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Miranda Kerr Covers 'Vogue Korea' July 2013

Miranda Kerr Covers 'Vogue Korea' July 2013

Miranda Kerr arrives in style to JFK Airport after spending several days in South Korea on Friday (June 14) in New York City.

That same day, the 30-year-old model’s Vogue Korea magazine’s cover was released – check out her nearly topless shot!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“New VOGUE cover ❤Miranda xxx” Miranda tweeted earlier in the day about the cover, along with a pic.

“Thanks so much for my crown! See you soon Korea đź”❤🙏” Miranda tweeted before leaving the country.

FYI: Miranda is carrying the MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma bag.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr arriving at JFK…

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Credit: Vogue Korea; Photos: Wenn
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  • lovely

    She looks way cute and younger!!

  • Raena

    That’s a great, simple and fashionable outfit. And that’s definitely an attention catching cover!

  • wow

    She looks amazing!

  • steph

    Another Vogue cover!
    You go girl!!!

  • garrett

    this chick loves her skinny jeans.
    probably cause she knows she looks amazing in them.

  • hex

    she’s beautiful.
    but she wouldn’t have blown up this way if she didn’t marry who she married.
    just being real.

  • Ruby

    Love her street style



  • chip

    Lol she cant even get a big vogue covercsince the italian one in2010. Her jobs are so c list. Look at a model like daria werbowys jobs each season compared to chipmunk girl and youll know what im talking about. Yes blah blah she’s rich etc but she still gets worse jobs than a retired 50 yr old hasbeen gets. At her age should be booking better jobs than what she gets. Hilarious how much she tries but still cant get mega blue chip covers and campaigns.

  • lala

    its weird but i never thought she was the prettiest vs model but shes everywhere now. i always thought adriana lima was the most beautiful but she is super quiet and just works. miranda is everywhere.

  • K

    Sexy and Artistic

  • @9

    Love how you haters try to categorize her success. Whenother models get Vogue Yugoslavia, or Vogue Turkey, Or Vogue Outer Mongolia, you go on and on about how they get the top covers. Yet you criticize Miranda for any Vogue that she gets.
    You said that only top models get Vogue covers. Then when Miranda gets her first Vogue, you claim that only top models get multiple Vogues. And when Miranda gets multiple Vogues, they are all of a sudden the WRONG Vogues.
    Hater double standard on full display.
    Ridiculous, laughable hypocrites.

  • @10

    Adriana? Super quiet?
    Too funny.
    I guess that you don’t see her calling the paps to watch her work out, and showing up at the opening of an envelope, then, eh?
    Or hogging the catwalk when she is supposed to get the h*ll off!?
    Ha, “quiet”.

  • Ajaaja

    You know you have hit a low point when you have to go endorse cheap Japanese/Chinese brands or do their covers or do Laundry Detergent brands. Come on Miranda, you can do better. I wonder why she skipped her husband Cannes premiere. Seems weird.

  • two sheds

    @@10: Haha, like Miranda is any better, at least Adriana is somewhat successful and doesn´t get dumped by any major brand she represents, and unlike Miranda she doesn´t pimp out her kid and treat him like an accessoire.

  • two sheds

    There´s never been any other flop model who is more lucky that there´s photoshop.

  • @14

    Hey, some of those “cheap” Asian brands pay more to rep them than HF brands. That’s why some of the biggest western stars do so many commercials in Asia. It’s good enough for George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and many others, so it must not really be a “low point”, right?
    And you know very well why she skipped Cannes. She was working in NY, and he was jetting from Turkey, to Cannes, to Sydney, to NZ.
    Nothing “weird” about them both having work commitments at the same time.

  • @15

    yaaay! Miranda’s stalker is finally posting under her own name! What took you so long?
    And you once again gave evidence that you are one of those pathetic delphites who follow Miranda across the net just to posts insults and lies. Don’t even try to deny it. That “pimp out her kid” is a dead give away. Only the sickos at delphi use such horrible imagery.
    And if Adriana doesn’t “pimp out” her kid, why does she post pictures of their faces all over twitter? Miranda has never posted Flynn’s face. But I guess that when other models do things like that, it’s OK?
    H Y P O C R I T E !

  • two sheds

    @@14: She can´t land those HF brands, though.

  • @two sheds

    Flop model? How many flop models appear on the cover of Vogue? Any Vogue?
    You must have a very strange rating scale.
    Or you are in complete denial.
    maybe both?

  • two sheds

    @@15: Unlike you I am always posting under my own name, only her one pathetic fan uses socks. She always calls the paps when she is out with her kid, it is part of her caring mother image, she is pimping him out to the paps. Just stay in denial, loser.

