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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer - Watch Now!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer - Watch Now!

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio in the first trailer for his upcoming flick The Wolf of Wall Street!

The 38-year-old actor is joined in the flick by a star-studded cast including Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Jon Bernthal, Kyle Chandler, Margot Robbie, Cristin Milioti, and Jean Dujardin.

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The flick, directed by Martin Scorsese, revolves around a New York stockbroker who refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.

Be sure to watch the trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street below…

The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer

Click inside for a gif of our favorite Leonardo DiCaprio moment in the trailer…

Dancing Leo!!!
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  • Apple

    Was he trying to act like Tom Hanks?

  • frazzle

    wow that looks pretty bad…

  • b

    Did Leo again play himself in a movie?

  • Woohoooo

    This looks so freakin good omg. The dance part killed me.

  • kathleen

    WOW, Leonardo DiCAprio in a…………………………………..comedy!?
    So wierd!

  • YES

    It looks great ! so happy there is comedy ! Leo looks great as always !! So excited !

  • zey

    what the hell Leo? Look at your life and choices .. Django was extremely overrated.. The Great Gatsby was trash and this looks like even more garbage.. Go home Leo you’re drunk..

  • Hahah

    Lmao at the negative comments. Watch this film get real BIG and take over award season 2014. Just wait and see.

  • Zephon

    I smell an OSCAR

  • Hmmm…

    I expected more. It doesn’t look particularly funny or interesting…

  • lala

    im so used to seeing him in serious movies this kind of threw me and not in the greatest way

  • Leo Fan

    Cool. The trailer is very appealing, for sure.

  • Hahah

    Poor baby can do no good even in his career.. One moment he’s the ‘one-note actor’ cause he generally plays instensly dramatic roles and when he takes on something completely different it’s no good either. I think this trailer is essentially amazing and Leo is fantastic in it. So refreshing and fun to see him play this corrupt, funny as hell, deranged by greed, crazy-ass character. Can’t wait.

  • Ana

    @zey. You are just too disabled to see that he made all these movies, such as the Gatsby and Django, big hits. Have you actually noticed his imperfectly perfect acting skills and how beautiful all of his movies actually are? He’s one of these actors who avoids to play in every single trashy comedy. His movies are always ALWAYS amazingly good and well played. You should better stop watching your Twilight films, so you can concentrate on the real good movies. Ok? Bye.

  • Beth


    You apparently have a real bad movie tase

  • Leo Fan

    As I watched it again, I noticed that we can recognize Leo’s friend Ethan Suplee moving behind Leo while he’s breakdancing, LOL! Ethan was also working on the movie. Too funny.

  • Hmmm…

    @Hahah: Why can`t you accept that not everyone agrees with you? Also trying something new doesn`t mean he nailed it…
    @Ana: Same to you. You don`t need to be so condescending ( Twilight remark ) just because people see things differently.
    To me this trailer was a letdown. I remember Jonah and Leo talking how crazy this movie is and funny but none of that comes through to me. The scene on the boat when he says `duh`, the dancing and Margot being sexy are kinda funny. The human dart was and the safety first part was just lame. I don`t feel that craziness and funny from this trailer that they talked about. I barely noticed Jonah and shockingly ( to me at least ) I really liked Matthew McConaughey.
    BUT this is just based on the ( first ) trailer so maybe the whole movie is better ( hopefully ).

  • Danny

    @zey: O sweety you make me laugh. Don’t be jealous of the man. He does what he loves and he gets more money than you or I will ever see. So why don’t you shut your laptop for a bit and go read a book m? Have a nice one cupcake ;)

  • not impressed


  • haha

    this looks like it could be a scorsese classic!

  • manoush

    I think Matthew McConaughey will steal the show, poor leo!!!

  • bm


    and Catch me if you can?

  • Casey


    No he won’t. His part is really small. I read the script he’s like in 3 scenes.

  • Leokas

    I Think this movie will be amazing and wayyyy better than gatsby
    OMG the daddy part and him dancing : TURN ON <3
    Why is everyone fussing ?!?' Please explain!

  • @manoush

    MM definitely stole that scene with Leo… Probably not the whole show but Leo has nothing on him in that scene.

  • elvisgirl

    It looks as if Leo’s character is able to remain cool under stress. He looks good in the trailer. It will be fun to see him in a light hearted role.

  • jess

    no he will get oscar for another movie

  • Liv

    AMAZING :)


    It looks a good movie, so all the actors is it.

    I really don’t undesrtand why all disliked great gasby. Maybe u are all too convential? yes you are.

  • Liv

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey two actors I love, I’m so excited.

  • vagabond

    I’m a Mat fan too.It really looks pretty interesting.Leo break-dancing and a high heel shoe in his!

  • also…

    Whatever Lainey says about the trailer / Leo … exactly my thoughts.
    Leo clubbing in Vegas over the weekend. Shocker!

  • broken heart

    looks interesting!!!!!

  • Gooood

    So he didn’t invite the girl to leave with him. Haha guess that’s a shocker as well. I love the trailer! I agree with whoever said it has that Goodfellas-vibe to it. Looks real good. I’ve actually read the books and the storyline, Jordan Belfort’s life is a very interesting one. Shameless, rampant, greedy, corrupt and very wild. From the trailer it looks like Leo’s portrayal is quite apt. I can’t wait to see it. And yeah, McConaughey kinda stole that entire scene. Like big time.

  • incoming

    you would think all the blonde model types that he’s been talking to over the years he would get the memo that something isn’t working for him. Maybe the 94353453th time is the charm!

  • LOL

    That was funny
    And I agree with what Lainey wrote. Free world/choices and all but how can the relentless clubbing after almost 2 DECADES not get played out?
    Man is made of different beasts, not harming anyone… I know but geez!!

