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Jennifer Lopez Makes Cable Show 2013 Appearance

Jennifer Lopez Makes Cable Show 2013 Appearance

Jennifer Lopez makes an appearance at the final day of The Cable Show 2013 held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on Wednesday (June 12) in Washington, D.C.

The 43-year-old entertainer chatted about her new role as Chief Creative Officer of NUVOtv to the crowd.

“I had a lot of ideas about the network and what it should be…It represents something bigger than television. It represents a community,” JLo said at the event (via Deadline).

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Saint Laurent top and Christian Louboutin shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez at The Cable Show to discuss her NUVOtv venture…

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  • tangerine

    her hair is sooo played out.
    it’s like Mariah Carey.
    super long, same highlights, tousled curls, for years and years and ears.
    same look for so long makes you look like the old ladies you are.
    change it up ladies.

  • Elena

    What a hypocrite! All her life she has run away from her Latino roots and now, that she sees the possibility of making money, she is Latina? Please! The only times she was present, not involved in events of the Hispanic community, was during her marriage to Marc Anthony. He is beloved and respected by Latinos, no wonder he received a Life Achievement Award from the Hispanic Congressional Caucus.

  • Grand

    People are so jealous of this lady’s success that they feel the need to compare her to other celebrities. Jennifer has the right to work main stream or latino if she chooses to. She calls herself Nayorican because she is a New Yorker by birth, and no one can take that away from her. New York is a fantastic city, and I don’t see why somebody will consider herself to be Puerto Rican only when you are are born and raised in New York. Now her parents roots are Puerto Rican and that’s something Jennifer has never denied. and that is why she calls herself Nayorican.

  • kiki

    I know. She always looks the same – how tiresome. She must have spent more than half her life, so far, sitting on a chair getting her makeup and hair done, not forgetting nails etc. She is such a narcist. It’s all about ME,ME,ME. How depressing. Everything she does is to attract attention on herself, not for the good of others. IT’S SO OBVIOUS. sHE’S SUCH A FAKE AND HYPOCRITE!!

  • .


  • Berth

    I admire Jen’s quest to improve herself and through different experiences in life. This woman is constantly evolving as a person, and artist. I am taken by her charm. So few women live their lives according to their liking, her individuality shows in everything she does.

  • Carrie


    It seems like you are describing every celebrity out there, not just Jennifer. I am a nurse, even I have to spend time in front of the mirror getting my makeup and hair done. I can just imagine celebrities have to that and more to keep on looking good for the public. It’s their job, just like it is your job to flip hamburgers at Burger King. Pathetic jealous loser.

  • mimi

    @Elena:Stop, she is not a hipocrite. It’s just that some latinos refuse to acknowledge her as a latina and are always undermining her roots. She is what she is a New Yorker with Puerto Rican roots. She is a second generation Puerto Rican and she has never seen herself other than a Boricua. Although many refuse to acknowledge her sucess she has been very sucessful and a hard worker. So many artists have copied her style yes like Beyonce and many others…she is and always will be the triple threat.

  • lilkunta

    @mimi: beyonce has been out since 1997 )with Destiny’s Child) so how did she copy jen?jen didnt come out in music til 99.

  • Joyce

    Who are you all to judge any of these people? Why worry about how another person lives their life- you are all fools to think anyone believes or acknowledges what you have to say. All this hatred is what’s wrong with the world.

    Congratulations to her for showing what hard work really is and for never stopping. Instead of writing lies and ignorant comments you all should get out and do something with your privileged lives. A successful Latino seems to now be a threat, watch out!

  • VeritRosa

    Blond weave, nose job, skin bleaching, numerous cosmetics surgeries on body all in an effort to look more white.

  • Emma

    Nothing but an ignorant ghetto slore who slept with every man in the entertainment industry in order to get a job. Now she is Box Office poison who couldn’t get a job in Hollywood even if she worked for free.

  • Reality Check

    Gorgeous as usual.

  • mimi

    @LaCroix: So this has to do with racism…Ben’s wife being white and moral lmao…after she screwed someone on her show while she was married and than dumped him for Ben…yes that is white moral.

  • mimi

    @lilkunta:She copied her persona.

  • Elena


    Her parents are Puerto Ricans but she barely speaks Spanish, doesn’t sing in Spanish and has done nothing for the Latino community. The only time she was sort of involved, or at least photographed at events, was when she was married to Marc. And now that she smells money she remembered her roots. Please!

  • Edward.

