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Diane Kruger: I Get Help From Man With Asperger Syndrome For 'The Bridge'

Diane Kruger: I Get Help From Man With Asperger Syndrome For 'The Bridge'

Diane Kruger is cute and casual while doing some shopping on Friday (June 14) in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

The 36-year-old actress was joined by her close pal Micah Schifman.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Diane recently talked about how she prepared for her role on the upcoming show The Bridge, which premieres on Wednesday, July 10.

“A lot of research. And we have a young man with Aspergers who is on set every day and he helps me. Because it’s a way of life, it’s not something you can just put on,” Diane shared to W magazine.

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  • louis

    She is pretty

  • Joey

    Even with help from this special young man, her acting will suck. She is a horrible actress. Since she’s portraying someone with Autism, she may not need to portray any emotion. Which is perfect for her emotionless and cold.

  • nate

    The man who is helping her is ALEX PLANK. People with autism are not emotionless and cold. There is much more to it.
    Google is your friend.

  • Joey


    Please forgive me, I did not mean anything negative toward individuals with Autism. I work with these individuals and personally know how wonderful they can be.

    Please forgive my ignorance.

  • maria

    give me Pacey or go home.

  • maria

    Posts of her without Josh are so boring.

  • denis

    I love her style

  • kyle

    I am so excited for The Bridge. Man, Diane Kruger is the best.

  • helen

    She is always well put together.

  • trish

    Could she be any more gorgeous. I love love love DK

  • Suze

    Is it just me who doesn’t get those shoes? She’s worn them before, I think they’re awful. But I want that coat!

  • ELLE magazine
  • pictures

    NY: A Summer Soiree to benefit ACRIA hosted by Jason Wu – Dinner

  • W magazine interview


  • WWD
  • Seriously

    She is just an average looking woman with bad everyday fashion sense, I don’t understand her appeal. Nothing special here.

  • Rouge Vogue magazine


    Diane Kruger in a blush duchesse satin a-line strapless dress paired with Jason Wu blue eel skin clutch from the Resort 2014 collection and Jason Wu sandals to a Summer Soiree to benefit ACRIA


    Rain Man
    A soggy evening for Jason Wu’s Young Friends of ACRIA summer party

  • Guest of a Guest
  • beautiful!
  • danni

    I just love Diane so much . Just one thing, get rid of the hat…

  • naomi

    That’s a great, simple and fashionable outfit

  • Cate Blanchett & Diane Kruger

    Cate Blanchett, Diane Kruger lends voices to “Galapagos Affair” doc

    Directors and producers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine have wrapped production on “The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden” a murder mystery documentary that features the voices of international stars such as Cate Blanchett, Diane Kruger, Connie Nielsen, Josh Radnor, Sebastian Koch, Thomas Kretschmann and Gustaf Skarsgard, TheWrap said.

  • Cate Blanchett & Diane Kruger

    Described as an unusual tale of idealistic dreams gone awry set in the brutal yet alluring landscape of the Galapagos Islands, the project interweaves an unsolved 1930s murder mystery with stories of present-day Galapagos pioneers. The then-and-now portrait becomes a parable of the search for paradise.
    The settlers’ ongoing drama became regular fodder for tabloids all over the world from 1929-1934. Extensive archival footage, including nearly five years of ‘home movies,’ was discovered to tell the story of what happened when a few individualists settled on the same small island seeking their own distinct and sometimes clashing notions of Eden.
    For over 20 years, Geller and Goldfine have created critically-acclaimed multi-character documentary narratives such as PBS’ recent Silicon Valley movie “Something Ventured” and the award-winning international box office hit “Ballets Russes,” both of which were distributed by Zeitgeist Films.
    Four-time Emmy winner Laura Karpman composed the score for “The Galapagos Affair,” which was executive produced by Jonathan Dana, who is also handling worldwide sales. The documentary is currently in post-production and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

  • Galapagos Affair

    Production wraps on Galapagos Affair

    Production has wrapped on the documentary murder-mystery The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came To Eden featuring Cate Blanchett, Sebastian Koch, Thomas Kretschmann and Diane Kruger.

    Connie Nielsen, Josh Radnor and Gustaf Skarsgård also feature in the story, which is set on the Galapagos Islands and investigates an unsolved crime.

    Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine direct and produce the film.

