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Robert Pattinson: Dior Homme Fragrance First Look Image!

Robert Pattinson: Dior Homme Fragrance First Look Image!

Check out Robert Pattinson in this first look image from Dior Homme fragrance, revealed on the fashion brand’s Twitter account.

“Dior is delighted to announce that actor Robert Pattinson is to be the new face of Dior Homme fragrance. #DiorRob” the account wrote on its official Twitter account about the 27-year-old actor, who just signed on as the new face of the fragrance.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Robert Pattinson

The announcement was made early on Wednesday (June 12) – check out Dior‘s glowing statement about Rob!

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
robert pattinson first dior ad revealed 01

Credit: Dior
Posted to: Robert Pattinson

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  • http://yahoo Katy

    Gosh ! dead …this man is drop dead gorgeous !!

  • http://yahoo Amber

    Robert Pattinson You rock !!

  • Lea


  • hmmm

    he looks bored and boring. Use somebody with swag and is relevant…
    Jay Z or even James Franco. Not this Twilight dweeb.

  • http://yahoo Amber

    He is looking AMAZING !!! love this man !

  • shelia

    That’s really good picture of him!

  • katie

    His red carpet style is nearly perfect so huge congrats to him on his endorsement!

  • Janna

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Great picture. Definitely buying this for hubby at Christmas. Mr. Dior….Rob Pattinson.

  • Lauren

    Rob can be versatile with his looks. He can be bad boy or classic Hollywood type. Great choice by Dior and he’s a great person who people will like.

  • Janna

    @hmmm: Jay-Z….the new Dior face, you got to be kidding. James Franco, even funnier. Let’s not let jealously hit us in the a&&.

  • Sarah.

    He’s awesome but.. he looks like he doesn’t want to be the new face of Dior Homme fragrance. Haha. He’s an handsome man though, why this picture?!

  • Nona

    He’s unbearable! Take the pullover off it’s summer!

  • Ann

    Wow is beautiful

  • LaCroix

    the same boring no expression in his face picture ..

  • gorda

    Boring picture, this guy has no personality. I hope he loses his contract as fast as his ex filthy girlfriend lost Balenciaga. Two people who have no business selling perfume.

    Sooo disapointed with Dior. My favorite brand. Now I have to see his face everytime.

  • snap crackle pop

    I actually really like this picture and like that sweater- sort of unassuming, yet well made.

  • http://yahoo ashley

    He looks Ruggedly Sexy ! love this pic and am definitel buying ! Just awesome !

  • http://yahoo gorgeous

    Rob is a hunk …..stunning !

  • http://yahoo gorgeous

    Rob is looking awesome …….no one deserves it more than Rob after the horrible year he had when kristen cheated on him

  • Loro

    @gorda: I have been dissapoined with Dior since they hire ppl like Natalie Portman, and Jennifer Lawrence. Those two only got it due to their Oscar hype. They also trashed Dior too. How unprofessional.
    Atleast Robert P. suits Dior. He never dissed them like his female endorsers have done.

  • Becca

    This pic is obviously just a press shot as the campaign shots are under embargo until September. Rob looks so handsome here though. He’s going to look unbelievably sexy in the ad. He’s an excellent choice for Dior Homme. Can’t wait to see him in action!

  • http://yahoo mindblowing

    Rob is looking so handsome here ! This campaign should be really good . They say the Ad is pretty steamy …….waiting to see the full ad

  • Loro

    For those who will say how they dissed them Here:
    Natalie Portman refused to wear her Dior 2011 oscar dress, just because of the Galiano incident. She said she felt ‘diguested’ by his comments, which was bad but Galioano was drunk! He is no postion to be called out for that. So she basically got him got fired. She also called Dior racist. She is still apart of Dior to this very day. I wonder what made her stay. Proably the millions.
    Jennifer Lawrence also said something about Dior photoshopping her and she said she and the brand have diffrences. Then why is she still the face then? I guess her millions from Dior are imporant too. What a hypocrite.
    Atleast Robert P. looks very proud of Dior. Please fire those two idiots( Natalie and Jennifer) and hire ppl who atleast appreciate and will proudly reprsent the brand.

  • http://yahoo sienna

    Rob is as classy as Dior ! He is SEXY …….good choice ……so looking forward to the ad !

  • http://yahoo xxxy

    The transition from boy to man has happened ……….Rob is all man here !
    love the sweater .

  • k

    @Loro: How can you tell he is proud of Dior wtf he looks bored like always and he probably doesn’t give a fu**ck about it only $$$ so stop embarassing yourself there is nothing classy about him its embarassing

  • http://yahoo OMG

    How do you know Rob is bored !! The guy has got to endorse such a prestigious brand ….why would he be bored . He would be happy !
    Rob was a great choice by Dior , He is beyond sexy and a class act !

