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Bar Refaeli: Piaget Rose Day Private Event & Concert

Bar Refaeli: Piaget Rose Day Private Event & Concert

Bar Refaeli hits the pink carpet at the Piaget Rose Day Private Event & Concert held at the Orangerie Ephemere at Jardin des Tuileries on Thursday (June 13) in Paris, France.

The 28-year-old Israeli model is the face of the luxury jewelry and watch brand.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bar Refaeli

“I’m not a shopaholic, I’m just helping the economy..” Bar tweeted that day.

It was recently reported that Bar will be the host of Israel’s version of The X Factor with a salary that will make her the highest paid talent on the show, according to THR.

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Credit: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff; ; Photos: Getty
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  • LOL

    Amanda Knox is that you?

  • Gorgeous

    Pretty woman

  • ellie

    Beautiful! Stunning! Gorgeous! Bar rocks!!! )))

  • Marie

    What a gorgeous lady. Her figure is to die for!

  • Sarah

    I have to admit Bar is the most beautiful girl Leo has ever dated. Too bad they didn’t have kids together
    Anyway, at 28, she is now way too old for him.

  • toby

    She so beautifull !
    perfect body. thin with a amazing legs and ass and gorgeos breast, with of course a so preety face!
    Look like perfect woman.

  • Frenchie

    Bar est magnifique! Une vraie beauté.

  • Nicky

    Have to say what a amazing body she has, look how slim her stomach is .

  • K

    Looks like Chelsea Handler

  • betty

    very beautiful!!! Love the dress

  • …..

    wow, i see that her mother paid all of you a lot of money to write all this crap, or mamby you are the mother ????

  • pt109

    @Sarah: lol she is sooooo old for Leo. At least 7 years too old.

  • danielle

    i lov the dress on her… beautiful body..

  • Stunning

    Bar is AMAZING. love this beauty lovely lady. She is the most beautiful woman I have seen.

  • Make love not war

    @…..: Jealousy is a disease. Get a life

  • !


  • leo

    She looks Fat.

  • …..

    @Make love not war:

    that’s a really good joke !!!!!

    if i am jealous it’s soooooo not beacouse of this wannabe.

    gisele, miranda kerr and the rest, even kate hupton !

    if anyone should get a life it’s you, stop worshiping her.

  • @…..

    Jealousy or not you do have issues! Get a life! Don`t be mad at the world because not everyone is a hater like you are!

  • woman power

    At 28, she has become such a beautiful young woman with her perfect body and a wonderful smile. Piaget has made a good choice.

  • …..

    @@…..: o

    i don’t hate her, never did.

    if you are not from israel than you wouldn’t understand my comments.
    about 90% of israel feel the same way, it’s not hate, we are just realy annoyed (to say the least) with this woman and her familiy trying to brain wash all everyday !

  • ???

    Why do you lose your time and energy on someone who annoys you? Kind of pathetic behavior, no?

  • Amasham

    Hi Tzipi no matter how many positive comments you write she’s still a never was Voguless irrelevant D list model

  • Odd

    Her arms are quite muscular for a model

  • blondie

    @???: Pathetic are the people who follow her and believe her sh*t full of herself. It’s frustrating how dumb people can be. Btw why is this a trend topic? It barely has 24 comments.

  • :)

    What a sexy dress made for a gorgeous body.

  • Piaget

    Bar is Piaget’s most beautiful gem!

  • @25

    Its because Tzipi paid for them as she’s the one person also making all the comments on the has been

  • Thanks Jared

    Beauty and elegance.

  • Sarah

    It is a “trend topic” because it gets many clicks. Stop waisting your time on this topic and it won’t become a trend.

  • @30

    Actually Miranda Kerr’s just recent Vogue cover has more comments and clicks but for some ‘mysterious’ reason was dropped as a trend topic.
    Cheque must have bounced

  • neverhasbeen

    @Odd: she’s NOT amodel. She’s a professional instagrammer, her full time gig.

  • dlistmodel

    Face keeps getting fatter as she ages, not good. Her non exixtent modeling career gets sadder by the day. Taking selfies all day and attending events is what kim kardashian does. Models are supposed to um, model….all the big covers and campaigns for fall keep coming out and this z list model is no where to be seen lol quite funny how kate uptons career shatters Barfs.

  • lsgh

    Hilarious she wears designer clothes, but will never get their big paying ad campaigns or walk in thier shows, not with those tree stumps for legs. Her proportions dont do justice to clothing. She is far from graceful. Maxim models def look better nekkid.