    Jonathan Dana serves as executive producer and handles worldwide sales. Delivery is anticipated by the end of the year.

  • Cate Blanchett Fan

    “Satan Came to Eden: The Galapagos Affair” – Documentary
    New project for Cate!!

    Cate lent her voice for the documentary “Satan Came to Eden: The Galapagos Affair”. This project, now in post-production, is directed by Emmy Awards winners Daniel Geller and Dayna Goldfine. Cate will be Dore Strauch. Also Diane Kruger lent her voice.

  • IMDB

    The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden (2013)

    Darwin meets Hitchcock in this feature-length documentary. THE GALAPAGOS AFFAIR is a gripping tale of idealistic dreams gone awry, set in the brutal yet alluring landscape of the Galapagos Islands. Featuring voice-over performances by Cate Blanchett, Diane Kruger, Connie Nielsen, Sebastian Koch, Thomas Kretschmann, Gustaf Skarsgard and Josh Radnor, this film skillfully interweaves an unsolved 1930s murder mystery with stories of present day Galapagos pioneers (a handful of Europeans, Americans and Ecuadoreans who settled idiosyncratically on the Islands between the 1930s and 1960s). As such, it is a parable about the search for paradise — about what happens when a handful of individualists settle on the same small island seeking their own distinct and sometimes clashing notions of Eden. Written by Geller/Goldfine Productions

    Credited cast:

    Cate Blanchett

    Diane Kruger

    Connie Nielsen

    Josh Radnor

  • chantelle

    She can manage to look good in whatever she wears.

  • carmen

    She looks beautiful, stylish and comfortable.

  • Alone

    Does this woman not have any friends? We only ever see her out and about with her boyfriend or her gay best boyfriend/stylist. I, feel sorry for her.

  • kelis

    I always like her fashion sense. Casual or on the red carpet, she always looks good


    Diane Kruger Tops the Charts in This Week’s Top 10

    Diane Kruger was the picture of ladylike elegance in a tea-length, pastel strapless dress and a gorgeous red lip at Jason Wu’s Summer Soiree to benefit ACRIA.

  • jones

    I love the hat, love the outfit, nice and comfy!


    Hiding her beauty… Diane Kruger conceals her striking features under a wide-brim at and sunglasses as she steps out to shop

    She’s often praised for her sartorial statements.
    But Diane Kruger wasn’t vanity-driven as she stepped out for an afternoon out in New York City’s Greenwich Village.
    Dressing down in a simple yet chic ensemble, the 36-year-old German actress kept her fit figure under wraps with a light blue button-down blouse and pair of ankle-length skinny jeans.

    The star is sure to dazzle more red carpets in the upcoming months, as she’s set to star in a show called The Bridge.
    Premiering on FX on July 10, the series is set on the border between El Paso and Juarez, and Diane’s detective character must work to hunt down a serial killer who operates on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border.
    It’s based on the Danish/Swedish series Bron, which was set on the border of Denmark and Sweden, according to Deadline.
    In addition to the new television show, the blonde beauty will star in The Green Blade Rises and Me, Myself and Mum, both released later in 2013.

  • jason wu + diane kruger

    Flawless german queen and Jason Wu at ACRIA Summer Soirée last night

  • colleen

    True beauty.

  • meg

    just shows how much research she’s done, its not a way of life!!!- its autism! A huge spectrum of social behaviours of which the person has none or very little control. Its a completely different perspective and way of thinking, aspergers itself can be manifested in so many different ways. I just hope the show will raise awareness and banish the stigma that comes with it.
    I’m a nanny for two autistic boys, one with aspergers and they are such wonderfully bright and unique little people, it just pains me the current lack of support in the mainstream world, including some schools. Lets hope raising awareness can make things better! After all, we’ve all felt a bit different in one situation or another, we all know how it feels to be in the outside.

  • flora

    @meg: I think the point you’re trying to make is the same one as Diane is making, though- that Asperger’s isn’t just situational, it’s an entirely different way of life in which a person feels and reacts in ways that seem out of the ordinary to those who don’t have Asperger’s. Her quote is “it’s not something you can just put on” meaning it’s not a specific set of behaviors, but rather a way of thinking and responding to the world around you or in other words “a way of life”.

