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Leonardo DiCaprio: LAX Landing After French Open

Leonardo DiCaprio: LAX Landing After French Open

Leonardo DiCaprio hides under his hoodie while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport on Wednesday (June 12) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 38-year-old actor enjoyed the 2013 French Open final with his close pal Lukas Haas and watched Rafael Nadal defeat David Ferrer in three straight sets for his eighth Grand Slam at the tournament.

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In case you missed it, Leo was set to play the lead in the upcoming film Rasputin, which centers on the “Russian mystic who became an advisor to the Russian Imperial family the Romanovs.”

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  • Cara

    Leo always seems so tortured by all the attention, but he is getting photographed a lot, like someone tells people exactly where he is. Just seems little strange.

  • Mira lohan
  • belgium woman

    @Cara: actually the paparazzis always are in Cannes fest,French Open tennis or Lax airport so no need to act low-key

  • Eliza

    I wonder if all the face hiding is a force of habit by this point! I understand he wants his privacy, and he’s definitely right about the intrusive paparazzi, but people do know its him! He’s so established and respected as an actor at this point in his career, you’d think he wouldn’t be so uptight about it.

  • Leo Fan

    Thanks Jared. So the summer European vacay is over? I thought I read somewhere he rented a villa in Ibiza for the whole summer
    I guess I should definitely stop believing what’s written in the columns and all the ridiculous tweets.

  • Jo

    So much love for our one and only Leo <3

  • diane

    iirc it was speculated on jj once that he might also try to hide his face to make sure the paps can’t sell his pictures.

  • Carolina

    He’s been wearing the same jeans and footwear for days. It’s time to pick up some new clothes.

  • L.A.?

    I thought he was gonna live in Paris…

  • M

    Whats his plan in LA this time? not to comfort Pattison is it? that rumor is too pathetic to believe in… I bet he is gonna go through the preparation of Rasputin, isnt it? But I really hope Leo is not overworking, he should SERIOUSLY relax more, and Leo: It is actually allowed to go on trips without having to drag 10-20 people with you all the time, remember? If you ever want to meet another girl (or friend for that matter) than VS-model-types, the thing is to not always mingle with those people and really get down to earth and talk to normal people like Tobey and everyone else knows how to do…

    I understand seeing old friends must be the it-thing to do, but he really should consider taking better care of himself as well.. his own life,

    not just pleasing all other people from ear to ear. He seems like he cant live without being popular !! So he chooses Rasputin, I know he is a good actor, but some part of me says he is doing it just to put glitter and glam on himself. He just gotta be the coolest party-throwing person.. he is almost like Gatsby! I bet he gave Toni a gift from Paris , too.. or what? Is all this Leo-shallow-thing TRUE? and being this rich as he is, taking some weeks vacation (which he hasnt really, because he has been to Cannes and that is more like a job), is no problem for him. I dont think it is his money-obsession, I think its about him not handling well to walk alone.. he cant seem to have like two weeks off at some beach resort by himself without inviting TWENTY people…

  • Mandy

    Can’t stand this slimy douche…JJ should never post about him since it’s the same old same old: him hiding from the paparazzis, taking crappy roles or dating model after model…I don’t think it can get shallower than that…

  • @Mandy

    Yep all slim and sexy. Sorry but I think JJ will continue to post about him because he’s a celebrity. One of the biggest. And it might be like that for a while, still. Or do want JJ to start posting about you?

  • @M

    Isn’t Leo from LA? Doesn’t he live there? Maybe his plan is to be home.

  • Stupid

    What’s the point of this post or these pics if you can’t even see his face at all?

  • Bebe

    @ Leo fan….. It’s Jun 13, summer hasn’t even begun.. When will DiCaprio grow up, he’s almost 40, famous for more then half his life, why hide and cover your famous if paps are near, it’s so stupid and makes him look immature, like he’s Juntin Bieber … does any other famous man carry himself like that , NO He has the ugliest gait, he looks handicap in all these pictures of him walking, truly unattractive .

  • @#13

    well said

  • @Bebe

    I think he’s just tired of being followed like that by lazy asses who instead of getting a real job purchase him and make a living thanks to him. All big celebrities who don’t need that kind of “publicity” are tired of that (look how they also stalk Halle Berry) but they deal with it differently.

