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Robert Pattinson: Dior Homme's Newest Face!

Robert Pattinson: Dior Homme's Newest Face!

Robert Pattinson has just signed on as the new face of Dior Homme fragrances, the brand has confirmed!

“The House of Dior is delighted to announce that actor Robert Pattinson is to be the new face of Dior Homme fragrance,” the fashion house said of the 27-year-old actor.

“He has since proven the scope of his acting talents by choosing films as varied as Remember Me by Allen Coulter, Water for Elephants by Francis Lawrence, in which he starred alongside Reese Witherspoon, or with his role as Bel-Ami, the famous Maupassant character,” the statement continued.

“Today we are excited to announce that he will join the privileged circle of Dior faces. Photographed by American artist Nan Goldin and filmed by French director Romain Gavras, this new Dior Homme communication campaign is currently broadcast exclusively in Europe (except UK) and Asia (except China and Japan),” the statement concluded.

We can’t wait to check out his campaign!

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  • Chrys

    3, 2 1,!! First, I won!

  • Rachel

    ‘the scope of his acting talents’ …… *giggles*

  • Grace

    WHAT? Didn’t he scoff at male celebs who do fragrance campaigns? Said they are selling out etc. HYPOCRITE!

  • Mel

    @Grace: @Grace:

    He also expressed how wary he is of being overexposed/.clearly that’s changed too!. Strange choice for somebody doing everything he can to be seen as a serious actor.

  • Niagirl

    Why would I buy a fragrance from a dude that doesn’t wash his hair,behind,or clothes. What is it BO in a bottle.

  • Justme

    He holds no appeal to me, find him so feminine, not manly at all. Funny they would mention 3 movies that totally bombed which indicates that his “scope of acting talents” likely has no audience beyond the Twilight movies.

  • laly

    “He has since proven the scope of his acting talents by choosing films..”
    They’ve all flopped lol.

  • Lauren

    Rob is a great spokesman. Beautiful inside and out. Can’t wait to see the ad.

  • eve

    Great! At last. We have known about it for 6 months, and now it’s official. Looking forward to the film commercial, the photos, etc… Love Rob!

  • Lauren

    @Rachel: Rob’s being chosen by amazing Directors. *giggles*

  • Evan

    I like Rob but this seems totally not what he’s about. He seems to be getting more and more showbizzy, hanging out with Katy Perry and her LA clubbing friends. I started liking him because he was different and refreshing compared to Hollywood actors. Still, i guess it’s hard to stay the yourself in that town. It’s so fake and everything revolves around money and selling things :(

  • Lauren

    @Grace: No, he did say he wasn’t sure why men would do a fashion campaign, but I think he learned that while representing a great brand it helps with other goals.

  • David

    I see this story will have Kristen Stewart’s Fan haters in full hater/minion force. Way to go, KS FANS!


  • eve

    He got excellent reviews for Cosmopolis, so it’s an important start. And he is going to be in Cronenberg’s next movie.

  • Kristen
  • Lauren

    @Evan: Rob’s known Katy a long time since before they were famous. He’s not typical Hollywood and is as down to earth and genuine as you can get. Dior has a good man representing them.

  • frt

    He said he was overexposed during the height of the Twilight mania, and he said that he won’t launch his own perfumes, clothing line, nothing about being the face of a big fashion house like Dior

  • frt

    I like te selection of stars working for Dior – Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, it’s time for a young male star

  • Petra

    He’s so obvious!!! Desperate for attention. No wonder why he’s only loved by little teenage girls.

  • Lauren

    @Justme: Remember Me & Water for Elephants did not bomb. Bel Ami did, but you could look at the biggest actors and find their own bombs. Rob’s working with amazing people and liked by many. And he’s manly in a gentlemanly way which is classic.

  • frt

    And the Oscar winner Jen Lawrence! He is in a good company.

  • Verity

    Hey Lauren, chill out defending your boy. People are allowed to have their own opinions. Not everyone is a twihard or in love with rpattz, step outside your bubble!

  • Lou

    Can’t wait to see the Dior ads. Rob’s going to look fantastic. This is a really good way for him to take control of his image and move forward in his career, while maintaining a high profile. A really intelligent decision. You go Rob, onwards and upwards.

  • Jace

    this is so weird, never ever would have thought Rob would be into this kind of thing. He said he doesn’t even wash his hair most of the time lol. Wonder how much he got paid?

  • frt

    He was joking about the hair, geez – do you believe in everything you hear? No sense of humour at all? o.O

  • http://yahoo Sexy Rob

    so happy !! Rob is sex on legs cant wait for the Dior Ads !! Happy for Rob !

  • talia

    @Lauren: as far as I am aware, Rob has only known Katy since 2007/08 as i think he was still in the UK before he got cast in Twilight but could be wrong. Have never heard Rob or Katy mention how long they have known each other.

  • http://yahoo Katy

    Rob is a class act ! Dior and Rob are a classy combination !