  • LOL

    Its odd she seems to work constantly but her success ratio is poor, especially for her age

  • Serious

    I don’t think see is taken seriously in the acting world. She maybe a ‘mocktress’, but she definitely isn’t a actress with any talent.

  • flora

    @LOL: Really? It’s hard to gauge her success “ratio” because she does so many different types of movies. Within the last 5 years, she’s only done 3 mainstream movies that had wide releases in several thousand theaters: Inglourious Basterds, Unknown, and The Host. The first 2 were big hits and the 3rd was a flop. So 2/3 isn’t a bad record. But then she’s done around 10 other movies that were either indies or foreign films so it’s hard to say whether those were successful or not because they’re not judged in the same way.

    One of the things I really like about Diane is that she tries to improve her acting skills by doing a lot of challenging jobs that differ in scope and depth from one another. Sometimes it ends up working and sometimes it doesn’t, but I like that she keeps trying to get better. Just for example, in the span of about a year and a half she did Lily Sometimes, Inhale, Special Forces, Unknown, and Farewell My Queen. That is a really wide range of characterization attempts and an ambitious career path to navigate.

  • Oh-oh

    michael ausiello , says The Bridge is dull and Diane Kruger=miscast. Doesn’t look good for Ms. Kruger, she needs to work on those acting skills.

  • RollingStone

    10 TV Shows to Watch This Summer

    The Bridge (FX; July 10; 10:00 p.m.)

    This new police program from Homeland producer Meredith Stiehm and Cold Case writer Elwood Reid was inspired by the Danish/Swedish TV series, Bron. Starring Diane Kruger, the procedural centers on two detectives – one American (Kruger), one Mexican (Demián Bichir) – tasked with stopping a border-based serial killer.

  • Entertainment Weekly

    10 Summer TV Musts

    The Bridge (July 10)
    Adapted from a Scandinavian series of the same name, The Bridge opens on a ”dead body” — the top half of a female Texas judge and the lower half of a young Mexican girl — found on the bridge connecting El Paso to Juárez, Mexico. The ensuing murder investigation brings together two opposing cops, detectives Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) and Marco Ruiz (Demián Bichir), while illustrating the corruption and violence around the U.S.-Mexico border. For Bichir, who was born in Mexico City and earned an Oscar nod for playing an illegal immigrant in 2011′s A Better Life, the material is particularly resonant. ”If it was up to me, I’d just do films or projects that could try to make a difference while we’re entertaining you,” he says. —Tim Stack,,20598265_20700203_21332491,00.html#disqus_thread

  • The Bridge

    Buzz Builds About ‘The Bridge’

    “The Bridge,” the El Paso-Juarez set murder drama that will air this summer on FX, is building some pretty good press.

    Entertainment Weekly named it one of its “12 Killer Summer Series” and features a picture of stars Demian Bichir, who plays a Chihuahua state cop, and Diane Krueger, as an El Paso police detective, on one of its alternate covers.

    The magazine ranks it No. 5 among its killer dozen, calling it “a story you’ll be talking about all summer.”

    The show, about what happens when a body turns up on both sides of the border, debuts July 10 on FX.

    The EW story notes that executive producer Elwood Reid and Krueger walked across one of the bridges into Juarez as part of their research.

    “It was actually really nice. To be fair, we didn’t go to buy drugs or to pick up a hooker, and it was daylight,” she said.

    Reid said he was scared and worried about losing his job, since he didn’t tell anyone at the network about it. “But we had great tacos,” he said.

    Rolling Stone also singled the show out in a summer cable preview in its new issue, noting that it’s a remake of a Danish series “except with better weather and smarter suspense.”

  • Entertainment Weekly Cover
  • Nate Watkins

    aspergers is not like classic autism. that’s the purpose of this page of mine here:

  • john

    Aspergers isn’t a “way of life” it’s a neurological condition thats lifelong from birth. Most people with AS are NOT socially inept as the “W” interview quotes. That’s so insulting to people with Aspergers. The media view on this condition is always insulting because they don’t understand it. Aspergers isn’t Autism. Autism is Autism and Aspergers is on the same spectrum (ASC). But it can have other issues like sensory processing. But to say Aspergers is a “way of life” is an insult to people with the condition, people who support and work in the field of AS and Autism and an insult to the professional acting industry and the hours of research a true performer does for a role (unless her words have been mis-quoted and the press never do that do they!)