  • Ann

    I guess Mr Environmentalist came by private jet, no irony there. And the little people must have his luggage. Must be nice to be rich and get fame for talking in front of a camera , he shouldn’t make it look like he’s so put out when he has to deal with not just the rewards and riches of celebrity .

  • haha

    @ann he arrived at LAX, doesn’t that mean he flew commercial?

  • mimi

    Silly man. I think it’s time he just pulled up his big boy pants and walked like a normal man when he’s out in public. Yes, the intrusive papz are going to snap his photo, but pulling down hoodies, wearing masks… just cries out for attention and seems so immature… well, so does his dating… ie, air-brained models only… maybe he really is as shallow as some people say.

  • haha

    @mimi really? cause if he left his face uncovered people would say he was posing for the paps.

  • @mimi

    The mask thing cracked me up. To me it was funny.

  • @haha #21

    100% agreed. “staged photos” and all of that…

  • @Ann

    ” And the little people must have his luggage” : and if so, whats wrong with that ?? maybe they are the happiest little people on earth righ now after the tip he might have given.

    “Must be nice to be rich and get fame for talking in front of a camera” : its up to you to try to talk in front of a camera and become rich and famous. The guy well earned everything he’s got. don’t be jealous like that.

  • M

    Leo has apartment in France as well for the summer i heard….. is that true ? I GUESS he can have apartments everywhere. The guy is rich.

    Yes I get he lives in LA, but he said he wanted to help environmental causes, its not like those are just in L.A.?

  • belgium woman

    @diane: +1

  • @M

    I think prior to the Cannes festival he did some environmental things. And he maybe he doesnt need to travel all the time to do that Depending on the need he may just have to give some directives to his staff. Also maybe he needs some rest and check his mails before traveling again ;)

  • @M

    Seriously give it a break already. He lives in LA so he went home. What`s your problem with that? If he is traveling through Europe with an entourage that`s the problem. He goes home to LA that`s the problem.

  • Ava

    @ # 17 … And Leo making a living thanks to us. I guess you don’t see the irony of viewing photos that are from the ” hated” paps… And like #18 post, sorry have no sympathy, if the worst thing about your job that you get paid millions and get treated like your king shit everywhere is getting your picture taken while walking out of a airport, grow-up and stop looking like 16 year old whining , immature loser instead 40 year old man that should be praying thanks, that he got real lucky in life, cause he’s average on every level.

  • @28

    whoever you are, you have common sense

  • Fiona

    You are making such a big deal out of him landing in LA? Bullsh+t. If he was still in Europe you would criticize him for taking such long vacations or whatever. You are so jealous of him.

  • You won’t change the world

    Yes being a movie star, football or basketball player make you rich. Is that fair compare to doctors who save life but yet earn less or even people with 2 dead end jobs that struggle to make ends meet? nope but it is what it is. And you just like me are contributing to that since we like to be entertained by these people and will continue do go see movies and games no matter what (that is for AVA). Leo had a dream and he did what he had to do to be a success. He got lucky but he also made the right choices. You have so many wannabes in LA for instance, I guess Leo was one of them at an early age and HE was finally able to make it.

  • #32

    …or they are frustrated because they know he won’t give them the time of the day!

  • #33 it was for # 31


  • M

    Didnt know this would be difficult to understand: He told he was going for not just a vacation (and I am not giving critics here) but for making efforts to try “improving the world ” as he put it ??? I was just asking people, dont panic into we all are haters of his decisions and all that !!

  • @M

    Did he talk about specific dates and times? Did he say immediately after finishing work? Isn’t he taking a break that means plenty of time for him to focus on something else? I’m not about finding excuses for him but this is just unreasonable. He can do no good in your eyes. He is not perfect but you can’t pick on everything he does.

  • #M

    yes and i think he did so. i believe thats also why he did no attend the premiere in Sydney for Gatsby and stayed in Cannes instead. I think he had an auction thing for aids or sth.

  • #36

    You’re funny! but you’re right. It seems like people always need to pick on him. Thank Gos he does not read these threads! or maybe that would make him laugh actually!

