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Alexander Skarsgard & Ellen Page: Chateau Marmont Separate Arrivals!

Alexander Skarsgard & Ellen Page: Chateau Marmont Separate Arrivals!

Alexander Skarsgard is in the driver’s seat while heading to Chateau Marmont on Friday (June 14) in West Hollywood.

The 36-year-old actor’s The East co-star Ellen Page was also seen heading to the hotel separately.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

“Making Hollywood deals!!! W/ @steveagee,” Ellen tweeted earlier in the day.

Earlier in the week, Alexander was spotted arriving at a hotel in Beverly Hills after promoting his show True Blood at the premiere.

“We wrap in a couple of weeks and I’m going to go to Iceland on a week-long hike. No phone, no iPad, no nothing—I’m very excited about that,” Alexander recently shared to E! about his upcoming break from shooting the show.

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  • Fun , drink, blondes , sex

    Only going to CM 2 hookup with randoms blondes and taken em home yeah that’s what he was doing business meeting my a@@
    no way he is with Ellen page she is not model enough for him

  • Strange


  • ha ha

    If they are dating, hope she at least has a sexy outfit stashed somewhere in the hotel, her clothing is totally not date worthy esp. for an Alex S!

  • living in the box

    ladies and gentlemen i gave you ‘ the odds couple of the year’

  • Coco Chanel

    Well I don’t believe there dating , just because they were there at the same place possibly same time does not mean they were together shagging like rabbits lol
    but did anyone notice in the pics when he is arriving his cap is on and then leaving his hair seems to be wet and no cap What’s that about? is there a hair salon in the marmont ?

  • Canuck

    @Coco Chanel: I think he took the cap off because his head was sweating under it.

  • nika

    Everyone in L.A. knows that she’s a lesbian so this seems so hilarious to me! Either huge PR for their new movies that is coming out or he is dating someone famous and wants to turn attention the other way. Cute girl but she’d rather go for Alexandra:-)

  • Red

    and the woman on just jared go crazy in 3… 2…

  • Marlene

    Maybe he took a shower before he left. Lol.

  • Ellen

    she is really good at this PR game isnt she. She is wearing the exact same clothes as the rumor kiss pic. You gotta love these actresses their PR people and their head games.

    10 to 1 this is a set up to look like something is going on. Hey JJ who paid you to post this? Why would you even post these two together unless you are implying something.

  • Jamie


    She’s the flavor of the day on the lesbian gossip sites where every single and privacy-seeking actress must be gay but there’s lots of information out there that indicates she’s into guys.

  • Ellen


    privacy seeking of course she is (roll eyes) did she tweet this pic too. I will give you that she is into guys and into Alex she wants him I can tell you that much that’s why you have the CM pic set up.

  • zeta

    when the last week melt down happen I google EP because there were so many conspiracy going on about them and her. I came to this site. This information is old but seeing these pics they look so stage to me as did the SF pic anyways I thought this to be interesting.

    3. Ellen Page herself, as I have heard, is a nice person but very pretentious and pseudo-intellectual, like most of her characters she is playing. And to a certain extend not very bright but certainly not naive. She knows how to manipulate her public image. So I have been told.

    4. For all those people who think she is better than the rest of Hollywood’s elite, I have to disappoint you. She is the Avril Lavigne of the movie business. Sells the image of quirky, indie and anti-establishment girl but follows Hollywood rules of selling out.

    You can read the rest yourself.

  • ann

    LOL People still trying to make this happen? They’re not dating. They were both in NYC the night he was seen by paps picking up girls and going home with one. This is just PR for the movie. Look, Robin’s even got Jared onboard.

  • Ellen


    How do you know Robin’s on board it could be Kelly Bush someone is pushing this that’s for sure. I can’t see how you deny via People you’re friends then few days later go to CM wearing the same damn clothes mind you, where you know papz are, arriving separately she arrives in a chauffeur car and he is alone in his Porsche makes no sense. Something in the milk ain’t good.

  • maria

    @Canuck: i think he arrived without the cap and the weat hair, maybe before a shower, and leave with the cap, maybe because his hair was puffy without hair products.

  • Jamie


    Zimbio posted some pretty cozy pictures of her with her buddy Ian in New York in February (Valentines) and April. They met 4 years ago at a permaculture farm in Oregon. She’s had pictures of him planking on her facebook, and there have been pictures of them in LA leaving restaurants and parties . He went to Sundance with her while she was promoting The East and Touchy Feely and having pictures taken with the 2 casts.

  • CM


    I don’t know about the rest but I do know because I have been there many times and in a car that pic without the cap is him leaving CM not going in. The one with the cap is him arriving. He doesn’t look so chipper leaving as he did when he was going in and that is all I know.

  • karl

    you would think even the most crazy fans would have come out of their bubble by know… that denial aint healthy…

  • Thumbs up !

    They are just friends, geez they have already denied it.

  • Charlene

    This board gets too funny at times. Alex seems to me to be very private about who he dates or “hooks-up” with. 2 years with KB and he would never confirm that she was even his girlfriend. Alex recently bought nice home there. I would think that if he were to date/shag/hook-up, he would not meet anyone at the CM to do that as he knows the paps hang out there. I’d say more likely a business meeting or drinks with friends. No more, no less.

  • Just my opinion

    I believe that Alex is seeing someone seriously and on the quite and not bringing her out in public yet, dare say I blame him no way he will bring his gf to CM
    Ellen is just a distraction

  • maria

    @CM: sorry english is not my languaje, what is chipper?

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: His hair is wet in both pics, wouldn’t be surprised if he’d been filming TB and had just left the set.

    @maria, chipper means happy or cheerful. And he looks fine.

    JJ, please get a new commenting system!

  • True

    Damn! There are some jealous women on this board.