  • http://yahoo nicola

    This is a double celebration for Rob
    1) Face of Dior
    2) split with kristen
    Congratulations Rob !! This is a beginning of a new chapter in your long beautiful career

  • lalalai

    Not a bad step up for someone who wasn’t used to shower daily.

  • http://yahoo nicola

    Oh Rob smells devine as per the fans who have met him ! Rob is gorgeous to look at and gorgeous to smell ……..i am totally buying ……..DIOR HOMME

  • http://yahoo nicola

    A tweet by a journalist who met Rob …..
    ” To those asking,Robert Pattinson was beyond adorable,I might have to adopt him. And interview will be in the Oct issue of @Instyle_uk “

  • hmmm

    Oh Please….Dior realizes that there enough Robtards who will go out and spend $$$ on this stink water for their dads and boyfriends…if they use his mug. No real guy who appreciates… colognes would buy this based off this greasy dudes face.

  • Eva

    This is only ok if Rob is “ok” with being a celebrity, and stop acting like he’s too good to be known as a celebrity. And, maybe this new gig & another break-up will help him to dress a little better as well. When you are the face of a major design you should also look the part. Unlike some other actress / celebrity who looks unruly all the time, and is the face of major designer fragrance Balanciaga.

  • Becca

    Rob looks utterly gorgeous. I can’t wait for the ad. I’ll be buying Dior Homme for sure :)

  • miinie

    That’s not a picture from the actual campaign. It’s just a pic that accompanied the announcement of Dior’s new ambassador. And my my, he does look like a new man – new Dior homme :D

  • miinie

    He was always ok with being a celebrity! He is an actor after all. He promoted the hell of those Twilight movies the best he could, he was making tours and photoshoots a plenty, making interviews fun and worth watching for the giggles. And celebs dress lamely all the time – Portman, Lawrence, Kunis, heck even Cotillard look so so in their daily life, at least Rob is a guy and he does not care that much what he wears – if it’s a t-shirt and jeans it’s all good. He made the casual look, unruly hair, facial hair and Ray Ban glasses fashionable again, and his red carpet look is daring and stylish as well. He is ballsy and charming and handsome and popular. Great decision Dior !

  • Lillian

    Is this the best they can do with him. This scruffy look on him is not sexy at all. What’s with the sweater. He looks like a hobo in this photo

  • http://yahoo nice

    Love your Comment Rob is a trendsetter ! He is looking jawdropping sexy in this picture . He had the most horrible last year and wish him all the happiness and success.
    Dior made the right choice in him he is a gorgeous classy guy !

  • http://yahoo nice

    Love Robs rugged look here ….i like what I have seen so far , wiating for the commercial . It should be great for Robs career !

  • Kat

    Really boring rob the new face of Dior men’s fragrance? He did say he didn’t want to become a brand and that he’s not a model. What happened to all that? He’s just like kp who wants all the fame and power. No wonder he is surviving living in lalaland.

  • http://yahoo pari

    @ kat
    what a hypocrite you are !~! would you say no to 12 mil !! No way !
    Why should Rob , moreover it is a matter of pride to be associated with Dior . They are a classic brand ! Congrats Rob !

  • http://yahoo RobertDiorPattinson

    Mr Dior Robert Pattinson , has a nice ring to it .Rob and his team are doing a good job , wishing him the best

  • http://yahoo great

    Rob is a nice man , its great to see great things happening with him .

  • Meme

    I love everything about this. Can’t wait for the ads, Rob looks super sexy. Yum!

  • wicked pissa no

    what’s the fragrance a cross between tears and bo?

  • SS



  • http://yahoo nettie

    Dior has done Rob proud , if this first look is anything to go by , This Ad campaign is gonna Rock !! Love the look , Love Rob

  • http://yahoo Emma

    Oh MY GOD !! Rob is ao damn Hot !! He is so sexy in this pic ! I would buy anything he endorses in a blink !

  • http://yahoo nettie

    Few Details about the AD …..sounds good !!
    The shoot, which took place inside the ballroom in the New York City’s Waldorf Astoria, had a French crew, director and translator—and a beautiful model, who played opposite Pattinson’s character.

    “They ran through the crowd and stopped on the dance floor. Rob danced with an older lady and the girl would dance with the kids,” our source explains. “During the scene, they were holding hands and danced a little before splitting up so Rob could dance with the older lady. The scene was that others were not amused by this—like those two were crashing a ceremony.”

  • Ghost

    Wow . Is this guy a d.o.u.c.h.e bag looking twit. Didn’t one of his co-stars say he needed to bathe more. Maybe now that the s.h.i.t.l.i.g.h.t movies are over this is all he can do , hock sissy water for Dior. If the little girls here who still live in mommies basement think this slim ball is cute , they need their eyes checked. The c.r.a.p.l.i.g.h.t movies were some of the worst movies ever written and acted. Please little girls get a grip.