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Henry Cavill: Shirtless 'Man of Steel' Workout Video!

Henry Cavill: Shirtless 'Man of Steel' Workout Video!

Henry Cavill goes shirtless in this brand new video featuring his training sessions while getting in shape for his role as Superman in Man of Steel!

Mark [Twight] is probably one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met,” the 30-year-old actor says in the video of his trainer. “He’s opened my eyes to seeing past what I thought were my limits. He’s a remarkable man, truly. He understands what I’m going through physically. He understands me because he sees what I’m going through as a person, which I think is what makes him such a good trainer.”

Man of Steel opened in theaters this past weekend and broke records as the highest grossing opening weekend in the month of June!

Henry Cavill: Shirtless ‘Man of Steel’ Workout Video!

10+ stills inside of Henry Cavill going shirtless in the workout video…

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henry cavill shirtless man of steel workout video 01
henry cavill shirtless man of steel workout video 02
henry cavill shirtless man of steel workout video 03
henry cavill shirtless man of steel workout video 04
henry cavill shirtless man of steel workout video 05
henry cavill shirtless man of steel workout video 06
henry cavill shirtless man of steel workout video 07
henry cavill shirtless man of steel workout video 08
henry cavill shirtless man of steel workout video 09
henry cavill shirtless man of steel workout video 10
henry cavill shirtless man of steel workout video 11

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  • Paulie

    If only he had worked on his acting…

  • Emma


  • Jane


  • Jane

    that just made my entire week

  • betty

    insane, incredible body.
    and please he was great in the Tudors. I also like that he has a low-key demeanor, it feats the Superman character.

  • betty

    FITS// his pecs mess with my spelling!!

  • kosta


    if only you could do it better….wait you didn’t and you can’t

  • “Twitch”

    Oh please every man that does this kind of film bulks up for the role. the list is too long. He is fit because he was playing a character who had to be fit. why is this news. And women are acting like 13 year olds. Some of you need to get a man or get your man to work out. He looks good, but so do hundreds of men in hollywood. nothing special. Congrats on the movie. But I don’t find him sexy at all JMO

  • lucrecia


    it’s ok if you ‘don’t find him sexy’ but write ‘Some of you need to get a man or get your man to work out’ COME ON! lolololololol breath!

  • http://mondoma Monica


  • Jane

    @“Twitch”: we need a day with this guy maybe

  • Ale

    he’s so yum…I love the body he has now too, he’s more himself and natural. He’s a great actor too…so stop the hating @Paulie

  • prismneedsyou

    Militarian propaganda disguised as movie making of …Hollywood is an incredible machine !

  • MoS

    He looks soooo good. But I though he was more hairy ?

  • Im real b*tch

    @Paulie: sorry hater, but he is a good actor.

  • MOS IS #1 (take that haters)


  • SOFI


  • nolia

    this is the best way to start the week . that man is SFHOT

  • “Twitch”


    oh stop.. women act like they never see good looking men. I guess some must live in a land of trolls.

    I see good looking men all the time; so no not going to loose my mind over a guy with pecs; and one that I won’t be meeting in real life. I prefer the men in reach.

    I see women swooning, but don’t see men talking about him. He needs to build a male audience. Women swoon; He needs men to want to watch his movies. MOS doesn’t count for me. Let’s see how he does outside that franchise. It has not been that great for the other Superheros doing other roles.

  • British Latin American

    Must be a man-hater or a golddigger.

  • rashiqua

    he’s hot… but not too hot. sorry!

  • kim

    Someone call the fire department cause Henry Cavill is on fire!! the man is hot as hell

  • True

    @“Twitch”: J Hot Cavill is well, hot.

  • bethany

    He looks so much cuter and younger when he doesn’t have his hair all sleeked back & when he isn’t in a suit.

    I like that he appears to be very humble despite all the attention surrounding him at the moment. In the week that Superman took 125 million at the box office they had a picture of him in a london paper waiting at a bus stop!

  • Glitter

    What a god!!!! He is soooooo freaking sexy!!! I cant get enough of this man and his accent uuuuuuuuhhhh baby talk to me.

  • Jen

    @bethany he seems to be very shy and normal. Also he is very honest about his work and the industry in interviews. It’s refreshing to see a good looking actor that’s so good and so down to earth.

  • Yams

    Yes…..i want!!!!

  • Lucrecia


    you see good looking guys all the time? lucky you! lol I don’t but if I see one I don’t wanna get him on my bed, that’s what I meant. Let people to say what they think, he is hot (and thankfully) a good actor. Don’t get serious with fans words ;-)

  • Tian

    50 Shades of Grey?

  • Lawrence

    I’d love to be pumped by that body!.

  • Ape Man

    So sick of this guy. So overrated and can’t act worth sh%t. Not even that great looking either.

  • 69

    @Ape Man: you’re so sick of him because you’re an ugly loser fat a s s .

  • http://kissugirlz farila

    @Paulie: What are you complaining about?
    His acting was fine. It has always been.
    Anyway, it’s a superheroe movie, nobody would expect too much of it.
    A superheroe spend more time fighting evil than speaking and showing his emotions. Except when it’s Batman, because the poor poor guy is always daaarrrkkkk…


  • Druzy

    @Paulie: He actually is a good actor,remember he is under direction,from someone who is driving his character from his particular vision.(Zack’s of course)

  • Druzy

    Also,I find it hard to take seriously any comments on here like, “he’s not that good looking”,and ‘I’m so sick of this guy”, to, “if he were only a good actor”,and “women are acting like 13 year olds over him” It’s kind of nice for a change seeing what probably are all guys, being so jealous and making jealous comments. LOL With Gina it was mostly all woman,writing jealous comments.

  • DeeD

    @Ape Man: Jealous much? He is actually a good actor, and has been praised for it when he was in The Tudors and currently in Man of Steel. He is only going to keep getting better at his craft and you can continue to be bitter about it.

  • Diana

    His nose is ugly.

  • Gabby

    I want to have his babies…..

  • alana

    @Diana: c’mon girl just look at that BODY…. and the nose is the only part can you see?? one word for you : l e s b i a n

  • Giovanna

    Oh my… I think I died. Please, more Henry!!!

  • Lisa

    WOW soooo A W E S O M E !!! LOVE Henry

  • Rotten-Tomatoes

    sorry gurls the guy can’t act

  • Lou

    Honestly I just don’t see it. He’s way too bulky in those pics and is so stiff and wax work like on the red carpet. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, if a little dull. But he just doesn’t have ‘it’ IMO. Also, as a side note, he has absolutely no personal style. I saw a pic of him during this press tour, wearing what can only be described as a ‘dad outfit’ it aged him terribly.

  • asleyt

    @Lou: haters gonna hate .I.

  • Zoe

    I do not see anything attractive and also a neuronal crises and acting of terror

  • fitjunkie

    Love Him! I can appreciate it all his hard work! I am in training for my first fitness show and I know how hard it is to get past that peak of pain. CAVILL Rocks! Keep training you sexy beast!!! You are superman!!

  • lucrecia

    if he ‘can’t act’, WHY WBrothers calls him?!!!!!!!!

  • Wendi

    So boring, so little sex appeal. Will be glad when he finally comes out.

  • Juliane

    Hahaha look at all the jelly boys wishing Henry “perfect” Cavill wasn’t into women. Where are you on a scale from 0 to Cavill? Oh wait you’re not even on the scale!!

  • Danielle