  • beautybarbie

    Ellen I love you but do not you have another outfit for the love of God? and Alex wearing cap at the Chateau Marmont in my humble opinion does not stick.

  • Jen

    Alex and Ellen are not dating. they are simply two people how get along and like to hang out.
    Ellen is 100% sure a lesbian and it wouldn´t suprise me if Alex is gay

  • nika

    @Jamie: I’m not talking some gossip sites but people, who actually see her out and about…definitely lesbian!

  • beautybarbie

    Without wishing to insult anyone really surprise me how many people ensures a hundred percent about Ellen is a lesbian (which is not a crime).I would like to know which tests and proofs they have to confirm that with such confidence. Again I do not mean to offend to anyone or speak sarcastically , I just ask because really surprise me. Just curious.

  • Rumple

    This guy has the most insane fans.

  • hmmmmmmm

    Maybe they met to finalize the details of the Iceland hiking with friends trip. LOL.

  • Yup


  • Jamie


    Nika I’m going to call BS on that. If there was any real information about Ellen being gay it would have been all over sites like Zetaboards. There’s a post I saw the other day from IMDb that tells a different story:

  • Hey This is Askars!

    Hey this is me, Askars. I’m soooooooo loooooonnnnnelyyyyyyy. I need a wife. Pray for me. Oh, and if you see Kate tell her to ring me up. wink, wink.

  • hmmmmmmm

    @33- I couldn’t resist I clicked and ah she sure like piggyback rides also she does pda. Ellen you can say goodbye to those things with AS though :(. LOL.

  • Hey This is Askars!

    @Fun , drink, blondes , sex:

    #1 Hey, that’s a number I like. ONE. Um, no. I am soooooo totally not boning Ellen Page. LOL, dudes. I don’t do lesbians. I mean, hey, I’m lonely but not THAT lonely.

  • Hey This is Askars!


    #6 Hey, smarty pants, I don’t need you to speak for me. As if it’s any of your beeswax (hint: it’s not) I took the cap off because I saw the paps were up in my grill pappin’ me and I wanted to make sure they got some good shots of my new haircut. I’m lonely, ya know, and I need to look my best if I’m gonna ever get a wife. By the way, I’m taking applications!!!

  • Hey This is Askars!


    # 13 You are right, she is pretentious and obnoxious, too, but that’s why I love her! Because I’m emotionally incapable of having relationships with healthy people so that’s why I surround myself with clingers, users, hangers-on, bulimics, people with lower-rung careers (no talent or ambition), and women who cry easily. I don’t know how I’m going to find a wife from this f*ucked-up pool of crazy people but I won’t give up s*crewing everyone in sight until I find that special someone!

  • Hey This is Askars!


    #25 This isn’t a board. It’s a blog. Try to pay attention to where you are so you don’t say something s*tupid again next time.

  • Hey This is Askars!

    I’m not part of the Hollywood scene. Remember how many times I’ve said that? Well, it’s true. I’m not part of the Hollywood scene. That’s why I frequent Hollywood’s Number One hangout–the Chateau Marmont– and all my friends are actors and I only date actresses and models. So don’t believe your lying eyes. Believe my words. I’m not part of the Hollywood scene. Just ask the people who saw me at the Vanity Fair parties.

  • Hey This is Askars!


    #27. For the last time: I AM NOT GAY. I just like to have sex with other men sometimes.

  • Jennifer

    @hmmmmmmm: Funny!

  • Hey This is Askars!


    #30 I’m a guy with the emotional level of a 9th grader, so what kind of fans do you expect me to have? I mean, I constantly talk about nothing but sex and nudity and how I’m from SWEDEN every chance I get. BTW, did you know I’m from Sweden? And I grew up around a dad who was constantly naked? And I don’t mind sex scenes because hey, it’s good practice for the REAL boning I do with my co-stars later on. Foreplay, that’s what I call my onscreen sex scenes. BTW, did you also know that I don’t use a “sock” in my nude scenes? Did I mention I’m from Sweden? Yeah, like totally from Sweden. I was even born NAKED in Sweden!!!

  • hmmmmmmm

    Whoa, someone’s on a tirade. Got girl get it all out of your system. Hey This is Askars did the cap thing set you off. LOL.

  • Hey This is Askars!


    Naw, dude. I love my cap. My cap, along with my saggy jeans and plain t-shirt, makes me looks like the egalitarian hipster Swede I want people to think I am. You know, because that’s what I am (wink, wink). What I’m NOT is a rich Hollywood hotshot living in a million-dollar home, driving a Porsche and eating at expensive restaurants (wink, wink). I’m a simple guy, just one of you…except more NUDE. LOLOLOLOL!! Get it? MORE NUDE? Because I do a lot of NUDE scenes? Because I was born NUDE? In Sweden? Get it? LOL, I crack me up.

  • minx

    EWWWWWWWWWWWW ! REALLY hope they are NOT a couple —he’s 36–and she is …20 something –and looks 12 !!!!! PLUS he’s 6ft 4–and she is a Munchkin !!!!! Prefer to see him with women of his caliber–Models , “10″ type actresses

  • minx

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwww !! REALLY hope they are NOT a couple !! He’s 36 , and she is ……20 something ? And he’s 6 ft 4 , and she’s a Munchkin !! Would prefer to see him with women of his caliber –Models , and “10″ Actresses ….

  • LastRefuge

    I think we all know who Hey this is Askars really is. This site just gets worse and worse.

  • Yup

    Skinny hungry Beige.

    Did yous guys know you can’t write her name on these comments because it auto moderates and is deleted. Nazis.

  • kat

    @minx: I hope he is seeing her…just to piss off his psycho fan base and show that he is a grown man who has a set of balls and can make decisions for his d*** self….sadly, he letting you sickos drag him around by his balls.