  • M

    @27: LOOOL, what environmental things he did prior to Cannes ???? Did he shake the world? No he didnt! He got the money = He can do it ! Just take a look at Tom Hanks or even Kate Winslet giving more away than he does. He buys yachts for the summer-holidays, but he has so much greed he cannot be a role model? He buys art in auctions I hear… I guess its for his own Miami Beach-hotel? or his one of many homes in La? He is probably doing it just to be the “cool guy” , yes that is what bothers! That hypocrisy of saying things to media and acting like a Bieber for the ladies..? I thought the whole point of going to Europe, according to his interviews, was to make grants for supporting the environment? I can toast with him at 1 : He first made me aware of that thing.. that “Enviro-issue”/global warming-shit.., so I say congrats ! But that was then. I used to believe in the guy. He is just about career, career, career.. thats what I am saying.. he is not going home to relax and then do some effort, I bet you he goes home to start another blockbuster movie, all just for himself – as if the whole trip to Europe wasnt just the same? I would love to believe in Leo, guys, I am trying to say I respect him, but he just seems like he cares 10% of what he says in interviews that he cares about. He cares about models, big bucks, big parties, gold and glamour ,red carpets in Cannes.

  • forget

    @#36: how do you know he doesn’t read stuff online. Time and time again celebrities say they read stuff online about themselves and other people.
    They’re human, have a curiosity just like everyone else. Im sure Leo has googled himself more than once. Some of you people put celebrities on a pedestal. They make snarky comments about other people online also just like everybody else…

  • Zero

    @39: You know not all celebrities actually mention every penny they give away don’t you? And if he did it’d be all cause he wanted publicity according to some. I agree Leo is not the perfect guy out there but geez seriously give it a rest. It’s damn him if he does something and damn him if he doesn’t. He landed in LA, his hometown, big deal.

  • #M

    well we don’t know everything as far as how much effort he puts into these environmental things as well as the money he is giving away. As for the comparison with kate winslet and tom hanks, i don’t think its a matter of who gives the more money as long as they actually do sth. do you personally do anything to contribute making this world better?? also him buying art in auctions is what SMART rich people do. if he does not give these paintings or else away for some museum and keep them for himself, then he will have what we call goods . if tomorrow we all stop buying tickets to watch his movies he can sell the paintings and get some money ;) out of them.

  • Fiona

    @#33 it was for # 31: They are freaking bored! Im fed up with them.

  • M

    YOu are missing the point. The point is he is in hometown LA that is HollywoodMecca!!!!! That is not where you start a climate campaign?? I know California is well ahead, but I was actually at some place there with Al Gore once holding a speech and he told he had to see the world before he could understand what is really going on. So Al went. I listened to him, and got inspired myself. Ive been to Asia several times, in Bangladesh and India where they are starting something you will never find in Hollywood. Then coming back to USA always seems off the planet. Its like americans believe always everything happens in America for some reason.. when the world is OUT THERE, its not America…. Its the whole Obamathing: Believe in America! Yeah, I get you. But every star that is A-list and so big as he is now, gotta give some of him/herself to also not become too self-obsessed. There are B-list actors out there doing more stuff….. but thats because they are less concentrated on feeding themselves the goodies, and not so into themselves as the A-list stars become. This is like.. truth guys!

  • @forget

    yes so like i said if he does read he must be laughing so hard right now. I know I would.

  • M

    Sorry guys, I guess my pro-francophile went through here.. I am so NOT pro-american, I love France more and thought Leo looked good in that environment – more like himself. Celebrities all say the same thing about France.. it makes more balance in their lives cause paparazzies leave them more alone over there (generally in whole Europe) and actors can walk passed people in peace and be themselves a lot more. Didnt you see those people sitting next to leo and Lukas at the French Open? They didnt even look at those famous guys!! Thats France, people! :-) So freakin cool country! …much much cooler than the united states. But knowing french makes me not so into the Hollywood as the rest of the bunch here. I would think France did him good! I dont hate on Leo, guys. I hate hypocrisy and shallowness.

  • @M

    Hey I mentioned before he came back home to read his mails. Seriously, the guy he’s human you know. He may need to go back home once in while to make sure he remembers the color of his curtains. Then i’m sure he’ll go back traveling and do some environmental stuff, start a campaign and you’ll be all happy.

  • M

    Saying this…. L.A. is also the most shallow state in the whole America!…….. Boston all the way!!!!! ( PS: Hate the Lakers)

  • M

    “State”… Correction: city
    @48 my own post

  • @M

    but this is where he was born, grew up and still lives!!!! and Hollywood, movie stars,…is just one side of LA!!! I love LA and California in general.