  • two sheds

    @@15: When did I say it is ok, when other models pimp out their kid? I rarely see posts about Adriana with her kids on this site, because she actually protects the privacy of her family.
    You are so paranoid, if you think that those delphi people infaltred every Miranda post on the entire internet. A lot of people don´t like her. Have you been to Celebitchy, Dlisted? A lot of comments are negative.

  • Annie

    Miranda is beautiful. I like her dresses she wore in Korea. I don’t get the hatred for Miranda.

  • @22

    You can deny it all you want, but you aren’t fooling anyone.
    You have all the qualities of a delphidiot. Using socks to post, while claiming that Miranda has only one fan. Stalking her across the Internet while pretending that you don’t care. Using all of the classic Delphi insults. And using the classic hater double standards.
    You couldn’t tell the truth if your life depended on it. Not that you have much of a life, anyway.
    You need help. Serious help.

  • @two sheds

    Miranda’s continued success really bugs the heck out of you, doesn’t it.

  • Kanadian Banshee

    Vogue Korea? So the grandpa underwear is a fashion statement there and we can only hope that it doesn’t spread… I hope. She has no bust but couldn’t the experts of this high level Vogue team at least tape up her saggy upper charms?

  • LooseLipz

    She bores me…no wow factor at all..her body is very boyish too…no thighs and too thin…I do t get her cutesie appeal? She’s not top midel material in the least..

  • @26

    Saggy? Uhm, there’s nothing saggy about her.
    Maybe you are mistaking her for Doutzen?

  • @27

    ” She’s not top midel (model?) material in the least.
    Funny, that. Doesn’t appearing on Vogue, Harper’s, I-D, Jalouse, etc., as well as on the runway for Dior, Chanel, Balenciaga, etc., and representing Prada, Jill Sander, Bally, etc., kinda indicate that she IS a top model?

  • two sheds

    @@22: LOL, says the batshit crazy stalker fan who is posting under various socks. Poor bb can´t deal with the fact that this flop model is so unpopular. You should really stop projecting your own issues into me and seek help.

  • two sheds

    @@22: I don´t have a life, lol, you are such a hypocrite considering you spend your time posting here you don´t have on either. How empty must your life be if you consider this dumb, vapid, smug, cheater flop model as inspirational. Get help, better sooner than later.

  • two sheds

    @@two sheds: Success, what success, gettung dumped from two major brand is not being successful.
    You and your sockpuppets. You are such a hypocrite, lol you don´t have a life either considering you are commenting here. How empty must your life be if you consider this vapid, dumb, cheating flop model as someone too admire.

  • two sheds

    @@26: LOL, what´s saggy about Doutzen, dragging other successful models down, doesn´t make Miranda any less of a flop.

  • ItsMe

    Discuss anything and everything about latest movies, music, celebrities and a lot more! So join the fun! Everyone is invited! Join us: http://www.ChatCat.Net/?Club=Showbuzz

  • @two sheds…

    I know you’re a Doutzen fan & are upset that Miranda gets more
    attention than she does even though Doutzen is a very successful model.

    It’s ironic because Miranda & Doutzen are friends & like each other.

    How sad that you chose to join the Delphidiots who you know hate Miranda simply because she’s happily married to Orlando.

    Doutzen makes more money than Miranda so I don’t understand the reasons behind your hatred of Miranda.

    I think you’re smarter than to really believe the Delphi BS.

    So it must have to be for other reasons, so I’m guessing it has to do with her popularity & fame.

    Miranda & Orlando make a gorgeous couple, he’s a famous actor & she’s a beautiful model. It’s only natural that the media would have more interest in them.

    Look at when Gisele was with Leo, the media went crazy over them.
    It’s always been the same, when two famous people get together there is much more attention. Now when Leo dates one of the VS models there is immediately more attention on her.

    Miranda has a lot of fashion style so magazines love to feature her & tell their readers how to “get her look” blaming Miranda for having a natural fashion flare is unfair.

    She also leads a healthy lifestyle & has a philosophy about food & exercise. Because she has flawless skin & is super toned women want to know her beauty & fitness routines.

    My view of Doutzen is that she’s beautiful, very successful & is happily married with a gorgeous child.

    She makes more money than Miranda but there is no way i’d insult her because of that, it’s beyond silly.

    I’d just like to have a proper conversation about Miranda & Doutzen but without all the Delphi BS, no flop model, cheater talk.

    I thought Doutzen looked gorgeous at Cannes & she has really got back into amazing shape since having her child, she even has a six pack now.

    Has she said in any interviews what she changed in her exercise routine because before she looked great but wasn’t as super toned as she is now?

    I’d also like to know more about her husband as he seems like a cool guy & their little boy is such a cutie.

    Do you think Doutzen will wear the fantasy bra this year?
    I think she should but they may give it to Candice as they seem to be really trying to make her the centre of attention.

  • Amasham

    She looks nice on the Vogue Cover.