  • http://yahoo Friends

    @ talia
    Rob has known Katy since 2008 they are old friends !

  • talia

    @Friends: that’s what i thought but remember reading a comment somewhere that they had been friends for 8 years which didn’t sound right to me

  • http://yahoo ashley

    Rob , The face of Dior !! happy dance !!! Saw the pics , though blurred , Rob looks gorgeous !!!

  • Jace


    He wasn’t joking you moron, it was thick with grease and he even showed a reporter his dandruff. He said he didn’t see the point in washing his hair. Face it, he’s a scruffy guy and that;s why his fans call him a hobo! Don’t try to whitewash his image now that he decides he wants to be Mr Fragrance Seller

  • frt

    You’re crazy. Who would work with a guy with unwashed hair, when there are tons of hot guys trying to be the next big thing. He was joking. And scruffy = sexy. Even full on beards are now in fashion.

  • Lauren

    @Verity: And I can voice my differing opinions. There’s not much to Rob’s haters criticisms. His strongest suit is his personality and he is a good man to have representing anyone. And the Kristen Stewart fans can’t ever say that. Balanciaga preferred a snake!

  • Lucy


    Funny how with Kristen, scruffy = smelly, dirty, disgusting .. but with Rob it’s ‘sexy’. So sexist and obnoxious.

    He did mean it, most of his fans know he isn’t the cleanest of guys. Weird that you love to whitewash what charmed most if his fans in 2008.

  • http://yahoo ashley

    Rob has soft hair , the lady from access hollywood touched them .
    A fan met him a the premier of cosmopolis and said she almost fainted when she met him , he was so gorgeous in person and smelt of a minty body wash . She said he smelt and looked gorgeous !!

  • http://yahoo gina

    Rob is a total class act !! Please do not spoil this thread by talking about trashy Kristen .
    This is about Rob and i am very happy and proud of him for his success !!

  • Lou

    Oh the jealous haters are out in full force. It’s okay though, Rob will have the last laugh.

  • Grace


    Well he had to clean up his act once the media stories of him stinking started.

  • Corey


    I agree, so why do Rob fans insult Kristen’s involvement with Balenciaga? Why would they pick somebody with unwashed hair when there are tons of hot girls to pick?

    Also, back when Kristen signed for Balenciaga Rob’s minions were rampaging all over comment sections calling her a fraud, fake and a sell out, and who would buy perfume from such a ‘scruffy’ girl. Now when Rob follows suit, all of a sudden it’s fantastic, best choice ever.

    You guys are only getting a taste of your own medicine for the stunts you pulled with Kristen’s announcement. You reap what you sow. :)

  • frt

    @Lucy: So Kristen is scruffy? You mean her legs ? o.O

  • frt

    @Lucy: @Lucy: So Kristen is scruffy? And you find it attractive? His fans know that he smells nice because that’s what those who met him say. And female journalists often touch his famous hair, so I doubt they are greasy. It’s called hair gel – something he discovered many years ago.

  • Lucy


    her legs? What?

    Is that your comeback to me calling you out on you blatantly sexist, immature and laughable double standards? Run away and start saving for the 120 bottles of Dior homme you will be buying for your imaginary boyfrend lol

  • k

    Sorry but he has zero sex appeal.. he is just NOT sexy or looks like REAL MAN i mean if his commercial will be him doing weird faces trying to be sexy looking to the camera NO thanks Jude Law is 1000000 times better :)

  • Lucy


    People who meet Kristen says she smells nice too, so what’s your comeback to that? lol

  • frt

    my double standarts? Why are you talking about Kristen anyway? Find yourself some news about Kristen and moan about her “mistreatment” there.

  • Lucy


    Exactly Corey, i don’t give a toss if Rob wants to do a fragrance endorsement, it’s his choice. Just calling him out using the same standards Robsessed used against Kristen, and apparently they don’t like when others have the same bitter, petty attitudes as them.

    Rob did say he didn’t see the point in guys doing an ad campaign, that it was clearly just for the money. He changed his mind and he is allowed to. Thing is, Kristen is never allowed to change her mind. She would be attacked from all sides by his freaky fans if she said she disliked blue and then wore it the next day. Why should Rob get a free pass for the same thing when they are so tough on Kristen?

    It’s fun to shine a mirror to their behavior, they don’t like it! This wouldn’t be necessary if they didn’t insist on continuing their crazy hate for Kristen and her fans. Maybe if they grew up and concentrated on Rob only things might change, until then, i’m judging Rob by their exacting and vocal standards :D

  • http://yahoo nicola

    OH ROB !!! so happy for you . Dior has chosen well . Rob gorgeous is the best brand amassador for any brand !

  • frt

    @Lucy: Take your victim complex out of here. There’s no word about KS here. Where’s the quote that Rob said he would never endorse a fragrance? pssst .. Maybe KS talked him into it ..

  • http://yahoo well done

    This is such a wonderful news !! Rob is going to be fantastic !!

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