  • CanadaGirl

    Oh…my…god. lol
    What did I just see? This is so not what I was expecting in a good way. I really, really can’t wait to see WoWS
    I nearly fell off my chair seeing Leo with a woman’s shoe on his face.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Hahah: Exactly.
    People just b*tch, b*tch, b*tch about his choice of roles. They’re to dramatic. Why does he die in so many movies? Blah-blah.
    First, his roles are quite varied. Even the ones that are dramatic. Second, he’s been majorly mixing it up in his last roles and people will still p*ss and moan.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Gooood: It’s progress for sure!
    It’s good to leave some of the tarts at the club.

  • CanadaGirl

    Hi, @vagabond:.
    I know the shoe slayed me. I watched the trailer 3 times for the show and break dancing.

  • CanadaGirl
  • CanadaGirl
  • CanadaGirl

    Leonardo DiCaprio In ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’: Lobster Throwing As Embodiment Of The American Dream
    The biggest trend at the movies so far in 2013 are tales of the American excess gone awry. Films like “Spring Breakers,” “Pain & Gain,” “The Great Gatsby” and “The Bling Ring” focus on various kinds of regular folk finding increasingly illegal ways to game the system in their favor, whether the cost be murder, kidnapping, larceny or some combination of all three. The perpetrators in these films are, in essence, surrogates for the audience; we’re rooting for characters either engaging in sociopathic behavior (Mark Wahlberg in “Pain and Gain”; Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens in “Spring Breakers”) or dancing dangerously close to the edge (Katie Chang in “The Bling Ring”) in an effort to get that paper. It’s the Robin Hood myth by way of selfie culture: rob from the rich and give to yourself.
    Which is what makes “The Wolf of Wall Street” such an intriguing entry into this 2013 sub-genre of films. By all accounts, Jordan Belfort, the title canis lupus in “Wolf of Wall Street,” came from humble beginnings: his parents were accountants and he worked as a butcher in Queens when he was growing up. Then, buoyed by an infatuation with Gordon Gekko and RIchard Gere’s character in “Pretty Woman,” Belfort became the guy who complained about earning $49 million in a year (“which really pissed me off because it was three shy of $1 million per week,” DiCaprio-as-Belfort says in “The Wolf of Wall Street”). As a stock trader, he made millions on the backs of poor souls like butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.
    How Martin Scorsese will play all that out in “The Wolf Of Wall Street” is unclear, but the film’s first trailer teases at least one idea. During one of the trailer’s many montages, DiCaprio’s Belfort is shown talking to an FBI agent, played by Kyle Chandler. The conversation starts on amicable terms, but quickly devolves and ends with Belfort chasing the man off his yacht by throwing a lobster at him:
    The symbolism is jarring: That’s Leonardo DiCaprio, erstwhile Jay Gatsby, playing a real-life version of Gordon Gekko and tossing haute cuisine at Coach Taylor, the man who embodied the struggle of the middle class on five seasons of “Friday Night Lights.”
    “More, more, more, more, more, more is never enough” reads text sprinkled throughout the “Wolf of Wall Street” trailer, a tag-line that feels like the full extension of the modern-day American dream. Let them eat lobsters.

  • CanadaGirl

    Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Hamlet’ Rumor Debunked: Story Was ‘Misreported,’ Says Baz Luhrmann
    Last week, “The Great Gatsby” director Baz Luhrmann sparked a frenzy of Internet speculation when he reportedly remarked that he’d like to team up with Leonardo DiCaprio on a film adaptation of “Hamlet”.
    “What else could we possibly do as a follow-up?” he told a red-carpet reporter for The Hollywood Reporter, while cautioning, “It’s just a dream at this point.”
    On Friday, however, Luhrmann told The Huffington Post that his comments had been “misreported.”
    “Someone said, ‘Where does Leonardo go from here?’ And I just said, ‘After Gatsby, the only way up is Hamlet,’” Luhrmann said. Even then, however, he refused to rule out the possibility of making the film: “Be careful,” he said, “one can never say never.”
    “The Great Gatsby” is Luhrmann’s second collaboration with DiCaprio. Their previous effort, 1996′s “Romeo + Juliet,” has become a cult classic among romantics of a certain stripe.
    “The Great Gatsby” grossed just over $50 million in its opening weekend, enough to place No. 2 behind Robert Downey Jr.’s comic-book juggernaut “Iron Man 3.”
    The critical reception was mixed at best, but audiences gave it an 84 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. And Luhrmann seems happy with his star’s performance.
    “Leonardo’s Gatsby, by the way, whatever people are saying, I think few people can argue with the nuance and the revelation of the characterization,” Luhrmann told The Huffington Post.
    In recent decades, Hollywood actors including Ethan Hawke, Kenneth Branagh and Mel Gibson have tackled the role of Shakespeare’s indecisive prince. But to some purists, none has cleared the bar set by Laurence Olivier’s 1948 version.

  • CanadaGirl
  • CanadaGirl
  • CanadaGirl

    Okay, my work here is done. I just flooded the board. That WoWS trailer got me all fired up. :)

  • Jo

    Bwahahaha, Leo is the best! Can’t wait for this new great performance <3 This movie looks like cool sh*it!!!

  • SupportL

    What wrong with people why talk so bad ? Get life !!!! This movie will be intressting see cant wait see . He work hard best actor ever :)

  • @49

    Grow up! People disagree with you or Canada Girl. Big deal! Not everyone has to think about things like you… deal with it! It`s not that much fun to read about you complaining about people who don`t see things your way! Why can`t you just accept that some don`t share your taste????