  • guest 1

    She has the drabbest figure. No curves or femininity like a woman. Her body is like a teenage boy. And her face is too small.

  • two sheds

    @@two sheds…:
    I´ve told you before I don´t care about Orlando, I dislike Miranda because of Miranda.
    I like Doutzen, but I really don´t know much about her husband or her workout routine, I don´t care to know that much about models in general, except for the gossip, which is how I came across Miranda and not through this delphi site, there are articles about Miranda on gossips sites you know, but you are not going to believe me anyway, right.
    I confess, the reason I posted those negative comments, was mainly because I was trolling, because normally I don´t spend much time with stuff I don´t like, in all seriousness you care way too much about her. I get that you like her, but you don´t have to defend her honour, you don´t know her and that people don´t like her is a by-product of being famous, you just get way too amped up.

    But I promise I stop trolling and be civil.
    Considering Doutzen, I think she is gotten a little bit too skinny after giving birth, I thought she went a little bit too overboard, I prefered her figure pre birth.
    I think Doutzen deserves the fantasy bra, but I wouldn´t mind Candice to get either. As long as Karlie doesn´t get it,lol, I like Karlie as an HF model, but I don´t think she is a great fit for VS, VS is too commercial IMO.

  • sara

    Thanks for that civil, rational post. I usually don’t respond to ‘hater’ type posts. I try to stay positive, even though some haters tried to attack me for it. But I appreciate you honesty, and wanted to tell our side.
    So here we go.
    You have to understand that from the very first time they were seen together, there have been Orlando “fans” that have done nothing but attack her. They spread horrible lies, and call her names that would make any misogynist proud. And they post here constantly. Since this is an open forum, and quite popular, Miranda’s fans (and yes, there are more than one, here) have made a concerted effort to lot let their lies stand. You don’t have to “care too much” to know that’s its a horrible thing to call a young mother a wh*re. So when you posted your comments that contained some of those lies, her fans had a knee jerk reaction, and pounced. Posting over and over that this woman who has been on the top ten earners list for years is a “flop model” was guaranteed a reaction. As you well know. So saying that her fans care too much because we respond is a bit silly, don’t you think?
    BTW, I really hope that you don’t believe every article you read on gossip sites. Especially Celebitchy. That site takes info from readers. And it’s amazing how closely those rumors (lies) follow the posts of certain well known ‘haters’. Haters who really do “care too much”. Their viciousness is why her fans will never let a lie stand on this site.
    So you see, we have reasons to post the way we do. These haters DO stalk her across the net just to spread their filth. So when you walk like a duck, and sound like a duck, you’ll be called a duck. And since you were just doing it for fun, you really can’t blame us for reacting the way that we did.
    There have been a few rational discussions on this site. They are always fun and insightful. If you would like to continue in a rational conversation, I would be happy to talk to you. :)
    Oh, and back to why I came here in the first place….
    Miranda is on the cover for Elle Korea! Yaaaay!

  • sara

    Gee, you can tell that I don’t post long comments often.
    Sorry for all the typos. *blushes*

  • http://emmalucy1133 Lucy

    I love her

  • @two sheds…

    I agree about Doutzen’s figure. At one stage (even though she still looked great) she put on a bit of weight but since having the baby she’s gone a little too far.

    I think Doutzen looks her best in between the two. She has such a classically beautiful face her body needs to match, less 6 pack more feminine.

    I prefer her to get the fantasy bra over Candice but for me Karlie is just not right for VS. Perfect for HF but too tall & thin for VS.

    I think if VS keeps hiring more androgynous looking girls like Karlie & Cara their going to lose their appeal.

    Now that Miranda’s gone & when Adriana & Ale leave they’ll only have Doutzen left, the last model with sex appeal & personality.

    Candice & the others are just too bland & generic.

    Glad to hear it was just trolling, Celebit*hy & Dlisted is full of the “haters” from Delphi.
    They post fake “blind” items all the time & then post the “blind” on their own site pretending they just happen to come across it by accident.

    As the previous poster has said, the Delphi “haters” go back 6 years. They have never gotten over the fact that Orlando loves Miranda so they’ve come up with more & more weird delusional conspiracy theories to justify their hatred.

    The lowest for me is when they obtained a copy of Flynn’s birth certificate to try & prove Orlando was not his father & even worse they call Flynn “Prostitot”……beyond the pale to attack an innocent child.

    If you go to a site called “Orlando Love” & search back to the threads where Orlando first met Miranda (late 2007) you’ll be able to read for yourself how it all unfolded. A group of women were kicked off because of their nasty posts about Miranda so they formed their own “hate” site on Delphi.

    I know you’re not a fan of Miranda but if you go to YouTube & search Miranda Kerr story part 1 & 2 you will maybe see why a lot of people think she’s lovely, down to earth & not at all like the Delphi “haters” make her out to be!