    I can’t believe how many racist comments she has. As for her skin color who cares??? Puerto Ricans have white and black ancestry. Being white or black is a matte of ancestry, not ethnicity. BTW Jen is American not Puerto Rican. She was born in New York, not West Virginia. There’s a mixture of people in NY. And as far as I am concerned I applaud her for being who she is. She is not ghetto. or white trash, nor a submissive doormat kinda wife. She is hip, modern and sophisticated. Now eat your hearts out bashing inferior insect like, venom filled bashers. Take care of your own life. And so you know she doesn’t care about Ben Asslick. His PR leaves nasty comments on JLo’s thread out of malice. Someone in the business told me he won an Oscar recently because he let a couple of Academy guys along with George Clooney drill him in the butt.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    Nothing against Jennifer but I think she should stay in hiding awhile, people are so bored with her. Same old thing always.

  • Josie

    @Elena. You are so correct. JLO is only representing herself as Latino because she’s making MONEY. She’s not only in control of that NUVO station, she’s opening up cell phone stores in her name, for Latinos. I remember after Ben Affleck dumped her, and even though Marc Anthony still was legally married to his wife Dayanara Torres and had two small children, J-Low immediately took advantage of the fact that she was his “dream woman”. Marc divorced his wife and married
    J-Low. She would be at his concerts hopping on his stage like she was soooooo Latino, and once she got what she wanted out of Marc she dumped him and publicly displayed her relationship with Casper Smart. Who is NOT a Latino. She’s a user and a phony. She could care less about them but has found opportunities to USE them. It’s sad that Latinos can’t see through her. .

  • Elena

    Well said, Josie! But I believe that Latinos do see through her attempt to capitalize on them. They don’t respect her and Boricuas don’t care about her. She only went to PR when she was married to Marc and she even needed his help for her show during her so-called tour last December.. She couldn’t do a solo concert in the land of her ancestors, lol!

  • Gwyneth

    I think all this hatred towards jlo makes her more relevant LOL. Jlo is such a presence wherever she goes. I hope she goes back to being a judge on American Idol. I miss her.

  • De Generous

    @Elena: @Elena:

    You are a s!upid idiot you big mouth insecure half.

  • Pilar


    Vieja Puta envidiosa con la cuca guanga llena de queso apestoso.

  • Ben


    Yeah, George Clooney used my bu!t ‘ole so what, i swing both ways.

  • Rose

    And jus because one has Latino roots cannot date any other ethnicity or race??? you are full of s’hi’t.

  • She Stinks!

    Another ‘job’ to keep her away from those kids. She’ll do anything to get away from them. She also has to do this, since no one will put her in a movie or buy her crappy records and ugly tacky clothes at Kohls. Trash!

  • mimi

    @Josie: So it’s okay for other races to get into the latino market but it’s not okay for Jlo to do it because she is not “latino enough for you”…Latinos need to stop because they are the ones who are jealous..cannot see another Latina make it. Latinos are the worst when it comes to other latinos whether they are Mexican, Dominican, etc. etc. always at each other’s throats. The other day Latinos were talking about Zoe a wonderful actress but that she was too black. Self hating latinos!

  • Josie

    @mimi. No, you have it wrong. JLo only represents herself as a Latino when it will benefit her in a money-making venture or a way for her to get publicity for herself. Notice the difference between Jlo, and Sharika or Ricky Martin. They are true to their roots. But what has JLo done for the Latino community, other than opening up a cell phone store so she can make money off of Latinos, or become involved in a Latino TV station so she can make money off of that. You have never seen her attend any Latino events, such as their billboard award shows, etc, and she only did that briefly when Ben dumped her and she took up with Mark Anthony . But on her own she does nothing socially with Latinos. Jlo aims to get recognition from the mainstream audience, but when it comes to making money, SUDDENLY she’s a Latino. She could care less about Latinos. For her Its all about MONEY.

  • Honeywest

    You know what all of you are full of shit and jealous over this woman just ’cause of her sucess! You’re insecure and have boring lives and can’t stand to see her make it. She is a proud latina and is proving that on Nuvo TV. She’s the chief and creative officer and I think she is doing a great job. She speaks for all latinas not just for herself. You talk about using Marc Anthony to get what she wanted, well how about Casper the ghost using her for money and fame? Which pretty much made him popular because of J.Lo. He didn’t become a star either, he’s not all that anyway, can’t sing and can’t act either. So it’s pretty much even at this point. He’s only a back up dancer, he’s no match financially with J.Lo at all, very unattractive looks like a goon, untied shoes, no fashion sense, no class, no hollywood elite material. She needs to dump him. She’s better without him.

  • janet

    On the Walk of Fame picture where she is sitting on the ground – are those perspiration stains under the arms of her white Dior top? Oh my goodness – she’s not perfect after all.