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Who Won 'The Voice' 2013 Season 4?

Who Won 'The Voice' 2013 Season 4?

The Voice‘s fourth season has come to a close with its finale on Tuesday (June 18) and the winner has been announced!

Coach Blake Shelton came into the finale with two contestants, Usher with one, and Shakira and Adam Levine both had zero. In the final performance round last night, each contestant sang a highlight from the past season, a new cover song, and a duet with his or her coach.

The final three contestants included Danielle Bradbery (Team Blake), The Swon Brothers (Team Blake), and Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher).

The season finale featured guest performances from Cher, One Republic, Bruno Mars, and Hunter Haynes!

Click inside to find out who won season four of The Voice!…

Danielle wins!!!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the results? Did the right person win The Voice this year?

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  • heather

    wrong person should of been..michelle..that simple

  • Roz

    We don’t need another taylor swift wannabe and Blake winning three seasons in a row is ridiculous! Obvious favouritism

  • Ali

    booo…. michelle should have win… :(

  • Simon

    Like all the winners from this failed show we will never hear from her again.

  • 1WildWahine

    I actually said I would stop watching after Judith Hill left . . . With this result and that horrid Christina judge coming back ? I’m definitely So Over the Voice!!!

  • Simon

    A failure of the American imagination! Michelle is the clear winner to me. I’d pay money to see her perform, but not Danielle although she has a good voice. The finale was “rigged” to give Danielle the best chance to win.

  • michelle

    Danielle has a nice voice but honestly Michelle should have won

  • squazzie

    U guys are just jelly of Danielle’s talent and youthful spirit

  • eden

    well, of course the blond haired southern belle won. she fits the mold. and who do you think votes and watches this crap anyway? singing competitions are so overdone and overrated.

  • viet2mom

    Seriously disappointed that Michelle did not win. She is unique and would have an immediate following. Go for it Michelle!

  • Mm

    Youthful spirit? Yes she is youthful as in young but by “spirit” you must mean ghostly and zombie boring. She was a snoozer to watch. Michelle should have won but this season was underwhelming in general.

  • steenie

    Agreed!… Michelle is awesome!… I could see her doing Broadway shows…

    This winner? Buh bye!… Noone’s going to know you unless by some miracle they just pant over the fact that you have blonde hair.

    It makes me sad Michelle didn’t win… I don’t think the emphasis should be on glasses and short brunette hair as their negative (she’s real and she’s cool and it’s so funny how society has a preference of what color hair, clothes, skin, etc, is ‘better’ than others… She’s happy, healthy, strong voice… In fact, she has The Voice. Thank you!

  • Teri Tolczyk

    Wrong person won should have been Michelle. What has this competition become a country/western competition. My son even remarked on the fact that there were so many country songs on the voice this season. Not caring to watch anymore. The wrong person won last time too. should have been the Scotsman.

  • Adrienne

    Danielle is more marketable than Michelle. That’s what counts in the music business unfortunately. Danielle has proven to sell more records than Michelle on iTunes. Doesn’t that speak volume??

  • Soo

    Booo! Doesn’t matter, no voice winner has a successful career. This show is such a joke!!

  • Paula

    I thought Danielle was great. I never understood the appeal of the other girl. I think country artists have a better track record on reality shows of making it. Their music is pure and relatable. I also loved the Swon Brothers. They were both marketable. The girl with the uncomfortable stage presene and unique style choices, is only marketable to a small segment of music lovers.

  • SuznAZ

    Danielle won the popularity contest (and seriously who set that advantageous performance schedule for her?) and will be the next Carrie Underwood. Michelle Chamuel is the Voice with creativity, talent and there’s only one like her on the planet. I look forward to every performance and will remain a fan. Can not wait to hear what Michelle does next.

  • DJ

    Danielle won because she has pure talent. All of them had very great talent, and great vocal skills, but have you noticed that the Swon brothers and michelle are older? With Danielle being young, she has a lot of years to be able to improve her singing ability and her vocal skills, whereas the other ones, not so much. They were all great. This was honestly the best top 3 there’s ever been.

  • Janie

    @Paula: I’m with you Paula. Just because, for some unknown reason, Michelle is the underdog, doesn’t mean she’s the best. Michelle, unless she’s a brilliant writer, she’s going to disappear. The Swons and Danielle, not worried about either of them.

  • Mamie

    DJ, Taylor Swift has been around for years and her voice hasnt improved.

  • Big Michelle Fan

    Although I think Michelle should’ve won, I’m still happy for Danielle! On the bright side, Usher, who brought Justin Bieber into the scene, (and whether or not he’s handled that well is up for debate) will do amazing things for Michelle! I think Michelle’s really lucky in the end that she chose Usher, because with their amazing friendship this season, Michelle will really go far!

  • Debbie

    Nice job Danielle enjoy your success

  • Katelin

    Really Danielle had no talent? I have never hear a sixteen year old with that kind of a voice. She is one person who could honestly sing anything and make it sound amazing.

  • DJ


    Taylor Swift seriously has only one vocal level. Danielle can do multiple different levels. She doesn’t strain to hit high notes, she sounds amazing with lower notes, and she sounds amazing in general. To compare her to some fame wh$$e that uses men to get ideas for songs is insulting to Danielle and her upcoming career. Sorry to say that, but it really is. You have your opinion and I have mine, but I’m glad Danielle won.

  • Morgan

    @heather: I disagree she could not take charge of the stage at all I preferred swan brothers they would be more of a concert then what she could ever do.

