPS in his seat! He’s SO CUTE when he realizes how S*TUPID he is and tells his host I’M NOT DOING SO GOOD, AM I? He’s so HUMBLE and that’s a very desirable trait because if an actor’s going to act like a jack*A*S*S he should be HUMBLE and admit it. And he’s SO SWEET to never pass up a chance to tell everyone HE’S FROM SWEDEN because I tend to forget in between interviews.

  • Keiko has 20 cats

    @Keiko has 20 cats:

    Really though?! You are that unimaginative shake heads. Pathetic that is your name. Someone should take away your cats you unbalance jealous COW. Moo Bi*tchMoo.

    We can switch this up to Keiko You are so F-kin Pathetic, you endless source of CRAY CRAY.

  • Keiko has 20 cats

    @9 forgot that if you are going to steal a poster name at least have the style of being fabulous like said poster. Because the stank that is your crazy over obsession with ASkars is so obvious and pathetic it’s see through.

    Say what ever you want about the guy but he IS very lovely and Nice to his fans. You Unbalance jealous COW.

    My next name for you is Keiko you Unbalance jealous COW mad because you juice out the batteries of your vibrator the only thing that you have go get new batteries and don’t with me.

  • Sesame

    Alex hooked up with model did tb party new gf.

  • beautybarbie

    here we go again…I’m surprised how long it took the rumors to arrive. This poor guy must not have time to sleep with so many “connections” he has with so many ladies.

  • Keiko has 20 cats

    I JUST LOVE IT when Alex goes on chat shows and repeats OLD, STALE, PROBABLY MADE-UP stories about a Swedish girl he left NY for because when he’s in love “HE GOES THERE” like he says. And he really does “go there” for love and you can see it in the way he takes up romances with UNSTABLE, DYSFUNCTIONAL WOMEN over and over and over. I love the way he’s so PRIVATE and yet SO OPEN that he admits he is attracted to DARK, UNHEALTHY PEOPLE. Alex is SO SWEET how he tolerated bulimic Kate Bosworth for two years even while she was CALLING THE PAPS to their outings 2 or 3 times a week. And I love how he was so tolerant of his lady love even though HE LOOKED MISERABLE IN EVERY PHOTO WITH HER. And remember that time they were caught coming out of a movie together and walking to the parking lot Alex walked so fast ahead of Kate and she got confused by all the people AND WALKED IN THE WRONG DIRECTION AND ALEX COULDN’T BE BOTHERED TO TURN BACK AND HELP HER? Remember that? Remember how he wouldn’t touch her for 2 years when he knew any camera was around? I love how Alex is a screw’em-in-private BUT don’t-show’em-affection-in-public kind of guy! SO SWEET!!!! A REAL ROMEO!!

  • Keiko has 20 cats

    @11 I forgot to also mention that I don’t appreciate YOU stealing my screen name and pretending like it was me who took it. The least you could do is get something original for yourself like: “I want to s*uck off Alex Skars but he’d never let me near him ’cause I’m SO FAT AND UGLY AND HE DOESN’T GO FOR HOOD RATS” or how about “I hate any comments that paint a real picture of Askars because I don’t want my fantasy disturbed”. OR SOME SHORT VERSION OF EITHER OF THOSE.

  • Keiko U Unbalance jealous COW

    @14 n 15 see like Amanda Bynes on twitter this is the poor lonely woman with 20 cats cray cray version sad take the name you pathetic old cow. You so dumb you are using a screen name that mocks you, retard twat.
    bla bla you said something NO ONE CARES. Keep the name I can create others. You must have repeated day care so many times.
    I know you have no new batteries or friends so I go on type yourself crazy (too late I know) and keep being insightful (NOT) repeated to death comments.

  • Keiko U Unbalance jealous COW

    @15 god you are so far gone, is life really that sad for you? No one wants to be your friend huh?! How many conversations are going on in your head right now? To many to count I am sure. Me steal your name lol please I wouldn’t even ride the bus with you in that how contagious your crazy A$$ is. Be gone I run out of batteries and have no friends and so pathetic. I am going to stop because it is a waste of time talking to a crazy person such as your self.
    I feel like I am beating up an handicap person in a wheel chair stuck in mud.
    But go on show us how bright (I mean Crazy you really are)

  • Cafélady

    He looks very, very good here – I like this combination, and his hair-style.

    @Slinky the Cat: #7 “He looks gorgeous, but a sweater in June?”

    …I don’t know how many degrees they had there, but perhaps it wasn’t as warm as it looked like. Here (in Germany) for instance, you have often to switch between sweater and t-shirt during one day, because there blows often an cool wind, especially in the evenings – even then, if the outdoors temperature isn’t that low. You see often men here in the summer evenings, who are styled like he is in the pics.
    Or he had a business date inside the hotel’s restaurant – where they probably switched on the air-conditioner. Inside such rooms it is sometimes really cold – compared with the outdoor temperature. A sweater is then a good idea.

