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Miranda Kerr: Samantha Thavasa Promotion in South Korea!

Miranda Kerr: Samantha Thavasa Promotion in South Korea!

Miranda Kerr shows off her gorgeous smile during a promotional event for Samantha Thavasa held at Lotte Department Store on Wednesday (June 12) in Seoul, South Korea.

“Good Morning Seoul ­č’ő” the 30-year-old model tweeted that morning.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda arrived in South Korea, where she was gifted with a bouquet of flowers upon landing at the airport!

Miranda will reportedly be in the country for a few more days, attending other promo events and making some television appearances.

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Credit: Han Myung-Gu; Photos: WireImage
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  • True

    Too desperate pumpkinhead, too desperate.

  • gric

    Her and Orlando are a nice couple. He is the same age as Natalie Portman loser husband. But looks much younger. Atleast him and Miranda knew each other before having a child. Natalie just got pregant by that loser and is now stuck with him lol.

  • Ruby

    She is so pretty ! Love her smile !

  • youmie

    I like the dress I guess but not matchey-mathey color everything from dress to bag to lip color, it’s overkill.
    and looks bad.

  • two sheds

    She is such a flop model.

  • YES!

    She looks AMAZING!

  • Journalistic

    That Cruella Deville-like streak in her hair: No.

  • @5

    Aaaaaaand, you’re back!
    How sad is your life? Must be pretty bad if stalking someone just to post nasty comments makes you feel better.
    Miranda goes from success to success, and you just can’t stand it, can you.
    From photo shoots for multiple Vogues, to continued success with her skin care line, to lucrative contracts with Asian designers.
    That just eats you up inside, doesn’t it.

  • Shelly

    I just adore Miranda so beautiful love her hair

  • charlotte

    saw her in person that day. soooo beautiful and even prettier in person. so perfect. so not fair!

  • Annie

    Love Miranda’s dress. She is beautiful.

  • alexandrina

    lovely smile..

  • two sheds

    @@5: Opposite to her batshit stans I am not stalking her, I am regular reader and I post here, duh. How sad is your life when your are stanning for such a flop as Miranda, who is friends with that rapist Terry Richardson despite being all about empowering girls, such a hypocrite.
    How many Vogue covers did she have?4?5? Doutzen had that amount alone this year. What major HF brands is she representing? None, she gets dumped from all of them because she is such a flop.
    Lucrative contracts with asian designers? LOL! The only jobs she can land is representing such asian no name designers while her peers are representing Tiffany┬┤s, Chanel, Burberry, Miu Miu, Prada.

  • Vogue

    @@5: Photo shoots for multiple Vogues? What?

  • @13

    You call her fans “batsh!t” for following her, when that’s what fans do, but you think that you are normal for constantly posting your hate?
    And do you really think that casual readers keep coming back to old threads like you do? You’re obsessed with Miranda. Admit it.
    Too funny!
    And you condemn Miranda for posing for Terry, when Doutzen has posed for him, too?
    Are you do dense that you don’t see what a hypocrite you are? Wow. That’s pretty dense.

  • Kath

    Oh Miranda still lookin smokin hot!! Love you & your beautiful family. And love your Kora products. They smell so yum.

  • Lolo

    She looks like an aging doll. Also, she’s doing in Korea what she wishes she’d do in the US. I mean, you’d have to be a real celeb in America to get some real celeb treatment. She did only fox and friends here to promote kora right? And for like 3 minutes.

  • o

    Totally right. Now that VS kicked her out, she won’t be able to take advantage of all the talk shows they send her (and the other angels) to sneakily promote her low rent brand. Her pretend celebrity status will show itself now that she doesn’t have VS. I guess we should expect more nude instagram pics to stay somewhat relevant.
    It amazes me how very little people know her in America even with all the effiorts.

  • @17/18 (socks)

    Are you kidding? She’s much more well known in the US than many other models, including Doutzen, Alessandra, Behati, etc, and most HF models. That is why VS used her on talk shows so much. She’s a recognizable celebrity in her own right.
    If she wasn’t well known, Gillette would not have used her to promote its latest charity even in the US. And she certainly couldn’t have appeared on a national talk show to promote Kora if no one knew who she was.
    You idiots really have no common sense at all, do you.
    Maybe step away from your hate sites and get out in the real world once in a while. Maybe then you wouldn’t look so desperate and ignorant.

  • two sheds

    @@13: Too funny, says the batshit obsessed stan, lol. Unlike Miranda Doutzen never marketed herself as a role model for young girls and cashed in with that stupid self help book. Unlike Miranda Doutzen never marketed herself as this earth mother while promoting an airline. You are so dense you don┬┤t understand the word hypocrite, which is saying one thing and then doing the complete opposite.
    It is so hilarous that you care so much about this flop model.
    She was so well known due to her husband and VS still dumped her. Lol now all she has left are these cheap no name brands.
    Desperate and ignorant says the stan of the flop model, lol, maybe you need to get out in the real world and look for better role models than vapid, dense melone head.

  • o

    Hate sites huh? Is paranoia creeping in on you? And most people like myself don’t even know she did something with Gillette so please. It’s not like she’s working with the UN. And of course she can get at best one talk show because she was a VS angel but that’s as good as it gets so she can pretend to be an A lister all she wants but she’s right there with Candice and Alessandra. America is not get place to be a full blown celeb. She belongs at places like Korea where they treat even Lily Donaldson like a celeb.
    You stupidity is making you delude

  • ha!

    Oh, so the sock is revealed. Spelling and grammar errors reveal your obsession.
    Come on Two Sheds. Don’t you have the balls to post under your own name? I mean, since you are just a “casual reader”, what difference does it make?
    Did you read what you wrote before posting it? You sing Doutzen’s praises when you are trying to insult Miranda, but then you insult Doutzen while trying to cover your own hypocrisy.
    So in your own words, Doutzen is NOT a role model for young women (what an awful thing to say about a female in the business), and she is NOT an “earth mother” who cares about the health and well being of children and the environment. Now that you mention it, has Doutzen ever done anything for environmental causes? Besides planning on a trip to space in a vehicle that will use 1,000 times the fuel of a regular aircraft? LOL!
    And where do you get the idea that promoting an airline is contrary to her environmental beliefs? People have to fly, don’t they? Promoting awareness of certain airlines just fills the flights (that are going there anyway). A full flight is much more ecological that a half filled plane (that is going there anyway). DOH!
    But my favorite…
    “It is so hilarous that you care so much about this flop model.”
    Says someone who posts MULTIPLE TIMES on EVERY thread.
    Soooo funny!
    Oh, and BTW, if you saw he on Fox and Friends, you KNOW that she was promoting Gillette.
    I love it when your own ignorance makes it so easy to mock you.

  • @22

    Like your grammar is better?! LOL

  • o

    I was right, you’re suffering from paranoia. Keep thinking it’s the same person posting. You’re in so much denial that you find it hard to believe more than a few people see Miranda for what she really is: which is a ruthless disgusting fameho. Keep living in that sad lonely, world of yours.

  • @23

    Yes, their grammar is a lot better than yours, actually.
    No one has ever said that there aren’t people out there who dislike her for any number of reasons. But there are only a few who are so filled with bitterness and hatred that they let it consume them. These are the ones who stalk her around the web, just to post over and over on every Miranda thread that they can find. Often using multiple accounts and user names (socks).
    But of course you already know this, don’t you.