  • Sheltiepup

    Danielle has a great voice but is predictable and, therefore, boring. But so much was made about her age, and how poised she is, blah blah. Watch this type of talent show often enough and you realize the judges heavily influence how people vote. Michelle is by far the best and should have won. Her voice is unique and interesting. Unlike Danielle, she took chances and brought something new every time she hit the stage. I bet that Usher won’t let her fall into obscurity. I can hardly wait to start buying her albums.

  • Morgan

    I believe Swon brothers should of won because they would be a concert anybody could see they could take a stage and people do not understand that. I think that michelle is god awful she can’t handle the stage I can barely hear her half the time people are bandwagoning her because of Usher… You don’t see it yet but you will. She’s trying to pose as a awkward “tranzy” girl so people would like her come on she marches and bends her knees (So creative!) I’ve heard people of her style way better than her. (Get off the Bieber strange wheeled hobby horse everyone music is dead with them) And Daniele is basically a billboard country girl that’s why people like her.

  • Lynn

    Michelle hands down. Danielle is a privelaged child who will be taken care of by Blake. Michelle rocks

  • JimInNashville

    Not surprising to see the many fans of Michelle Chamuel venting their spleen here. It reminds me of American Idol Season 5, when, for some reason, fans of the “underdog” Taylor Hicks deluded themselves into thinking he was actually talented, when Katharine McPhee, Chris Daughtry, and Kellie Pickler were vastly superior.

    Michelle’s voice sounds weak and flat next to Danielle’s. It is really that simple. She’s TEN YEARS OLDER than Danielle, has been performing professionally for a very long time, and yet she can’t hold a candle to Danielle.

  • JimInNashville


    Hard to imagine what you think is “unique and interesting” about Michelle’s voice. She sounds like Laura Branigan Lite to me. In fact, if you even bothered to watch last night’s performance, you could see her mike control fail in her number with Usher as she missed her cue and was barely audible during her stage left entrance. Despite the fact that she is only 16, Danielle never missed ONE NOTE in the entire competition.

  • JimInNashville


    Danielle is captivating to the point of being electrifying. The talent level on this year’s show was stupendous. Sasha Allen starred in a major move TEN YEARS AGO. Michelle Chamuel has won accolades for years. Get over it.

  • kC

    I love all of your guys’ dumbass excuses on why Michelle should of won and why Danielle shouldn’t of like you’re all some kind of talent scout. Michelle sucks. And no Danielle is not more marketable, that’s a ridiculous statement everyone looks like Danielle. Michelle had her own unique style, truth is majority rules and everyone wanted Danielle, and so because you little vajays didn’t get your ways you’re going to update your fb status about how upset you are. some people are bitches

  • Diane

    Danielle is a lovely girl with a beautiful voice, but should not be the winner. Michelle was pure entertainment, she took us along with all of her performances. Danielle was eye-candy that was watched by many young people, male and female, and voted on as a popularity contest. So sorry to see these results. I am confident that we will be hearing from Michelle and Danielle will soon fade. No meaness intended here.

  • Mary

    All 3 were good, but after Danielle sang her last song…….Adam was right! She’s 16, stop being so negative and enjoy a real talent. Sometimes you all need a reality check in life. Drama is so boring.

  • roadkingdude

    I loved the addition of Usher & Shakira this year & they added so much more to the show with all the interaction between judges. Christina & Ceelo didn’t add anything to the show & very little interaction with other judges. So if the network wants to see the Voice blow American Idol out of the water again, they better unload those two & bring back Usher & Shakira.

  • Me


  • sumati

    Chris Thomas and Sasha were the two best voices and my enthusiasm waned once Chris was gone. It became boring, and if I didn’t enjoy the judges’ banter so much I’d quit watching. speaking of the judges, I like them all except for one. I like Shakira sooo much better than Christina because she is not so full of herself.

  • adrienne

    I cheated here on the west coast. Can’t wait to see Cher.

  • http://Therightpersonwon,hurrahfordanielle! pat forte
  • jj

    kiss yall grits

  • jj

    The Kid has no animation thus lost my intrest along time ago

  • Klean

    What a JOKE! The best singers like Judith Hill left the show 5 weeks ago. Not ever watching this nonsense anymore! Country singers are lame.

  • VR

    Wrong person won. Danielle’s voice always sounded the same & she was boring to watch. Who cares if she is cute & 16, she wasn’t the better singer or performer. Her talent is limited. And who else thought it was disgusting for her to sing the song she sang with Blake Monday night? Seemed very inappropriate, especially the way they looked at each other during certain parts of the song.

  • Jo


  • Ruby Diana

    Too bad there is only one winner. As far as I’m concerned, they were all terrific, (the last three) and no doubt will go on to wonderful careers. Congratulations to all three. It was a better than usual VOICE season.

  • Adeola

    Michelle was robbed. She was clearly the winner, an original talent and not a want to be.

  • Tania

    So sad the winner wasn’t Michelle Chamuel

  • nyk14

    Michelle Chamuel should’ve won!!!! America mad a big mistake!! So disappointed!!!

  • cz

    To all the Michelle fans, crying unfair, than turning around and saying, “Oh well, the winner never gets very far.”, why would you want her to win than? I mean if its no big deal right?
    I love Michelle and I really don’t think any of the top 3 needed the win to make it in the music business. I am pretty sure there are people waiting in line to sign up the Swon Bros and Michelle. They are going to have fab careers.

  • Karli

    @Simon: i sure hope not. this world has enough taylor swift/carrie underwoods