    On the other hand – he is a swede. And swedish men usually don’t freeze… ;)) LoL

    @ladybug: #6 Usually I don’t collect autograph’s (not even from him) – but on the wrist? I guess, I would make an exception here then…LoL :)

  • Huh?

    Keiko/A$$spray/TrueBlade now name stealing mental case is fan “girl” gone awfully wrong. I mean awfully.. She clearly needs help. I seriously hope she’s not dangerous to others..poor cats :(

  • Magdalena

    Perfect shade of blond for him. Not too light, not too dark.

  • yep


    I agree and I love it. He is looking great these days.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Regarding the weather, it was only in the low 70′s in Beverly Hills yesterday. Plus, it’s June Gloom time for areas closer to the ocean.

  • Yup

    I’ve figured it out.
    Keiko is really Beige. Still starving. Still annoying.

  • Yup

    He looks fantastic. Very edible.

  • E list

    It would makes sense it was also rumored that she was on Purse forum posting there too back in the ASkars not claiming her days. She hates his fans with a passion too it’s much more easier to post here E list celebs.

  • Hey Moron, it’s “UNBALANCED”

    @Keiko U Unbalance jealous COW:
    You seem really, really upset. :)

    By the way, you’ve made this mistake more than once: the word is UNBALANCED, with a “d” on the end. You low-class, name-stealing, public-school educated hood rat. Yes, of course we all know you’re “Disney Villainess” because you’re the only one who writes like a hood rat.

  • Cafélady

    Thanks, for the link. Interesting article and also interesting to read. I have to admit, I didn’t knew too much about this topic. And I never heard this term June Gloom. But of course, I’ve knew the term El Nino etc. – but of course, I’m no climate scientist, so my knowledge was very vaguely.

    So only about 70 degrees there (or a bit more than that), that’s not much for summertime. I would say, then the sweater made sense. I guess, it looked a bit weird only for that reason, because the most people would think that it is quite warm at this time, so more in the 90 (degrees), at least in areas like California. But the cherries taste always a bit sweeter in the neighbours garden. :) At least that’s an frequent imagination from people.

    Since we’re talking about temperatures: I wonder often, how the female celebs make that – wearing a red-carpet dress which is often totally unsuitable for cold temperatures…I often start to freeze when I only see it…

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Sorry, I had forget to add that – my post #27 was an answer to your comment #22.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Lots of microclimates in the LA area alone, he could have gone some 10 miles farther inland and had completely different weather.

    As for female celebs and red carpet outfits unsuited for cold temps: I think they make the decision of fashion over practicality because they’re really not going to be out there exposed to the elements that long.

    Alex is very good to his fans:

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: That’s astonishingly – only 10 miles farther and completely different weather. On the other hand – even in my area one can observe often differences if you only drive a city further (with an total driving time of 30 minutes, for instance). The differences aren’t THAT big, but big enough that you notice that. Especially in the winter time.
    And I guess, in areas around a coast – there is always a bit colder wind than in inner area, away from the coast.

    As for the link and that he is good to his fans: yes, he is. Absolutely. :) He is really sweet to his fans!
    So he is – it reminds me a bit of an older brother when the (much younger) kiddy sister calls for him and he is like “What!?..Your favorite doll is broken? Oh, I will see what I can do..” or something similar… :)
    I had to smile, totally – it was just cute!

  • janna

    @E list: no,it’s probably just skars himself or jj .

  • Diane

    He looks fabulous now that he has gained all the weight back lost for the film about the Plague. Hope he has a great time in Iceland.

  • loli

    alex its in Iceland? im lost

  • Canuck

    @loli: He mentioned he’s going hiking in Iceland with friends this summer.

  • porquenon


    I’ve had the same thought re Keiko (certainly Tulip on the KB threads is the skinny lass or one of her lackeys). More likely Keiko is Merrick who is a nasty piece of work dreaming of the day she can subjugate Alex to her will and ways of niente, nunca, nada. In the meantime Alex thrives and jives much to the chagrin of our little spoilsport whoever she may pretend to be.

  • loli


    oh i dont know that. thank you for the information. i envy him.

  • ladybug

    @porquenon: Tulip has a completely different personality, which is a heck of a lot nicer, and has had that personality since she started posting.
    K or whatever she using now, if if she pretends to be nice, can only maintain that facade for a few comments before the real her comes out. And I shall try to go back and not discuss her, because she likes it when she’s the center of attention, even if she’s not commenting.