  • poorbar

    I miss the 90s model era. When the models were otherworldly beautiful, not with these plain jane looking faces and could care less about attending events. They actually cared more about getting prestigious modeling work, not fame*horing.

  • Alfa Omega

    I am more than delighted to see the (same poster) under different names writing negative comments on Bar Refaeli! Love to analyse the envious losers. It is a real thrill.

  • awwwwhk

    Awww only 28 and already doing reality tv gigs, aww what happened to her career lol? Heidi, Tyra, Naomi only did it after they had well established careers, in their 30s and 40s. At 28 they were the biggest models on the planet with contracts, campaigns, international covers. What a flop she is!

  • Other options than modeling

    Bar wants to have more options than modeling. FYI, she has more ambition than posing for Vogue covers. She runs a business and will actually host a show in Israel. Piaget is a very prestigious European jewelry company and for their image, they sure wouldn’t hire Kathy Perry who is actually on the cover of the next Vogue magazine..LOL!
    You know models or other celebrities can make choices with their careers, and I think Bar is a free spirited and open minded person who happens to model when she wants to and prefers to host, do TV shows and serves as the face to a classy Swiss jewelry company for the moment. She still has FOX clothing and Passionata who keep her quite busy with the photoshoots and the campaigns, I guess.
    @Sarah – I had a good laugh reading that she is way to old for Leo, now that she’s 28.

  • Sarah

    Keep on clicking, guys. She’ll remain on top of the trend!

  • LOL

    @Other options than modeling:
    “More ambition than Vogue Covers” – Like Vogue Covers were ever going to happen. Yeah Vogue, W, Harpers Bazzar, Allure. Never been snapped by the photog legends like Testino, Demarchelier, Lindberg, Sorrenti . Sure it was HER choice LMAO
    She has the big gigs in her home country but so does Majek Fashek in Nigeria does not make her in the big leagues. After her MTV show flopped and her German model show flopped, I guess it was back to gigs in Israel where her deluded fans can insist the Go Daddy girl is doing local clothing brand store opening and local TV gigs by choice.

  • Anonymous

    I am delighted see her one stan keeps posting the same superlatives/compliments under different names as usual. Makes a change from pic spamming

  • Layla

    Nice pics. Love Bar she’s such a gorgeous woman

  • @34

    Too true. She wears their clothes (d & g here) and parties on their yachts but you would think one of these high end designers would find her ‘classy’ or ‘prestigious’ enough to be their spokesperson or model for their brand.

  • MiouMiou

    bruges, Paris, Basel et Paris. Elle est jolie and the French love Bar.

  • Mary

    The most beautiful supermodel in the world, Leo lost his mind

  • Love her

    Pretty woman. Sexy & Natural


    Bar as beautiful as ever. lovely lady

  • Draft Dodger

    Poor Tzipi. Still talking to yourself
    she is 28 years old , but looks 38 . she has a very manly body , chunky legs .
    she is over rated , over hyped by her money hungry mother -agent .
    she is not a super model . she is a super **** . i never bought her mother BS .
    in Israel . her mother , place daily articles about her daughter for 10 years , i mean every day there is an article in the Israeli Gossip sites in Israel
    she also dodged the Israeli army , which is Mandatory , she did NOT serve
    in the Israeli army , which is a Big mistake and damaged her reputation for life . at 18 , she married a 45 years old man to avoid the 2 years service .
    she is snotty ,arrogant has an entitled “im better than you” demeanor ,
    very shallow childish , her parents treat her like a 7 years old , they live off of her . her dad does not work and was convicted for hitting a paparazzi .
    she is addicted to fame . she loves the attention . and she loves money . she never went to college and she did not even gradute high school . she really is an air head .
    she is just a cheap sleazy photoshoped panty model . she was the only one desperate enough to do go daddy.,

  • @48

    Poor tinkerbell,
    still have no time to renew your pill prescription….?

  • tinkerbell

    @Other options than modeling:

    Didnt her “show” in Germany get cancelled after one episode, and her “movie” was unreleasable and her MTV show cancelled. Couldnt even be the piece of ass for Transformers III.

    I know why Tzipi was foaming on this thread. Piaget is her only real client left, so she has to make this thread look good.

    48 is your israeli fan, Ali. I havent been here in a while…

    PS. the dress is HIDEOUS