    @Canuck, regarding Alex’s hiking trip, I do wonder if some, more devoted fans I’ll call them, suddenly have decided they need to go to Iceland at the end of June/beginning of July.

  • porquenon


    Ladybug, since you seem to be the authority on noms de Jared, who was Texas Swede and did she really die?

  • ladybug

    @porquenon: On that I have no idea.

    It’s not so much an authority as some ability to see patterns of behavior in commenting, and I’m not the only who’s noticed that certain comments have the same ‘style’, even though the name has changed.

    My comment on Tulip is regarding that she’d have to have an amazing ability to keep the Tulip ‘personality’ totally separate from whatever ‘personality’ she’d be using to be much meaner. Based on previous experience on this and other sites, it’s hard to do that for any length of time without the true personality coming out.

    Back to the subject matter at hand: a nice little retrospective showing Alex’s premiere looks:

  • Macy

    Every thread seems to go downhill so quickly now. Sigh! Oh well, at lest Alex looks great. The weight he’s putting on is fantastic. I had a friend who recently went to Iceland, and she loved it. I’m sure Alex will have a great time with his friends.

  • Ladybug LIED and Honesty DIED


    For someone who doesn’t want to give another person attention you suuuuuuure do have a hard time controlling yourself. :) When you demand “don’t feed the trolls” to everyone else, and when you promise “I won’t giver her attention” but then you turn around and do the opposite….does that fall under the category of LYING or HYPOCRISY? I know that lying and being hypocritical are really cousins but I’d like to be precise about the exact nature of your dishonesty. :)

  • ladybug

    Please ignore the trolls. She wants attention and you giving it to her ruins our threads. We’re here to talk about our lovely Alex. Did you hear the newest? Alex is incredibly lonely. He’s tired of drinking himself into oblivion 6 nights a week and picking up random tricks on the ho-stroll. His inability to engage in healthy, committed relationships have taken a toll and he’s just plain tired of it. He wants real love. He wants someone special. He wants a wife. Oh, and he’s missing Kate Bosworth. That is so sweet!!!

  • ladybug


    God, try to keep up. We’re not here to feed you the answers to every detail of Alex’s life.

  • Canuck

    LOL, Alex in a committed and monogamous relationship (let alone marriage)? Get real.

  • Cafélady


    I’ll say this for Alex, he managed to stay with KB for two years so he must be okay with monogamy. Never heard any cheating rumors about him. Granted, the poor girl didn’t eat the entire 24 months and Alex hated being seen with her in public and he never ever acknowledged her as a loved one but hey, at least he didn’t cheat. That we know of. :)

  • ladybug

    Oh, I see our namestealer’s back.

    Oh, and #41, I do admit when I fall off the wagon and ignore my own advice about feeding trolls.

    But at least I keep my own name and don’t steal others. Or change my name with every comment.

  • PR crap

    I fell over laughing with that celebullshit artical how he wants GF, wife yeah sure that’s why is hooking up randomly for sex so he can find his future wife lol
    And as for missing Miss boney bosworth aka( Kate) bawahhhhhhhhh you know Miss boney PR team sold that story she needs any mention she can get as her so called non acting career & oh yeah occasional modelling career has gone down the Mississippi river .

  • Come On

    The guy was tipsy when he said it and was using that line to get the ladies. He probably scored. It’s not like he hasn’t used that oh woe is me act tongue in cheek act before.

  • ladybug

    @Come On: It’s from The Star, they probably pulled it out of their asses, much like the Daily Fail.

  • Blackcat9

    @Keiko has 20 cats: You are so full of crap! As soon as Kate saw the paparazzi her face lit up like a Christmas Tree! Kate was was so wrapped up with being papped and talking to the paparazzi she totally forgot she was there with Alexander! I’ve watched this piece a thousand times. It’s hilarious how she just follows the paparazzi not just once but twice!!! She practically has an orgasm every time she sees the paparazzi!

    Kate had to know how Alex felt about being papped! Especially, in his personal relationships! Yet, Kate called them every time! No regard for him whatsoever! After a while I do not blame Alex for being resentful and avoiding public affection! After seeing Kate’s reaction to the paps and her constant calling of the paps Alex probably questioned why Kate was with him! Love or publicity/ I think he finally realized Kate loves the Paparazzi far more!

    There is a video where Kate and Alex are lunching outside a restaurant.This was EARLY in their relationship. They are being papped from a car. Kate looks over her shoulder at the car! Then proceeds to fondle Alex’s neck! Then Kate looks over her shoulder AGAIN ! I guess to ensure they got the SHOT! Then when she walks to her car the paps get out and THANK her and say is this your new boyfriend and continue to thank her for the shots! It;s really hard to show affection to someone who pimps out not only themselves but their loved ones! Kate is a self absorbed attention wh**e!